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This is a long rant, an eye-opener for those thinking of paying for any of Dima Ghawi’s services. I am genuinely a disappointed person. I am full of regrets and lots of complaints against Dima Ghawi and the courses she is offering. This piece aims to put people in the light of whom Dima Ghawi is and what they should probably expect if they are to hire her services.

My experiences with Dima Ghawi’s book and courses are very horrible, and I would not like anyone to go through what I went through. Therefore this piece is meant to bring to light what Dima Ghawi offers and who she is and what she does. I am also going to share my experience in full detail for you to get a picture of why I am angry at her.

What Dima Sells

Dima Ghawi courses and services according to her website.

She claims that she offers courses on self-improvement. The classes are in three categories, and she goes further to explain her business. I am calling this a real business that has nothing to do with improving people’s careers. If she cannot be professional, how can she teach others to be professional? I am confident that she does this just to get more people to trust her and the courses she offers. This is a very articulated tour of her courses, and if not careful enough, you can pour your money down the drain if you choose her as your trainer.

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The first course she claims to offer is the leadership development course, which she says that this course can help anyone in their leadership role. This would be an essential course for most leaders, but unfortunately, it is being taught by a professional leader since Dima Ghawi is not an expert.

She also has a self-discovery and career growth course. She has articulated some details about this course, but this is a complete marketing strategy that she has, and I must admit that she is good at it. The information on this website and the language used here are enough to make someone fall into the pit of a scam. This is why everyone should be very vigilant in anything they are engaging themselves in.

The other course that she claims to train people is the ‘building speaking business.’ This made it clear that her keynote speaking services are not meant to help people grow their careers or in business or improve on self-discovery. It made it clear that to her, the keynote speaking services she offers are for real business and not for helping others grow. Talking about some critical areas in the lives of people is something that should also involve a passion for assisting others in developing. Her vision is based on her earning money from it without thinking about what others will achieve from it.

About Dima Ghawi according to her website

As I said earlier, her website is well designed, and anyone would be cheated into thinking that Dima Ghawi is very professional. According to her website, they are trying to compliment everything that she does and the services that she offers.

In her, about the page, you will find that she has explained herself in two different parts, and that is ‘her story’ and the ‘Dima experience.’ It is quite funny how she says at first that her story is not about her, and then she goes on to speak of her experiences and what she is to get public pity and later convert it into people spending to hear from her.

She has noted down everything that she went through in the past, and that is why I said earlier that she has got fantastic marketing skills. I expected her to speak of her courses and the advantage of taking such classes. This shows how much of a self-centered person she is. I must accept that after reading her website, I immediately thought that she is someone who can talk to others in a meeting, and they will change after hearing her story.

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The Dima Ghawi experience that she also offers on the about page will shed some light on knowing that she only cares about her appearance and about herself. Here she should be telling her clients about the services that she offers and what they should expect. Instead, she goes on and on and on talking about her experiences. This is where she should have proof that she delivers quality in everything, but unfortunately, Dima Ghawi seems to be full of herself.

Another exciting thing is that for you to read about her bio, you will have to download her bio on your PC. Upon clicking the download part, you will be lead to a sign-up process. This is like forcing people to sign up for them to read your story. She should keep her bio open to everyone.

My Dima Ghawi Review

Ghawi Swindled Me!

This happened about four months ago, but it is still apparent in my mind. I can’t forget about it, and that is why I am going to share it with the whole world so they can be aware of Dima Ghawi’s unprofessional side. I know there are a lot of other complaints out there because I am sure that I am not the only one she scammed. I hope that this complaint will give others the confidence to speak their mind coming out to share their ordeal.

I first bought her book known as breaking vases. Before I could start reading it, I got interested in the self-discovery and career growth course that she was offering. According to her website, the course has sessions that take 1.5 hours for each session. The sessions are only two per month. I was a bit skeptical about this since I thought that the two sessions are few for a short course that she claims to have.

In spite of this thought, I still went ahead and scheduled for virtual sessions. I signed up for a schedule, and afterward, she contacted me, and I paid the full fee. I went for the first session expecting it to last for 1.5 hours, but it never did. It went on to 40 minutes or less, and Dima was not the mentor. She had assigned us another coach, and she went on with the basics that a two-year-old knows. I was disappointed, but I was convinced that it was the first, and this would change on the second day. I went on to the second session, and things did not change. It was the same mentor who had little knowledge on the ‘course.’ after the two sessions, I knew I had lost money to Dima Ghawi for something that I had always known.

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I never went for any other session or any other course that she claims to offer, and I know that the rest of the courses are just like the same as the one I signed up for. So if you are interested in signing up for a class, please don’t go for the Dima Ghawi’s courses, you will only be disappointed. I would advise you to do any course with a well-established institution. I mean an institution that is well-known for its courses and not an amateur one like the one Dima Ghawi offers.

So after I quit with the sessions and I got nothing out of it, I decided to start reading the book that I had bought earlier. I was surprised all the more since the book is very shallow with less information or vague statements on the title. I also found out that the book talks less about helping one grow themselves but only about the writer’s past life.

These two experiences proved to me that Dima has less knowledge of things to do with self-development and how one can grow their career. For this reason, I highly discourage anyone from contacting her for any of her services since there is nothing tangible she can offer you.

What I expected from Dima Ghawi

As a leader, I expected her to know that you cannot appoint someone who has less experience on a particular topic to lead others. She also ought to know that not all people learn from the experiences of others. Dima’s mistake of thinking that everyone can learn from her experiences is what made the book to be less exciting and with less knowledge.

The fact that not most people learn from the experiences of others is something that she ought to have known before writing this book. People can only relate to experiences others have gone through, but very few people learn from the experiences of others. People will mostly learn from a lesson that has been put up, and that is where they will do according to the message that has been put forward.

Dima Ghawi should also ensure that after the course is ended, that her trainees were satisfied with the coaching they got. This is not the case with Dima Ghawi’s course. In my case, she assigned the role of coaching to a less experienced person, and after the two sessions were over, she never followed up with me to ensure that I was good with what I learned and this is something that an experienced leader as she claimed to do would not do.

If you can find someone who does these things that Dima Ghawi does not do, you are in better shoes than me.

Better Alternatives

My Recommendations

There is something that I have learned from this ordeal and am going to share it with you. If you are a knowledge seeker like me and you do not want to be scammed when you are trying to purchase a book, then look for someone genuine and established. I am very sorry if I do not encourage anyone to find information from an upcoming writer or coach unless you are sure they can deliver.

Always and always look for someone who is experienced, and you will be good to go. Dima Ghawi is not an experienced book writer, and neither is she a good coach or a leadership speaker. Always look for some information on when a particular person started their career or business. This is something that I failed to do, and that is why it has cost me my hard-earned cash.

Also, if you need to buy a book, it is better for you to seek as many reviews as possible so that you are sure which type of book you are purchasing. I made the mistake of trusting the writer too much. I did not look for different book reviews, and as a result, I bought a very useless book. If you are to buy a book, consider a book with in-depth reviews and a book with many positive reviews from readers.

There are many authors and leadership keynote speakers out there. This is more reason to avoid Dima Ghawi’s services. Do thorough research on how well a professional does their job to avoid fraudsters like Dima Ghawi and to lose your time and money on such people. Once you have confirmed that they can deliver, then you can hire their services.



Dima Ghawi is a total disappointment to people who have a lot of experience being keynote speakers. She should first gain experience as a leader, and then she can advise other people on matters to do with leadership. I would highly discourage anyone from hiring her and any of her services.

She is also very unprofessional in her services. How can one write a book so vague and so shallow then put it up for sale? The fact that she left another inexperienced person to take over her course is the more reason why no one can ever trust her.

I feel that all she wants is money and sympathy that will gain traffic for her, and this is not how a professional career is run. She is a complete fraudster and very rude for not ensuring that people get what they spend their money on. No one wanting to know should be made to go through what Dima Ghawi made go through. I am greatly disappointed, and that is why I am writing to warn anyone who wants to hire her services or buy her books. Below is a screenshot of a complaint from someone who has read her book.

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Dima Ghawi is a total disappointment to people who have a lot of experience being keynote speakers. She should first gain experience as a leader, and then she can advise other people on matters to do with leadership. I would highly discourage anyone from hiring her and any of her services.
She is also very unprofessional in her services. How can one write a book so vague and so shallow then put it up for sale? The fact that she left another inexperienced person to take over her course is the more reason why no one can ever trust her.

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