Dr Anthony Madu – GBP 120,000 Fraud, Arrest and Jail (New Update 2023)

Nigerian-British Gynaecologist, Dr Anthony Madu has been jailed for two years and the authorities have confiscated his license. 

Dr Anthony Madu received convictions of six charges in 2014 for working as a locum at hospitals across England and pocketed around £120,000, while he was first employed at the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

These medical frauds are increasing there are many fraudulent activities indulged in these types of fraud like health insurance fraud, drug fraud, billing of services which is unnecessary, falsy medical records, and many illegal schemes that would attract people. However, the patients should check the medical history of the doctors and the clinics, before proceedings.

Though Dr Anthony Madu was working at different hospitals receiving the payment, he was on sick leave taking hefty pay.

Dr Anthony Madu, a British gynecologist of Nigerian descent, was found guilty of six counts of fraud and was sentenced to two years in prison and had his medical license revoked. The allegations revolve around the time Dr Anthony Madu spent on sick leave from his job with the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, during which he worked as a locum at several hospitals in England and earned approximately £120,000.

The actions of Dr Anthony Madu are a heinous breach of the trust placed in the medical profession by patients and other medical professionals. Dr Anthony Madu dishonest actions harm the reputation of physicians and the entire healthcare system. Medical professionals must always act with the highest levels of honesty and integrity to provide the best care possible.

The severity of the penalties imposed on Dr Anthony Madu demonstrates that the medical community will not tolerate fraud. It is a cautionary tale for healthcare professionals about the consequences of betraying patients’ and colleagues’ trust. Those in the healthcare industry must prioritize ethics and adhere to the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and responsibility.

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As the medical field evolves and faces new challenges, practitioners must maintain an unwavering commitment to ethical conduct. Madu’s punishment serves as a sobering example of what can occur when these minimum requirements are not met.

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Also, he was legally obliged to tell two locum agencies that he was on extended leave. Reports said he also had to inform them of his sick leave, reports said.

Furthermore, the reports highlighted that he kept working for both the Cardiff and Vale University Health Boards. 

30/11/2023 Update
As of now, Dr Anthony Madu has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Dr. Anthony Madu was receiving payments from them as well as from the hospitals in England. 

Cardiff and Vale Health took on Dr. Anthony Madu in August 2009. They did so just weeks after his involvement in the care of a first-time mom.

Her son Mikhael was born unresponsive. The baby died after eleven days. 

More Details on the Case Against Dr. Anthony Madu

After an inquest of baby Mikhael Morales, the investigation revealed that her mother Sheryl Morales had received excessive drugs during her labor. This caused the death of her child at Royal Bolton Hospital.

At the hearing, the Assistant Coroner called him an “unimpressive witness”. 

After the police investigation, no charges were brought and the Bolton Hospital apologized to the parents.

Currently, the General Medical Council has suspended Dr. Anthony Madu, as they were engaged in a legal battle with him for a long time.

Also, legal documents show that the GMC has accused him of presenting the wrong documents of postgraduate training and misbehaving with the staff.

Other allegations against Dr. Anthony Madu include cooperating during the investigation, and Madu has competed for all the allegations made by the GMC.

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At the judgment of the trial at the Cardiff Crown Court Judge Morgan praised the CVUHB for being alert and bold to take action against Dr. Anthony Madu for such a crime.

Before working in Cardiff, Madu sought sick leave on three different occasions from Jan 2010.

Dr. Anthony Madu claimed  £49,000 from Cardiff while working for several other hospitals like Sandwell General Hospital at Birmingham and Scarborough General Hospital.

Moreover, he was working at the Royal Oldham Hospital in Greater Manchester during the same period.

After all, Dr. Anthony Madu received his sentence on the 28 of November.

Hence, Judge David Wynn Morgan has asked for the reports and ordered a pre-sentence to be prepared by the 28 of November.

Until then, Dr. Anthony Madu remained in police custody.

Beware of such doctors as you might face a lot of risks. For example, Dr. Gary Motykie has received plenty of allegations of botching plastic surgeries. Another prominent example is Dr. Dean Toriumi. He is notorious for ignoring patients after their procedures.

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