Dolcek Talent Group & Christian Garcia Is A Scam Artist

Dolcek Talent Group is the scam enterprise through which Christian Garcia defrauds people. 

Christian likes to post pictures on his Instagram with various celebrities and uses them to get victims. According to consumer reviews, he approached a victim claiming to get him on TV like Oprah.

The Dolcek Talent Group owner told the victim that he has a lot of connections including contacts on Good Morning America. Also, he promised to get him featured on Times 100. 

dolcek talent group and christian garcia

When the victim wanted to sign up with Christian Garcia, the scammer signed a contract under a fake name and insisted on receiving payment through wire/Zelle. 

Once he got the payment, he stopped communicating with the victim and refused to refund any of the funds. 

Now, he is spending that money on paying more celebrities so he would seem more credible. He has scammed plenty of other people through Dolcek Talent Group.

What is Dolcek Talent Group and its Connection with Christian Garcia:

On paper, Dolcek Talent Group appears to be a PR agency. But according to online reviews and reports, it seems to be a scam

Christian Garcia uses this company to defraud consumers and has so far stolen more than $500,000. 

There are several discussions on Reddit talking about his shady activities. 

christian garcia scam

For example, the above person highlights that Christian Garcia runs a fake PR agency called DolceK Talent Group. The reviewer highlights the in scam I have exposed this review. 

They highlight that he pays celebrities to click photos with them and then uses those images to gain credibility and scams others. 


It’s evident that Christian Garcia is a scammer and his so-called PR agency, Dolcek Talent Group is nothing more than a front to steal more money from others. 

You should be extremely cautious of such fraudsters. It would be best to avoid dealing with him at all costs

There are plenty of scammers who use social media to defraud consumers. Some examples include Aidan Sowa, Dr Clifford Vance Cast and LyoPay.

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  1. Avoid Christian at all costs, he is using his advertising team for scamming people in the name of making people meet their favorite film stars .

  2. If you are planning to get published in some news articles or want to get introduced in some kind of advertisement or planning to set up a meeting with any popular film star then you should trust any of the promises and claims of Christian Garcia and any of the firms related to him.

  3. If you will make a list of people using social media for scamming people then the list will contain at least 10 thousand scammers.

  4. There are plenty of scammers like Christian Garcia fooling people and trying to earn profit in the name of fake promises. His fake team is working 24*7 searching for innocent people so that they can earn a profit after scamming them it is very important to make them understand the way they are making people fool around for making them published on TV channels and newspapers is very attractive but the reality behind all these claims is zero.

  5. Making thousand of dollars after making fake promises to innocent people isn’t fair, it shows your evil mentality for money.

  6. The moment when you realize someone is trying to ask for money for arranging a meeting with any of the celebrities, by the way, you will never find any superstar charging you for any of the pics.

  7. These fake people with fake contacts try to convince people of this shit and get their time and money wasted.

  8. My experience of being scammed by one of these scammers is very emotional. Once I met an artist who was a singer, and he showed me his photos with famous singers and tried to influence me with his popularity, then I asked him can he help me to meet EdShreen somehow then he convinced me after showing me his photo with the singer, after few days he messaged me and asked for $10000 for the meeting I was ready to pay $5000 but he denied and later took $6000 and never responded again.

  9. Avoid this fake influencer cum scammer.

  10. He likes to publicly show his interaction and connections with the popular celebrities for show-off purposes. It is our responsibility not to promote these fake influencers who are trying to scam people in the name of making money.

  11. This man is completely money minded never get in touch with him for any sort of feature in any of the TV shows.

  12. Now this is something new for me, these scammers will not leave any of the sectors free of notoriety. Now scamming people in the name of introducing them to some TV shows or ads is funny and fraudulent at the same time. He post’s his pictures with celebrities for gaining the attention of interested people and scams them afterward.

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