Don Saulic

Don Saulic of the Bahnsen Group is a Bigot!!

I had hired Don to handle my family’s finances some time ago. He worked with me for a few months and everything seemed fine until he met my family. My daughter is married to a black man and Don couldn’t digest this fact. He got so agitated by this fact that he refused to work with me and my company. I had to fire the guy because he was intolerant and said racist remarks for my son-in-law.

Don hates minorities and he is a bigot. He doesn’t respect other people and he particularly doesn’t respect minorities. He had made such racist remarks for my son-in-law that I couldn’t tolerate his behaviour too. 

You can only act decent as long as the other person remains decent too. When someone starts using berating terms for a person close to you, wouldn’t you react aggressively? He was lucky I only got rid of his services and didn’t do anything else. 

The person I’m talking about here is Don Saulic of the Bahnsen Group. He is the Managing Director  and a Partner at the Bahnsen Group and helps them in serving families. I had availed his services for a long time and had never complained about it. But there are many skilled financial advisors in the market. I could’ve chosen any one of them. I only worked with him because I thought he was a genuine professional who understood his client’s requirements. I had never thought that he would turn out to be a racist bigot who hates black people and can’t even tolerate them to be at the same level as him

Why I fired Don Saulic:

Like I mentioned earlier, Don was my advisor for a long time. I had invited him to a party I had with my friends and family. I was talking to him about something when I saw his expression change into disgust. I looked behind me and my daughter had just arrived with her husband. He asked me why my daughter had come to the party with a n***er and I was surprised. I thought he was joking but he was asking the question seriously. 

I told him that he is my son-in-law and he should be sorry for using such heinous language for him. He apologised half-heartedly and started saying things like “how unfortunately are you living” and “how depressing it must’ve been for me to have a n**ro as my son-in-law”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had always considered Don to be a considerate and respectful guy but he turned out just the opposite. 

I told him to leave my party immediately and he left in a hurry. He got mad, obviously and caused a scene there.

When my people contacted the Bahnsen Group to terminate his services, they started apologising on his behalf. But the thing is, I had never experienced such humiliation before. That lunatic was calling my son-in-law a N***ER in front of me with no care or respect! His bigotry knows no bound and I don’t work with such idiotic people who let their prejudice blind them. THe way he was disgusted to see my son-in-law shocked me to the core. 

Even though his subordinates kept apologising on his behalf, he never apologised to me. It was not a professional matter but a personal one. And he is so egotistical that he couldn’t apologise to me in person. 

After we terminated his services, he never showed his face to me again. If a professional of such stature doesn’t even know how to treat the family members of his client, then he is no professional at all. He should first go to school and learn the basics of customer services. Don, on the other hand, has to learn a lot more than mere customer service. He needs to learn to respect every ethnicity and religion. He is a bigoted racist, which is a terrible thing to be. If he can lose a well-paying client because of his racist mindset I don’t know what kind of suffering he must’ve caused for others who belong to these minorities. 

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Don Saulic is a Bigot and he does not give a flying f**k about anyone except for himself. His attitude is toxic and I will not recommend anyone to work with this maniac!

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