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David Ebrahimzadeh

David Ebhrahimzadeh is a notorious scammer who runs an investment firm called Corniche Capital. Many people have shared their terrible experiences with this guy on the internet. 

From million-dollar lawsuits to not paying the staff, David has been a part of various conflicts with others. The following review will shed light on his suspicious activities and aims to help others find out about his true nature: 

David Ebrahimzadeh: Who is he?

David Ebrahimzadeh is the founder and president of Corniche Capital, a real estate and private equity investment firm based in New York, NY, United States. According to his website, he focuses on opportunistic investments. There isn’t much information about him on any of his social media profiles or his website. 

Apart from being an investment advisor, David is also a notorious scammer. Real estate investment and private equity investment are highly sophisticated fields and service providers in this field usually don’t have many reviews. 

What is the role of a financial advisor?
For payment, a financial advisor offers clients financial assistance or recommendations. Financial advisors, often known as advisers, offer a wide range of services, including investment management, tax preparation, and estate planning.

So when I found multiple user complaints against Corniche Capital and David Ebrahimzadeh, it piqued my interest. Why would such an expensive service provider have multiple customer complaints? I wondered about this question for a few days and did some research. What I found was really staggering. 

I discovered that David has many victims and a very dangerous past. His company has been in multiple legal battles for numerous reasons and he himself has been flagged as a scammer and a thief in different places. 

In this review, I’ll go through these Corniche Capital reviews and complaints to help you understand why you should beware of David Ebrahimzadeh. 

Corniche Capital: What does it do?

Corniche Capital claims to be in real estate and private equity investment. Such firms usually work with builders and buy real estate units in large quantities. His company states that they focus on pursuing opportunistic transactions, which doesn’t mean anything really. 

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It only means they look for investment opportunities (who doesn’t? ) and invest accordingly. Private equity is an alternative investment class and contains capital that is not listed on a public exchange. 

It consists of investors and funds that invest directly in private companies or engage in the buyout of public companies causing them to get delisted from public equity. 

Private equity investors make money when they exit their investments. Their aim is to sell the companies they own at a higher price than they bought them for. 

Even though Corniche capital is a private equity investment firm, it doesn’t give any information on its investments on its website. I guess you’ll need to talk to David personally to find out where he invests his money. 

David Ebrahimzadeh and Corniche Capital: A history of conflicts

Companies that provide real estate and private equity investment services must focus on providing flawless services to their clients. However, David’s Corniche Capital doesn’t seem to believe in such notions.

I found a detailed complaint from a disgruntled client of Corniche Capital who was ripped off by David. The complaint goes into detail about how his company manipulates its clients. 

Just as a company’s clients matter, their staff matters too. But David doesn’t seem to care about them either. I found a second complaint against Corniche Capital from a hotel’s staff about how David hired them for work but refused to pay

Following are the two complaints I found:

How David Scammed a Client

David ebrahimzadeh reviews & complaints

It’s an anonymous review. The person starts with pointing out the suspicious nature of Corniche Capital’s website. They had approached David’s company to borrow some loan over their duplex bungalow. 

According to the reviewer, they were in a hurry so they might have seemed desperate to David when they talked over the phone. They met at the reviewer’s house and discussed the terms of their potential agreement. 

David sweet-talked them into signing an agreement with him, and their lawyer was unavailable for the time being, so they weren’t able to get a second opinion. According to the agreement, they had to give a substantial deposit to David, which they did. 

However, once David received the deposit, he went silent for three months. He didn’t return the reviewer’s calls and put them under a lot of pressure. 

Afterwards, the deal didn’t go through as David kept avoiding talking to them for no reason and tried to delay any further tasks. The reviewer lost their deposit and left the deal. 

You can understand the position David must have put them in. First, David conducted business very eagerly but as soon as he got hold of the money, he started avoiding them. 

It’s totally unprofessional and it suggests that David puts money first instead of customers. 

The Painful Story of a Hotel’s Staff

David ebrahimzadeh CEO

This was also an anonymous review. The reviewer used to work as a manager at Suite Dreams LLC at Hotel Carlisle, 1700 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, PA 17015. 

According to the reviewer, they had to put in 70-80 hours per week and tried their best to bring a once lavished hotel back to its original state. David Ebrahimzadeh was the owner of this hotel with Felice DeSanza. 

The person shares how they worked hard to turn the hotel around and revive its beauty. They worked for 7 weeks without getting any pay whatsoever. The reviewer states, “We were exhausted and devastated”. 

When 10 months passed and they didn’t get any payments from the owners, the staff reported to the PA Labor Board. The matter escalated to the Federal Labor Board which rejected it because it didn’t find any proof of who the owners were even though the staff submitted all the necessary paperwork. 

The staff complained that around $100,000 are owed to them, excluding $80,000 to Cumberland County Water Department and $60,000 to PP&L Electric. They shared their review so someone might notice this happening and help them in their fight.

I’m glad that both of the reviewers chose to remain anonymous. David has an army of lawyers who are always at the ready to take down anyone who poses a threat to his operations. This includes people like you and I, who are only sharing their views and experiences on the internet. They would come after you with everything they’ve got and would try to ruin your life. 

You’ll notice this in the next section of my David Ebrahimzadeh review as I’ll cover the diferente lawsuits his firm, Corniche Capital has been involved in: 

How Corniche Capital Lawyers Exploit Businesses

It seems David tries to exploit others by various methods. Scamming people and staff isn’t sufficient for him. He has to go after his vendors too.

I found two legal cases where Corniche Capital was the plaintiff. Both of these cases were dismissed by the court. In one case the court even commented on the way Corniche Capital was acting and pretending to be a newbie, it was hilarious.

These cases aren’t small either. The first case is of $710,000 while the second one is about a loan of more than $6 million. 

The second case is more interesting as Corniche Capital has tried to wrong its lender by filing a case against them. In any case, here are the summaries of both of these cases: 

First case: Cornice Capital vs W&N Enterprises

The first case I found was Corniche Capital, LLC v. W&N Enterprises, INC. Here, Corniche Capital had sought specific performance of a purchase agreement related to commercial real estate. David had filed this case in the federal court due to diversity jurisdiction. 

It was a contract dispute. David’s company alleged that W&N Enterprises had refused to consummate the purchase and conveyance of the property and leasehold interests. In response to this, W&N Enterprises had filed a counterclaim in the amount of $710,00.00 and alleged that Corniche Capital failed to fulfill their duties mentioned in the real estate agreements which prevented W&N Enterprises from completing their duties.

The case took place in 2017. The Court had dismissed Corniche Capital’s claims and the Defendant prevailed on their counterclaim in the amount of $710,000.00. 

David’s company tried to delay the proceedings as much as possible. It seems to me that he was trying to use the same tactics he used with the hotel staff, in other words, he tried to outsmart the legal system.

However, you can’t always fool others, especially the Court. Corniche Capital tried as much as possible to stretch out the case but the Court caught onto that and dismissed their complaining with prejudice. 

You can read more on this case here: (source)

Second case: Ebrahimzadeh v. Sharestates Investments

David’s company, Corniche Capital and Oakdale Capital LLC had filed this suit against Sharestates Investments and alleged slander of title, unjust enrichment, violations of FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), violations of Pennsylvania’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, and breach of contract. 

However, like the previous case, this case’s judgement also went against David Ebhrahimzadeh because his company failed to present sufficient evidence to back its claims. David’s companies had taken two loans amounting to $6,100,000 from Sharestates Investments. They failed to pay in time and various issues occurred during this process. In the end, David’s companies tried to escape from the loan by claiming Sharestates Investments had acted in bad faith on every turn. 

It’s very easy to steal from people and get away with it if they are weak. But when you’re in the court, stealing and scamming become very difficult.

This case proves this point well as David’s companies lost this case too and the court granted Sharestates Investments’ motion to dismiss the case.  

You can read more on this case here: (source)

What do these cases mean? 

The nature of these cases suggests that David Ebrahimzadeh tries to go after the businesses that work with his company through his lawyers. Exploiting the staff and clients isn’t enough for him.

I wouldn’t have shared the details of these cases but they are proof that David can do anything to go after others. 

This is a big reason why I chose to post an anonymous review on GripeO. I’m 100% certain that if David learns of my identity, he would come after me with his army of lawyers. And I don’t have $700,000 or $6 million to pay him. He doesn’t hesitate in ruining others’ lives but someone needed to speak out against this. 

Mind you, finding all of this data was very challenging. Most of it is buried under David’s paid PR articles. He doesn’t want people to find out the truth about his businesses. 

David Ebrahimzadeh Scholarship: What is it?

The David Ebrahimzadeh scholarship is David’s attempt to seem like a philanthropist. The scholarship had a deadline of 1st March 2021 and was offered for winning an essay competition.

It is for students who want a degree in real estate or have a passion in real estate. The essay topic was “When it comes to real estate, what excites you about the future?”. 

To be eligible for the David Ebrahimzadeh Scholarship, a student must either be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program or be a high school senior that has been accepted into a university or college. 

Another name for this scholarship program is The David Ebrahimzadeh Academic Scholarship. In my opinion, it’s great that David is giving back to society by launching a scholarship. 

However, to be honest, it seems more like a PR stunt to bury all the negative information present on him on the internet. 

Like most of the things David does, this scholarship seems fishy as well. That’s because the official page of the David Ebrahimzadeh Scholarship has a section titled “Previous Winners” but it doesn’t show anyone. I thought it was a link to another page but no, it’s plain text. 

David ebrahimzadeh scholarship

Why David added a section for past winners when the scholarship has never had any winners is beyond my understanding. I guess he wanted students to think he has been offering scholarships for many years. 

Corniche Capital Review: Conclusion

Corniche Capital is a dangerous organization no matter how you look at it. The company shares little to no information about how it conducts business and its owner, David Ebrahimzadeh, has been involved in too many conflicts.

They rip off clients, avoid paying the staff, and go after the vendors they work with. All of this data suggests that Corniche Capital is a scam and you should stay away from them and anything related to David Ebrahimzadeh. 

2.1 Total Score
David Ebrahimzadeh Review Verdict

David Ebrahimzadeh has not only scammed a client, but have been involved in many other conflicts. This goes to show how unprofessional and short-tempered he is. His multi-million dollar lawsuits show how he tries to take advantage of people for money. Avoid him at all costs.

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    Client Experience

    David Ebrahimzadeh has a ton of victims man. The scammer has been using different methods to steal from people…I’m telling you, David should be behind bars, counting his days. But right now, he is running a crypto scam, making everybody’s life miserable. He is a terrible human being who only cares about one thing – his bank account. His scholarship is a sham, nothing more. The man doesn’t want his victims to get heard. Because if they get heard, he would be incapable of getting new victims.

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    Client Experience

    You can add Phishing for crypto currency wallets. Has a fake Luno website meant to bait unsuspecting users who get a message about their account being blocked because it’s not on the latest server. Provides you a link to rectify which is a decoy to capture your information to access your wallet.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: You will get cleaned and left for dead
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  3. 0.5
    Client Experience

    Everything said about this guy is true! He even uses recruitment agencies and his “scholarship” program to lure staffers in to work for him–then never pays them. He was even sued by a recruitment agency for refusing to pay for their services.

    And the folks from Hotel Carlisle had health problems from working in a hotel full of mold and David never paid for any repairs. He is a vicious scam artist.

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    • You can add Phishing scam for crypto currency wallets. One of his websites is made to look like Luno wallet. decided to search the name in the website and woow guy does everything

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