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Dave Kerpen is a marketing consultant who is based in Boston, Massachusetts. His marketing consultation services are costly yet valueless. He terms himself as a speaker who helps people by giving them different marketing strategies that help them thrive and shine in businesses. Trust me; if you listen to his good for nothing marketing strategies, you will deny yourself a bright future. The bright future you always dreamed of will disappear into thin air. The problem is that Dave gives marketing strategies which are invalid and not helpful at all.

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He is also a blogger and an author of many marketing-related books. Dave Kerpen writes blogs that are not reliable because none of them makes sense. He only writes different articles because he gets paid by different networking companies for the posts. Even the books that he has written, the content varies significantly from the titles of the books. Dave Kerpen is not professional in all the things that he does. His idea of giving most of his book titles the word ‘Likeable’ shows that he is not creative enough.

About Kerpen

Who is Dave Kerpen

Dave Kerpen is an American citizen by birth. He was born in New York City at a place called Brooklyn. When he was old enough for schooling, Dave Kerpen went to Hunter College High School, and later, he joined the University of Boston. Currently, Dave Kerpen is a resident of New York City at a place called Port Washington, where he stays with his family. He is blessed to be a father of three, which are one son and two daughters, namely Seth, Charlotte, and Kate, respectively. Despite Dave being a rich guy, he ended up having a sponsored wedding to marry his beautiful wife called Carrie. I believe he had enough money to cater to his marriage, but because he did not want to use his money, he asks his friends to lend a hand in providing for the event. The act shows that Dave Kerpen is a stingy man who finds it hard to spend money even when helping others.

My Dave Kerpen Review

The Memorable Encounter With Dave Kerpen

Dave Kerpen is said to be a keynote speaker in matters related to marketing in different platforms of social media. It is ironical as Dave does not even understand even a simple definition of the word “speaker”. I think what lingers in his mind is that for one to be termed as a speaker, one has to be confident enough to stand in front of thousands of people and talk to them. In reality, his perception is very wrong because for one to be termed as a speaker, they should have a good mastery of the given content and what they are talking about; they should be experts. There is no way you can tell me to do things that you cannot even be able to do.

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In one of Dave Kerpen’s speaking sessions that I had attended back in the year 2017, I learnt absolutely nothing. He narrated to use his life experiences that resembled most of our pasts. The majority of the successful people had a history full of hardships that can lead one to tears if you listen to them. Dave Kerpen made use envy to be like him because, to us, he seemed successful. He gave us theories on the things that we needed to do if we wanted to be successful and effective in life. Dave termed his methods as the stepping stones towards success. I remember writing pages and pages of his theories as I did not want to be left behind as others narrated their success stories in the future. As we left the conference room, all of us felt successful in both the mind and the heart, but the bitter truth was that we were still the same as we were before the session. 

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When I went back home, I made sure that I will put the entire things that Dave Kerpen taught us in action. Immediately, I laid down the strategies to follow into the success world. The shock was on me when I realized that none of what we learned could be implemented. All we learned seemed like tales of non existing things because they no longer had any positive impact in my life. I discovered that sometimes we waste our time trying to be like other people instead of believing in ourselves. Everyone is created in his own unique ways, and no one is perfect. My call to all people is that they should always believe in themselves, and they should not allow anyone to shut down their dreams.  

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His Books

Dave Kerpen has written several books between the years 2012 to 2016. The books are mostly detailed with marketing-related theories and stories. I have read the books, and in my mind, I thought I would learn more about business and different ways I would use the social networks for marketing my business online. I ought to not waste the opportunity. I saw this as among the many changes that come once in a lifetime. After reading the books, I realized that nothing is worth reading. Let us analyze the books one by one so that all of you will have an idea of what they entail. After reading this article, I believe you will be more educated. It will be a way of making you know what awaits you if you decide to purchase the books.

 The first book is ‘The Art of the People,’ which was published in the year 2016. In this book, eleven different skills are believed to be life-changing. Dave Kerpen uses ironic terms to help him capture the attention of the readers. In this book, Dave says that the eleven skills will help a person to get everything he or she wants to get. Let us be realistic for once if the powers were real and applicable in real life, people would be sharing success stories everywhere across the globe. Also, the books would be read in most of the schools of business in different countries. When you open the first pages of the book, you will find all the possible ways on how you can reach Dave Kerpen through various social media platforms and communications channels such as his email addresses. All the writers can attest that this is a very wrong way of writing an introduction. In school, teachers teach you that presentations give the reader the urge to read the book. 

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Dave aims at getting the few coins that are in your pockets, so be wise. By Dave Kerpen listing all the possible ways of reaching him on the introduction of the book, tell you that whatever he writes is crap. His book convinces me that the significant intention of writing the book was not to help the people but rather to help him. In the book, there are so many tests that one has to take. The tests are to determine your type of person. The greatest disappointment is that after finding out your type of person that will mark the end of everything. Dave Kerpen does not offer any guidelines on how to deal with the results leave alone any explanations on what the result means. 

2 10

As you read through the book, you will come across other tests that are supposed to be taken online. The online tests are a clear sign that Dave Kerpen is full of lust for money. Even after a person uses his or her money to buy the damn book, Dave still wants to get more of your cash indirectly by making you buy bundles to carry the stupid and useless tests online. If one fails to understand, Dave receives more money from the online business, which he terms as online tests. Kerpen should have been genuine if he incorporated all the tests in the book. This book is a disappointment to many readers. The book also has Dave Kerpen’s autobiography, which has nothing to learn from it. I still do not understand why one should include unnecessary information that does not even relate to the title of the book. Actually, that is a waste of pages. 

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The second book is titled ‘Likeable Social media’, and it was published in 2011. This book has nothing new to learn because nearly everybody knows everything that is written in it. Reading the book is a waste of time and energy. The author mainly talks about both Twitter and Facebook. When writing any paper, an author is supposed to target a large group of people but not a small group. Dave Kerpen did the exact opposite because he targeted the small group of people who are new in the business. The book will provide tales on the benefits of social media and the pitfalls. You will find that most of the people who already understand what marketing on social media entails will have nothing new to learn. The book does not explain most of the essential aspects of social media, making it lose the original meaning.

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In 2011, ‘Likeable Social Media’ was termed as the best-selling book. The reality behind the book being the best-selling pains my heart. According to the title, it is explained that they will be teaching on how to be outstanding in all social networks; those with businesses would know how to make their customers happier. The multitude of people bought the book, thinking it would make them more knowledgeable on matters of social media, but it was nothing but a disappointment. I wish there were a chance offered to return the book if one found the book not useful and a hundred percent refund of the purchasing fee. The bookshop sellers would be shocked by the people who would make long queues waiting to return the damn books.

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The third book, which was published in 2012, was titled ‘Likeable Business.’ I disagree that a business can be not liked by customers. When one sets up a company, he or she has his reasons, and I believe they had researched to know that their businesses are thriving. Dave Kerpen is good at brainwashing people to think that without them learning from him, the activities they carry out are not worth keeping.

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Dave gives different ways through which both small and growing companies can use so that they can achieve their goals and have a lot of customers. In this world, people do not set up a business to be liked by other people. When you set up a shop, and it starts thriving, you will realize that most of your friends will turn out to be your enemies because they are jealous of your success. Dave tries to make us understand that in our business, everything that is done should show nothing but transparency.

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The fourth book, authored by Dave Kerpen, is called ‘Likeable Leadership.’ In this book, Dave proves to be a good storybook writer who is very creative when making tales that are meant for fun. The book is a collection of more than 60 inspirational stories. The tales are aimed at helping you both in your career and on Social Media. ‘Likeable Leadership’ has 423 pages, but the sad thing is that most of the words written in most of the pages are not necessary. Dave only wanted to have a large book to prove a point that he can also write. His idea is very unprofessional. A writer should write something understandable and helpful rather than long stories that do not even manage to drive a single point home. If you Google this book reviews, you will be welcomed by lovely descriptions of the book on how it will change you into an effective leader. All those descriptions are mainly meant to make you purchase the book.

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