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The Desiree Staperfene Story (Murder and 911 Call)

On 4th April 2012, a 19-year-old man killed his ex-girlfriend’s then-boyfriend, and soon after, he fatally shot himself. The girl was Desiree Staperfene who was 17 at the time, she dialed 911 to report the incident. 

The murderer used an ax to kill Desiree’s boyfriend, and after that, he kept her hostage for several hours before suddenly deciding to take his own life. 

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The incident was brutal and horrific, and it just goes to show how badly a relationship can end, and why we should not ignore red flags. Although it would be outright wrong to blame Desiree Staperfene, we could all learn some lessons from her story.

Online articles suggest that the killer was obsessed with the movie American Psycho (starring Christan Bale). However, these are most likely rumors and tales so don’t put too much emphasis on them.

The Desiree Staperfene Murder Story

Brian White was the ex-boyfriend of Desiree, who she broke up with because of Brian’s toxic behavior. However, even after the breakup, Brian kept trying to get in touch and intimate with Desiree. After declining Brian multiple times for sleeping with her, Brian got frustrated and planned to murder Desiree’s current boyfriend and give lifelong trauma to his ex-girlfriend.

What is a Red Flag? 

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The Transcript Of Desiree Staperfene’s 911 Call

Operator: 911, What’s the address of your emergency

Desiree: Right now there has been a murder-suicide, please send help.

Operator: Okay, what’s going on?

Desiree: My ex-boyfriend broke into my house and killed my current boyfriend then killed himself.

Operator: Did you just find them?

Desiree: No… He killed my current boyfriend and then he held me hostage and he just shot himself in the head.

Operator: Just now?

Desiree: Yeah

Operator: Okay, stay on the line with me 

Desiree: And he kind of beat me up, so my parents aren’t home it’s just me and I’m 17.

Operator: What’s his name?

Desiree: Brian White and Jake Burns are the victims.

Operator: Okay, Jake Burns?

Desiree: B-U-R-N-S

Operator: Okay, where’s the weapon right now? Where’s the gun?

Desiree: The ax is in Jake’s head and the gun is in Brian’s hand

Operator: Where (are) you inside the house?

Desiree: I’m sitting in our breakfast nook. Brian’s in the living room, there’s the kitchen between us, he’s dead, he is gone.

Operator: So Brian killed Jake?

Desiree: Yeah

Operator: Don’t touch anything okay? Can you do me a favor? Can you go sit on the porch?

Desiree: Yeah

Operator: What’s your name?

Desiree: Desiree Staperfene, I can’t walk

Operator: Okay, you stay there, are you still tied down?

Desiree: Oh my God.

Operator: Desiree?

Desiree: Yes

Operator: Okay, what happened?

Desiree: I put too much pressure on my leg

Operator: How long did he hold you guys captive?

Desiree: God, since like eight o’clock 

Operator: Since eight o’clock this morning?

Desiree: Yeah

Operator: Did he break into the house?

Desiree: Yeah, my mom, he watched my mom leave.

You can listen to the full audio of the 911 call here: 

However we put it, the tale of the Desiree Staperfene Reddit Case is a shocking and horrible one. I posted it here on Gripeo as a reminder for everyone to be wary of toxic and obsessive people. Ignoring red flags can even lead to deaths. Hope everyone stays safe, I also hope Desiree is living a good life.

Dr. Henrique J. Duck
Dr. Henrique J. Duck

Dr. Henrique Duck, PhD in Media Studies and Critical Theory, specializes in writing detailed critics stories and reviews. He has contributed to prominent newspapers and websites, providing insightful analysis of media content and its effects on society.

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