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Deborah Danielson isn’t Worth Hiring

We had contacted Danielson Financial Group some time ago in the hopes that they would offer quality wealth management services. But it was a mistake. These people are crooks who don’t care a tad bit about their customers. The advisors at Danielson never have any time to meet with their clients and discuss their goals. It took X Freakin’ meetings to discuss our financial goals with the advisors at Danielson. 

We hired Danielson Financial because we were interested in their wealth management services and they are among the most-popular advisors in the area. They behaved very properly until they had gotten our account. The customer support is decent but the advisors at Danielson are horrible. 

Did You Know?

Wealth management services help people in managing the wealth, that includes assets, investments, income, taxes & estate. Wealth management service is mostly provided by professional advisors or experts.

We won’t name who our advisor was but just know that he was a horrible person. Whenever we would give a call or request any arrangement, the advisor would always be busy. Some of our meetings were canceled at the very last minute. We don’t have time to sit around and wait for our financial advisor all the time.

Their Advisors Never Apologise

The advisor never apologised for his terrible behaviour too. We have already mentioned how it took them several meetings to discuss our financial goals. It took them this many meetings because whenever we would bring up the topic, the advisor would start bantering and speaking unproductively.

He wouldn’t even listen to us and keep lecturing us on what we should plan and how should we prepare a plan. And when we pointed this out, there were quite a lot of problems in their behaviours.

This is the kind of treatment the advisors at Danielson provide to their customers! They rarely listen to their clients and keep bantering about what the customer should do with their lives. In the beginning, we used to think that the advisors stressed this much on ‘how to prepare a plan’ and all because they were my well-wishers.

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But later on, we realised that they were only doing that to extend the meetings so they could charge us more. That’s why we pressured them to listen to me on our recent meetings. After that, we didn’t get to meet my advisors for months! The advisors from Danielson Financial never gave us a call nor sent me an email.

They kept charging us a fee but didn’t say anything. We were hoping to get a set of recommendations on our financial plan, but nope, they didn’t bother doing anything like that.

We are planning to get rid of their services.

Danielson Financial has some of the laziest and the most selfish financial advisors. You’d be better off with paying someone else. The advisors are never available for a meeting or anything of that sort. And even when you finally get to meet someone, you only get to listen to useless banter on things no one cares about.

Danielson Financial Group is a sleazy scam that tries to find various ways to charge its clients. As a person who used their services for over a year, I wouldn’t recommend their services to anyone. 

Before anyone asks why we kept paying them for such a long time, let me clarify. Whenever we called them, they would say that they are working on my financial plan and that their ‘analysts’ will get back to them with results. And even when they canceled our meetings with advisors, they made it seem like the reason was genuine. Getting rid of such advisors isn’t easy too. But you can avoid them by not hiring them in the first place.

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3027 East Warm Springs Road, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89120
(702) 734-7000
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  1. This is what happens to a company when it stops caring about customer service and takes them for granted. It’s one of the first signs of a company’s collapse. I hope Deborah Danielson takes this review seriously and improves her services. Nevertheless, the way you have explained things in your review, it doesn’t seem like Debora or anyone from her company would learn anything from this review. They don’t seem like the people who can handle constructive criticism.

  2. 1.5

    My experience with these guys was very painful. The advisors at this place behave very rudely with their clients. They even behave rudely with elderly clients, which in my opinion, is the worst possible thing any financial advisor could do. My parents used their services and they kept them out of courtesy. The way the advisors of this place behave with clients is horrible. I wouldn’t recommend their services to anyone.

    - CONS: Terrible client service no respect for customers
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