DAVinci Plastic Surgery – Failed Procedures & Surgeries

Dr. Davison and Dr. Pinell run DAVinci Plastic Surgery in Washington, D.C., US. It’s an infamous clinic with numerous bad reviews on the internet. 

Dr. Davison claims to be among the best surgeons in Washington but the guy has botched innumerable surgeries. Moreover, when this place fails to perform a procedure successfully, it doesn’t take responsibility for it. 

Should you trust this clinic then? I don’t think so. 

Dr. Ximena Pinell, MD & Steven P. Davison, MD, FACS: Surgeons Behind DAVinci Plastic Surgery

DAVinci Plastic Surgery is located in Foxhall Square and its address is 3301 New Mexico Ave NW Suite 236, Washington, DC 20016, US. Similarly, the contact number of this place is 202-966-9590. 

Some of the procedures you can get here include mommy makeover, facelift, breast revision, cheek lift, arm lift, and plenty more. The clinic also offers JUVEDERM, Sculptra Aesthetic, RADIESSE, fat grafting and injectables to its clients. 

Dr. Davison is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon and claims to provide his patients with the highest level of care. Dr. Ximena Pinell also claims to treat patients with care. But their reviews disagree with these claims. 

Furthermore, a huge red flag is present in the form of small print on their website:

It’s a disclaimer that says that the individuals may vary and that some of the “Before and After” photos might be models. To some, it might seem like nothing. But this disclaimer is their legal way of saying that they use fake pictures in their “Before and After” section. 

DAVinci Plastic Surgery is blatantly misleading clients and have added a legal disclaimer to avoid any lawsuits for doing such a mischievous activity. This is a pretty common tactic among shady service providers. 

For example, Effortless IVF is an infamous fertility clinic in Texas that also relies on a disclaimer to avoid any legal responsibility. 

Most Reported Issues in DAVinci Plastic Surgery Reviews:

DAVinci Plastic Surgery review

The most common issues people have highlighted in their DAVinci Plastic Surgery reviews are lack of trust in the provider’s decisions and rushed appointments. Other complaints include improper explanation of the conditions and ignoring the client’s questions. 

The fact that the most prevalent issue is lack of trust in the provider’s decisions is worrying. It means many clients don’t believe the suggestions Dr. Davison gives them. However, after going through the various DAVinci Plastic Surgery reviews I have shared below, you wouldn’t be surprised to see such lack of trust in his expertise. 

Dr. Davison Botched Two Surgeries and Started Avoiding the Client

DAVinci Plastic Surgery review

This reviewer had a labiaplasty with Dr. Davison but the results were very asymmetrical. So, the reviewer got a revision surgery from him but the results were still asymmetrical.

The reviewer set up an appointment several weeks later to discuss this issue with him. However, he didn’t show up. Instead, the practice manager met with the reviewer. They highlight that they didn’t understand why would a non-medical professional was looking at their naked body and rating the results. 

Since that visit, the reviewer tried to schedule multiple appointments with Dr. Davison but he was always “out of the office”. 

The sutures on one side of the reviewer’s body were too tight and caused a lot of pain. On the other side, Davison had cut away too much which caused the skin to stretch, leading to severe pain. 

The reviewer shares that the post-op care is very poor at DAVinci Plastic SUrgery. They don’t give you proper post-op instructions and supplies. The reviewer had to go to the store in pain with bandages and one of their stitches popped up there. Still, the clinic couldn’t bother to care about these issues.

Didn’t Provide Sufficient Anesthesia, Didn’t Care about the Patient’s Pain, Poor Post-op Care

DAVinci Plastic Surgery review

Jonette had a painful experience with this clinic when she had a surgery there. They didn’t give her proper anesthesia, and had left her alone for long durations without giving any explanation. 

Because of poor anesthesia, she was in a lot of pain during the surgery and no staff member (including the doctor) cared. They kept ignoring her until her sobbing forced Davison to inject more numbing agent. 

Then, he started teaching some subordinates in the middle of the surgery and pointed out “diseased tissue vs healthy tissue”. Jonette says it felt very inhuman and upsetting.

It took them three months to give her the results and that too, when she called them multiple times. 

Assured to Offer a Refund, Never Issued One and Took No Responsibility

DAVinci Plastic Surgery review

The reviewer had set up an appointment with DAVinci Plastic Surgery. However, their poor customer service forced them to go elsewhere. 

Hence, they wanted to cancel their appointment and get the refund ($100). At first, the clinic told them that it would take them a week to issue the refund. 

But 2 weeks passed and they never received a response from the clinic. Then, when they talked to the clinic they simply told the reviewer that they can’t do anything about it now. 

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DAVinci Plastic Surgery review

DAVinci Plastic Surgery review
DAVinci Plastic Surgery review
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DAVinci Plastic Surgery review
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DAVinci Plastic Surgery review

DAVinci Plastic Surgery Review 2021: Conclusion

Multiple failed procedures, terrible aftercare, and the lack of effective management has made DAVinci Plastic Surgery a horrible mess. It would be better to find a clinic that puts more emphasis on their clients because there’s an absence of a client-focused attitude at this place. 

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DAVinci Plastic Surgery is a horrible clinic with too many red flags to count. Their clients complain about botched surgeries, terrible post-op care, and poor service.

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  • Lie to clients
  • Don't give proper post-op care
  • Focus too much on upselling
  • Don't care about you once they get the money

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