Who is Devion Cromwell? Floyd Mayweather’s Adopted Son, Wiki 2024

Devion Cromwell is a famous entrepreneur, while only 26 years old. He got into the limelight because of his father, Floyd Mayweather, a Former American boxer and promoter. Currently, he owns the team NASCAR Cup series.

The name of the series is The Money Team Racing. He has a great career as a boxer. Devon Cromwell’s mother, Melissa, is an entrepreneur.

Who is Devon Cromwell? The “Adopted” Son Of Floyd Mayweather

At the outset of Floyd Mayweather’s professional boxing career in 1996, few could have predicted his eventual rise to becoming one of the all-time greats. By the time Mayweather retired in 2017, he had emerged victorious in all 50 of his professional fights.

Winning 15 world championships across five weight divisions, Floyd Mayweather was known for his tactical, patient, and swift boxing style. He was also distinguished by his flamboyance outside the ring, garnering him the popular nickname ‘Money’.

This article examines the extravagant lives, occupations, and controversies of Floyd Mayweather’s kids: Koraun, Iyanna, Zion, and Jirah.

For birthdays and special occasions, Floyd likes to get lavishly expensive presents for his kids.

The Mayweather Siblings: Zion, Iyanna, Jirah, and Koraun, Devion Cromwell

Floyd is the father of four offspring, each with a different mother. His long-term ex-partner, Josie Harris, gave birth to Koraun, Zion, and Jirah, while Iyanna is the result of a brief liaison that Floyd had with Melissa Brim.

When it comes to his children’s birthdays, Mayweather is no stranger to giving outrageously generous presents. For Zion’s 16th, he purchased a 30,000-dollar Mercedes-Benz and had Young Thug perform, while Iyanna’s 14th saw two Mercedes-Benz cars and a Justin Bieber performance. Additionally, Future and Drake also took part in her 16th birthday party.

Jirah Mayweather was treated to a brand new Rolls Royce by her father, Floyd, so she could “roll in luxury”. Floyd then went on to give his daughter Iyanna a 30-carat diamond ring to mark her 18th birthday.

Law enforcement apprehended Iyanna for allegedly stabbing one of the mothers of NBA Youngboy’s children.

A photo of Iyanna Mayweather is shown here.

image 61

In the early months of 2020, Iyanna was taken into custody for allegedly stabbing one of NBA Youngboy’s baby mamas, Lapattra Jacobs. Reports indicate that Iyanna encountered Jacobs at NBA’s home and the two began arguing. The altercation became physical when Jacobs demanded Iyanna to vacate the residence.

Iyanna pleaded not guilty to the attack and was given a $30,000 bail bond. She had formerly engaged in a fight with a female in February 2020, outside a hotel in Dallas, resulting from NBA-related issues. The current incident started with her stabbing Jacobs in the arm.

Therefore, reports indicate that Iyanna encountered Jacobs at the NBA player’s home and the two began arguing. The altercation became physical when Jacobs demanded Iyanna to leave.

In the wake of the stabbing, many people expressed their opinion regarding Mayweather’s parenting. To combat these claims, Floyd posted an Instagram video of him teaching Koraun some boxing moves. In the caption, he wrote, “I may not be perfect, but I’m working hard to be the best dad I can be.”

Koraun’s Major Role In The Mayweather Domestic Violence Case

A photo of Koraun’s parents can be seen here: Koraun's parents

Koraun played an instrumental role in the legal proceedings that led to Floyd Mayweather being found guilty of domestic violence.

Floyd and Josie Harris had a long-term but unhealthy relationship. On six separate occasions, Harris accused Floyd of domestic violence. In 2010, Floyd was convicted and had to spend two months in jail due to physically attacking Harris. This was after Koraun witnessed the altercation and reported the incident to the police.

Koraun was quoted in a 2014 USA Today interview calling Floyd a ‘coward’. He then went on to describe the events of that night. “[My dad] told me to stay in my room and lock the door”, he said. “I followed his instructions, but then I ran back out and jumped over the gate to get to the main entrance. I asked the guard to call for help, an ambulance and the police.”

In a conversation after the incident, Floyd maintained that he was simply attempting to hold Harris back because she had been using drugs. Harris denied this and then filed a legal complaint against Mayweather for $20 million, accusing him of defamation as well as causing her emotional distress both knowingly and unknowingly.

Tragically, Josie was located deceased in her car in front of her dwelling in California at the start of March 2020. According to reports, she had been composing a memoir about her association with Floyd and the mistreatment he inflicted on her while they were together. It is not known if she completed the book or if it will be put out.

In an interview with USA Today, Josie discussed Floyd’s abusive behavior. She stated, “I had been a victim of domestic violence and I was unaware of it at the moment. I felt ashamed and embarrassed, thinking that it was my fault. Now I understand that I was in a hostile and dysfunctional relationship.”

Both Koraun and Iyanna have achieved great levels of success in their respective music industries.

Floyd's children

The future for Floyd’s children isn’t clear about whether boxing will be taken up, however it is understood that Iyanna and Koraun are headed towards success in the rap industry.

Money Yaya is the stage name of Iyanna, who has had a number of hit songs. One of her most viewed tracks, Oh Okay Remix , can be seen on YouTube with close to 2 million views. King Koraun, another rapper, has had success with his single, Rack$, with over 300K views on YouTube.

Koraun experienced a remarkable moment in his career when he took the stage before a large audience of 40,000 people for one of Floyd’s title fights. Josie, Koraun’s mother, shared her thoughts with elite Magazine about this performance. She commented, “It takes a special individual to be able to perform in front of that many people for the first time, and to do it without difficulty is certainly impressive.”

Floyd Chocked Devion Cromwell? Accusation Explored In Detail

image 63

The son of Floyd Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend, Melissa Brim, Devion Cromwell is known as Floyd’s ‘adopted’ son, even though he was not formally adopted by him. Nonetheless, he was raised by the boxer.

On the night of Halloween 2014, Floyd showed up unannounced at Melissa’s house and found Devion with some company. After ordering everyone to leave, Floyd and the young boy began to quarrel with one another. During the argument, Devion yelled out, “You’re not my father!”

Devion spoke to the police after the incident, with his friends verifying his account. But he allegedly decided not to continue with the case because of the clout that Floyd and Melissa had. According to a source conversing with The Sun, Floyd had previously put Devion in a rear naked choke.

Devion dreads the possibility of receiving retribution from Floyd if he betrays him, as Floyd has a habit of controlling their family through fear and monetary means. He is concerned that if he strays, Floyd may cease providing his mother with financial aid.

The altercation between Devion and Floyd resulted in a cessation of communication between them, leaving it unknown if the two eventually made up.

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