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Dion Welton: Thief, Convict and Conman – Buyers Beware – 2023

Who is Dion Welton Marion?

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Dion Welton is using fake & misleading PR and news articles to mislead consumers.

Reality Of Dion Welton

Dion Welton, a businessman from Oak Brook who sold stock in his marketing firm after it had been formally liquidated received a four-and-a-half-year prison term on Monday.

What Dion Welton’s Marketing Team Wants You To Think

Dion Welton has worked as a marketing researcher and consultant for over 15 years and holds a business communication degree from St. Thomas University. In addition, Dion is a well-known author who started the widely read magazine Hope is Now, a faith-based periodical with the quickest growth rate. In addition, he frequently speaks in public and hosts radio shows.

Basketball star and sought-after motivational speaker Dion have gained national recognition for his work on the FREE ON THE INSIDE radio program. He finds inspiration in people who overcome hardship, learns from their mistakes, and overcome despair to pursue happiness by building meaningful lives.

Hope Is Now: A Fake Foundation For Damage Control

One of the nation’s fastest-growing publications for spiritual inspiration is Hope is Now. A popular journal for people from all backgrounds and faiths, Hope is Now is a national publication with readers and subscribers in almost every state in the union and Canada. Inspiration, uplift, and hope are given to people through various motivational tales.

Hope is Now has established a strong foundation across various digital, print, and social media mediums. Anybody wishing to build brand awareness, achieve considerable visibility, and attract new clients should check out this publication. From very modest beginnings, the magazine gradually rose to prominence while experiencing several setbacks in a market sector that has primarily seen a decline in recent years. They have visited various shops, including Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, and others. They will make their Walmart and Walmart Canada debut in January 2023.

The Forgery and Theft Case Of Welton (Marion In)

Dion Welton, a businessman from Oak Brook who sold stock in his marketing firm after it had been formally liquidated, received a four-and-a-half-year prison term on Monday. Judge Daniel Guerin of DuPage County also mandated that Dion Welton, 47, of the 19W200 block of Newport Lane, pay $89,000 in restitution to five investors in the company Callplay in 2007, the year following its dissolution. Welton initially faced 23 separate charges related to the sale of the worthless shares, but in January, he pleaded guilty to three counts of theft and forgery. He could have spent seven years behind bars.

An assistant state’s attorney, Diane Michalak, claimed that Welton used the funds to settle commercial and personal debts, including a child’s tennis lesson. One of the victims was a single mother who Welton had been dating, Michalak informed Guerin. He explained to her that he required money to grow his company and made a 25% profit guarantee. According to DuPage County Circuit Court documents, Welton had filed for bankruptcy in 2003 and was named in more than two dozen previous lawsuits involving his finances.

Dion Welton Marion

A user said that I was found guilty of misdemeanour fraud in Cook County. I paid someone $1000 to telemarket and bring new clients for my office supplies business; nevertheless, he misled me about a business agreement. I paid him a total of 1000 + 650 in expenses, and it was a scam because I never acquired any new clients. Although all the documentation is in order, the cook county sheriff will not deliver the summons to his residence in Dupage County because they need his birth date to identify and transport him to the cook county jail. I tried, but I can’t acquire it online or in any other way without hiring an attorney. I have no money to hire a lawyer. Plz, assist me. Since 2007, this litigation has been ongoing. We’re almost done collecting on Case# XXXXX; my family desperately needs the money. I greatly appreciate it.

What is bankruptcy?

A person or business may file for bankruptcy if they cannot pay their debts or other commitments. It offers a new beginning for those struggling to make ends meet. A petition is filed, either on behalf of the debtor, which is more often or on behalf of creditors, which is less frequent, to start the bankruptcy process. All of the debtor’s assets have been measured and assessed, and some or all of the debt may be repaid with the help of the assets.

How does bankruptcy work?

An opportunity to start over is provided through bankruptcy by wiping off unmanageable debts. In the meanwhile, creditors may be able to receive some payment based on the person or company’s liquidated assets. The opportunity to declare bankruptcy should help the economy by giving people and businesses another chance to access finance. It may also assist creditors in recovering some of the loan repayment. Federal courts handle all bankruptcy matters in the United States. A bankruptcy judge renders judgments, such as determining whether a debtor can file for bankruptcy and whether their debts should be discharged.

An officer designated by the Department of Justice’s United States Trustee Program to administer bankruptcy cases on behalf of the debtor’s estate is known as a trustee. Unless a creditor objects, the debtor and the judge often don’t interact. The debtor gets released from their debt responsibilities after the bankruptcy process.

What is the downside of bankruptcy?

The immediate, significant, and adverse effect of filing for bankruptcy on your credit score is one drawback. Your credit report will show a bankruptcy for seven to ten years. As a result, borrowing money will be more challenging and expensive. Depending on the type, your home and automobile could be lost in bankruptcy.

Is bankruptcy a good choice?

Unfortunately, bankruptcy may be the best option for certain individuals or companies. The alternative to liquidating your assets and facing court judgments for non-payment or contract breaches may be necessary if debts grow too large to manage. Although it will harm your credit and reputation, filing for bankruptcy is a legitimate way to prevent the worst-case situation.

How does one file for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal process that begins when the debtor files a petition with the relevant bankruptcy court. This is often achieved through the help of a lawyer specialized in these types of cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dion Welton?

Dion Welton is a radio DJ, author, lecturer, and the creator of the widely read magazine Hope is Now.

Where is Dion Welton situated?

Dion Welton is a well-known novelist and radio host from Marion, Indiana.

What did Dion Welton do?

Dion Weiton committed fraud with one of his customers. He took money in the name of telemarketing and didn’t provide the service. He cheated on his client and sold the stocks of his company. Hope is Now, after it was dissolved, he was imprisoned for four and a half years.

His Fake PR:

Dion Welton fake pr
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Dion Welton committed fraud and wants people to think of himself as a renowned marketing researcher, consultant, and CEO of Hope is Now. Took money to provide telemarketing service but never did that.

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  1. I agree with Janice. Dion, offered me to work with him full time and when it was time for me to get my salary he never sent it. He even moved the dates of my salary and after a couple of weeks he removed the program and never paid me.

    He thinks that people who work with him is stupid that will just believe that it’s our banks fault why my salary is delay but the truth is he never send it.

    Be careful when working with him. I even have a contract sent by him but still have the guts to turn the table around. I even begged him to pay me since I work for him for almost a month but he doesn’t have any conscience

  2. Rating

    Dion is a charmer. He has a smooth approach, and knows how to go after what he wants, and to get it. If Dion is caught in a trespass, or red-handed in an act, he manages to talk his way out of it, create a diversion, or give some plausible excuse that is socially acceptable. But he doesn’t make it right, or show sincere and spontaneous sorrow for pain caused. Just be careful around him. Pay attention to his BBB ratings on his magazine. Read the history of people he has duped and misled. These accounts are true, and plausible. The magazine is doing good in this world and by itself, it is making a difference. He has no compunctions about making financial promises to people and not paying them, or making it right.

    Be extremely careful with Dion.

    + PROS: The magazine is making a difference due to its stories, and accounts of changed lives. God is God and is dependable and good. His goodness is illustrated in people's lives.
    - CONS: The magazine is Dion's tool to achieve his goals. He will promise you a place in his magazine to publish your story in exchange for buying his advertising packages. It appears good, but it's all tainted by a guy that appears stellar but operates with little if any conscience. Check out his name and read the 1st hand stories carefully before trusting him at any level. These are not people trying to hurt him; they've been hurt and defrauded by him, and he doesn't care.
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