Diwakar Sharma Buildtech: Charged for Defrauding 60 PSU Workers

Diwakar Sharma Buildtech
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Diwakar Sharma Buildtech has received serious allegations of fraud and additional crimes. Find out if he is actually a criminal in this review.
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An official announced that a 64-year-old man was detained in the capital after defrauding 60 employees of Public Sector Undertakings—including members of the general public—of more than Rs 14 crore.

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Diwakar Sharma Buildtech, a resident of Delhi’s Akshardham Village, was named as the defendant.

The case was filed on the complaint of one Gulshan Sethi in July 2016 against Shubhkamna Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. (SBPL) and its two Directors, Piyush Tiwari, and Diwakar Sharma Buildtech, for their project “Shubhkamna City” in July-September 2013 to be developed in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, according to details provided by Joint Commissioner of Police (Economic Offences Wing) Chhaya Sharma.

Diwakar Sharma Buildtech, along with the defendants, promised the complainants that they would complete the project within two years of when the allocation letter was issued, but they haven’t finished it yet, according to the Jt CP.

23/11/2023 Update
As of now, Diwakar Sharma Buildtech has not responded nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

The police then opened an inquiry after filing a case under Indian Penal Code sections 406, 409, 420, and 120 B. “More than 60 complaints have been combined with the current FIR, and the accused have embezzled more than Rs 14 crore in total,” the senior official said.

In the course of the investigation, papers were collected from the relevant authorities, and it became clear that reservations for apartments had been made before the necessary statutory approvals had been granted. GAPSEWHO and Shubhkamna Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. (SBPL) made reservations for apartments.

“The Accused Diwakar Sharma Buildtech and His Companion Piyush Tiwari actively participated in the affairs of the Accused Company. Additionally, it came to light during the investigation that the accused Piyush Tiwari had allotted several flats on the property, the officer added.

It was discovered that the defendant had previously served as the GAPSEWHO secretary before starting Shubhkamna Buildtech Private Limited in 2006 with the express purpose of defrauding individuals. In 2011, the co-accused Piyush Tiwari was appointed Director of this business. He reportedly planned a conspiracy and duped other naive clients as well as the complainant in this instance.

The accused conspired with a group known as Government and Public Sector Personnel Welfare Housing Organization (GAPSEWHO) to convince Government and PSU personnel as well as the general public to invest in their housing project through ads and agents of Shubhkamna Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. The project was intended for government and public sector employees, it will be built on a no profit, no loss basis, and ownership of the flats was provided on schedule, according to GAPSEWHO’s advertising, Sharma added.

According to the senior official, many serving employees of these sectors, as well as the general public, were drawn to their housing project and invested their money and retirement benefits after hearing the assurances of GAPSEWHO office-bearers who were retired officials of the government, public utility, and banking sectors. Later, GAPSEWHO and the accused abandoned the initiative.

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Another Director, Piyush Tiwari, is still missing, according to the Jt CP, and a non-bailable warrant has been issued for his arrest. Further investigation is ongoing, she stated.

Diwakar Sharma Buildtech is Granted Bail by a Delhi Court

The jail’s report stating that “he is suffering from Sarcoidosis and Diabetes Mellitus with Complaint of difficulty in breathing” was also requested by the court.

A Delhi court has allowed a builder, who was detained by the city police in two cases for allegedly defrauding apartment buyers at a residential project in Noida, a 45-day interim bail, noting that he was susceptible to COVID-19.

District Judge M P Singh granted the relief to 63-year-old Diwakar Sharma Buildtech, the managing director of Shubhkamna Buildtech after the jail staff said that the accused had multiple systemic illnesses and was already using long-term steroids “which might have reduced his immunity”.

When the court heard the accused’s bail plea via video conference, attorney Vijay Aggarwal stated that his client needed specialized care, “which has also been accepted by the jail officials.” If he is housed at the Mandoli jail, it is impossible to provide him with specialized medical care.

The jail’s report stating that “he is suffering from Sarcoidosis and Diabetes Mellitus with Complaint of difficulty in breathing” was also requested by the court.

According to the medical report from the jail, he is susceptible to COVID-19 due to multiple systemic illnesses; he is already taking steroids for a prolonged period of time, which could have lowered his immunity.

The report also states that it would be better for his health if he received specialized medical attention and sought the help of a professional. The report also states that the administration has delayed managing his health care in custody, the court remarked.

The court ordered him to provide a personal bond of Rs 1 lakh and one surety of Rs 1 lakh each in both instances when granted bail on medical grounds.

The court additionally ordered him to submit his medical report at the conclusion of his 45-day interim bail and appear before the police station in both instances every Sunday.

The Economic Offenses Wing of the Delhi Police detained the suspect on September 6, 2018.

The complaint was made by a group of 49 members of the Techomes Flat Buyers Welfare Association, who claimed that the buyers had bought apartments in the “shubhkamna-advert techomes” residential project that the accused company was building on a plot in Noida’s Sector 137.

The company, which began construction on February 2, 2011, allegedly promised to give the complainants physical ownership of their apartments within 36 months.

Diwakar Sharma Buildtech

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According to the payment plan, the buyers have already paid close to 90% of the entire sale consideration for each of their apartments. However, the police said that the builder abruptly stopped development after reserving apartments before the lease agreement had even been signed and diverted the proceeds for his own use.

Investigation results revealed that the defendants amassed crores of rupees in payments from the buyers. The police said that the case was the subject of an investigation.

On February 14, 2019, the police subsequently detained him in connection with another fraud case.

Complaint against Diwakar Sharma Buildtech

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Complaints against Diwakar Sharma Buildtech

Sanjeev Sinha, Kalki Builders & Developers, and Subhkamna Advert Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. have all been accused of cheating and fraud in a complaint against them.

Smt. Munesh Kumari and I, Radheshyam, of Patparganj Village, Gharaunda Neemka Bangar, Delhi 110091, One of his acquaintances, Sanjeev Sinha, approached him in February 2013 and said that he had developed an excellent scheme for investing in plots that could yield profitable results in the future. and brought him, along with his wife Munesh Kumari, to Panshul Gupta, director of Kalki Builders & Developers Company, at his office in Noida at B-27, Sector-3, Noida, UP-201301, who gave him prelaunch pricing that was less than the market. 

I received a request to reserve a plot from Shubhkamna Advert, Shubhkamna Valley Project, TS-1/B, Sector 22-D, Yamuna Expressway, Gautam Budh Nagar for 21800/- per square yard. he, He reserved a 120 square yard plot with the number A 116, later changed to A-330, under a 50/50 payment plan, and paid the deposit of Rs. 2 lacks via check No. 411949, drawn on PNB Delhi, dated March 28, 2013, followed by Check No. 162802, PNB, Delhi, dated June 26, 2013, and Check No. 162817, dated August 1, 2013, all in their joint names. 

Certificate no. 758451, drawn on PNB, Delhi, was also given the loan by the bank, which was followed by a check for $2, 76, 865 on 2/5/2014.

When he inquired about the state of the plot, it was problematic at times. Sanjeev Sinha and Panshul Gupta requested a few more months to wait. Additionally, they stopped answering his calls for a while. He went to Shubhkamna Advert’s office and personally inquired about the location of his plot after receiving the warning that something was amiss.

Then he was informed that his conspiracy scheme had been abandoned, and Panshul Gupta had been cheating him and acting improperly in the company since the beginning. is making reservations for them and has also gotten her commission, They offered to provide him a flat in their Noida Sector 137 project in exchange because he had written all of the checks in the name of Shubhkamna Advert Company, but even after several rounds, they were unable to provide him with a response. The director barricaded his office to defraud people, and afterward, the police detained him for defrauding the public.

He visited Panshul Gupta and Sanjeev Sinha’s offices and made numerous calls to them, but they always bought him time by coming up with justifications. When he finally instructed Panshul Gupta and Sanjeev Sinha to file a police report and a 420 case against them, they began to threaten him. Please restore the money spent in Shubhkamna Advert Buildtech Pvt Ltd. and take legal action against Shubhkamna, Pnshul Gupta Kalki Builders & Developers, and Sanjeev Sinha. He also threatened to meet him or claimed that no one could hurt them and that they could complain anywhere.

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Another complaint against Diwakar Sharma Buildtech
Diwakar Sharma Buildtech: Charged for Defrauding 60 PSU Workers
Diwakar Sharma Buildtech: Charged for Defrauding 60 PSU Workers

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  1. Diwakar Sharma , piyush Tiwari and Tyagi was a formed a company in the name of GAPSHWO AND booking in the same name towards flats and plot. I was also purchased a flat in 2012 and paid almost 19 lacs to GAPSHWO AND Shubhkamna buildtech pvt limited. They all have collected money approx. 200 cr rom buyers and stopped the work all of sudden. All buyers are waiting for flats or refund from last 12 years

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