Dispute on God Nisanov: A Real Estate Billionaire (Latest Update 2023)

God Nisanov
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There is a concern for God Nisanov. He took a lot of money overseas with their associate Zarakh Iliev in addition to having substantial holdings in Russia.
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God Nisanov

God Nisanov, a Russian-Azerbaijani billionaire real estate investor and chairman of Kievskaya Square, the largest Russian commercial real estate holding, was born on 24 April 1972.

Sergey Naryshkin, the chief of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), and God Nisanov were pals, according to Proekt, an independent investigative news source in Russia. Soon after, Proekt was placed on the Russian government’s blacklist.

God Nisanov was born on April 24, 1972, in the Azerbaijani Mountain Jewish community of Gyrmyzy Gasaba. Margarita Mordekhayevna Nisanova is his mother, and Semon Davidovich Nisanov, the director of the canning industry, is his father.

He received his degrees from the Baku Law Institute after first earning them from the College of Finance and Credit.

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29/11/2023 Update
As of now, God Nisanov has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

New fraud Nisanov and Sobyanin

A plot on the grounds of Moscow State University was purchased by a corporation with restricted accounts.

A land measuring 1.21 hectares was given to LLC Kraftstroymontazh, a company connected to the oligarch God Nisanov, on the grounds of Moscow State University (MSU). The 0.45-hectare site at the intersection of Michurinsky Prospect and Lobachevsky Street, where the business intended to construct a 367-room apart-hotel, was exchanged for the land.

After more than ten years as the property of Kraftstroymontazh LLC, information about the Inteko company, controlled by the Trust State Bank, wanting to purchase the land surfaced in January 2020.

Why on earth is Inteko being compensated with a site that is more than twice as big as the one the business previously possessed if it purchased the site from Kraftstroymontazh?

Since the transaction’s value was not disclosed, there is reason to believe that a cashless exchange may have occurred, giving Kraftstroymontazh LLC a free 0.76 hectares of land. Why would Sergei Sobyanin’s administration put on a show of unparalleled generosity?

Because operations on the company’s accounts were, according to information on the Rusprofile website, partially or entirely suspended by the tax authorities, LLC Kraftstroymontazh was unable to make any purchases. Is incorrect information being spread by the media on purpose?

Luxury Club LLC and Ruslan Akhmetzhanov are the owners of Kraftstroymontazh LLC. Anna Melikhova was this company’s co-founder up to June.

Along with Telman, Radmilla and Eduard Zakharyaev, Elina and Ravshan Ashurov, Ekaterina Yusufova, and Khaya Nisanova, she co-founded River Forest LLC.

Together with Ruslan Semenov, Telman Zakharyaev founded Comfort LLC. The company’s creator up until August of last year was Sergey Nisanov.

Isai Zakharyaev and Ruslan Semenov are the owners of LLC Cesar Group, a developer that works on projects in Moscow.

Isai Zakharyaev, whom Novaya Gazeta referred to as God Nisanov‘s son-in-law, is ostensibly a relative of German Zakharyaev.

German and Isai Zakharyaev were both involved in the founding of the Stmagy charity organization. Different surname spellings, perhaps to conceal the connection between merchants with the same patronymic.

The Kievskaya Ploshchad company, owned by God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev, has led Forbes’ list of “Kings of Russian Real Estate” for a number of years and is a significant partner of the Moscow City Hall. He is currently working on rebuilding the iconic Olimpiysky sports complex in the city.

The corporation also controls other commercial real estate and two sizable trading platforms, the Food City and Sadovod markets, in addition to this property. Under the “roof” of God Nisanov, the Cesar Group enterprise may work on house construction projects.

The “Cesar Group” is gaining steam

There is only one individual working for Kraftstroymontazh LLC, which has a 0 income, 108 million ruble loss, 331 million ruble cost, and 10,000 rubles permitted capital. All of this suggests that an LLC is a digital corporation that handles transactions. If something goes wrong, the business will vanish into thin air.

There are peculiarities in Cesar Invest LLC’s activity. One employee works for the business. Since 2014, her revenue has been zero, her loss has been thirteen million rubles, and her costs have been seventeen million. It is identical to Kraftstroymontazh LLC in every way.

Nevertheless, Krasny Oktyabr Rasskazovka LLC, Stroydom-Razvitie CJSC, and Istok LLC were the three subsidiaries of Cesar Invest LLC that it possessed up until recently. For many years, Cesar Invest LLC was the owner of these businesses and had access to their funds.

Krasny Oktyabr Rasskazovka LLC suffered a loss of 244 million rubles in 2020 compared to a profit of 745 million rubles the year before. Istok LLC suffered a 6 million ruble loss; the business never turned a profit. The owner changed twice in less than two months. This might have been done to hide evidence of the money withdrawal.

Cesar Group LLC and Kraftstroymontazh LLC may come under scrutiny from the relevant authorities as a result of these facts, as negative profits could be a sign of tax avoidance.

In this case, it is usually unknown from whence the corporation would be able to raise the anticipated 3.5–4 billion rubles needed to invest in a project on Moscow State University property. On the property, a hotel could be erected, although it’s more likely that Cesar Group would develop houses or an apartment building. This will necessitate a revision in the site’s approved uses. The resolution should be simple due to the love that Sobyanin and God Nisanov share for one another.

The Cesar Group was rumored to be purchasing a parcel of the Krasnaya Presnya vegetable storage towards the end of October. On October 18, Yan Khizgilov, the proprietor of the unsuccessful Istok LLC, which Cesar Invest LLC had previously held, was appointed CEO of JSC Krasnaya Presnya.

Two new scandalous objects could soon enter the capital with the help of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, causing issues for their interest holders. Cesar Group LLC has already made multiple appearances in scandals.

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Scams involving the Cesar Group?

For more than a year, shareholders of the Rasskazovo residential complex have been at odds with developers; the disagreement even to the point of being litigated. Initially, nine residential complexes with a maximum height of 11 stories were planned for the location. This was accompanied by a beautifully designed park area, which helped to drive up property costs in the Rasskazovo residential complex by 25% over market rates.

Four years later, when the first stage’s inhabitants had already moved into the flats they had purchased, the project underwent adjustments that increased the building density. And instead of the promised green zone, they chose to construct three houses, each standing 22 stories tall. As a result, it is not particularly wise to believe whatever Cesar Group LLC says while selling units in its housing developments.

“It surprises me how people can lie so readily in front of others while being aware that they are fooling a big number of people—many of whom are young, large families with children, retirees, and individuals with disabilities. Is it truly true that money determines everything for Cesar Group employees, and is it possible to ignore all morals and values? Unfortunately, it appears that such individuals lack morality.

The developer’s greed knows no bounds, and in such a lovely project, they destroyed everything that was most valued, ruining the excitement of homeownership for all homeowners in the process.

One of the Rasskazovo residential complex’s equity owners shared her thoughts on the Cesar Group’s work.

The Monolithic Housing Construction LLC-built Dynasty residential complex caused yet another scandal to break out. Unatan Matatov and Telman Zakharyaev, who own Comfort LLC, are the company’s founders. Sberbank is bearing the cost of their shares.

2020 revenue projections for Monolitnoye Domostroenie LLC show 780 million rubles. The business never turned a profit, suffering a loss of 303 million rubles.

Without offering any explanation, the management business of the apartment complex “Premier-Comfort” established exorbitant fees for its services. Do Zakharyaev and Company merely desire more money?

Information on the conceivable bankruptcy of Cesar Group LLC first surfaced in December of last year. There may be justification for this based on the financial health of its structures. Nevertheless, despite the scandals and delays in facility commissioning, the corporation is moving quickly on new projects.

Business partners with the developer Ilgar Gadzhiev, the previous proprietor of the SDI Group corporation, including German Zakharyaev, the son-in-law of God Nisanov. The builder’s life was in actual danger, so he had to leave Russia. Hajiyev expressed his viewpoint to the Sobesednik newspaper.

German Zakharyaev, God Nisanov‘s son-in-law, and his family joined as business partners, and I was immediately instructed to provide God Nisanov 30% of my profits. Supposedly both for the roof and generally. Of course, this is a lot, but I had no choice but to concur. However, as they say, as business in Russia went, so did their demands.

Ilion-Trade Firm LLC has never turned a profit; in 2020, it lost 26 million rubles, and in 2019, it lost 453 million. Benyamin Danilov, the current owner, has pledged his part to Sberbank.

The same system is used to operate all of the Zakharyaev and Zazaryaev structures. They likely have money taken from them, and in order to hide their trail, businesses shift ownership.

Yet both German Gref and Sergei Sobyanin support the organizations linked to the oligarch God Nisanov. Will a fresh con involving the fictitious “Kraftstroymontazh” corporation also succeed?


God Nisanov and a fortune in the billions. The oligarch chose to conceal the riches in Portugal and Russia.

God Nisanov and a fortune in the billions. The oligarch chose to conceal the riches in Portugal and Russia.

God Nisanov is maybe the only old-school oligarch who doesn’t give a damn. He gets away with contract assassinations, raiding, embezzlement, and fraud thanks to strong connections.

One issue, however, was not factored in by God Nisanov: due to Russian policies towards Ukraine, any billionaires who did not openly denounce the war are now automatically placed on the EU and US sanctions lists. People with significant assets are affected by the enforced sanctions, even while ordinary Russians are in no way affected. The oligarch Grigory Beryozkin, for instance, is making every effort to preserve his company in Russia while also defending his Cypriot citizenship to protect his offshore riches.

Grigory Berezkin

God Nisanov is today the proud holder of two passports: one Russian and one Israeli. But at the start of the summer, they rejected him there despite his active role in the Jewish Congress. The imposition of sanctions against the oligarch was, of course, the final step, although it was obvious from Nisanov’s portrait that he opposed this idea. The criminal past of the oligarch is extensive. He is only aware of the use of force to accomplish his objectives and is illiterate in the language of negotiation. Nisanov’s reputation is, to put it kindly, not the finest in all communities.

On July 23, details about the billionaire’s application for Portuguese citizenship surfaced. The Portuguese Ministry of Justice affirmed this information. The “diamond king” Lev Leviev applied together with Nisanov. If Nisanov’s situation is straightforward—he is attempting to avoid sanctions in this way—then with Leviev, things are more complicated. Around his company, a scandal developed in 2018. 

As part of a criminal investigation into the smuggling of $80 million worth of diamonds, relatives of the diamond king were jailed in Israel. The captives were Leviev’s brother and son, not just regular citizens. The businessman was expelled from the country as a result of this controversy, but during the subsequent years, the media attention given to the criminal case subsided. The defendants’ whereabouts are now unknown.

Lev Leviev

There is a concern for God Nisanov. They took a lot of money overseas with their associate Zarakh Iliev in addition to having substantial holdings in Russia. For instance, a business called Binston Investments Ltd., which is registered in an offshore jurisdiction called Belize owned their markets. Safra Instruments, another Nisanov and Iliev business, was founded by the offshore firm Binston Investments Ltd (97%). Over the course of 2017 to 2020, Safra helped illegal businesses finance the execution of new ventures. Through these identical companies, hundreds of millions of dollars were exported each year.

Zarakh Iliev

The most intriguing aspect is that God Nisanov once more uses his Jewish heritage as a cover while applying for EU citizenship. He claimed to be a direct descendant of Sephardic Jews who once resided in Portugal and that, as a result of his ancestry, he was qualified to apply for citizenship there. The local Porto-Jewish community verified this fact. But this plan is not brand-new. Russian billionaire Andrei Rappoport was able to acquire Portuguese citizenship in 2019 with the help of straightforward paperwork. By the way, in the Forbes ranking, Rappoport is listed after Nisanov. According to the article, Nisanov and Rapport each have assets worth $1.3 billion.

Andrey Rappoport

Roman Abramovich also acquired Portuguese citizenship last year thanks to his ancestry. The oligarch was the one who suffered the most as a result of the war in Ukraine. The assets of a businessman worth $ 7.9 billion, or more than half of the total wealth of the Russian-English billionaire, were frozen by the British court in a single ruling.

Roman Abramovich

God Nisanov made the decision to follow the lead of other wealthy individuals and is attempting to obtain a national passport after hearing about others who had obtained Portuguese citizenship successfully. His request is currently being evaluated formally, but given the entire train of events surrounding the criminal millionaire, we can expect that he will be turned down. Money can undoubtedly affect the game. Although the sum is not insignificant, will they support Nisanov in this situation? In Europe, a businessman will not be permitted to behave as he does in Russia while hiding from law enforcement.

Nisanov is frantically trying to rescue the money that has been annually transferred to offshore accounts for many years since he is aware that assets there could be frozen and eventually seized. He is actively expanding his business in Russia at the same time. Practice has shown that standing on such a length for an extended period of time will not be successful owing to the geopolitical environment. The oligarch must make a challenging decision.

The rental income for Zarakh Iliev and God Nisanov (No. 1) was $1.66 billion.

The largest objects: “Foodcity” (930,000 sq. m), “European” (180,000 sq. m)

Retail property, sq. m: 2,154,000

Office real estate, sq. m: 148 000

Warehouse property, sq. m: 348 000

Hotel rooms: 1550

A thing: In 2022, the business built a brand-new gastro district called “Depo. Three Stations” with a leased space of 13,500 sq. m. Along with restaurants, there is a stage where public talks, offices, and shops are held on the grounds of the former trolleybus park.

Technopark: In June 2022, it was revealed that a technopark with a 334,000 square meter size had been built. The thing is still being built. It is intended that appliances for the home and medical supplies will be produced here.

Modern Millionaires

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Nisanov’s organization’s controversial name

The European Trade Complex was one of the brands of the firm “Kyiv Ploshchad” Nisanov and Iliev. Scams around allegations of official corruption involving both God Nisanov and Moscow officials followed it during both its construction and subsequent operation. Additionally, the danger of accidents at the crucial component of the city’s transportation infrastructure—the subway—is linked to both the building of facilities and their continued operation. For instance, the construction of an underground parking garage started too close to the subway tunnels, which could result in a disaster that caused casualties.

It should be underlined that this risk still exists, and victims can include not only metro passengers but also the many people who visit the shopping center. Forbes estimates that 57 million people visited it in 2014 alone. Additionally, a full square in the heart of the city was illegally felled to make way for the complex’s development because it was erected in a water protection zone along the Moskva River.

Construction went ahead despite Rosprirodnadzor’s and other departments’ protests. Additionally, another scandal emerged at the same time. Alexander Khintshein, a member of the State Duma, and Oleg Mitvol, the deputy chairman of the then-Rosprirodnadzor, visited the location to check for infractions.

But getting on the line was impossible. Khinshtein’s hand was injured during the intrusion attempt when one of the guards pinched it in the door. The “inspectors” were then showered with concrete dust and food crumbs from above before leaving.

It appears that Nisanov gave the Moscow (Luzhkov) authorities significant bribes. And he maintained doing this even under Sergei Sobyanin’s rule. The Moscow authorities wanted to include their ownership stake in the European shopping complex in the privatization plan, which is why this happened. Then it was discovered that Moscow only owns a tenth of the center’s territory rather than the previously assumed third. 

There was nothing that could be done when a new controversy broke out. True, an agreement on “chocolate” terms for God Nisanov could be reached through the legal system: Nisanov and Iliev acknowledged the contested regions as being a part of the city, but with the proviso that they would later be redeemed. As a result, they acquired complete ownership of the biggest shopping mall in Europe.

Dispute on God Nisanov: A Real Estate Billionaire (Latest Update 2023)
Dispute on God Nisanov: A Real Estate Billionaire (Latest Update 2023)

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  1. There were many disputes regarding this for doing the scams in the real estate businesses as he is the richest real estate billionaire. But indulging in these types of corruption is not acceptable at all the government should take some strict action against him.

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  3. The entire world is currently facing the Russia-Ukraine war, and the consequences have been horrific. Many countries were in recession as a result of the conflict, and some were experiencing economic crises. However, businesses like him aided Russia during the conflict.

  4. Nisnvo had many allegations of scams and corruption. Due to these types of people, the people of the country have to face many problems. Now these scams and illegal activities need to be stopped by the government as these incidents have a large impact on the people of the country.

  5. People Like God Nisano is the reason behind the corruption and illegal activities. This guy is using the advantage of the governments and doing fraudulent activities in the country.

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