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Dorie Clark is referred to as a professional speaker who is knowledgeable about marketing strategies. I beg to differ with her being termed as a professional speaker reason being she is not even close to being one. I highly condemn the idea of referring to people who come from nowhere as keynote or professional speakers. This act is misleading the entire world. The consequences may not be felt now, but in the near future, people will be crying and wishing that corrections were made. According to my opinion, I would prefer that before one is termed as a speaker, he or she should undergo a vetting procedure. Through the vetting, the government or the relevant body will be able to get rid of people who act as speakers for their selfish benefits. 

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The position of being a speaker should be taken like other careers where those interested would be enrolled for lessons. By doing so, people who aspire to be speakers will be shown the ways that will make them become great and professional speakers. People from different nations would have courage when approaching trained speakers. The reason is that they are aware that they underwent training.  



Dorie Clark was born and raised in North Carolina. In the year 2006, she started a business in marketing strategy consulting. She is also a professor who teaches at the University of Duke in a school called Fuqua School of business. Some years back, Dorie Clark worked as a print journalist but was fired within a year. I wonder what could make a print journalist be fired; I believe she is not as good as she claims to be. Sometimes one should keep his or her ego aside and work. It is her mentality that a person should not always be head down when working hard but should make others listen to her that costs Dorie Clark her job. 


Dorie Clark has many posts across social media to advertise herself to the public. In some of the posts, you will find many testimonials praising her. The testimonials are for the excellent work that she has been doing. If you follow those testimonies keenly, you will realize that they are not real. Dorie Clark is the one who writes the testimonials to make people believe that they come from different people. Maybe even the names written at the end of each testimonial are of non-existence. If those people do exist am very sure that they are not also aware of such testimonies being under their names.

Dorie Clark’s idea of being a speaker is laughable because she does not even qualify to be one. All the things that she shares with people are nothing but lies. How I wish she would know the damage she is causing in the lives of innocent people, who run to her for help. People have been running from east, west, north, and south, trying to get more information from different speakers. Some of the speakers are trustworthy and genuine, and the wise words that flow from their mouths are worth listening to them.

On the contrary, most of the speakers are not genuine. They will sweet talk you until you get into their useless conferences. You will lose lots of money because their charges are costly. 


I used to watch and follow Dorie Clark’s short videos that she used to post on YouTube some years back. The short videos would leave me wanting to hear more from Dorie as they seemed educative. I always wanted and wished to attend her conferences as I would have learned more from her because it would be one on one. The best part was that I would be able to ask all the questions about what would be in my mind without any barrier. After some days, I came across an advert that invited people for a conference that will be held in New York City.

My heart was filled with joy, as I knew that my wish had come true. Without a second thought, I booked a flight to the glorious New York City. Also, I made a transaction through the bank to pay the required charges for the conference. To mention, I spent a total of $750 on the conference fee. According to the advert, she suggested that we would be given a chance to mingle with other business people. I expected to learn a lot from her, and I knew she would not disappoint. I made proper arrangements for the entire journey. When the day of the conference was two days away, I went to the airport so that I would be in New York on time.

Thankfully I reached my destination safely.

The day of the conference was finally here, and I was punctual enough. Everything was in place, and the sight was excellent. Dorie Clark arrived on time and off kicked the business of the day. People were very attentive, and each one of us made sure to make short notes for future reference. As the conference started, Dorie Clark was invited, and she gave us a significant speech that lasted for approximately twenty-five minutes. Keep in mind that the meeting was to take place from morning until midnight. After the twenty-five minutes talk, the unexpected happened. Dorie Clark started giving us life experiences of different known people in the world. I was bored, so much that I wished I would not have attended the conference. I don’t remember when I dozed off, and a deep slumber caught up with me. When I work up an hour later, I found her continuing with her tales narrating to us about Mark Zuckerberg’s biography. 

Later in the night, it was announced that people would leave at their pleasure. To say that the announcement was the only thing that made me feel better would be an understatement. I left the venue even before anyone else. When I came back home, I calculated the amount I spent for the conference, and I wished I would reverse time and undo the entire thing. Dorie Clark wasted a lot of my time and money, which I cannot regain them despite having regrets. 

About His Books


Dorie Clark has written several editions from 2013 up to 2017. In 2013, Dorie wrote her first book and gave it the title ‘Reinventing you. Other books she has written include ‘Stand Out’ and ‘Entrepreneurial You.’ All these books have titles that will make you want to read them to understand more about them. In as much as the books are approved and are available in different libraries and bookshops, books are not worth reading. The books are filled with millions of imaginations that do not match the reality of life.

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Dorie Clark’s first book is called ‘Reinventing You,’ which she wrote in 2013. This book is full of imaginations about the future. How on earth can you tell me to imagine myself having a brighter future, yet you don’t tell me what to do today. If you fail to organize your present, you will live to see the bright future at the back of your mind and dreams. Every morning you will wake up to find yourself struggling with the same life challenges. What inspired Dorie Clerk into writing this book was the number of times she has changed her carrier. She had tried different careers starting from going to a school of theology, being a journalist, also a spokesperson during presidential campaigns, among others. Finally, Dorie settled in being a consultant on marketing strategies.

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What Dorie Clark forgets is that two people can be in the same class, get similar grades and graduate on the same day, but the degrees fail to be useful to one of them. In the book ‘Reinventing You’ she makes very many comparisons using successful people in the world. People become successful in many ways, some through stealing, having rich family backgrounds, others by luck, and others it is their hard work. When telling someone to be like that successful person, you should research first on how they got to the top. If, after investigating, you found out that the person stole from the government, should I also burglarize to be like him? If the person had a wealthy background, what should I do to be like him yet am from a poor background? That’s why I am saying that Dorie Clark’s books are not realistic; neither are they applicable in real life.

The second book that Dorie Clerk wrote was titled ‘Stand Out’ which was published in 2015. In this book, Dorie Clerk says that one cannot be successful or termed as an expert if you keep on working hard. According to her, for one to be an expert, he or she should learn how to inspire others and make them listen. My big question is if all of us stopped working hard and decided to be encouraging others, who will be willing to listen? Who will be left working? If people try that bullshit, the economy of different countries will no longer be affordable, and poverty rates will increase. This book is like a gate pass to the poverty station, and no one should be allowed to set their eyes on it. 

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Take an excellent example of ‘Entrepreneurial You,’ a book which was written by Dorie Clark in 2017. Dorie Clark will keep on telling you to try this and that, yet none of what you are advised to seek is even doable. Those many options that you are given to try are meant to corrupt your mind by showing you none existence things. If one fails to make a single solid decision, he or she will never succeed in life as most of his time will be wasted when trying. In other parts of the book, she mentions ‘Ask yourself’ countless times. That is not realistic because if you keep on asking yourself questions without taking actions that will change your life, it will all equate to zero. Always keep in mind that actions speak louder than words.

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People have learned that there is nothing essential to read on Dorie Clark’s books. A clear sign that no one is interested in her work is the zero reviews of her books. These books are not even understandable as they lack the flow, thus losing the entire meaning. When you try to read any of the books, you will be left more confused than educated. I would not recommend any friends or even my enemies to read Dorie Clark’s books. Take your time to compare those people who have read the books and those who have not. You will realize that they are all the same. The reason is that those books have nothing beneficial to add in anyone’s life. 

Review Verdict


Dorie Clerk should not be referred to as a speaker; instead, she should be referred to as a storyteller. She is one of the many speakers who start their sessions so well, but within no time, they deviate from their own life experiences. Even those who are never keen will realize that life experiences do not relate to the original topic. The primary reason why Dorie Clerk gives her life experience when mentoring people is to pass the time. She tries to cover up the time so as not to raise an alarm that she has no more content to share with people. 

Dorie Clerk is a disgrace to many speakers who work day and night to make sure that they offer the required services to the people. Without forgetting Dorie Clark’s books, I would not recommend anyone to read them. Those books are among her many hidden ways of getting money from the public. Dorie lures people who are foolish enough to swallow her bait.

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Dorie Clerk is a disgrace to many speakers who work day and night to make sure that they offer the required services to the people. Without forgetting Dorie Clark’s books, I would not recommend anyone to read them. Those books are among her many hidden ways of getting money from the public. Dorie lures people who are foolish enough to swallow her bait.

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  1. As anonymous reviewer, you have done a wonderful job of showing yourself for who you are: a coward. After having read your review, I have come to the conclusion that you are also probably the best person to write such a baseless review: a half-wit. Lastly, I think the best way of looking at this review is in this light: a scorned admirer.

    I have no connection with Dorie. I have only read the Long Game and went looking to learn more, to which I discovered this review. I am almost certian that any one else who reads my reply will agree that this is a wretched review and the words of a hater.

    PS, I am not afaid to disclose my identity – but you most certainly are.

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