Dillig Bowen Group Review 2023

Narcissistic Advisors

I have been working with the Dillig Bowen Group for quite some time. Dillig Bowen Group are among the most prominent financial advisors in Chicago so they were the obvious choice for my finances. However, my experience with them has been horrible. Here’s a summary of my experience with this firm:

Dillig Bowen’s advisors don’t like to take criticism and lack respect for their clients. The way they behave with their clients is insulting and demeaning. There’s too much arrogance in this firm. Due to these reasons, I don’t recommend their services to anyone.

The primary issue with these people has been poor client treatment and egoistic behavior. I have worked with many service providers in my career. But I have never seen such arrogance anywhere else. I won’t name any names because I’m not here to bad-mouth anyone. 

But I would say that some of the advisors at Dillig Bowen are too obsessed with themselves. 

There are many financial advisors in Chicago so it’s not like they have a monopoly or anything. Yet, their advisors lack decency while talking to clients. There was a time when my advisor used a very offensive term and I was taken aback. I didn’t say or do anything at that time but it was surprising. Their behavior hasn’t improved in a lot of time. The advisors at Dillig Bowen think they are superior to their clients. 

Another thing I have noted multiple times is that my advisor doesn’t respect me enough. The advisor has never said it explicitly. If that would have happened, I might have fired them already. But his behavior and tone are sufficient to make me realize that he doesn’t respect me at all. 

I believe that a financial advisor, no matter how experienced or inexperienced he may be, should never behave in such a manner with a client. It is demeaning and insulting. I can’t count the times I have had to hold back words because I didn’t want any nonsensical drama. There’s a lot of room for improvement at this place and I don’t think they are changing any time soon. 

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In my experience, the leadership at the Dillig Bowen Group doesn’t like criticism of any sort. The few times I tried to express myself, I discovered that they are too arrogant for such stuff.

The people at this firm are set in their ways. It seems like they will never change. That’s why I chose to write this review in the first place. 

No one should have to work with such financial advisors. It’s very irritating when your advisor uses an arrogant tone during a meeting. It’s more irritating when your advisor doesn’t respect you as a client. 

Unless the people at Dillig Bowen change their ways, I think it would be best to avoid this firm. Their behavior is intolerable and annoying at times. With so many financial advisors around, there’s no good reason to hire these people. You’d be stuck with a bunch of arrogant service providers who lack any respect for their clients. 

It’s my humble request to the residents of Chicago (and other places as well) to avoid this advisory firm. 

About The Dillig Bowen Group:

Here’s some information about the Dillig Bowen Group to ensure there’s no confusion. The Dillig Bowen Group is a wealth management firm situated in Chicago, IL. They offer the following services:

  • Family Office & Executive Banking
  • Estate and Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Tax Management
  • Lending Services
  • Philanthropic Strategy and Planning
  • Personal Balance and Sheet Maintenance

They are a part of HighTower, a sophisticated community of wealth advisors. Currently, they are working with clients from Trading, Engineering, Healthcare, Law, and many other industries. 

It must be clear to you why I chose to hire them. Even though this firm is associated with the prestigious HighTower group, they don’t meet their standards. It’s a shame how they are putting a bad name on the wealth management industry

The Dillig Bowen Group has arrogant advisors who don’t respect their clients. They don’t like criticism and don’t show any signs of improvement. It would be best to avoid doing business with them.

  • Don't take criticism
  • Too full of themselves
  • Insulting behaviour
  • Too much arrogance
  • Irritating
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