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Dover Partners Review 2024

Dover Partners – Arrogant Behaviour

My experience with the people at Dover Partners has been very painful. The people at this firm don’t care about their clients. Moreover, the advisors at this place act arrogant and treat their clients with disrespect. They are rude and act as if they know everything while you know nothing. It’s horrible. I hope this review will help others in knowing the truth behind this financial advisor so they won’t make the mistake I made by hiring these people. 

The advisors at Dover Partners are very arrogant. They treat you as if you don’t know anything about finance and wealth management. Their tone and behaviour are very disrespectful. Because of these reasons, I don’t suggest working with this firm. You can easily find a financial advisor that’s more experienced and professional in behaviour.

The account managers at this place don’t seem to care about you either. It seems as if they are running this firm as a cash grab. To be more precise, it seems to me that the people behind Dover Partners don’t care about their clients at all. Their priority is making the most money and enlarging their portfolio. 

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The treatment I have received from my advisor at Dover Partners has been utterly disappointing. You don’t expect your wealth advisor to behave in such an unprofessional manner. I don’t want to name any names in this review because I’m not writing it as an attack or something. My goal with this review is to alert others about the disrespectful treatment this firm gives to its clients.

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If I had known how poorly these people treat their clients, I wouldn’t have considered doing business with them. But there weren’t any informative reviews on these people’s services on the internet. It’s possible that they treat me in such a horrible manner exclusively out of some bias. But in any case, people should know the truth about this company.

Dover Partners
Dover Partners

My account manager at this company talks to me in a very disrespectful manner too. I have interacted with them several times and in all instances, their behaviour seemed quite rude to me. They seemed very pretentious. It’s the duty of financial advisors to listen to their clients and try to figure out their requirements. In doing so, a financial advisor must treat their client with respect and behave appropriately. With Dover partners, I haven’t seen any of this. It was a mistake to choose these advisors over any other. 

The pandemic has been a nightmare for me and things haven’t been any good. So the horrible treatment from these people has become more bothersome for me recently. Moreover, it’s not like I haven’t tried to share this complaint with Dover Partners before. I have tried several times, but they don’t seem to care. 

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I’m hoping my review will alert other people about the horrible treatment these people deliver. It’s not okay for a financial advisor to ignore a client’s complaints. They should realize that their clients have the option to go to other wealth advisors whenever they like. The arrogant behaviour of their financial advisors has been a major disappointment. You don’t expect your wealth advisor to treat you with disrespect no matter what. But that’s not the case here. The people at this firm lack any sense of care or professionalism. 

When your financial advisor acts arrogantly and seems to know everything, trusting their advice becomes very difficult. People who act as if they know everything tend to be ignorant and attempt to compensate for their lack of knowledge by acting cocky. At least that’s what I have noticed in my life. So when my advisor from Dover Partners acts arrogantly, I suspect that they don’t know what they are talking about and are making up for their lack of knowledge by acting like this. 

Dover Partners Review: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I wouldn’t suggest working with such a group of arrogant and careless people. They don’t acknowledge their clients’ complaints and their advisors act as if the client doesn’t know anything about finance. Their arrogant behaviour is intolerable and infuriating. That’s why I don’t recommend working with these people. 

Dover Partners’ advisors are very rude and arrogant. They don’t treat their clients respectfully and professionally. That’s why I don’t recommend working with them.

2.7 Total Score
Rude and Arrogant

Dover Partners has some of the most arrogant financial advisors out there. I don't recommend working with such a bunch of rude people.

  • Arrogant
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  • Rude
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