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Lack Respect and Talk Horribly

Don’t hire this firm. Their advisors don’t listen to any complaints, treat their clients poorly, and don’t show any respect to the clients. My parents have been a client of Doyle Wealth Management and their experience has been terrible. They tell me that it was a mistake to work with these people. According to them, the advisors at Doyle don’t listen to them at all. Instead, the advisors talk to them harshly.

Did You Know?

Wealth advisors are professionals who are experts in finance and provide financial services and advice to clients based on their financial situation and goals. However, nowadays there are various scammers who dupe investors by claiming themselves to be wealth advisors.

They are retired fellows who wanted to hire an advisor to help them manage their funds. So they never expected their financial advisors to behave in such a brash manner. I have seen many service providers in my career but I hadn’t heard of such customer service before. Doyle Wealth Management provides retirement planning services and caters to senior citizens too. They should train their staff and teach them how to behave with clients. For a highly expensive and renowned firm, Doyle Wealth Management has disappointed me greatly.

On one occasion, they made my old parents wait for what felt like an hour! That’s not how you treat clients whether you’re in St. Petersburg or New Orleans. My parents thought they had arrived at the wrong time. And they apologized to the people at Doyle for arriving so early. While in fact, they had arrived on time and it was the fault of those advisors who don’t know how to manage meetings. I’m planning to arrange for their dismissal. Those people have no right to treat their clients horribly. Imagine your parents waiting for a long time in the reception area of a business which makes a lot of money from them. Wouldn’t it make you mad? Wouldn’t you want to scream at the face of those people? 

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I have tried complaining about this conduct with the people at Doyle through their online support. However, it seems to me that my complaints didn’t get through. Maybe the email I got was wrong or probably they just blatantly ignore complaints. Either way, there’s a huge communication gap between the staff of this firm. These people don’t address any complaints whatsoever. I didn’t expect such unprofessional behaviour from this firm, it only makes things worse for the clients.

If you face a problem with the people at Doyle you have no option but to remain silent. After all, there’s no use of complaining about anything. It’s also possible that the advisors at Doyle Wealth Management are so arrogant that they don’t want to make any improvements. Maybe the leadership receives those complaints and tells its staff to improve on them. But instead of listening to them, the staff simply ignores what was told and goes back to its old ways. After seeing how they handled my parent’s case, I’m quite certain that these people are quite unreliable. 

I believe the people at Doyle Wealth Management have grown complacent. They no longer care about their clients. It is possible that they think that their clients are only a bunch of ignorants who’d believe anything they want them to believe. I’m not saying all of the people at this firm are bad. If that were the case, this company wouldn’t have survived this long. But there’s something seriously horrible at this firm because its advisors talk too fast with clients, make their clients wait for long periods which is particularly worse for old folks, and don’t show any respect towards their clients.

I want the people at Doyle Wealth Management to take the constructive criticism from this review seriously. Maybe this review will help them identify their weak areas and improve these problems. However, until they do, I don’t think anyone should waste their money on these people. You should look elsewhere and find wealth advisors that truly care about your finances. Just because a wealth management company has a strong brand name, it doesn’t mean it’s reliable. My experience with Doyle Wealth Management has taught me this lesson the hard way. 

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What is Doyle Wealth Management?

I don’t want anyone to confuse this firm with some other company. There are many Doyles present in our country. Who knows how many of them are wealth managers?

Doyle Wealth Management is a financial advisory firm located in St. Petersburg, FL. Its address is 333 Third Avenue North, Suite 300. They offer multiple services such as retirement planning, financial planning, and more. 

If you’re looking for a financial advisor, please avoid Doyle Wealth Management. Their advisors treat their clients very poorly. My parents don’t deserve to get such horrible treatment. I don’t want anyone else to get such treatment too. So please, avoid doing business with these people. 

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Horrible Client Treatment

The advisors from Doyle Wealth Management have treated my old parents very poorly. They are rude and complacent. Moreover, it seems as if negative client feedback doesn't reach the right ears at this firm. Hiring them has been a nightmare.

  • Reputed name
  • Horrible client treatment
  • Use harsh tone and words while talking to senior citizens
  • Very manipulative
  • Don't address any negative feedback
  • Lack any regard for client satisfaction
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