David Sajasi – Stole $8 Million from Investors

Investors of Beverly Hills Car Rental sent a detailed letter to David Sajasi a few years ago. Also, they sent the letter to the firm’s CFO and asked for information on a few transactions. 

The investors wanted to know how David Sajasi had managed the firm after the CEO, Setrak Balabanian, had passed away in 2009. 

As a result of the letter, company officials started looking into David and his management of Beverly Hills Car Rental aka Beverly Hills Rent A Car. 

Later, the investigation revealed that $8 million was missing from the company. 

Most of the evidence suggested that David defrauded Beverly Hills Car Rental. Furthermore, investigators had to recover the data through forensics as David Sajasi had erased most of it. 

Later, David contacted the investor and paid him $3 million to hush him. Most of the $3 million came from the firm’s future earnings. 

However, there was no sign of the missing $8 million.

This begs the question – How can a business lose $8 million overnight? Moreover, where did the money go? 

When the company lost $8 million, David took down his old house at 9369 Nightingale Drive, Los Angeles. Furthermore, he also paid off his mortgage of $1.6 million in the same time period. 

Then, he started construction on his new house. 

Apparently, he borrowed $4.5 million to pay off the mortgage. However, the mortgage and the building costs came out to be $12 million. Hence, he only needed $8 million to complete the payments. 

However, it seems that wasn’t enough for David Sajasi. 

Recently, someone filed a complaint against him in Los Angeles County Superior Court. It alleges that he illegally transferred all of the business assets of Beverly Hills Car Rental to another company he manages in 2018. 

More About David Sajasi and Beverly Hills Car Rental

Currently, David Sajasi is the General Manager of Beverly Hills Car Rental. He has been running this firm since 2018. It’s the rebranded version of his previous venture, Beverly Hills Rent A Car, which he founded in January 1992. 

David had been running Beverly Hills Rent A Car since then. 

Apart from that, he has graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. 

The multi-million embezzlement lawsuit isn’t the only time when David has attracted negative attention. 

A few years ago, he helped Qatari prince Sheikh Khalifa in multiple illegal activities. Apparently, he helped the prince bribe a police officer and helped him hide his expenses by listing them under his company’s invoices. 

Several of his employees revealed that the company was paying someone to help the prince avoid classes and pass exams. 

David Sajasi Beverly Hills
David Sajasi

Obviously, David denied all of these allegations. 

However, it goes to show that David Sajasi has always been a notorious figure. He doesn’t hesitate to break the law when he deems it useful.  

“They are Scam Artists” – Client Reviews of Beverly Hills Car Rental

He has also attracted a lot of criticism from his clients. 

According to the above reviewer, David refused to issue a refund when the client had bought a gift card but couldn’t use it. The reviewer had purchased a Los Angeles Dream Car Tour for her husband. 

However, the company didn’t offer such a tour for 2 years. So, she asked for a refund. The company told her that she would get a refund through a check or bank wire. 

But that never happened. 

Instead, the company later told her that David Sajasi wouldn’t issue a refund. 


After going through the above points, it’s clear that David Sajasi is not a reliable businessman. He is facing a lawsuit for embezzling funds from Beverly Hills Rent A Car, which he later shut down. 

Furthermore, he has received allegations for forging invoices to help his client avoid schoolwork. 

Due to these reasons you should be wary of David. Avoid him at all costs.

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David Sajasi of Beverly Hills Car Rental is facing a lawsuit for embezzling $8 million from the company, Beverly Hills Rent A Car. He has also faced criticism for aiding one of his clients in bribing a police officer and forging invoices to hide expenses.

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    David Sajasi deserves to be behind bars. He has no respect for the people working at Beverly Hills Car Rental. The man needs to pay for his crimes

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