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Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman – Liar & Fraud Exposed

Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman is a fraudster and the following review will help you understand why.

Although he has won many accolades and awards, most of them are through paid PR campaigns.

In this review, you will learn about how Azizan lies about his qualifications to make people fall prey to his shady marketing tactics.

Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman Lies About His Degree: Exposing His Lies

Did you know, that businessmen usually get the title of doctor of philosophy just to gain the trust of customers? After all, a name is more grand and commercial and highly praised if there is a Dr. title emblazoned in front of the name.

According to students and Ph.D. holders in this country, cheating to take a Ph.D. is a big mistake. They added, it is not easy to get a Ph.D. but Azizan Osman is happy to take the title of Dr and put it in his name.

This is obviously a big mistake. Azizan Osman is a rich and successful motivational expert and entrepreneur, but the issue of Ph.D. cheating is unacceptable.

Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman

This is not the first case of Azizan Osman cheating on a Ph.D. to get the title of Doctor. Earlier, Azizan Osman claimed he had a Ph.D. from Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), and Universiti Teknologi Mara (UITM). But until now there is no evidence to reveal that he holds any Ph.D. title at this point.

Using a fake PhD is not a good sign.

It shows that Dr Azizan Osman may not be as reliable as he claims to be.

The following sections of this write up will go through the various claims of this fraudster and help you understand how he makes people fall prey to his schemes.

Here are a few snippets of what others say about him:

datuk wira dr azizan osman

Who is Dr. Azizan Osman?

FULL NAMEDatuk Wira Dr. Azizan Osman
AGE48 Years
DATE OF BIRTHNovember 14, 1974
BIRTH PLACEKota Bharu, Kelantan
PROFESSIONBusinessman, and Entrepreneur
WIFEDiana Azizan
CHILDRENOne Daughter
NET WORTH$7 Million

According to the numerous paid PR articles published by the marketers of Dr Azizan, he is a prominent Malaysian businessman and entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to Malaysia’s economy and society.

A conglomerate involved in various industries such as property development, hospitality, education, and healthcare. He is the pioneer behind a few organizations in particular Richworks Global, a business preparing, training, and counseling firm, an authorized personal business school, a corporate and bookkeeping counseling firm, and a 4As Certify Promoting Office. He is likewise a functioning high-profile property and financial exchange financial backer. 

Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman

Richworks Global has established itself as a major player in the Malaysian business scene, and its success is largely attributed to Azizan’s leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

The topic is important as it highlights the achievements, contributions, and challenges faced by a successful entrepreneur and businessman in Malaysia.

According to the paid PR articles published by his team, Azizan’s story and success can inspire others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and make significant contributions to their communities and economies.

Did You Know?

PR stands for public relations. It is the practice of managing and representing the information about most ‘talked about’ celebrities or entities. Although, the work of PR is to build a relation with public and show them the reality, but the PR often misuse their designation to manipulate the legit.

Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman
Dr Azizan Osman

More About the Early Life of Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman:

Azizan was brought into the world on November 14, 1974, in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, yet experienced childhood in Pontian, Johor, and later in Melaka. He began as a youngster, selling pretty much anything from his residence during his school days. Azizan got his proper training in Chinese at a Muslim strict school, which assisted him with setting the establishment for his business discernment.

dr azizan osman net worth
A snippet of the PR articles Azizan’s team posts online (Source)

Azizan finished a Certificate in Speculation Examination at Universiti Teknologi MARA. From that point, he sought an Expert in Science (Promoting) at the College of Salford.

To keep himself side by side with innovation and the developing business world, Azizan got a doctorate in Business Organization from Southwest State College.

Chasing after his interest further, Dr Azizan Osman claims to have a Ph.D. (Business The board) competitor, with Asia e College, Malaysia.

However, as I mentioned earlier, he doesn’t have a PhD. Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman lies about his degree to get more victims.

He is an Individual and Individual from The Sanctioned Establishment of The executive’s Bookkeepers (CIMA and FCMA) (UK) as well as an Individual of the Contracted Foundation of Showcasing (CIM) (UK).

Dr Azizan Osman is additionally a former student of Columbia Business college and has acquired accreditations from Stanford College and NUS Business college.

He has procured numerous worldwide confirmations and acknowledgments in human sciences and conduct, neuro-semantic and neuro-phonetic programming, hypnotherapy, proficient preparation, the authority of the executives, and guerilla showcasing.

dr azizan osman net worth

One of the many paid PR awards won by Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman

Top Ten Books By Dr. Azizan Osman:

Azizan has authored and co-authored the following books:

  1. Magnet Kekayaan & Kejayaan
  2. Kuasai Pemasaran Rahsia Menarik Pelanggan
  3. Kuasai Pemasaran Facebook
  4. 25 Formula Hidup Luar Biasa
  5. Kenapa Saya Mahu Anda Berjaya
  6. Mudahnya Berniaga
  7. Zero Kos Marketing
  8. 100 Usahawan Jutawan – Satu Misi Bantu The Nation
  9. Bangkit Bisnes Dari Krisis – Solusi Bisnes dan Pemasaran Digital
  10. Beat The Curve (co-authored with Brian Tracy)

Awards and Accolades Won By Dr Azizan Osman:

Dr Azizan Osman is the pioneer behind Richwell, a beneficent NGO which raises assets to help the destitute and oppressed, crippled ladies and youngsters, as well as different social causes, including flood and war-stricken casualties.

Azizan and his group were perceived as Malaysia’s biggest occasion and class coordinators in the fields of showcasing, inspiration, and business by the Malaysia Book of Records in 2012.

In 2017, he acquired the renowned Elite Credentialed Expert Mentor acknowledgment from the Worldwide Mentor Organization, Australia. Dr Azizan Osman won the Darjah Cemerlang Seri Melaka Grant in October 2020, bearing the title Datuk Wira.”

Azizan has been a beneficiary of a few different honors, as referenced beneath:

  1. Nona Men’s Business Tutor Grant 2021
  2. The Brand Laureate e-Marking Brand Initiative Honors 2020
  3. Top 50 Promoting and Publicizing Pioneers Grant by MADCon Showcasing and Promoting Meeting 2019 in Dubai
  4. Business visionary Powerhouse of the Year by Malaysia SME and Business people Business Grants 2019
  5. Ace Business visionary Makers by Malaysia SME and Business venture Business Grant 2017-2018
  6. The 100 Most Persuasive Youthful Business visionary Honor by Business person Understanding 2017
  7. Best Business Mentorship Supplier for Territorial Brands by Asia Halal Brand Grants 2017

However, all of these claims fall flat once you realize just how giant his lies are.

The man constantly lies about his education and has become notorious for defrauding students.


After going through the above points, it’s clear that Dr Azizan Osman has won a lot of accolades but they are all based on lies.

It is crucial to address the confusion within the community regarding the allegations and confirm that Mr. Azizan Osman has never been granted the honorary title of Doctor of Entrepreneurship by any University.

He is a fraud who lies about his education to make people trust him.

You should avoid dealing with him.

There are many scams in Malaysia as well as in abroad which focus on taking advantage of gullible consumers. Some prominent examples include Aidan Sowa, Dr Clifford Vance Cast and Loral Langemeier.

2.9Expert Score

Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman is a fraudster who hasn’t received any PhD but claims to have one. He lies about his expertise and experience to deceive people into trusting him. Avoid dealing with him at all costs.

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  • Lies about his expertise
  • Notorious as a fraudster
  • Unreliable

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  1. These fake degrees and prizes would never change the actual personality of the person. Osman thought with the help of his fake qualifications, he could gain more popularity.

  2. After reading the article, it would be hard to believe that this could happen. This shows that there are numerous fake people in the society. They can hide who they are, trick them, and make them believe in their fake personality.

  3. It is becoming quite common for someone to show off phony stuff to the public in order to achieve fame.

  4. I’m quite familiar with these peoples. These people were doing fake promotions and for this, they can lie about themselves. It is best to keep a distance from these people.

  5. How can someone pretend to be a Ph.D. holder, when they are not? This is insane man. The actual place of these people was behind bars.

  6. How can anyone lie about his educational qualification?

  7. Never get attracted to these fake personalities, they are always ready to promote themselves and want to be praised by everyone.

  8. My experience with these fake people is very common, I am a reporter I never know what type of fake personality I will have to interview. Everyone wants to show themselves as the supreme version.

  9. The man is being trolled for having a fake degree, but the quality book he wrote should be the measure for measuring his personality and character. He has written several books, but the one which I liked the most is Zero Kos Marketing, it will help you a lot.

  10. If we keep the topic of his fake degree aside then he is a good writer no doubt this man is getting all his popularity because of his talent, not the degree.

  11. People like them are misleading their people and promoting themselves as a popular writer, everyone is appreciating this man because of his degree. But the degree is all fake and his personality will also be counted as a hoax.

  12. These professional people are having thousands of lies with them, and they still have to explore their previous history which is not possible, so they are taking the advantage of this point.

  13. Make them regret taking the fake degree.

  14. This is a true example of promoting yourself as one of the most successful entrepreneurs but having a fake Ph.D. degree is hilarious.

  15. This man has got the prefix Dr in his name but does acquire a Ph.D. degree, this man is full of fraud no one knows about his criminal past and his fake degrees can’t be discovered. This man is full of fake characters.

  16. This man is fond of staggering his fake educational qualification for attracting his audience. Several popular entities are using these tactics to get highlighted.

  17. Never get attracted after these awards and accolades, people like Datuk can buy them all to attract people.

  18. All this is just a tactic to demolish the popularity of Dr. Azizan I have seen many competitors following these acts to deceive famous entities.

  19. The author has surely mentioned the awards he has like Nona Men’s Business Tutor Grant 2021 which is very impressive.

  20. He promotes himself to be a Ph.D. holder but he doesn’t have any, instead making everyone believe him and his fake educational qualifications.

  21. He has won many accolades but the point is that they all are being paid one, which means the real knowledge is zero and experience has to still be part of his journey.

  22. This man is a complete fraud using fake educational qualifications and awards to scam people.

  23. Never trust the degrees and educational qualifications blindly because there are chances that the person would be making fake promotions to get popular through the awards and degrees.

  24. Once my mother got trapped with a guru who got the prefix of Dr and also various degrees from famous and reputed colleges, but the problem was that he didn’t get any experience and made her trade with zero profit earned for around 4 months.

  25. )Everything was good with this entrepreneur but the problem is that he is using a Ph.D. degree is not acceptable it is truly misleading and a notorious act to attract investors.

  26. For your general knowledge if you are blindly trusting this business with Dr title in front of their name, it is a tactic to get the trust and praises from the users, it is used just for attracting new customers.

  27. Never trust those awards because there are chances that the award would be managed through paid PR campaigns. His qualifications are also not trustable thus the company is full of mischievous members.

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