Dirk Zwiep

An Egoistic Fraud

Dirk Zwiep is an egoistic who doesn’t listen to his clients. My experience with Dirk was terrible. He would always talk rudely and in a very indecent manner.

Dirk Zwiep has built a fake reputation online and is nowhere nearly the guy he claims to be. He never comes to meetings on the designated time and makes up excuses. I have worked with many professionals in my life, but I had never seen such a terrible one before. 

The Dirk Zwiep I’m Talking About:

It’s essential that I clarify who this Dirk I’m talking about. He is an Advisor, CIO and Partner at CapTrust Financial Advisors. He has been their consulting director since 1999 and has a CIMA certification, which stands for Certified Investment Management Analyst. Dirk is a prominent figure in the industry and especially in my area. That’s why I sought his services. I didn’t think he would be a terrible advisor. 

He worked with me and my company for quite some time until I realised that he just was not the right fit. 

Always Distant and Distracted:

In our meetings he used to remain distant and distracted. I remember once when I I asked him about one of my company’s assets when he went blank. He didn’t know what to say. so he just skipped the question and started talking about something else. 

At another instance he made very disrespectful  remarks about my company  as to  how small it is. He wanted to show off the fact that he is a sought-after financial advisor and he has worked with many people. I already knew all this when I was hiring him. I had just not expected him to be  such an egoist.

When I had hired his company I did not get a chance to meet him. I met him a few weeks later and that meeting alone made me realise what a blunder I had made by hiring him. 

First of all he was an hour late for our first meeting. Not only that but he also claimed that he had arrived at the right time and I was unaware of the appointed time. I couldn’t believe the nerve of that guy. Here I was, waiting for an hour while he claimed that I was just wasting my time. During the meeting he would get phone calls from his other clients and team members but instead of putting his phone on silent he would pick them up in the middle of our conversations. You don’t expect such lack of manners from a “sought after financial advisor”.

That meeting ate up a lot of my time. On another occasion, he did the same thing. That means he was late and then claimed that he had arrived early. He just can’t accept his mistakes. 

Later when I requested him to be punctual for our next meeting, he didn’t take it very professionally. He started making sarcastic remarks and started telling me that I should know better than to teach him how to do his job. He said that in a very threatening manner. 

I was a little surprised but not much when I heard that response. I have already seen many narcissistic and delusional professionals in my line of work. So I was not surprised when I got that reaction from Dirk. However you don’t expect your financial advisor to go mad just because you told him to arrive early for a meeting. 

Oh and I must point out he didn’t attend that meeting. He cancelled his appointment 15 minutes after the appointed time. That just shows the level of professionalism Dirk has. 

I had read a lot about him and I was very disappointed to see him behave this way. You see, he is among the most popular financial advisors in the industry and is a thought leader. So I believed he would be a great guy to work with and I was wrong. 

From his illogical and hateful remarks for my company to his lack of punctuality, it showed me that all the things I read about him were wrong, they were just lies. 

He has clearly built a fake reputation in the market and is seriously not the professional you would expect. He lacks basic manners and decency. After he skipped that meeting I tried to contact him. I wanted to know why he didn’t meet me that day. I am a busy person and for me to take out an hour of my day’s time to meet someone is a big deal for me. 

But when I tried to contact him I found out that he had blocked me. Apparently he also had anger issues and his ego had gotten hurt because I requested him to be punctual that day. 

When I shared this issue with his company, they started saying that I have the wrong Idea and Dirk is not like that but I knew better. A week later I fired those people and replaced them with a better company. 

I still see nonsense about Dirk online so I have shared my experiences here. The least I can do is help someone else avoid the childish tantrums of this pathetic advisor. Because no one should have to waste thousands of dollars on such an idiot. This review should help you in understanding Dirk Zwiep and his terrible work ethic.

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Has Literally No Manners!

Don't fall for this horrible finance professional. He treats his clients like trash and needs to learn a lesson or two in decency. He is NOT what he claims to be.

  • No pros
  • Terrible Attitude
  • Filled with ego
  • Berates clients
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  1. I’m glad I did looked him up before making any decisions. Dirk seemed like a nice choice but after reading this review of yours, I don’t think I can take that kind of risk.

  2. This was the main page story. From title I thought it was a tongue in cheek self-intro by the blogger. As I read I thought…this is more than self-deprecating. It’s self vicious. Doesn’t he realize people may not get the humo….. Ooooooooh.

    It was I who hadn’t figured it out yet.

    I came for the easy1up review. Matches the bad I’ve heard elsewhere.
    Then noted the Tai Lopez piece. Ditto. Then this.

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