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Dr. Alexander & Co. – Mistreatment and Monetary loss, all they offer?

Dr. Alexander & Co. is a Las Vegas plastic surgery clinic notorious for mistreating clients and delivering disappointing results. The clinic has received many complaints about the poor behavior of its staff and the terrible behavior of its surgeon. 

Before you spend your hard-earned money on this place, it would be best to know what your clients are saying. I’m sharing some of the various Dr. Alexander reviews I found online to help you determine whether you should go with them or not: 

About Dr. Alexander & Co.:

Dr. Alexander & Co. is a plastic surgery clinic located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its address is 1725 Village Center Cir Suite 150, Las Vegas, NV 89134, US, and the contact number is 7022-426-776. 

The clinic opens from 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays. Dr. George Alexander runs this clinic and offers various cosmetic services including: 

  • Forehead lift
  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast lift
  • Facelift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Mommy makeover
  • Breast reduction

Liposuction is the surgical procedure that removes excessive fat from specific body parts such as, hips, stomach, thighs etc. It is recommended at the points where exercise and diet alone are unable to work.

And many others. He earned his medical degree from the Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. 

Dr. Alexander & Co. might seem like any ordinary plastic surgery clinic at first, but the various Dr. Alexander reviews tell a different story. According to the clients of this place, Dr. Alexander is unreliable and selfish. The reviewers say that his staff behaves poorly, and Dr. Alexander is too arrogant to deal with. He has also developed a reputation for ignoring his clients’ concerns after performing the surgery. 

There’s a lot more to uncover, read the following Dr. Alexander reviews to find out: 

Dr. Alexander Lacks Courtesy and Medical Ethics

Dr. Alexander & Co. review

Jennifer had a terrible experience with this plastic surgeon. She was having consultations with various surgeons for breast augmentation and Dr. Alexander was one of them. Before visiting his clinic, she had met 3 or 4 other surgeons.

Jennifer points out that she has an extensive medical history, and they all acknowledged it. They all spoke with her primary care physicians, reviewed her medical history, and recommended she see someone else in case they didn’t feel comfortable performing the surgery. 

She shares that this was necessary, and she respected all of those surgeons, including those who recommended her to another doctor. 

Unlike other surgeons, Alexander behaved very unprofessionally. On the day of Jennifer’s appointment, she did all the formalities, paid the fees and they told her to undress and put on a robe. 

When she was sitting in the examination room, she heard George grab her chart, flip through it and tell his nurse “Absolutely not, why the hell is she here?!” Then, he slammed her chart back into the holder and went somewhere.

Jennifer understood that Dr. Alexander didn’t want to perform surgery on her after reviewing her medical history. But he didn’t come into the examination room to inform her of this. She kept waiting there until a nurse came in and told her that he wouldn’t do the consultation and she can get dressed. The nurse also told her that he was uncomfortable because of her medical history. 

Jennifer points out that even though Dr. Alexander knew about her medical history and the various issues she came over, he lacked the basic decency to explain his reasoning himself. 

He never met with her on the appointment nor did he introduce himself to her. Jennifer points out that she was holding back tears, embarrassed, and dehumanized. She shares that she only wanted to feel comfortable about herself but the way he behaved only made her hate her body. He didn’t have to perform the procedure but not even spending 10 minutes of his time was a little too much for Jennifer. 

Eventually, she went to another doctor who performed a successful procedure and delivered great results. The least Dr. Alexander could’ve done was treat her like a normal human being. 

Dr. Alexander Didn’t Help the Client in Getting Reimbursement from Their Insurance

Dr. Alexander & Co. review

Merna shares that Dr. Alexander isn’t working with her to get reimbursement from her insurance. He asked for cash up front and wasn’t willing to give the necessary information so she could file with her insurance. What’s worse is that the surgery wasn’t very good either. Merna points out that the implants are horrible and even ruptured. 

Gave the Client the Wrong Diagnosis, Putting Their Life in Danger

Dr. Alexander & Co. review

Madison needed breast reduction surgery and saw Dr. Alexander. He sent her to various labs and one of her test results said that she had breast cancer. The lab whose test result told her she had breast cancer was recommended by Alexander’s clinic. 

Madison cried a lot thinking the diagnosis was true. But when she met with a different surgeon, he found no cancer and performed the surgery successfully. 

What’s worse is after misdiagnosing Madison with breast cancer, Dr. Alexander’s clinic never contacted her to see how she was coping with the news. They didn’t care. 

Dr. Alexander Plastic Surgery Gave Disappointing Results and a Bumpy Nose

Dr. Alexander & Co. review

Ash shares that she picked Dr. Alexander because of his bedside manner but the results of his rhinoplasty were very disappointing. 

When her cast came off, she noticed that her nose didn’t look as small as she wanted it to. But thought it would look better when the swelling goes down. The results were still disappointing. 

He didn’t take as much as she hoped. Also, she points out there’s a small bump on the bridge of her nose because of scar tissue. Whenever she runs her fingers over her nose, the bump annoys her. 

Moreover, the right nostril has a sore that doesn’t heal and is always bloody. The change in her nose was so slight that it was a little disappointing. Moreover, she spent 3 years saving for this surgery. Ash doesn’t recommend Dr. Alexander & Co. for rhinoplasty.

Gave the Wrong Diagnosis, Causing the Client to Face Multiple Health Issues

Dr. Alexander & Co. review

The reviewer had seen Dr. Alexander get his opinion on an issue related to her breasts. He told her that the issue was related to her bra. However, she later found out that there was a leak in her breast implant, causing her to develop multiple serious health issues. 

Based on her experience, the reviewer doesn’t recommend this surgeon. She suggests finding someone else who cares about his patients. 

Working with a surgeon who doesn’t care about his patients can be very dangerous. For example, Azouz Plastic Cosmetic Surgery is a notorious clinic that charges tens of thousands of dollars but delivers disappointing results. 

Staff at Dr. Alexander & Co. Doesn’t Know How to Talk to Clients, Alexander is Too Arrogant

Dr. Alexander & Co. review

The reviewer went to see Dr. Alexander because she wanted breast revision surgery. She points out that he is way overrated and the prices he charges are for his overhead, not his skill. 

Also, the staff at Dr. Alexander & Co. think they are above everyone and judge clients by their appearance. Alexander criticized her breasts and his behavior was horrible. The reviewer had to see another surgeon to perform the revision procedure. 

Dr. Alexander & Co. Review 2021: Verdict

After going through the various Dr. Alexander reviews, it’s obvious that you should be wary of this clinic. There are too many red flags to count. 

First, the surgeon is notorious for his rude behavior. He thinks too highly of himself and doesn’t care much about his patients. 

Moreover, clients complain about the poor behavior of the staff

You should look for a plastic surgery clinic that knows how to deal with its clients. Dr. Alexander & Co. isn’t one of them. 

3.8 Total Score
Not Worth the Risk

Dr. Alexander & Co. is a plastic surgery clinic with tons of negative reviews and complaints. Clients complain that the place has unprofessional staff and has botched their surgeries.

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  • None
  • No respect for clients
  • Arrogant and rude staff
  • Have botched a ton of procedures
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  1. Most of his patients have suffered negatively after taking treatment from this inexperienced doctor and the staff members as well.

  2. Search for some other clinic for any sort of medical assistance regarding your skin because Dr. Alexander is not the right person, he had got popularity due to the fake promotion and advertisement of his clinic.

  3. Everyone who has taken any type of medical aid from the clinic has got their money wasted and regretted taking assistance from, Dr. Alexander. Several patients were unsatisfied with the treatment, and one of the patients was mistreated which caused her irritation and pain. So I will recommend you avoid them.

  4. If you search for the reviews for this clinic I can guarantee that most of them will be sharing the negative aspects of the clinic.

  5. The government should take necessary actions to make these nefarious people suffer for their scams, we are the ones giving them the liability to scam us.

  6. The clinic never bothers about your health whether you are facing any problem in the clinic, they never respond to your calls, and no action is taken on your complaints.

  7. I will recommend you avoid this clinic as far it is possible, the author has not yet kept all the incidents that took place at this clinic, and the clinic staff members are the most undisciplined and unsocial people.

  8. 0.1

    This screams scam

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  9. 5

    Super friendly staff. So committed to your needs. Always in contact through every step

    + PROS: Super friendly staff. So committed to your needs. Always in contact through every step
    - CONS: None
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  10. Has Dr Alexander and his staff been notified of these complaints?
    Has he been given a chance to respond?
    I believe there is always two sides to a story.

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