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Desmond Ong is a fake guru who lies about everything just to sell exorbitant services & programs. Review this scammer here on Gripeo.
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Most people are looking for shortcuts to success, a magic spell to make a million dollars overnight or an easy way out. Desmond Ong is one of these persuasive scammers who has managed to rip off a hell load of a people by making fabricated claims. He’s conjured up a tale right out of the Cloud Cuckoo Land and made it seem legitimate enough for the masses to buy it.  

He’s made a name for himself and he got mentioned in the Sun, The Business Insider, and several other major publications. He’s just a flash as a rat with the gold tooth and doesn’t have the potential to live to his promises. He can talk the talk but he can’t walk the walk. If cheating is an art, Desmond is the Picasso of it; he’s embezzled millions of dollars making a fool out of the masses. Last year was hard on me and after a major financial kickback and losing my job, I was desperate enough to fall for his scam. They’ll charge you a ridiculous amount just to sign up and then you’ll go through a series of steps, each one blowing your money. The websites just feed you erroneous ideas that are redundant and drive you into the wall. 

He’s cheated millions all over the map racking it in through his persuasive and manipulative skills. He has his way with the words and talks you into believing his ideology, just to swindle money off you.

Desmond Ong Scam Explained

His Seminars are a deception

He sets up seminars all around the year, across the globe. He’s racking in dollars by sucking out hard-earned money out of these people, who have been bamboozled by his deceptive measures. Most people are stuck in a rut, running a rat race and barely making their ends meet. He’s given them false hope, an escape from reality, and psychologically maneuvered them into betting their bottom dollar. 

Last year I dropped out of college to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. I was young and naïve, although I had gained some knowledge through reading a few books on business. I was looking to start from scratch and set up my own business at the expense of my blood and sweat. I didn’t have a clue about Desmond Ong or any of these fake motivational speakers until I got a word in the edgewise. Everybody was talking about this incredible man who made a million dollars out of nothing. I worked my butt off, struck with both barrels and burned the midnight oil for a couple of months just to raise $5000. I had my head in the clouds and my eyes on the million dollars. You know how they say, Greed is a curse, turns out its mother of all curses. I had a million-dollar blindfold on and nothing else made sense. 

I could’ve dug into it, researched his credibility, read a few reviews, but I didn’t. The website seemed so legitimate with all the glitz and glamour and the celebrities posing on the front page. It had a plethora of testimonials just to satisfy the visitors. He has a way with words, such that, it will have you believing his every word. I’m not the first person to fall for it and certainly won’t be the last. His persuasive skills are just out of this world, he will talk you into believing anything and you’d take it to the bank. 

I had butterflies in my stomach, and that’s just normal. I had burned the candle at both ends and worked my last good nerve to save up the five grand for the ticket. I was chomping at the bit to get the ball rolling when finally, I got my shot. I had no idea what I was diving into and just went with the flow. ‘Con Player’ is a bit of an understatement for Desmond, he’s more of a con artist. 

The customer service is all sweetness and light until you buy the ticket, and once you’ve bought it, the tune changes. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, and this is exactly what I did. They started to shy away from me, wouldn’t respond to my emails in time and basically didn’t give a tinker’s damn about me anymore. I rushed to check the refund policy, they had a hazy refund process, it was a matter of years. I should’ve read the fine print before going all-in but it was too late, and I couldn’t do anything about it. 

Anyhoo now that I made my bed, I had to sleep in it. I went for the first tutorial there was a huge auditorium, more like a lecture room. People had flown in there, were crammed in like sardines and it was chock-a-block full. The idea that Desmond had ripped them all off just drove me nuts. The coaches stepped up, introduced themselves with their credentials and handed out basic business advice, the kind you get in your high school business class. Desmond didn’t show up, apparently, he was off to the US for some personal sessions, which by the way, cost 10K each.

It was a highway robbery, 5K for a high school business class? Most people had their knickers in a twist and it made perfect sense. They handed out pamphlets as people walked out of the building grim-faced. Tempers flared up, some even blurted out swear words walking out of the door. One-on-one sessions were just a load of crap, only the volunteers opted for them. They got down to bare bones, teaching us the basics to business, the stuff you get to learn in high school. It was as useful as tits on a bull.

The conference was as useful as a lead balloon, I didn’t end up learning much. The one-on-one secessions weren’t of much help either, they were just beating around the bush and giving inconclusive answers. They pretended to be some sort of experts on business, acting all la di da and pretentious in their manner. They were laying it on with a trowel and there was nothing practical about their advice. I had broken the bank just to buy that ticket and it seemed pretty damn useless. I was at the end of my rope with their bullshit and the fake drama was too much for me, so I cut to the chase and went straight up to one of their head coaches. I looked him in the eye, asked if he had anything special in special in-store, such that I can’t find in a $100 book. He was just economical with the truth again, with no real justification. It was all a bunch of lies and empty promises. 

They lied like a dog and conjured up useless stories making a fool out of thousands of innocent people. Most of their answers were metaphorical in nature and you had to read in between the lines. There’s no credibility to any of their words. I had never heard of any of them, nor read their names in an article. They were just ambiguous folks, perhaps putting up an act, just to bewilder the poor volunteers. 

Beware of the Scam

These scammers have got to be revealed; the world must know them for who they really are. They’re deceiving thousands of people, racking up millions for quite a while now. This is your hard-earned money, earned at the expense of your blood and sweat, burning the candle at both ends, and doing those graveyard shifts. He’s got money to burn, that’s your money and he’s got no right to snatch it away from you. You’ve got to take precautionary measures, read the fine print before you knuckle down on any of their deals. Remember, all that glitters is not gold and they’re all glitz and glamour. The refund policy is more of a riddle, you’ll get refunded in years if you satisfy the conditions. Buy a ticket and it’s 5K down the drain. Most people are a few fries short of a happy meal and he’s used them to his advantage. He’s made the most of the opportunity, fed them absurd ideas and conjured up fake million-dollar dreams for these people. 

Once you’ve bought the ticket, and you get down to nitty-gritty details, it unravels the scam. They’ll ignore you for quite a while and then just put you on the waiting list for months. It’s a real patience test and it gets under your skin until finally, you get your turn to find out it’s nothing but mere fraud. They’ll give you basic stuff, and act like they’ve revealed a priceless secret. The coaches are fake, just ordinary people impersonating entrepreneurs, selling you their success stories. Apparently, they’ve all started from scratch, paved their path to glory and now they’re cooking with gas. It’s all a bunch of lies and empty promises, just playing with our emotions and making a hell load of dough out of it. They act like they know the business like the back of their hand like finance is their game and they know its chapter and verse. I could read them like a book, I scrutinized them inside out and figured they’re nothing more than a fraud. 

One of his employees’ states “There are so many fake testimonials from Fiverr or scammers for this kind of product. I am sorry for spreading negativity here but Desmond Ong is a Thick-faced Super scammer. Why I’m so sure? I used to work for his company. I started feeling discomfort since the first day of working with him. Then I went on for another 9 months because I traveled overseas just to work for him (aka I’m stuck to resign). The truth is, Desmond Ong never achieved all those things – he was staying with his parents and driving his dad’s old car (maybe getting richer now since scamming others every single month).”

He creates stories, he’s calling himself a bestselling author when the book came out only for a week. And 90% of the content in the book is talking about his achievement and trying to sell some coaching program. Desmond is an immoral, deceitful and deceptive fraud. He’s scammed hundreds and thousands of young aspirants and given them false hopes of a bright future. 

Take Down This Scam

Someone will have to fight them

They’re rich, they’re powerful and they can afford top-notch attorneys to defend themselves. I’m surely not the first person to write a critical review on Desmond, others have tried and failed. A public movement can be a real shot in the arm, one that spurs up a chain of events leading to the object of desire. We have to work together, hand in hand, and take him down. We’ve got a few crosses to bear, we got to take the blindfold off and open our eyes to this cunning fraudster. We’ve got to get the word out, post reviews, kickstart a series of agitations educating the masses to make sure they don’t fall prey to his deceptive scheme.  It’s going to be a long road and we’ve got to buckle up. His power and top-drawn attorneys are a real bump in the road impeding out the object of desire, but we’re not going to take the back seat and will strike with both barrels.

We’ve got to bat the idea around to make sure he ends up in the limelight. We may be powerless in the circumstances, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve got to join in the ranks and unite as a force against this fraud. Once the authorities take notice, the cops can crackdown on him putting him away for embezzlement and fraud. We’ve got to gather like flies and unite against him because he’s just too powerful. It’s like they say a lone wolf dies but the pack survives. 

A Con Artist

He’s one of the biggest con artists you’ll ever come across. He’s got the gift of the gab, just catches your attention. He’s got exquisite persuasive skills and will talk you into believing just about anything. He’s full of himself and will go on about his entrepreneurial skills all day long. He’ll dangle a million-dollar carrot and all you bunnies are going to be chomping at the bit just get a bite off it. He’s hired a few celebrities just to promote his website and to give the impression, he’s the Real McCoy! 

I want my Refund

I want my hard-earned money refunded. I busted by chomps working day and night, just to save up for fraud. I’m not going to let him walk away with my money for good. The refund policy is clear as mud, I can read the handwriting on the wall and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. There’s no way you can get your refund through his website, it’s like retrieving your money from a lion cage, and he’s coming to get you. 

I booked my ticket in 2017, it’s been almost a couple of years now and the refund is not on the cards. The ink had barely dried on my ticket and they postponed the seminar to six months later. I am thinking of setting up a social media platform, gathering all his victims to join the ranks. We’re going to report him to the authorities, initiate a social media protest, block down his websites and get the cyber police to crack down on him. I know it seems a bit too much but that’s what he deserves for his deception. We’ve got a river to cross and a mountain to climb but once we get out feet wet, it’s only a matter of time before we put him down on his knees. He’s going to repay every single penny he has stolen off the young aspirants, who committed for the sake of their dreams. Refund is all we really care about and it’s going to be the bone of contention once we set up the platform. We’re all eager beavers for our refunds and willing to go miles to get the job done. We’re going to set an example for all the con men out there, ripping off masses and sucking up the blood out of the turnip. It’s important that people find out the truth about this guy. Would you want to find any of your friends or family members lose their savings because of this guy? He’s no self-made millionaire who pulled himself up from the bootstraps, he’s just a fraudster, who’s stolen millions by deception. 


Conclusive Idea

The internet is full of these con artists who lay it on with a trowel. They conjure up cock and bull stories right out of cloud cuckoo land and paint a pretty picture. We’ve got to be clever as a fox in the face of these deceptive manipulations. This day and age have us running a rat race, striking with both barrels and every man for himself. We’ve got to look out for ourselves and deal with these fraudsters. What do you think?

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I want my hard-earned money refunded. I busted by chomps working day and night, just to save up for fraud. I’m not going to let him walk away with my money for good. The refund policy is clear as mud, I can read the handwriting on the wall and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. There’s no way you can get your refund through his website, it’s like retrieving your money from a lion cage, and he’s coming to get you. 

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  1. Desmond Ong has moved on to another shiny object seminar on NFT and blockchain. Who is he? he is just another snake oil marketer that couldn’t make it after heaps on complains were lodged against him and Chromabit. He has now moved on to pretend to know a thing or two about blockchain. He is NOT an artiste nor a IT person, he is just someone that can talk on stage and compile powerpoint slides….so just be careful if he tries to sell a course or seminar or DAO membership. Is he trustworthy? Is he even competent or is he merely after your money? He has a reputation for being extremely greedy and self-centred and not caring about others. Look what happened to his mentorship or previous students….NOTHING. Absolutely nothing, he is so crappy that no one has anything good to say about him. PSA – avoid him. Nothing ever good comes from being associated with him. He barely has any friends (says a lot isn’t it?) and just leeching onto his new business partner’s good reputation. On his own, he is nothing.

  2. More reviews on Webster and his mentor – Desmond Ong


    Beware of their unscrupulous practices of scamming people with their fictitious ability to help people. They just want your money guys! Stay clear and save your money. These folks are bad news! Shamelessly going around promoting themselves. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet- he even pays google (SEO) to place his website on top. Thank goodness for this forum that exposes people like them. People who have encountered these bunch of scammers and left a bitter taste after they experienced their horrid service/workshops/webinar.

    Safe yourself the trouble and google for digital marketing content. Lots of free resources on the internet.

    Who are these people anyway ? And why should you trust them? Their qualifications cannot be verified. They just made themselves sound better than they are. It is all fluff!

    Their intentions are not pure so stay away please!

  3. This guy is A REAL BIG TIME SCAMMER…I attended his session in August this year and turned out extremely disappointed. What he had promised in his preview was not fulfilled at all. He taught us the stupid idea – ‘Sell First, Fulfill Later’ and he never teach you how to fulfill it. The bloody false impression about making BIG money within the 3 days in his class….it is A mirage…all about virtual sales…not real solid sales. He tried to make a mirage to trick people in believing how easy to make money online. BULLSHIT! He cheated people to pay RM5000 which is without table and lunch. What A fucking rip off He even told us to bring laptop to the class to do hand on practice, which also turned out null. He even forced all his students to give him positive comments…if you write A negative one, he will ask you to rewrite it until his satisfaction. What A FUCKING jerk.
    One last word…don’t fall for it….boycott his advertisement on fb….go and reported his ad as fraud, scammy ad, get his fb account blocked so that he won’t be to advertise to svam more people.

  4. BEWARE Desmond ong is a scam!

  5. Luckily i read the review and comments. I was initially impressed by the photos of him especially giving talk at Harvard Business school.
    It took me by surprise of the experiences by those signing up to Desmond Ong program.

    Thanks and i do hope people out there have to be more cautious and get really aware of scammers program of getting rich .

  6. Big promise and waste of money

  7. All of you must make a police report to make more people aware of it. Anyway thank you so much for the sharing . I did meet one scammer using OKU pass to make a lot of money from charity fund . He is really a devil. I have been cheated by him by “half donate” to him more than 500 units of my father’s antique vases.

  8. Hi, i am late in knowing about Desmond previous cases. Thanks for your reveals about that guy. But i have just paid 3000RM for his 3 days seminar which is scheduled to begin on 31/7/2020 until 2/8/2020. After reading all these negative comments, i think i should demand a refund for safety sake. But what good reasons can I convince him to refund my money since i have not even attended his 3 days seminar? Definitely he’ll reject, but anyhow i ‘ll try with your assistance/advice. Can you help? My contact number:0194511359 , zulkamal

  9. Reply
    September 19, 2020 at 5:13 am


  10. 1.1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Reported Customer Experience

    Key to 10k training for earning $11,000 just in a few days by Desmond Ong. Don’t know how do they even get such ideas to fool people out there. Not only this, this product is offered with disclaimer policies, specifying the kind of people out there for whom this is meant for.

    Their own people are getting the people bad reviews for other sites instead of getting to speak good of them. This according to me will be their biggest reason for downfall in upcoming days for sure. His own employees call him a scam in a few of the reviews. Even his books which are published out there talks just for himself and nothing more good to offer to the public or the society. Totally waste for a reader like me for sure.

    The training is obviously not free of cost and needs our money which is Desmond Ong income. But how are we benefited herein.? Because I didn’t realise the same and consider it nothing more than scams.
    The person selling out his product is a motivational speaker but actually, he is more and more concerned to get people to buy his products by means of better words and more followers. He offers what in training.? How to offer products to customers. Well, we got big management institutes for that and they can teach us better by also getting us a well-recognised degree which is acceptable by the world.

    So what help is Desmond Ong.? None.

    He teaches marketing skills which are basic and can be learnt by paying a small amount of money for a book which will help create a better and more informative person for sure. Driving sales to pages or getting emails of the buyers this is what is offered but my question is why do we need it from him.? We can do that on our own and create a much better place for sure.

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  11. I am another victim of this ‘Award Winning Business Consultant’. In fact I have a court order against him, if ever I come across any assets of his which can be seized.

    Hopefully this page may make some people think again about funding his snake oil lifestyle.

    I would happily contribute to something that makes it harder for him to carry on his business. Any ideas? Post them on here and I’ll keep checking back.

  12. He is totally a con job. I succumbed to his gimmicky tactics and I want to expose him for what he is. How do we go about this collectively?

  13. Dear Andy W ( of Nov 9 , Year 2019 post ) ,

    How did Desmond Ong scam you ?

    Is it about the Mergers & Acquisition and Investments &
    Capital Raise issue ?

    You sold your biz or assets to him ? Care to share more of this situation ?
    ( [email protected] )

    Thank you !

  14. Webster Ku works for Desmond Ong at Chromabit. That’s why they are so afraid of feedback and queries about their reputation (or lack of). Just be careful of these dubious characters.

  15. Watch out for this guy by the name of Webster Ku..

    Desmond Ong is his mentor guru.. when i posted a comment in Desmond Ong facebook page asking whether he can explain regarding this site about his reputation.. challenging him to defend himself from the defamed remarks that seemingly coming out from various of people. I also saw one guy (Webster Ku) who shared Desmond post, so i also shared the same post on Desmond’s page on Webster Ku.. Within less than 5 min, i was reported by him to facebook. Now it seems it is already implanted in Webster mind that anything that amount to inquiry or criticism would be spam by him.

  16. What was really sad to see were old people who travelled all the way from other states to attend his crappy session held in a crappy hotel somewhere in Puchong. An old man said he didn’t understand a thing and looked so sad and lost. After the training, he just sat there at the lobby staring into the open as if that was the last bit of money he had invested in that conman. I also did not like that he instructed us to copy n write something good about him/ training n to market him on our Facebook on the spot ! No prior explanation given. Very sly. Some of us couldn’t do that bcos of privacy ! But he was such a hustler n some felt compelled to do it. He asked us to advertise our e marketing services online n even stating the suggested price (in the thousands) Asked us to just take in all the requests and worry about it later. Hello? It’s like telling people I will teach you how to swim but I don’t know how to swim yet ! He was teaching us to con people ! I just couldn’t do that. After the 2nd day I knew I was conned. He packed in a lot of info that you can find online. But the moment the training is over, you leave feeling more lost than ever. I was so upset. Never again.

  17. What was really sad to see were old people who travelled all the way from other states to attend his crappy session held in a crappy hotel somewhere in Puchong. An old man said he didn’t understand a thing and looked so sad and lost. After the training, he just sat there at the lobby staring into the open as if that was the last bit of money he had invested in that conman. I also did not like that he instructed us to copy n write something good about him n his training n to market him on our Facebook on the spot ! No prior explanation given. Very sly. Some of us couldn’t do that bcos of privacy ! But he was such a hustler n some felt compelled to do it. He asked us to advertise our e marketing services online n even stating the suggested price (in the thousands) Asked us to just take in all the requests and worry about it later. Hello? It’s like telling people I will teach you how to swim but I don’t know how to swim yet ! He was teaching us to con people ! I just couldn’t do that. After the 2nd day I knew I was conned. He packed in a lot of info that you can find online. But the moment the training is over, you leave feeling more lost than ever. I was so upset. Never ever again.

  18. I just attended his “Wealth on the Internet” we. I can’t be sure to say that it’s a scam but the nearly 2 hours seminar was just full of boasting (e.g. his travels around the world with family, personal achievements, how he helped others to earn 5 – 6 figures) and I certainly doubt about all the testimonials he shown. He also made a LIFE TIME 100% money guarantee back +RM1000, if his student didn’t make any sales during the 3-days workshop using his system. Well, this can easily be achieved by getting anyone from his network to “buy” something from the workshop participants. The internet trading model and other very basic stuffs he shared at the seminar can be easily obtained online or through book reading, if you are willing to spend a bit of time. Overall, my impression about this young man is not good. I will not recommend anyone to attend his seminar.

  19. Who is Desmond Ong?

    Desmond Ong is a young entrepreneur, best selling author who wants to create the entrepreneurial skills in people and would want them to achieve and succeed to create money successfully. He wants to help people to change the way they look at business, assist in expanding their horizons and eventually making them proud of who they are!

    Desmond Ong started pursuing his online business during his teenage, but dint know to pursue it further and how he could do it without any monetary support and support from anyone. After a long hiatus, he started doing a lot of internet research. He was able to find an online marketplace that was into buying and selling websites. He started selling his online blogs there and eventually started selling his websites that he created and finally succeeded. The experience of selling websites for a successful period made him discover the great benefits of information marketing. Desmond Ong successfully started selling information guides (eBooks, audios, software) in many niches such as internet marketing, dog training, health & fitness, forex trading, relationships, seduction and many more. Desmond Ong stood out as a millionaire.

    As one of Desmond Ong’s former employee, I am sharing some of my worst experiences and insights working for Desmond. Desmond Ong is one of a kind and a super scammer. I used to work for him and he was one hell of a boss to be frank! He used to call us at midnights to fix and resolve some of the issues or just for shouting at us because of another colleagues’ mistake. As a boss and a superior person, he doesn’t have any respect for people. He’s a terrible boss with mood swings and changes his mind abruptly after every few minutes. He prefers to deal with male counterparts only giving no respect to female employees. He sells this motivational shit like an expert but doesn’t practice on his own. He’s one of a kind motivational speaker who doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    He’s a very arrogant and selfish boss who just wants his products to sell by any means. He makes money by scamming others into thinking that they can make money online. Hes a bad boss which is not good for morale and conduct. Company product is offered at unreasonable high price . There is no solid product as such nor reasonable after sales support. When customers complain, in a view to solve their problem instead they get one more brainwash session to make them feel like its their own fault. Boss keeps changing his mind all the time and so do the company policy. Boss doesn’t like to listen to the employee and threatens the staff with commission cut or any other funny punishment. He curses a lot and gives a ridiculous timeline for the tasks. Its better if he works alone rather than hiring anyone. He creates stories and is calling himself bestselling author after the book came out for a week. 90% of the book is only talking about his achievement and trying to sell his coaching programs.
    $200 in 20 minutes:

    Desmond Ong offers a video course named $200 in 20 minutes which teaches one of the methods he uses to create an income from affiliate marketing online. Basically, it teaches you how to set up a landing page, how to drive traffic to that landing page, how to find an offer to promote. $200 in 20 minutes doesn’t cover everything and only covers methods and resources and specific tools one can use to follow a simple strategy. $200 in 20 minutes is nothing new or outrageous or overwhelming. Before you buy, one must know there are some tricky upsells associated with this product.

    Upsell1 : To “automate” everything that Desmond lays out in his course. Its called Income Black Box that causes an additional cost of $19.95. Automation is usually not a good idea when it comes in terms of building your business or marketing online.

    Upsell 2: “Secret invite-only” product that costs an additional of $29.95. The thing that bothers most about this upsell is the language and method used to try to entice and lure people in buying it. The method used here is very tricky and the language used here is supposed to make one think you’ll be costing yourself money if you don’t spend more right now.

    This product is not a total package . It only covers one method that is Desmond’s method. The Final review of the product insights on the fact that it is going to take more than 20 minutes of one’s time and $ 200 is not guaranteed which really concludes saying as the misleading name!

    Going through the above personal and product review, I can surely say Desmond Ong is a scammer and just a money maker who fools people over his favorite line , “Want to make money online?”


  20. Gagan Grewal is looking to scam thousands of people with his horrible cryptocurrency scam. He is taking real money from his victims in exchange for valueless currency. Please avoid it at all costs.!

  21. Went for the intro seminar in June 2019 , was undecided to sign up ( because it was expensive) but spoke to the earlier batch who went for the seminar & gave their testimony and this couple said he (Desmond Ong-DO) was legit and able to get the business going. So okay decided to part with my limited savings and signed up for the seminar BECAUSE I will reap back my money using what he will be teaching me….

    The seminar was held in Oct 2019 in a hotel in KL.
    During the seminar he did some pep talk and motivational talk and played some you tube videos and later ask the audience to sell bottled water for RM10 ( trying to teach about value) , later the following day ask the audience to sell the FB advertisement to family & frens ( sell first ask later con) Ask the audience to put in FB the comment that they are now in a seminar as digital marketer and yada yada yada ….confuse the heck outta family & frens and they are asking us what is this??!!!
    Encouraged the audience to sell FB advertisements which will be sales for the team….PRESSURE like heck!
    Touched on click funnels & a little on FB advertisement yada yada yada….in the end of third day ask the audience whether they wanna join the TRIBE ( what is issit?)
    Its another subset of this audience who will be privilege to join his other senior tribe members and will get exclusive support to grow the business….hahaha ( smells like an upsell con) best part you know what? You have to pay almost 4x the price of your seminar price to join this tribe…
    My frens,after investing my limited hard earned money to get something outta this 3 day seminar…I aint goona invest SHIT until I see money coming in first…so I said NOPE and that senior tried to scare me by saying that another business owner spent a lotta money and wasted a lotta money because he did not take up this opportunity. I told him I will take my risk.
    So almost two months after I attended this crappy seminar I am still not moving from point zero and have zilch in terms of money for my business.
    So how you identify a seminar that is a SCAM with zero/ crap content?
    Its when you get home after the seminar and try to relook and restart again & build your business using what was shared to you in the seminar.
    Believe me , I got NOTHING at all…….wasted my money , time and effort going for this!

    My rating for DO seminar is not 1 STAR…..its not even worthy of that.

  22. Hi, i just wanted to do a quick update on my case against Chromabit / Desmond Ong. I won the Tribunal case against Chromabit last year but that didn’t sit well with them and so they decided to lodge an appeal at the High Court to overturn the Tribunal decision. Well, they LOST AGAIN at the High Court and they have to pay me for the inconvenience of it all. I want to put it on record here that Chromabit lost at BOTH the tribunal and the KL High Court level! Says plenty about them LOL! They are really silly to want to take up a notch up knowing well they have a very weak defense. They have nothing to show and there are heaps of people who are really upset with them. This is what happens when you talk big and deliver absolutely low value content. It’s an utter disgrace. The proliferation of these “fake gurus” are everywhere on the internet. One has to be very careful these days when choosing a service provider/ trainer/ coach/ mentor. I am not against education and I have attended many seminars but Desmond Ong stands as the worst and I wished I never had the misfortune of crossing path with him. Just don’t bother really. He wants to sell a high ticket product – his [DOIT] mentorship is RM18k but he is unable to even structure a proper coaching / mentoring programme nor does he have the aptitude and competency to deliver on his said promises. From my experience, there are way better people who are more qualified / more sincere with a wealth of experience out there. Just NOT this dude. He shamelessly calls himself “one of the most decorated expert in the field of social media marketing & business growth”….not sure where he got his accolades from because the industry is so fragmented and he isn’t the first name that springs to mind. In addition, he is trying so hard to impress people by having his opening line “as featured in cbs, abc and nbc” but these placements can be bought on fiverr or dendyMedia for US$97. His pictures are also mostly manufactured (refer to There are a lot of fake people around online. What you see is not always the truth. People are not what you think they are. Internet is like a stage and we are all actors putting up a show. Oh another point i wanted to make so that you can verify whether the person is a REAL “public figure”, facebook / Instagram would have a “blue tick” next to the person’s face. Desmond Ong does not have the blue tick and so you can come up with your own conclusions. As a parting note, my updates are based on my own experience and I would highly encourage you to do your own due diligence on the person and to fight for your consumer rights if you do have a case.

    I will be rooting for you (virtually). Let justice prevail!


  23. Perfect scammer who uses people’s vulnerability to make money. He has his way to make you commit to his programs where he promise to teach you digital marketing to make more money. End up he teaches you about cold calling and things you already know and make you pay bomb for it. All the things shown in his marketing are absolute lie. This is worse than MLM as they dont even have product. Please save yourselves. Don’t spend money on stupid seminars like this and get conned.

  24. The fake guru saga continues… we get a more recent update on how Desmond “manufactures” his own credibility by buying photo opportunities. Everything he claims to be are mostly made up. Airy fairy delusional young poser trying to pull a fast one to many unsuspecting folks. Be safe out there! Too many fakey people on the internet. Please do your own due diligence.

  25. Sometimes it’s not about what good a speaker you are if you are just out there to fraud with customers. Desmond Ong is a motivational speaker and nowadays we find him offering products and promises like Key to 10k training for earning $11,000.
    I was one such follower who falls prey to these words and trusted the person as I considered him best. He showed the path but never showed how. Just for example after I bought his product I realised he was offering something but there was nothing which can answer mine how. It was totally unacceptable to have such a product and I would have returned the same back if I had a chance.
    The product as per my survey was offering how to traffic one’s network and increase the sales or showed how to reach out to the world but never showed what exactly it was for. Their expression of an idea is not at all clear and for a fact, you cant earn what they offer if you are not a hard worker and if you are a hard worker then what exactly are you doing here. We know how to create a website, we know how to get customers and we also know how to sell products. We can make each other motivated so why do we need a person who can make us follow his lead.? We can follow ours and make a better world for ourselves instead of following some speaker whose books have contents which are just improving and signifying what he is and nothing more help for the people.
    In my words, Desmond is just a self-centred person who is trying to earn some real cash for himself rather than showing us an actual path where we can earn better and make living happily.

  26. Out there still many people looking for easy money. There is no such thing like that. U better learn by yourself rather than paying someone expensive penny. Reality is the motivator just only sucking yr money for own benefit. Fuck that.

  27. Reply
    June 3, 2020 at 5:20 am

    Hi all, I just wanted to document my experience in lodging a consumer tribunal case against Desmond Ong (Chromabit founder). For the record, I won the case against Chromabit and I received a settlement amount from the court. The entire process took around 3 months from lodgement date. I think it is a fairly straight-forward process and the fee to lodge Form 1 is ONLY RM5 at the tribunal. [Website: If you think that Desmond has scammed you either for PMP or DOIT or both, you can take your case to the tribunal. I did and I WON …I did get a partial refund (after deducting one bootcamp that I attended which was utterly useless). But in all fairness, I guess I have to pay for it since I did attend it. The reason why I am writing this post is to let the public know that there is an avenue for you to get back a refund and you don’t have to suffer in silence or be embarrassed by it. Desmond Ong is a CONvincing scammer. He can promise a lot of things but he very poor on the delivery part. Many people feel short-changed. *A simple definition of a scammer – Promise A, Deliver B. I have compiled sufficient evidence to debunk whatever he claims on the internet. He claims a lot of things on facebook like being a successful international author/speaker and business entrepreneur. After digging through his financials via the SSM portal, he is but a big scammer. You can search for his financials yourself to see how little he makes (or maybe he is evading tax). Everything he claims cannot be substantiated and whatever pictures he publishes on facebook/instagram is just for the ‘gram. Just to add another nail to his claims, his settlement cheque BOUNCED! Which means he had insufficient funds in his Chromabit company account and is of poor credit standing. Anyone that understands the banking system will know that a bounced cheque is a big no-no and he will be put on Bank Negara’s watchlist. He claims to go out there to consult businesses on cash flow management is quite hilarious to read as he is unable to keep his own house in order. So be warned. He is a CONtrepreneur.
    I will drop a few pointers here so that you can begin your individual claims. For a start, write/email Chromabit and list out the reasons you are unhappy with the programme or his DOIT membership. What were your expectations when you signed up? Did he deliver on his promises? If not, list out how frequent he bothered to be in touch with you? Did he really try to understand your issues and did he give you valuable advice? If not, if your business is still stagnant, then he obviously failed you and is quite useless. You paid for personal mentoring and all you get now is some monthly webinar? RM18k for a webinar is daylight robbery! You can use that to say that you feel cheated. Where is the one-on-one mentoring and what about the customer support? I clearly feel that they are a bunch of amateurs masquerading as if they know how to run businesses. Please don’t be misled just because they throw in a few bombastic words here and there. They are basically clueless!
    Here is another big point that you can take to the tribunal court. Their T&C clauses in their contract is NOT VALID. I quote the terms and condition here: As per the clause in Point 13(h) – “As the values and benefits of our programme are subjective to each individual, you may not bring an action against us in any court including consumer tribunal court or you will incur a penalty of RM100,000 for breach of this terms and conditions. If you have intention to claim a refund or return without a valid reason which arises from our fault, we suggest for you not to enrol into our programme.”
    My comments at the Tribunal Court: This clause is highly UNFAIR to the consumer as it has the effect of illegality or unreasonableness and prevents someone from pursuing their contractual rights and freedom. This clause that Chromabit knowingly added into the T&C prevents people from exercising their contractual rights and is completely unconstitutional and should be voided. The fact that this T&C does not contain a refund policy or cooling off period shows BAD FAITH on the part of Chromabit that they intend to keep the money despite not showing any results.
    I hope this will help some of you kickstart your process in seeking for a refund. As we are facing some challenging times ahead, if you feel that Desmond Ong has failed you, please go seek a refund. He will not give it to you directly and you may need to go through the Tribunal where he is obligated to refund you or he can be fined/jailed or both. I went through the process in the KL branch (Sunway Putra) and I think the Judge there is quite familiar with Chromabit’s modus operandi and it should be a straight forward case. I hope by writing about my experience, many Malaysians will NOT fall into the trap of this smooth talking chap. If digital marketing was so easy and lucrative, why aren’t we all rich and famous? Think about it. If he had to conduct seminars to fleece you, then YOU are his rice bowl. I suffered the consequence of being too trusting and I don’t want anyone else to have to part with their hard earned savings. Please let your family and friends know to avoid Desmond Ong like the plague.

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