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Extremely Unprofessional

Denis always talks in a very disrespectful manner and doesn’t know anything about customer service. My cousin’s experience with Denis was very painful but seeing how no one shares the truth about him I decided to put together this investigation on him. If there was any helpful piece of information about Denis on the web, my cousin and their family wouldn’t have made this mistake of working with him in the first place.

Who is Denis Curcio?

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Denis Curcio

Denis Curcio is a Portfolio Manager and Financial Planner. He has a CFP certification and works in Carroll Financial Associations Inc. Denis has over 20 years of experience and received his certification in 2008. He has been named as a Top Financial Advisor on different places, and that’s why I think my cousin thought hiring him would be a good thing. 

Denis Curcio Is Incompetent

Denis used to work with my cousin’s family for SOME TIME but now they are tired of his unprofessional behaviors and acts.

My cousin’s family was looking for a reliable and trustworthy financial advisor who could help us in managing our investments. My cousin found Denis through one of their friends. She had told us that Denis was among the best financial advisors in the state so we were inclined to avail of his services. They had no idea how terrible a professional he really is until they started working with us. 

Denis made unacceptable remarks and comments about my aunt. He didn’t seem to care about basic mannerisms. Anyway, they expected him to do his job well but he disappointed them in every regard. 

SEC should look into Denis Curcio and some immediate action should be taken against this charlatan

He behaves in a very egoistic and arrogant manner. He wouldn’t listen to his clients and often talks over people. It can be a sure sign of him being a narcissist who thinks low of other people. Denis lacks any respect for new cleints, my cousin told me they were mistreated by his team on the phone.

You don’t expect your financial advisor to behave in such an indecent manner but he was behaving in that manner. Clients often feel they should fire Denis and look for another advisor but the social manipulation forces them to be stuck with incompetent financial advisors like Denis Curcio.

They decided to give him another chance and let him apologize. Can you guess what he did? He didn’t apologize at all. My cousin thought Denis wouldn’t repeat his mistake, but others suspected he would. And after a few days, Denis did the same. He made the same mistake again even when he had been told earlier that his job was at stake. But this guy’s ego is at mars. After looking at all the evidence it is safe to say that, he is a very unprofessional person, but I would like to think that’s not the case. When my cousin realized that Denis might be an incompetent advisor and up to no good, they considered firing him.

Unreliable Word Of Mouth

All the great things I had read about Denis were nothing more than a bunch of nonsense.

You shouldn’t fall prey to the shady marketing this guy is doing to attract clients. He might have good credentials but he is definitely not a good financial planner.

 I wonder how he is still in this business of high net worth family wealth management. The authorities should look into Denis Curcio and Caroll Financial and take serious action against them.

If he snaps just like that and loses control over his temper then I am really surprised that he can work with anyone. He might’ve been a good financial advisor at some time but currently, he is too terrible to even consider for hire. If you ever come across this guy ignore him and move on. He needs to learn how to manage finances and how to respect his clients. I don’t know if anyone would even read this, but I wanted to do my part in helping the community. Please be wary of Denis.

Denis Curcio SEC Investigation

I really think authorities should investigate Denis Curcio and Carroll Financial for malpractice, fraud and false marketing. Professionals like him put the lively hood of other financial advisors on the line as people lose trust in the professionals.

If you have any tips on Denis or if you have been mistreated by him, then please contact me or comment down below.

3.1 Total Score
No Respect for Customers

Denis doesn't respect clients and poorly manages funds. He has no sense of professionalism. Not recommended.

  • Incompetent
  • Lacks Respect for Customers
  • Terrible Attitude
  • Bad at Managing Funds
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