Daniel Burrus

For many who do not know the true colors of this speaker, they can comfortably call him an excellent speaker. However, for me, I was quite unlucky to learn more about his other negative side and suffer under his unprofessional self.

Daniel Burrus is a business speaker, and many have known him to be professional and helpful but not to me. My experience with this keynote speaker is a very disappointing one, but still, I will share my story so that others are aware of who Daniel Burrus is and avoid the same ordeal I went through.

These days there are so many keynote speakers, and finding a genuine one is a tough task. Why exactly? This is because many speakers like Daniel Burrus are very talented in advertising their business. What he promises on his website is entirely the opposite of what he offers as a service.

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I am sharing this story so that other people may learn from my ordeal and avoid him and his services at all costs. I know there are other people with the same or different complaints against him, but I trust that mine will help them to come out and share their grievances with the world.

How I met Daniel Burrus

I run an organization that involves many different businesses. I wanted my employees to feel motivated and to learn new fun things about technology and how they can use it to their advantage. In my research, I came across Burrus, and I decided to give it a try, and I deeply regret having to come across that website.

The website is well designed and fully modified to earn the trust of many visitors. So I was also lured into making that step, the fact is that the whole team, including Burrus, are all very unprofessional. I needed the speaker services from Burrus himself, and I specifically outlined and made it clear that I wanted Burrus to come and speak.

They agreed, and I hired the speaker with an agreement that I will have Daniel come to the business event and talk to the audience. All I can advise someone looking for a keynote speaker; they should ensure that they have all the details related to the speaker they need to hire.

I have had people complaining about hiring someone for the job only for the keynote speaker to come to the business late and drunk. This is not a unique case, but you should always strive to hire a reliable person for a keynote speaker.

Daniel Scammed Me!

My Daniel Burrus Review

As I said, I came across their website, and after a few consultations, I decided to hire the speaker. This was a fortnight before the date they gave. I want to make this clear so that people would understand that Daniel and his organization had ample time to get ready for the big day. On the website, they have made it clear that they deal with clients with global locations, and they strive to make sure that the clients receive personalized care and a personalized keynote speaker.

I had made it clear to them that I wanted Daniel Burrus to speak on my event individually, and they agreed to this request. They also clearly gave me a higher price than the rest of their clients, saying that Daniel Burrus is in demand. Since I could afford it, they said that they would ensure that Daniel Burrus arrives at the location where we invited him and talk to us.

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Three days before Daniel was to come, the organization staff called and confirmed his visit. Up to this point, I can testify that the organization was very professional. On the day of the event, I had invited my partners and told them that Daniel would come. After the arrangements were made and now we were about to start the event, my assistant signaled me, and when I went to talk to her, she showed two gentlemen who wanted to have a word with me.

I must admit that this was the most disappointing moment I can remember on that day. The men had the worst news any event director would hear. They went into a lot of explanations, but the most disappointing statement was, ‘Daniel will not make it to the event.’ What? How? Were the questions that were running across my mind, and I could not understand why he would not come. His reason for not coming was that he had an emergency meeting with his partners.

Worst of all is that the organization had appointed one of the gentlemen to represent him in the event. I would not understand how he would consider his meeting more critical than his clients. The man who was to speak was a total scam, and he did not have any experience as a keynote speaker. I believe that this man was only a trainee in the organization. But why would they even think of sending a trainee to the event?

This was a total embarrassment for us. Many of our guests were expecting Daniel Burrus as the guest speaker for the day. I was so disappointed that I saw no need to call the company after the incident. They also never bothered to call and apologize for the mess they had caused.

I still can’t believe that they are even luring people into paying an extended amount of cash to send Daniel Burrus into the events. I honestly think that Daniel Burrus and his organization are fraudsters, and the services they claim to offer are a total scam. My ordeal is something that I would never want anyone else to go through, and that is why I have shared it to have others know what exactly Daniel Burrus and his staff can offer. I want to warn anyone who is looking forward to bearing a cost to an extended amount of cash so that they can have Daniel Burrus attend their meeting to avoid the organization at all costs.

About Daniel Burrus from his website

Daniel is claimed to be one of the leading futuristic speakers in the world on global trends. He is said to have spoken in more than 3000 events. These compliments make me wonder what happened to genuine reviews and helping others avoid falling into a pit.

Why would one consider an unprofessional speaker to be a leading speaker in the world? So according to his website, the New York Times has also termed him as one of the top three business gurus who are on-demand as speakers. If this is the case, why would such a renowned and successful businessman use his success to put down other upcoming business people?

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Daniel is also said to have been a business speaker for more than three decades. He is also said to be a master in tailoring his keynote speeches to suit the needs of the audience. If this is the case, he would have taught his trainees to do the same because clearly, the trainee that was sent to us had little knowledge of modern business technologies.

Daniel Burrus

That was according to the website, well according to me, I think Daniel Burrus is highly unprofessional, and no one should hire him as a keynote speaker for their event. The organization, too known as Burrus Research, is full of crap and unprofessional staff. Mediocre employees simply surround him.

The Research Firm

About Burrus Research Firm

This is a research firm that was founded and lead by Daniel Burrus. This company is said to have started in the year 1983. During these years, the company claims to be helping businesses come up with growth strategies that are based on modern technology and technique. This is a firm, which doesn’t like to interact with customers. I read somewhere online that these people have the worst customer service. So, not only is Burrus’s speaking gig is horrible, his research firm lags behind too. 

His employees are also very unprofessional. Did I mention that after I called the firm later that month, an employee told me to stop bothering the management of the firm since ‘Mr Burrus had a lot of other important issues to look at.

This firm is a scam and does not let the design of the website lure you into thinking that they are a professional firm. The firm cannot be trusted.

About His Services

Burrus Strategic Advisory Services

During his 30 years of keynote speaking, Daniel has also been a strategic advisor. This makes me wonder who exactly was taking his advice. I think this is also one way of attracting people to his business and later scamming them. The website has only adverts for his scamming business.

When I see such compliments, it pains me to know that as long as his website is up and running, then he will continue to entice many other people.

Daniel Burrus

My thoughts about Daniel Burrus and the recommendations

I think that Daniel Burrus and his firm are mediocre companies. He has always taken advantage of people’s hunger for knowledge. I know there are other complainants out there, and this is the time for you to come out and share your bad experiences. I would not advise anyone to hire him as a keynote speaker.

If you are to hire him, do it based on him attending and speaking at your event first before you can pay him. This will, of course, be unacceptable to him, but if he can’t accept it, then you can be sure that his main motive is to scam people.

If you badly need a futuristic speaker, consider doing some research about other speakers before you can decide on one speaker. This will help you avoid a scam like the Daniel Burrus scam. It also saves you time, money, and embarrassment.

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Finally, I will repeat this more and more, do not hire Daniel Burrus services.

His Books

Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V

He is also an author of several books like the Technotrends, know what’s next, flash foresight, and others. All of these books and publications are exhibited on his website. I have not tried to purchase any of them, but I am also sure that there are people who have been scammed when trying to buy these books or his publications.

From the many books and publications he has, one may think that he is very good at whatever he does, but it is ultimately the opposite of that. Canceling a client’s appointment to chair an emergency meeting is not something a professional businessman would do. As a result, I wouldn’t bother buying or encouraging people to buy any of his books or publications.

Here is a screenshot that shows clearly that his publications are totally vague and shallow.

Daniel Burrus

Take Action Against This Con-Artist


Gaining knowledge on how one can grow in their expertise or grow their business is what many people would consider vast experience. For this reason, you may find many speakers offering business knowledge on the internet. Unfortunately, in search of further knowledge, many like me have fallen into the hands of unprofessional speakers like Daniel Burrus. People have booked speakers, and they end up disappointed at the service they acquired.

My experience with Daniel Burrus is the worst in this case, and I would never want anyone else to go through what my employees and I went through. As a professional speaker, Daniel Burrus should have notified us of his ’emergency meeting’ beforehand. He should have also said that they would bring in a trainee or someone inexperienced.

The event was such an embarrassment, and as a well-renowned firm and a firm that has been in the field for 30 years, they should have come up with ways to compensate us for the problem caused, but instead, they muted us all the more. I would highly discourage anyone from purchasing any of Daniel Burrus’s services. There are many keynote speakers out there that would avoid disappointing you, but you need to do further research on the said speaker.

Daniel Burrus has left a scar in my heart and a memory that would be difficult to erase. He has administered a phobia of keynote speakers. I would tread very carefully when trying to hire a keynote speaker. 

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My experience with Daniel Burrus is the worst in this case, and I would never want anyone else to go through what my employees and I went through. As a professional speaker, Daniel Burrus should have notified us of his ’emergency meeting’ beforehand. He should have also said that they would bring in a trainee or someone inexperienced.

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