Darren Ewart Vancouver: MLM Scammer Stole $14 Million

Darren Ewart Vancouver is a notorious MLM scammer who ran a major scam called the “Dream Team”. He has been travelling from one country to another just to avoid the authorities and the wrath of all his victims.

Darren Ewart Vancouver made more than $14 million through his MLM scam which mainly targeted a small Asian country.

The following review will highlight his criminal activities as well as the marketing efforts of Darren Ewart to show you how he is trying to distract people from his history of scamming others.

Some of the prominent claims of his PR team are:

Darren Ewert, CVO and Co-founder of The Dream Team is an influencer, thought leader, successful entrepreneur, and visionary.  Darren offers the energy and leadership that has inspired the creation of a booming real estate empire and business. 

Darren Ewert accompanies dominant International Speakers & entrepreneurs, Bestselling Authors, Co-Founder and CVOs, and Founders taking part in Leader Roundtable Interview Series. The DotCom Magazine article group is glad to have Darren join for Chief Roundtable Interview.

The success rate of Darren Ewert is very high. He has the highest online business actually. Darren has been in this business for 5.5 years and has hardly ever had anyone quit. There are many success stories, of different people on weekly webinars. 

Darren Ewart Vancouver’s PR team makes him sound like a business genius with no fraudulent history.

Exposing the Shady Past of Darren Ewart Vancouver

The Bhutanese have tracked down that the two brains behind the major Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Pyramid Scheme in Bhutan place selling costly Enagic Water Ionizers are two men named Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert situated in Vancouver, Canada.

Darren Ewart Vancouver
Media coverage of this scammer

Both run a huge web-based network called the ‘Dream Team’’, which is the fundamental power behind selecting numerous Bhutanese in Bhutan and furthermore Australia into its positions as ‘Digital Business Owners.’

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On the other hand, Enagic is a MLM company in Japan, it uses people such as Darren and Mike to get people to purchase their machines.

The network of Darren Ewart Vancouver and Mike has around 100,000 members, centered in Asian countries with the mainly coming from the area of the Philippines.

In this network, Bhutanese are supposed to pay USD 149, they can join with USD 20 to set up a website, and also Nu 550,000. 

Darren and Mike are the ones who pocket the USD 149 and also get greater commissions in the sales which is made by their Dream Team members in Bhutan.

With approximately, 100,000 members worldwide, the two would make USD 14.9 million easily in just the USD 149 fees.

And even in case half of the members, at 50,000, paid for the machines to be distributors. In this case, the two would have surely made between USD 200 million to 300 million.

In which, the large sum of the commission would be acquired by both. In the coming future when both the distributors will recruit other members via. sales, a chunk of their commission would again be taken over by Darren and Mike. 

Bhutanese are made to pay USD 149 so that they can join with USD 20 to set up a website, and another Nu 550,000. Even more in purchasing overpriced Enagic water ionizers which allows them to become distributors.

Darren Ewart Vancouver and Mike are the ones who invested USD 149 and also get maximum commissions in the sales which are made via.  their Dream Team members. 

Around the world, there are 100,000 members, the two would surely make an easy USD 14.9 million (mn) in only USD 149 fees.

Darren Ewart Vancouver bbb
BBB is investigating this MLM scammer

The two would have made between USD 200 million and USD 300 million in sales, of which a large portion of commission would have gone to the two, even if half of the members, or 50,000, purchased the machines to be distributors. And in the future, Mike and Darren will once more receive a portion of the distributors’ commissions when they use sales to bring in new members.

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What is Darren Ewart Vancouver Now? – Highlighting Some More Marketing Claims of His PR Team: 

The following section only contains the information promoted by the PR team of Darren Ewart Vancouver. Hence, take it with a grain of salt.

In the year 2015 Mike and Darren were on a road trip and doing some reflecting – they concurred that it was the ideal opportunity for an adjustment of their lives. Right now Darren was at that point enormous progress in the web-based business world – has created a huge number of dollars throughout the course of recent years. Mike was a business mentor – utilizing his more than 15 years of business experience and preparing to help other people make progress. So for what reason was it time for a change?

Life is short – In case you haven’t sorted this out yet then you will soon. Simultaneously, you’ll likely understand that you’ve likewise burned away a ton of time simply being occupied with life. You’ve missed a lot of major things. This is the very thing that hit them with a crushing weight.

Darren and Mike understood that they were working a ton of extended periods and making numerous others truly rich. Among them, they definitely knew how to bring in cash on the web and they knew how to assemble the group to make it happen. So on that day, Darren and Mike concluded it was the ideal opportunity for them – and people.

The situation is different at this point. Toward the beginning of that day mug of the espresso is delighted in rather than surging. Darren and Mike’s work hours are folded over their genuine lives – and we never at any point pass up those significant minutes any longer. We are working a small part of what we were AND getting more cash while making it happen. However, the most outstanding aspect?

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Consistently Darren and Mike awaken invigorated on the grounds that they realize they will be able to assist others with accomplishing a similar Opportunity – additional time – and more cash to partake in that time with! Life is better when you share it, and consistently they get to assist their local area with returning to the significant things throughout everyday life; building recollections with companions and family.


Clearly, Darren Ewart Vancouver is a dangerous scammer who moved to small country so he could scam its residents.

Media reports indicate that he has scammed hundreds of thousands of people through his MLM scam. Furthermore, he has succeeded in amassing more than $14 million in wealth.

Also, he has put in a lot of effort into clearing his name so he could launch more scams.

There are many examples of MLM scammers who rely on deceptive marketing so they could scam more people. Some of them are Mansour Tawafi, Luiz Goes and Justin Halladay.

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Darren Ewart Vancouver is a fraudster who has made millions by defrauding Bhutanese people. Now, he is paying marketers and PR experts to bury his criminal past so he can launch another scam. Beware.

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  1. Their strategy of scamming people through deceptive marketing is very cheap and makes their investors feel betrayed after being connected to their schemes.

  2. The world needs to spread these MLM scams and also the people behind these scams need to be busted the wealth they have accumulated after scamming thousands of investors should be ceased by the government.

  3. The company has managed to exceed its profit up to $14 million which is very huge, managing to collect wealth amounting to millions through these scams is strange.

  4. They both are running this firm for earning commissions and making a profit for themselves instead of working for them and making them millionaires it’s a request to the citizens of Bhutan and the Philippines not to get indulged in any of the firms responding with Darren and Mike.

  5. They have earned profits equalling millions and then made their co-workers feel betrayed. Hence these two are using their members for making a profit for themselves personally, the main purpose is to earn a commission.

  6. The main target of these two scammers are the people residing in the small countries and making them trapped in their MLM company scams, thus it is very important to beware of these scammers.

  7. These MLM scams are the most popular thing currently. They are scamming the world and after selling their products they are making millions in different countries.

  8. Beware of these two Darren and Mike, and also the MLM scam they are expanding in several countries like Australia, Japan, and the Philippines.

  9. The main profit earners are Mike and Darren who keep the profit on every sale, the maximum commission is being earned by these two only, although the other members are working tirelessly without being well paid.

  10. Their business has expanded to major countries like Japan and Bhutan from there they are hiring people and sending them to Australia or asking them to purchase the machines.

  11. These MLM schemes where are using people from Bhutan and making people suffer through these scams and Darren and Mike are fearlessly making advanced. The network of making the selections from the Philippines and sending them to other countries.

  12. Bhutanese are also getting irritated with the scams of this firm thus it is imperative for the government to make the necessary changes to restrict these notorious scams being running the country.

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