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Dr. Andrew Jacono Reviews – Botching Procedures and Ruining Lives

Dr. Andrew Jacono reviews
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Dr. Andrew Jacono is an incompetent plastic surgeon according to the numerous complaints against him. Find out more here.
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Dr. Andrew Jacono MD, FACS is a facial plastic surgeon with dual board certification who maintains a private practice in both New York City and Long Island. He claims to be well-known in his industry for his outstanding neck lift, facelift, and rhinoplasty outcomes and also claims to be renowned for developing the Deep Plane Facelift and the MADE Lift, which, via incredibly precise surgery, produce life-altering yet subtle and natural results.

Dr. Andrew Jacono
Numerous Dr. Andrew Jacono reviews have exposed him as incompetent

The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery both recognize Dr. Andrew Jacono as being board certified. More than 100 plastic surgery conferences and symposiums throughout the world have featured live surgery performed by Dr. Jacono, who has also written more than 50 articles on the subject of facial plastic surgery for scholarly magazines.

The most famous universities in America, including Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, Columbia University, and the University of Pennsylvania, have hosted talks by Dr. Andrew Jacono on his ground-breaking methods. At more than 100 plastic surgery conferences and symposiums around the world, he has also presented clinical research and performed actual surgeries. France, Italy, Japan, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Portugal, and Russia are just a few of the nations he has travelled to.

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What is a Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is where a person chooses to have an operation or invasive medical procedure, to change their physical appearance for cosmetic rather than medical reasons. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as Botox and dermal fillers – are typically used to relax or fill crease lines that do not involve surgery.

Many Dr. Andrew Jacono reviews highlight that he is quite incompetent at performing these procedures.

What is a Plastic Surgery?

Both function and attractiveness are improved and restored via plastic surgery. Surgery on any area of the anatomy, save the central nervous system, is possible (brain and spinal cord). Addressing skin conditions like skin cancer, scars, burns, birthmarks, and tattoo removal are all possible uses for plastic surgery. There are many Dr. Andrew Jacono reviews which expose his poor plastic surgery skills.

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What is the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery?

The only certification board exam specifically designed to assess a surgeon’s proficiency in cosmetic surgery of the face and body is the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. 

Among the prerequisites for eligibility include 

  • certification from one of the ABMS Boards (including the American Board of Plastic Surgery, American Board of Surgery, American Board of Dermatologic Surgery, or the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery).
  • Completing a fellowship authorized by AACS, or
  • Having been in business for at least six years and doing at least 1000 cosmetic surgery procedures.
  • Completing a demanding two-day oral and written test.
  • Having a good moral code

Types of cosmetic surgery:

Dr. andrew jacono

Briefing about Face-lift

A face-lift is a surgical cosmetic operation to give the face a youthful appearance. Skin sagging can be reduced by the technique. Moreover, it can aid in reducing skin wrinkles along the jawline and cheeks. A rhytidectomy is another name for a facelift.

A flap of skin is pulled back from each side of the face during a face-lift. Excess skin is removed, and tissues beneath the skin are modified. The face is given a more youthful shape as a result.

A facelift frequently includes a neck lift. It thins out the neck’s fat and loose skin.

Damage from sun exposure, such as fine lines and wrinkles, cannot be repaired by a facelift. Various cosmetic procedures can improve the appearance or texture of the skin.

Sadly, multiple Dr. Andrew Jacono reviews highlight how he botched facelift procedures.

Risks involved with Facial- Lift are as follows:

Hematoma. The most typical problem following a facelift is a hematoma, or collection of blood under the skin. Pressure and swelling are symptoms of a hematoma. 

Scarring. Face-lift incision scars are unavoidable. The hairline and the ears and face’s natural shapes usually conceal them, though. Raised scars from incisions are extremely rare.

Injections of a corticosteroid medication or other treatments might be used to improve the appearance of scars.

Nerve damage. Nerve damage is quite rare. Nerves that regulate sensation or muscles may be damaged. Its impact could be short-lived or long-lasting. 

Hair fall. At the incision sites, you can suffer from temporary or permanent hair loss. Surgery to transplant skin with hair follicles can treat permanent hair loss.

Losing skin. Occasionally, the blood flow to facial tissues might be cut off during a face-lift. Skin loss may happen from this. 

Like any other type of major surgery, a face-lift poses a risk of bleeding or infection. There’s also a risk of having a reaction to the anesthesia. Certain medical conditions or lifestyle habits also can increase the risk of complications.

Dr. Andrew Jacono Reviews You Must Read:

Wish, the patients who visited him could have come across these before!!

Here is a glimpse of some of the pain poured by the heart of some of his patients:

Dr. Andrew Jacono reviews
One of the many Dr. Andrew Jacono reviews exposing his incompetence

“I wish I’d read these previously,” Alexia B. wrote. Because she thought Dr. Andrew Jacono was the greatest based on his promises to be the finest, she made the decision to have a V-Y lip lift. Until almost two years after the surgery, when her lips weren’t healing properly, she had always trusted him. Her top lip is BIG and SWOLLEN, and the Y incision line is continually seeping lymphatic fluid. The area inside the incision was unpleasant. The philtrum is dragged down and skewed to the right, making it even longer. regardless of whether it is hot, cold, or room temperature, whenever she eats anything. Like a boxer, her lips are swollen. She often bites the downward-hanging sides of her lower lip.

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It was difficult for her to talk because of the flaps drooping. Moreover, she appears to be sporting a boxer’s mouthpiece.

Her front teeth are fully covered which resulted in her entire face transformation which is stupid-looking.

Dr. Andrew Jacono reviews

She underwent this operation because she wanted it to look natural and she didn’t want any scars. She now looks as though she just had a big filler injection, which is ridiculous. It makes people laugh, and it’s embarrassing.

With the expense of $15000 and also a 30-minute operation, one would be under the impression that she would have received first-class aftercare which was not the reality. Yet for the past three months, all of her appointments were postponed.

Furthermore, with $15,000 for a 30-minute operation, you’d assume she’d receive first-rate aftercare. Yet, all of her appointments have been postponed for the past three months. When she insisted on seeing him, she was given five minutes, told that she felt like she had an abscess, and instructed to get an MRI.

Following that, the medical staff needed to send the imaging department the clinical notes for her insurance application for 7 weeks before it was approved. Insurance rejected the notes when they were finally submitted because they weren’t signed, and they were disrespectful to her and the clinic in the process. When they eventually answered her daily calls for over seven weeks and authorized her, she had to wait. Around two weeks after the MRI results were reported, she was finally contacted.

The constant promise from the team was “ The team will get back to you “ and then nothing was the response.

Finally, she receives a call from someone who informs her that nothing can be done. The MRI produced no results. You should consult a neurologist, Dr. Andrew Jacono says. With that, she was sent out to work things out on her own. Her mouth was deformed. She is unable to see him for a thorough examination to find out what is causing the wound to ache and why fluid is flowing from it.

A different lip surgeon is what she thinks she needs in order to correct the disastrous mess her face has become. 

If speaking about Dr. Andrew Jacono, he simply offered her advice to get a bullhorn live which would cost her an additional fee of $12000 because the present surgery done on her lips has made her lips wider and longer. This bullhorn live he recommended to get by Dr. Gary Linkov who would bill her with an additional $6000 rather than his $20,000 fee!

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He is quite friendly, but she is angry and disappointed since she wasn’t expecting a so-called professional team and Top Face surgeon to just throw a client to the side, disfigured from his hand, without even trying to help. It appears that people only draw attention when they are well-known or are ready to make a sizable investment.

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The only comment she gets from the staff is “I’m sorry you feel that way.” It’s not a feeling – it’s a physical deformity that she’s been left with, in the middle of her face!!

She is strictly against any recommendation for Dr. Andrew Jacono. 

The other review given by one of his patients is regarding the browlift and here is a slight pick out of her pain

 She mentions that she had an endoscopic browlift with Dr. Andrew Jacono. 

Dr. Andrew Jacono reviews
Many Dr. Andrew Jacono reviews complaint about his poor surgical skills.

She mansions that her face is lopsided. She has to have Botox every 3 months consecutively in order to keep her brows down. One side of her mouth is higher and she mentioned that the other side of the skin is pulled.

Another example of the disaster committed by Dr. Andrew was rhinoplasty:

Dr. Andrew Jacono reviews
There are numerous such Dr. Andrew Jacono reviews

This experience is by the client describing her experience with Dr. Andrew as worst and awful as her face present condition is that her nose is crooked, and the bridge is overly flattened which has been narrowed significantly. The bridge is uneven with the bone sticking out. The bridge is smaller as compared to the one that she expected and there is no connection to the nostrils. 

Dr. Andrew Jacono reviews
By posting fake Dr. Andrew Jacono reviews, the surgeon is able to defraud many consumers

She further mentions that Dr. Andrew Jacono is a master in marketing but worst in surgery and he operated on more clients throughout the day than he should in a day. He used to speed up procedures on patients in order to earn money to build up his 5th office. She further adds that she noticed the worst craftsmanship in the surgical room but still led that disaster happens to her pretty face which now haunts her daily and depresses her every moment she comes across a mirror.


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Avoid Dr. Andrew Jacono

Fancy marketing and a big-name endorsement are not the criteria for a surgeon especially a plastic surgeon to be claimed as the best. As plastic surgery is involved a great deal of risk and if the result is not satisfactory, the person can get into depression for life. Because of great marketing, Dr. Andrew was successful in getting a number of customers but due to his worst practice, he committed disaster people’s faces which left them with a huge deal of regret and nothing else.

Dr. Andrew Jacono Reviews – Botching Procedures and Ruining Lives
Dr. Andrew Jacono Reviews – Botching Procedures and Ruining Lives

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  1. Be safe and avoid this man for any sort of treatment, he is very much unprofessional and uneducated regarding his field.

  2. If you are trusting this man on the basis of his degrees and popularity then you are taken away from his fake promotions, he is an expert in promoting himself as one of the most professional and trustworthy truth but the truth can be observed from the reviews which he has got from the public, so make sure you aren’t leaving your face in the hands of Andrew the unprofessional surgeon.

  3. This man has ruined several lives of his patients so I will suggest you avoid this man to maintain your health and be safe without getting involved with a firm and make sure you aren’t into the hands of this unprofessional group of people, plastic surgery is the most delicate profession requires experience of several and also need to be educated about their profession and they should practice the same after years of practice so that none of the patients bare the consequences like some of them have gone through it is very much important to differentiate between the scammers and the reliable doctors. If you will talk about trust and other things then they are not at all trustworthy for their profession, the company has faced several lawsuits regarding their bad treatment, making the lives of their clients hectic.

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