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(Source: Authentic or Charlatan: Dean Graziosi | How to Become a Millionaire From a Webinar – YouTube)

Dean Graziosi sells dozens of programs and courses on self-help, investing, and real estate. However, he has a lot of skeletons in his closet including a fake back story, history of running multiple scams, a $400 million lawsuit from the FTC, and hundreds of fake reviews.

So without wasting any time, let’s proceed:

About Dean Graziosi (Dean Robert Graziosi): A Fake Rags-To-Riches Story?

Dean Graziosi’s Original Scam (Motor Millions)

Dean claims that he is a New York Times best selling author, investor and entreprenur based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In his webinars he shares a story about how he didn’t have money for lunch at school, how his father and him lived in a bathroom, etc.

All the claims that are made about his childhood are 100% unverfiable and thus should be taken with a grain of salt.

According to Dean’s website, he was born in Marloboro New York to Gloria Post and Paul Graziosi. He has an elder sibling. His parents got a divorce when Dean was 3 and he lived with his mom until he got 13 years old, then he moved to his father’s house.

Dean went to the Marlboro High School, after doing a thorough background, I can confirm that this information is actually true.

He claims that his family faced a lot of financial problems. However, there’s no way for anyone to verify this information except for Dean Graziosi family members themselves, and I doubt they would want to expose Dean.

Dean Graziosi is mainly popular for selling courses and books on real estate and self-help. He is one of the early fake gurus of the industry. He walked so scammers like Sam Ovens could run. Scammers respect him a lot because he paved the path for them.

He has been selling courses and CDs even before the internet was big. He used to run ads on the television and got extremely rich by his overpriced non-refundable courses.

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, people didn’t know about fake gurus or self-help scammers, and they couldn’t even verify whether a scheme was legitimate or not as there weren’t any expert reviews.

It was a golden oppertunity for Dean and he capitalized on it.

Dean Graziosi became a millionaire from selling a dream and false hope to people all around the country

Now a days he is doing something similar, but it’s more sinister.

Back then it was only useless courses & CDs with fine print refund policies. Now it is fake reviews, multi-million dollar lawsuits, and illegal marketing.

He has been torched by critics all around the web, but he buries all of it through illegal marketing tactics and black hat SEO.

Burying Critics & Experts With Fluff Content

(Source: Dean Graziosi Secretly Responds to Coffeezilla… – YouTube)

Coffeezilla is a YouTube investigator who has made a name for himself for exposing the biggest names in the industry including Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Wesley Virgin, and many more.

Unfortunately for Dean, he also got under Coffeezilla’s radar thanks to the $400 million lawsuit against the real estate scam.

He made a very general video exposing Dean and his fellow fake gurus, which was showing on Google for the keyword “Dean Graziosi scam” and “Dean Graziosi review“.

This really botherd Dean and instead of filing a rebuttal against hte claims, which he would’ve done if wasn’t actually guilty, he started posting videos over on his friends’ channels with clickbait titles.

These videos were given weird titles like “Online Fake Gurus Exposed”, and the only purpose of these videos was to bury Coffeezilla’s video so that it doesn’t show up on the Google search results.

Some might call it a smart move, but I think it just proved Dean was guilty.

Now, Coffee is not a normal guy, he is a smart investigator and he took notice of the shady activites being done by the PR team of Dean. So he did what he does best; exposing fake gurus.

He made a video where he showed how Dean was using deceptive tags in his videos in order to buy Coffee’s video from showing up on Google. This video recieved a lot of love from the people back when it was uploaded.

However right now all of Coffee’s work has been undone, as Dean has buried his videos under fluff content again.

There is another investigator who exposed Dean Graziosi as a charlatan on his channel. He goes by the name of Spencer Cornelia. Even his video has been now buried under the rubble of misleading and biased videos.

It is all done with the single purpose of stopping people from seeing the reality of Dean Graziosi.

Because if people see these videos, they won’t ever fall for Dean or any other fake guru for that matter. Which is a total loss for these scammers. So they do everything in their power to burry these medias.

It is extremely unethical but it shows the very dirty and criminal side of Dean and his team. They are literally manipulating the search engine results in order to scam as many people as possible.

Sued For $400 Million For Running Real Estate Scams By The FTC

Federal Trade Commission has gotten very active against online scammers and fake gurus. Very recently they took down Jason Bond & LLC with a $137 million lawsuit. And it seems Mr. Dean Graziosi has also been under the FTC’s radar.

In November 2019, the FTC took action on a complaint alleging a Utah-based company bilked more than $400 million from customers.

Nudge LLC & its affiliated companies were sued by none other than the FTC and the Utah Division of Consumer Protection.

In their official press release, the FTC features a screenshot from Dean Graziosi’s landing page as an example of the scam.

Nudge LLC & Dean made empty promises and gave false hope to millions of people. They convinced buyers that they can earn money through “flipping” houses and manipulated them into purchasing training courses about real estate which were priced at thousands of dollars.

The company markets its courses through celebrities in the real estate industry (talking about Dean here). These celebs make claims of revealing secret strategies which can yield amazing profits during their seminars/webinars. The seminar however, is mainly designed only for upselling more training packages and courses. They are not made with the purpose of teaching or helping the buyer in any manner.

When the FTC surveyed the data they had from the court filings, they noticed 95% of customers had spent more money on the courses than they had on the real estate gig itself.

Dean Graziosi, Nudge LLC, and several other entities were systematically making empty promises to consumers and leaving them in financial ruin.

Nudge has been selling such courses from 2012, just in 3 short years (2014-17), Nudge LLC made more than $400 million.

Nudge also gave access to “Investor Expos” & “Buying Summits”, where the consumers were told they will get exclusive access to real estate properties at a discounted price, however, these properties were actually sold at an inflated price and Nudge (Dean Graziosi) took commission for every sale.

The complaint is alleging that the defendants broke the FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule, the FTC Act, as well as several Utah statutes.

The lawsuit has not been concluded yet. I hope Dean Graziosi and colleagues soon pay for their terrible crimes and frauds. However, by the looks of it, it seems these criminals will keep roaming the streets, ruining more lives every day.

If you want to read the full document of the Dean Graziosi lawsuit, then you can use the button down below and get the complete PDF document. It hasn’t been touched and is source from the FTC’s official website.

Fake Dean Graziosi Reviews & Testimonials Plaguing The Internet

This section might come as a shock to the die hard fan of Dean Graziosi who have spent their life savings on his courses and can’t even comprehend the fact that they were played a fool all along.

During my research I found more than 10 fake/biased listings of Dean Graziosi reviews.

I’m not going to go over the dozens of websites Dean as I don’t think anyone is stupid enough to believe those websites. The websites like mydeangraziosireview dot com are all part of a vast network of websites that are operated by the marketing firm behind all the fake Dean Graziosi reviews. This agency certainly has a knack for helping gurus as similar patterns of misleading websites have been spotted at other online scammers’ domains as well.

All websites which contain the term “Dean Graziosi” are extremely biased and they are controlled by the marketing team of Dean itself. It is strongly recommended that you avoid and ignore these websites for opinions. The only purpose of these websites is to bury real complaints/reviews, and mislead potential victims into trusting the Dean Graziosi scam.

Fake Trustpilot Reviews

Dean Graziosi has a 4/5 rating on Trustpilot which is backed by fake reviews and fake accounts based in India/Pakistan/Bangladesh

Trustpilot is one of the biggest review platforms on the internet, millions of people rely on this website for original customer reviews and complaints. However, because of its high SEO ranking and easy to manipulate listings, Trustpilot has become a go-to website for scammers.

And being the cunning cat Dean is, he hasn’t left this opportunity to mislead people.

On Trustpilot, has a 4.2/5 rating, which seems quite good for an alleged real estate scammer who is being investigated by the FTC for a $400 million scam.

Well if we take a closer look we will see that all the 4 or 5-star reviews are posted by accounts that have zero histories. Those accounts haven’t posted anything else except for their review on Dean’s Trustpilot listing. At first, it might not seem like a big deal but in reality, it actually is. On platforms like Trustpilot, real users post at least 3-10 reviews on other businesses as well, that’s how the website works. However, all of the reviews on Dean’s listing have only written 1 review. Not only that but all the reviews have a very similar tone and grammar, which is very suspicious.

After noticing this I decided to go deeper and found out some shocking things.

Apparently, there are marketing firms based in Asia which will post fake 5-star reviews for you on your Trustpilot listing for the right price.

Not only that, but these blackhat marketers even create fake accounts with Christian names like “Martha” and “Johnathan”. It is probable that Dean Graziosi hired one of such firms to get fake reviews on his Trustpilot listing. Changed Dean’s Reviews & Rating After Taking A Bribe

Dean has a false rating on ConsumerAffairs.

This particular incident is arguably the most shocking one. ConsumerAffairs is a very popular customer review website. However, it seems like they are not honest with their business practices.

They deleted several customer complaints from Dean Graziosi’s listing. These complaints were even presented in the lawsuit document, however, now all of these complaints have suddenly vanished. Coincidence, I think not.

ConsumerAffairs claims to be an honest review website all the while they are taking money for manipulating reviews.

A victim of Dean’s scam even complained that ConsumerAffairs doesn’t let any negative or critical reviews get published on Dean’s listing.

Even Dean has talked about this extremely unethical practice of

In an interview with Forbes, Dean talked about websites taking money for replacing negative content with their positive counterparts. And analyzing the given evidence, it is clear that he was referencing his deals with ConsumerAffairs.

This not only puts Dean’s ethics on the line, but also of the review website. I don’t think anyone can trust ConsumerAffairs if they are doing such horrendous activities. It also begs the question, how do these criminals get away with their crimes?


Being the biggest video-sharing platform on the internet, YouTube is a very important website for fake gurus and scammers. Ariella Iorio was recently caught manipulating the results on YouTube in order to mislead her potential victims. Dean is doing the same.

If you search “Dean Graziosi review” on YouTube right now, you will mainly see two videos show up at the top, one by Christopher Dedeyan and another by “The Swedish Investor”. Both of these videos praise Dean’s generic book (Millionaire Success Habits). These videos have been posted to bury complaints and expert reviews (Coffeezilla’s videos).

Both of these videos have affiliate links in their description, but they do not reveal that they are getting paid for this review. Whole videos are simply praising Dean and his products without revealing that they are being compensated for promoting Dean’s brand. These videos also show up on Google results and they bury Spencer’s and Coffee’s videos.

Biased Affiliate Marketing By Charelle Griffith

Charelle Griffith seems to be a full-time affiliate marketer who has dozens of “reviews” on their website which give 5/5 ratings and promote online courses and gurus. There are dozens of such websites and these are very deceptive.

Charelle has posted a review on Millionaire Success Habits, a book by Dean. The review blindedly gives praise to the book and strongly recommends the readers to buy it.

However, if we take a closer look we will see that they too are getting paid to write this review and give it a 5/5.

This kind of petty affiliate marketing is only seen among online scammers.

If we scroll down on the page we will also see an affiliate link section written in fine print.

This website is still better than some blackhat websites which don’t even reveal that they are affiliates. I’m not going to name names, but chances are, you know a couple of these websites yourself.

Fake Review On WorkWithJoshua

WorkWithJoshua is another website which covers almost all the online fake gurus and course sellers, however, they seem to like each and every course they review.

They gave Dean Graziosi’s courses a 5/5 and even went on to say that it is not a scam.

Now either the FTC is full of idiots, or Joshua is deliberately writing a heavily biased piece and getting paid for it.

Which is it? I’ll let you de

Actual Dean Graziosi Complaints & Reviews 2021: He Doesn’t Want You To See This

Now that you’ve seen the fake, misleading, and biased Dean Graziosi reviews, let us check out some actual ones. These reviews have been buried under the fake ones and even if you are good at researching, chances are you’ve never seen these Dean Graziosi complaints.

Some of these reviews expose how selfish & sadistic Dean is. The victims of his scam reveal how he manipulates people into buying useless courses & programs until they have no money left.

I’ve taken screenshots of these reviews in order to preserve them as a permanent record here. As sometimes scammers file fake DMCAs to take down such reviews and then pretend as if they never existed in the first place.

So without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

Scorching Reviews On Amazon

Amazon has some strict policies around reviews & complaints as sellers often try to manipulate their product’s ratings all the time. You cannot simply delete a review from Amazon is you don’t like it, unlike websites like BBB, ConsumerAffairs & Trustpilot. So on Amazon, scammers like Dean take a different approach. They pay marketing firms to create fake accounts and post 5-star reviews so that they can outnumber and bury the negative ones.

TracyC exposed Dean’s scam in an articulate manner. She revealed that the book is not about real estate at all and it actually just tries to get the reader to sign up for Dean’s courses & programs. This is something that wasn’t revealed in any of the “5-star” reviews. She even goes on to say that he is just a scam and a crook.

If you are interested in reading the full review of TracyC, then you can do so by clicking on the gallery above.


User Gokanes posted a complaint against Dean on the 7th of September 2019. In the complaint, they went into great detail about how Graziosi lures and scams his victims. Gokanes purchased the $1997 program which Dean sells after seeing two millionaires saying how good of a product it is. Long story short, the program was horrible.

The 80% of the seminar was just about upselling and not only that, but they also took another $997 from the people who attended the seminar. The user was not happy with the program. They ask a very simple question: If Dean Graziosi is really making a ton of money from the real estate gig, then why is he trying to extort money out of innocent people.

There are also other reviews & complaints on the page, if you want to take a look at those, they are in the gallery below:


Users at are really not happy with Dean Graziosi.

His listing has 10k views and a horirble rating. There are some 5-star reviews on the listing, hwoever, they seem extremely condesending and to be honest, they seem fake.

I’ve taken the courtesy to archive all these complaints & reviews in the gallery down below, in case you guys want to take a look at these reviews.

The complaints here report major losses and is probably the most shocking out of all the websites we’ve taken a look at.


Surprisingly there are some complaints on Trustpilot as well. I speculate that there were too many complaints against Dean and Trustpilot couldn’t just let him delete all the complaints.

Some of these complaints are actually terrifying as the explain how Dean gave them hope and then simply stole their money.

You can check out all the reviews down below:

Dean Doesn’t Give Refunds

In dozens of reviews customers have reported that Dean doesn’t give refunds.

Even though there is a “refund policy” on Dean’s website, he and his team never give the money back. In some cases I’ve seen that they do give refunds if you complaint on public platforms, but in my opinion, that’s just horrible customer service.

If you have bought one of Dean Graziosi courses, then please email the customer support and ask for a refund. If they deny you the refund, simply post your complaint on all the websites you can.

These scammers don’t like it when their victims raise their voice, so most likely you will get your money back.

If you still don’t get your money back, then please go ahead and report Dean Graziosi to the FTC with a detailed complaint and proof.

Dean Graziosi Courses: An Exorbitant Pile Of Garbage Wrapped In Lies

As of the writing of this review, Dean Graziosi has 6 programs listed on his websites. And God knows how many “secret” programs he sells to his victims in his seminars. The name and price of these courses have been listed down below, so if you see an advertisement for any of these, beware.

  • Real Estate Millionaire Monthly ($97/mo)
  • Millionaire Success Habits Monthly ($297/year)
  • The Set For Life Blueprint! ($497)
  • The New Way To Real Estate Wealth ($997)
  • The Real Estate Profit System 2.0 ($497/mo)
  • The Automation Blueprint ($1035)

Dean Graziosi Review 2021: Conclusion

Dean Graziosi is a textbook scammer who makes money by manipulating people. The FTC has taken action against him with a $400 million lawsuit, however, the lawsuit hasn’t been concluded yet. He not only has hundreds of fake reviews on multiple websites, but he has bribed ConsumerAffairs to manipulate ratings. He is a real estate scammer and you should stay miles away from him & his courses.

Share this post among your friends and family members who might be susceptible to Dean’s scam. You might save someone from total financial ruin. All it takes is a single share and you can make a difference!

2.3 Total Score

Dean Graziosi posts hunderds of fake reviews on Trustpilot, ConsumerAffairs, and many other websites, just to mislead people into buying his overpriced (non-refundable) programs. The FTC has included him in a $400 million lawsuit for deceptive marketing & real estate fraud. Graziosi is a fraudster who should be avoided at all costs. Don’t fall for his lies!

3Expert Score
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Honesty & Transparency
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  • Happily takes money
  • Doesn’t give refunds
  • Fake 5-star reviews
  • Flagged By The FTC as a scammer
  • Exorbitant yet useless courses
  • Bribed ConsumerAffairs for manipulating his review ratings
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  1. Dean Graziosi did a great job with the Own Your Future Mastermind event (May 10th thru the 15th of 20121. Today is the 4th day and tomorrow (March 15, 2021 – Saturday) is the 5th and last day. I don’t see the scammer that you guys are speaking about during this event with Tony Robbins. He has been quite educational and very helpful. Maybe, he has changed with the help of Tony Robbins. He sounds like he could have change. Tony has a way of working the BS out of people. See “I am not your guru” on Netflix and see for yourself. Tony is a tough dude!! Dean speak about the OYF event!

    KJ Always

    PS – I hope Dean has changed because he seems so nice and so helpful. He is so supportive of other people. I really appreciate him. I hope someday I will be able to go to one of their Mastermind groups. Tony and Dean are really good at what they do. No real estate talk. They are encouraging others to do what they want to do.

  2. 0.8
    Honesty & Transparency
    Value For Money
    Customer Experience/Service

    Dean is an expert… at scamming.
    I’m in awe of this guy’s persistence and experience in manipulating large audiences and taking thousands of dollars from them.

    His team even asks you to take loans from friends and family to pay for the trashy courses. He does not care at all about his customers, he just wants the sweet Benjamins.

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  3. It’s so sad that Tony Robbins decided to work this man, out of all the people in the world.

    Dean is an obvious scam.

    The guy claims to have run or own 14 different companies. Oh please, leave me the details. I’m glad the FTC is going after this guy. Scammers like him should be put behind bars. I’m just sad to see Tony Robbins working with this guy. Tony is a great guy and I think Dean would bring him down like a sinking ship.

    I mean just look at the sales pitch of and see for yourself. They are a subscription service for selling courses online. It has Dean Graziosi written all over it. He is simply using the name of Tony Robbins to promote himself and make some more dollars. I strongly believe Tony should leave that venture right away. It’s not worth it to ruin your reputation like that.

    If the FTC is looking into the dealings of a guy, that’s a telltale sign he’s a scam.

  4. Just looked Dean Graziosi up on youTube. Man you’re right. The search results were filled with his affiliates. I never used to pay mind to these affiliates before but now I think it’s a very shady way of promoting a business. You really changed my perspective on affiliate reviews now. For a guy like Dean who relies on selling scummy courses and products to his clients, I think he would seriously need these affiliates to run his business.

  5. 0.75
    Honesty & Transparency
    Value For Money
    Customer Experience/Service

    Dean’s real estate seminar was a total waste of money. I had signed up for that stuff in the hopes that I would learn something worthwhile. Nah, I didn’t learn anything of that sort.

    And I wasn’t the only guy who was disappointed with the seminar. Many people were sad to get ripped off like that. However, I don’t think it had any impact on Dean. He would have went home thinking he had a successful seminar after all, he was the one who got paid. This guy is a scam!

    - CONS: Provides no value Most definitely a scam
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