Deepak Dugar, MD – Fake, Deceitful and Greedy : Review 2023

Deepak Dugar, MD is a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who claims to offer a Scarless Nose™. However, he has received a ton of complaints for ruining the noses of his clients. 

Furthermore, many of his clients complain that he has terrible bedside manner and only cares about his wallet. 

Before you trust him with your beautiful nose, it would be best if you go through some of the following Dr Deepak Dugar reviews. They will help you make a well-informed decision on this doctor:

The Man Behind Scarless Nose™ Dr. Deepak Dugar

Deepak Dugar, MD claims to be the expert in rhinoplasty. He has trademarked the term “Scarless Nose” and claims to perform more ‘Scarless Nose rhinoplasty’ procedures than anyone else in the US. 

The name of his clinic is Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center. Its address is 414 N Camden Dr Suite 801, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, US and its contact number is 310-276-1703. 

His clinic only offers “Scarless Rhinoplasty” and no other surgical services. However, his medspa offers several cosmetic services: 

  • Chin enhancement
  • Non-surgical nose job
  • Facial fillers
  • Botox
  • Double chin melting
  • Lip fillers

And male procedures. 

On paper, he seems like an expert who genuinely wants to deliver good results. But the numerous Dr Deepak Dugar bad reviews tell a whole nother story. 

According to the various Dr Deepak Dugar reviews I found online, he is a careless doctor who botches procedures quite frequently. Considering he only specializes in one surgical procedure, this is not a good sign. 

Below are some of the many “Dr Deepak Dugar bad reviews” I found online: 

Dr. Deepak Dugar Botched the Procedure and Avoided Taking Any Responsibility

Deepak Dugar MD

The above reviewer saw Deepak Dugar MD because her plastic surgeon had retired. She mistook him for a board certified plastic surgeon

The reviewer wanted dermal fillers. However, he couldn’t inject Botox properly. She highlights that he made her face asymmetrical and lopsided when she moved it. Also, his poor injecting skills gave her a droopy eye with a saggy brow. 

Furthermore, he refused to smoothen the lines on her forehead. Instead, he made them wavy. 

The reviewer points out that she had to return to fix these issues. However, his attitude became quite unbearable on that visit and used the syringe hastily and angrily. It was quite painful for the reviewer. 

She points out that she has had injections before. So, she was alarmed when she noticed that his injections this time were unusually uncomfortable. 

Now, she is bruised, lopsided and has sagging eyebrows with lines all over her forehead. Deepak convinced her to get Botox for her neck and now it looks worse than before. 

Furthermore, it has made it difficult for the reviewer to chew and she is unable to move food from her cheeks. Now, she has to put her finger in her mouth to push food away from her cheeks. If she doesn’t, she can’t eat. 

She wonders if Deepak even knows basic anatomy. Also, she feels as if Dr. Dugar hated her from the start. She was under the impression that he is a pleasant guy because of his various videos but in reality, he was quite mean. 

In her last visit, he saw a photo of her face before the procedure and said “Well I like to have more movement in the face, I don’t think I’m the right fit for you.” She was shocked to hear this response. Because obviously, by movement he meant wavy lines and droopy brows. 

Also, he wasted a lot of her time. He changed her 2 appointments 4 times because of his ‘busy schedule’. She highlights that unless you’re a young pretty girl getting a nose job, expect him to reschedule your appointments at least twice. 

Not to mention, he talked down to her and made her feel extremely uncomfortable during the procedures. Furthermore, he delivered her terrible results and refrained from taking any responsibility. 

Below are the images the reviewer shared with her complaint. You can see how Deepak Dugar MD botched the procedure: 

Deepak Dugar MD
Deepak Dugar MD
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Dr Deepak Dugar reviews
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Dr Deepak Dugar reviews
Dr Deepak Dugar reviews


Later, the reviewer shared an update on her complaint. Luckily, the effects of the botched Botox procedure wore off after a few months. 

A few months later, she found a different plastic surgeon who was able to fix her problem. Although Dr. Jason B Diamond has gained a lot of notoriety for botching procedures, it’s great that she received some positive results from him.

Who is a Plastic Surgeon? 

A plastic surgeon is a physician who performs cosmetic or reconstructive surgery on individuals with birth defects, traumas, burns, or infections to enhance or alter their appearance.

Dr Deepak Dugar reviews
Dr Deepak Dugar reviews
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Dr. Dugar Gave the Client “Daffy Duck Lips”


The reviewer shares that she already had fillers in her lips. However, they had started dissolving so she wanted a little touch up particularly because they were dissolving unevenly. 

At first, Deepak Dugar, MD seemed quite nice and friendly. However, when he showed her the results, she wanted to cry. 

According to the reviewer, she looked like Daffy Duck. Moreover, the edges and sides were completely uneven. 

Since then, she shares that she has developed hard spots and bumps around the vermillion border. She points out that the Deepak Dugar Instagram account looks great but don’t fall for it. 

Also, she wonders that maybe if she didn’t have filler before, she wouldn’t face this issue. In that case, they should have warned her about this. 

Luckily, she immediately went to see an RN and got everything dissolved. So, she is much happier now. 

However, she doesn’t recommend Deepak Dugar, MD at all. Below is the picture of her results:

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Botched Scarless Rhinoplasty Didn’t Give the Desired Results

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Dahlia shares that she was really disappointed with her surgery. She had made up her mind about her rhinoplasty a year ago. Dahlia points out that she had a dorsal hump which always bothered her so when she got financially stable, she made the decision right away. 

She highlights that she wanted a scarless surgery. However, she didn’t want a dramatic change in her appearance. She pointed out the hump to Deepak and he assured her that he would get rid of it. 

However, after she took out the cast the dorsal hump was still there. He told her that it would go away over time and what she was seeing was mere swelling. However, Dahlia wasn’t sure about that. 

Now, a year after her surgery, she still sees the dorsal hump. The procedure was a failure. 

In response to the complaint, Deepak claimed that he didn’t find anyone with the reviewer’s name in his database. 

Deepak Dugar, MD Promised to Fix Deviated Septum, Client Still Can’t Breathe Properly A Year After the Surgery

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Stephanie shares that she has a bad deviated septum. However, even a year after the procedure, she still can’t breathe. 

The goal of the procedure was to fix the issue so she could finally breathe. But she still can’t. 

She says that many of the Dr Deepak Dugar reviews are great but personally she feels disappointed. After all, she is experiencing breathing problems and wanted him to fix them. He failed to do so. 

Moreover, he had even promised to fix the issue. She says that her results are truly sad because she wouldn’t be able to afford another surgery.

“Dr. Deepak Dugar Only Cares About Himself and Not His Clients”

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Here, the reviewer says that her review is only on Deepak’s consultation. After seeing him, she realizes that plastic surgery is a business and most of these doctors are businessmen. 

She met within to address her concerns and he agreed with some. However, on some issues he kept saying ‘you don’t need that’ or ‘that won’t help you’. 

The reviewer says that she has met 5 doctors and all of them except him recommended her to get grafts for a collapsed valve. Regarding that treatment, he said that it will only make her nose wider. 

While she doesn’t want a nose larger than she currently has, she does want to get rid of her breathing issues. 

In the end, she realized that Deepak Dugar, MD was only confident in doing ‘minor work’. He can only do such surgeries where the change is so subtle that you don’t notice it. 

Also, she found a review where the reviewer said that she wanted to fix her breathing but also wanted an aesthetic change. Deepak had told that reviewer that the worst thing possible was too little change and he was okay with that. 

So, the reviewer is certain that Deepak only does surgeries which he feels comfortable doing. He doesn’t care about the results his clients want. 

Furthermore, the reviewer can’t find that review. It’s surprisingly gone. 

She says that she doesn’t want a dramatic change but for such an exorbitant price, she expects him to fix the issue. Also, the sales pitch didn’t seem very nice to the reviewer. She wasn’t there to get a celebrity nose job. 

After her bitter experience with Deepak Dugar, MD, she has decided to go with a different surgeon. 

Don’t Trust the Before and After Pictures of Deepak Dugar, MD

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The reviewer says that she met with Dr. Dugar for a consultation and didn’t like his bedside manner. Still, she continued to consider having surgery with him. 

So, she went through some of his before and after pictures and noticed that two post surgical ‘after’ pictures of a client looked completely different. This made her question the authenticity of the before and after photos. Also, this made her more apprehensive about having rhinoplasty with him.

A Few More Dr. Deepak Dugar Reviews You Should Look At:

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After going through the above Dr. Deepak Dugar reviews, it’s obvious that he is not a plastic surgeon who cares about his patients. Instead, he is a businessman who prioritizes his business interests over his clients’ interests. 

Certainly, you don’t want such a guy to perform a highly complicated procedure like rhinoplasty. Furthermore, many clients have complained about his poor skills. 

So, it would be best for you to find someone else. Luckily, there are plenty of skilled plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. 

2.4 Total Score
Not recommended

Deepak Dugar, MD is an unreliable plastic surgeon. He has received too many complaints for botching rhinoplasty procedures, the only procedure he claims to specialize in. Hence, it’s recommended to avoid him.

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  • Has botched many surgeries
  • Has received a ton of complaints
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    This guy is useless. He doesn’t give any good results. Horrible and unprofessional.

    + PROS: None that I can think of
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  2. I hate doctors like this. Someone report him to the board!

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    I hate it when doctors avoid taking any responsibility after they are the ones who didn’t perform the surgery properly. These doctors think too highly of themselves and blame everything on you. Deepak Dugar is one of those careless “doctors” who will charge you expensive prices but deliver some of the worst service you can ever get. I have seen what he did to one of my family members and saw how he handled everything.

    He is careless, selfish and wicked. No one should ever have to deal with this kind of unprofessional behavior.

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    Deepak Dugar MD is a terrible doctor. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    - CONS: Incompetent
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