David Marom: Involved in Harassment, Threats, and Greed? Let’s Exposed! (Update 2023)

David Marom
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David Marom of Horizon Group wants to raze a kids' community garden and is using various intimidation tactics to scare off its wardens.
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David Marom is a real estate developer who has become a nightmare for the kids of the Lower East Side through his constant fits, lawsuits, and harassment. 

The Horizon Group owner had allegedly threatened to dump a port-a-potty into the children’s community garden. Now, it’s found that he intentionally destroyed emails related to his current court battle.

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David is in a legal battle with the local residents so he can destroy the community garden and turn it into apartments. 

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The court noted that he intentionally destroyed vital evidence related to the case. This has proven to be a serious legal blow to David Marom and his firm, the Horizon Group. The legal battle between him and the local residents has been going on since 2014.

The court found that he deleted emails which could have helped the residents’ prove their accusations that he ordered his workers to ‘destroy trees’ and ‘dump construction waste’ onto the park in 2019.

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Furthermore, the garden’s wardens claim that David’s workers have unloaded dozens of containers containing rotting garbage onto the community garden. 

However, David Marom denies ordering the attack on the garden. 

The court noted that David admitted to indiscriminately deleting emails including the ones related to his property 157 Norfolk Street, located at the border of the garden. 

Now, if the case goes to trial, the jury can make an “adverse inference” against David, particularly against his position that neither he nor his workers were principally involved in the incident. 

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Apart from throwing garbage in the traffic barriers, the incident involved cutting down trees and branches in the kids’ community garden as well.

Moreover, the judge has ordered David Maron to pay legal fees to the garden for fighting this case. 

Kate Temple-West, the president of the garden, told the media that they will keep fighting for space.

“We will continue to protect this precious sanctuary for our community’s children, and hope this ruling sends that message loud and clear,” he told the media.

It’s worth highlighting that the judge has already ruled tha David Marom of The Horizon Group trespassed onto the garden when he erected encroaching fences. Currently, he is appealing that decision. 

When David Marom Threatened to Overturn a Port-a-Potty on the Kids’ Garden:

In November 2021, Lower East Side residents reported that David Marom had threatened to overturn a port-a-potty on the kids’ community garden. 

They had filed a lawsuit against him for this. 

The garden’s leadership filed a Manhattan Supreme Court civil rights case against David and his firm, the Horizon Group. They sought legal fees and punitive damages as well. 

In 2019, David Marom had lost a $20 million defamation claim against the community. 

The garden’s leadership claimed in its lawsuit that the defamation suit was nothing more than a way for David to intimidate and harass them into giving up. Prior to that, he had thrown a fit in front of the parents and kids at the garden as well. 

Furthermore, David Marom had kicked and pushed over benches before threatening to “turn over a port-a-potty into Children’s Magical Garden”. 

The lawsuit alleged that David’s actions were meant to interfere with the community garden’s mission to provide children with safe places to play and learn about nature. They claimed that he aimed to intimidate and silence the community speaking out against him.

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Moreover, the garden wardens had alleged that David Marom had put up encroaching fences on neighboring lots. The Parks Department ordered him to take them down later.

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Also, the lawsuit alleged that he had sent workers to the place to destroy trees and dump construction waste. 

They claimed that David Marom’s defamation claims were additional proof of his ruthless campaign against them. 

The lawsuit reads that the plaintiffs are of limited means and David was well aware of this fact. He knew they would never be able to pay the multi-million dollar judgment he sought. Hence, his case was only a way to harass and intimidate the garden’s leadership.

When a judge tossed his claims and the appeals court rejected his case as well, the garden’s leadership asked him to issue an apology. David Marom refused.

That’s why the garden’s leadership had filed that lawsuit. 

What is harassment? 

Harassment, according to the EEOC, includes offensive language, physical assault, intimidation, ridicule, and interference with work performance.


David Marom of The Horizon Group is definitely not as reliable as he claims to be. THe man has been harassing and intimidating the Lower East residents because they are not letting him destroy a kids’ garden.

His behavior and his intimidation tactics are heinous.

Hopefully, he would improve his ways but until then, it would be best to avoid dealing with him and his company, The Horizon Group, at all costs.

There are plenty of businessmen who think they can get away with intimidation and harassment. For example, Ron Gutman of Intrivo is notorious for abusing his staff members. Another similar case is of Haines Consulting Group, whose leader, Stuart Haines, has received multiple complaints for staff abuse. 

Hence, beware of David Marom.

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David Marom: Involved in Harassment, Threats, and Greed? Let’s Exposed! (Update 2023)
David Marom: Involved in Harassment, Threats, and Greed? Let’s Exposed! (Update 2023)


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  1. Taking away a playground from kids! This man won’t even see the sight of heaven. God works in mysterious ways. David Marom should apologize to those children for litterring that sweet little garden.

  2. 0.5

    The government isn’t taking any strict actions to make David Marom stop his criminal activities like the one mentioned in the article. Im sure there are several other cases and charges against David that he was able to avoid and get away with them.

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  3. The world is taking people like David Marom lightly and also the incident described in the article isn’t something you can ignore easily. The legal authorities should take serious concerns into the matter and chase down the Horizon Group owner with respective punishment.
    Otherwise, these criminals will start taking the authorities lightly.

  4. Now this incident angered me, like how can this incident not be highlighted by the news channels, instead of putting that criminal behind bars he was not even forced to pay the kids’ community.

  5. My kid visits a similar garden. I can’t even imagine how it would feel to see a garden where kids used to play and watching it getting razed for building apartments. And the shocking thing is that no news channels are exposing this criminal and no articles are getting published highlighting this case. Thank you Gripeo for bringing this matter into light.

  6. 0.75

    Gardens are developed for the children to play not for littering for your profit, how can the government be quiet on these sensitive topics and not take any legal actions against this literal gangster?

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  7. He is trying to intimidate the people who want to stop him but everything goes in vain. David isn’t afraid of the legal authorities due to the lack of investigation against him, and he keeps bullying people trying to speak out against him.

  8. It’s ok if you are making people suffer by dumping garbage but the need to cut down the trees, and hurt mother nature for your personal use isn’t fair at all.

  9. I do live near 157 Norfolk Street and the smell of that rotten garbage made the whole society reek for several days. Many people couldn’t believe that David Marom used his powers to make the kids suffer.

  10. Reply
    Charge Horizon Group
    January 7, 2023 at 3:54 pm

    It is irritating to hear that some psychopath is using his powers to capture the place after littering it, disgusting. How can any human think of doing such a cheap act to get a piece of land?

  11. Using your physical powers to suppress the voices of people trying to fight for their rights isn’t acceptable in the 21st century.

  12. The author has described most of the incidents, but yes the sufferers would have to go through tougher times, as smelling rotten garbage is not acceptable.

  13. Now this is getting adverse, these criminals are making such advances and making people suffer, this brutal attempt of takeover is totally out of the box and hurting the sentiments of several souls connected to that place emotionally.

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