Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology – Greedy Business Practices Review 2023

Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology is a clinic in Beverly Hills which has received countless complaints for scamming its patients. The doctor here has received many complaints for having terrible bedside manner as well. 

Hence, before you trust him with your skin and its health, it would be best if you go through some of the following Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology reviews: 

Who is Dr. Armand Newman?

Dr, Armand Newman Dermatology is a clinic in Beverly Hills, California. It is located at 9150 Wilshire Blvd #100, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, US and its contact number is 310-888-8877. 

Dr. Armand Newman runs this clinic with his daughter Dr. Daniella Newman. Together, they offer a variety of services to their clients including: 

  • Skin cancer screenings
  • Mole removal
  • Botox
  • Dermal fillers
  • Hyperpigmentation treatment
  • Acne treatment
  • Laser treatments
  • Coolsculpting

And plenty more.

They claim to focus on delivering clear and healthy skin for different ethnic skins. Moreover, they claim to offer their patients high-quality care with comfort and ease on their clients’ part. 

On paper, Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology seems like a simple and useful clinic. However, the numerous reviews of the place tell an entirely different story. According to the reviewers, the physicians here aren’t worth your time. 

In the next section of this review, I have shared many of the Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology reviews: 

“They Are Running an Insurance Scam”

Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology

Here, the reviewer points out that they waited there for over an hour. However, the staff kicked them out because they challenged the exceptionally misleading claims on the clinic’s website about insurance. 

The website of the clinic lists all the insurers as the insurance providers they accept. But once you check in, they tell you that you are out of network and charge $125. The reviewer highlights that they heard it happen to every single person in the waiting room. 

Moreover, the reviewer highlights that the office manager of Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology is the most wretched human being they have ever encountered professionally. They highlight that the so-called office manager was clearly there to scam people and squeeze as much money out of them as possible. 

The reviewer says that they are shady and deceptive. Clearly, they knew that the reviewer saw through their facade. So, the office manager started acting inappropriately and unprofessionally. 

At the end, the reviewer says that patients have rights and a clinic shouldn’t treat them with such disrespect. 

Dr. Armand Newman Made the Client Wait for an Hour, Saw Her for Just 2 Minutes

Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology

Angella says that she is baffled to see the various reviews praising this dermatologist. In her experience, it was the worst visit of her life. She highlights that the front office is slow and incompetent. Moreover, the recommended treatments are either expensive, ineffective lasers or products by the doctor that cost 10x what you would pay in a drugstore. 

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Furthermore, the ingredients of the doctor’s products are the same as the products you see in the drugstores. The only difference is that the doctor’s products cost a lot more. For example, she shares that they sell a $35 10% benzoyl peroxide face wash which you can buy at any drugstore for $3. 

Angella shares that she waited an hour and a half to see the doctor. Then, he spent only 2 minutes with her and left suddenly because he received a phone call.

Also, Angella shares that the front desk had told her before she saw the doctor that she could see him without the usual $175 office visit fee. However, she would have to pay for any prescriptions or laser treatments that he recommended. 

Angella told them that she wouldn’t expect anything to be complimentary for acne treatment beyond a consultation. 

Later, they gave her a bill for $175 which they had specifically told her that she would not have to pay. Then, the front desk told her that they have billed her insurance and because she has not met her deductible, they applied the $175 to her deductible. So, she has to pay the office. 

Angella points out that they shouldn’t have billed her insurance in the first place after promising her that there would be no charge for the consultation. 

Also, she shares that she has never left a doctor’s office because of unreasonable waiting time. As the half hour waiting time turned into an hour, she told herself to wait a bit more because she had already waited for so long. However, after this experience, she wouldn’t hesitate to leave a doctor’s office instantly. 

Angella doesn’t recommend Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology. 

Lashed Out At A Client, Screamed At Her and Threw Her Out

Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology

Bree shares that her first impression of Dr. Newman was that he has terrible bedside manner. Also, she says he is cold and demeaning. 

She continued treatment at this clinic only because of the nurses and the staff. However, at her last checkup, she saw how he mistreats his nurses and staff. While she understands that he overbooked himself and had many patients waiting an hour past their appointment time, he is a professional who should provide everyone with a safe environment. 

Bree had an appointment to complete her treatment. However, at the end of her appointment, Dr. Newman said that he doesn’t have time for her treatment today so she will have to come back. 

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Bree said “I’m so confused” and Newman lost control over himself. He started harassing her and screaming at her to leave his clinic and never return. Then, his staff tried apologizing on his behalf. But he kept chasing her down the hall screaming “Don’t speak to my staff on the way out and waste any of our time, I will not tolerate your behavior in this office”. 

Many people including the nurses and the patients saw this ordeal. Bree says that she will never return to this place. ALthough the staff called to apologize for his outburst, the damage has already been done. 

Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology is Not Worth the Money

Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology

Kaveh shares that she doesn’t know how Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology gains any clients. In her experience, he was extremely rude and lacked any interest in giving her a proper consultation. 

She called him out on it. Kaveh said to him “Hey, I’ve taken time out of my day and paid $125 for a consultation, do your job I have questions!” Usually, she would have requested a refund but she was too busy to argue with the front desk for that amount. 

She says that she will definitely not be returning. Moreover, Dr. Newman didn’t even bother to look into the type of insurance she has. He is out of network for Kaveh but he said that she has HMO insurance by glancing at her card. This is completely false. 

Kaveh points out that she has PPO, which is irrelevant because most of the doctors she sees don’t even accept insurance. However, she highlights that this guy is not worth paying for out of pocket. Also, she points out that the clinic seems a little outdated because they don’t offer any modern procedures such as PRP facials. 

Furthermore, it seemed to Kaveh that the laser machines here are quite outdated. 

Dr. Newman Needs to Change His Behavior

Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology

Hannah shares that she has been a patient of Dr. Newman for decades. In her experience, he used to have a friendly demeanor but his behavior has degraded substantially over the last couple of years. 

She noticed that his attitude has totally changed. He was unfriendly and scary. She drove 3 hours to get to the clinic and was paying in cash. The least he could have done is be accommodating. 

She understands that the pandemic has put a dent in businesses but if he continues with the attitude he has, he will lose a lot of patients. Hannah points out that his attitude needs to change. 

Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology is Greedy, Lies to Insurance Providers

Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology

The reviewer says that she has been here a few times. Dr. Newman sold her some creams and did some facial laser on her face. However, when she received her insurance statement, she found that the clinic had charged her over $11,000 for the 2 visits. 

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Moreover, the statement said that he operated on her. Later, she learned that he once had his medical license revoked. 

She shares that her own father was a surgeon and when one of his staff accidentally overcharged a patient he was furious. However, that doesn’t apply to Dr. Newman. 

“Extremely Long Wait Hours and Greedy Doctor”

Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology

The reviewer says that their first visit was in relative time. Newman looked at their rash and a nurse applied some of Newman’s own cream. When the reviewer was leaving, Newman recommended the cream so they bought some for $60. 

Although the cream worked alright, the reviewer had to keep using it otherwise the rash would come back. They bought it again and realized that the doctor doesn’t want to fix the issue. Instead, he wants the reviewer to keep paying him for the cream.

On their second visit, the reviewer had to wait for almost an hour to see him. They highlight that the cause of the delay was Newman himself because he was talking to some people and showing them around. 

Moreover, he wanted to charge the reviewer $400 for a pin prick and squeeze. When the reviewer said that it doesn’t sound right, he dropped the price to $200. 

This baffled the reviewer. They highlight that they will never return to this clinic and will never recommend anyone to go there as well. 

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After going through the above reviews, it’s obvious that Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology is not a reliable clinic. The place has horrendous leadership which is constantly trying to steal funds from insurance providers. 

Many clients have complained about the attitude and rude behavior of Dr. Newman as well. All of this suggests that it would be best for you to find a different dermatologist in Beverly Hills. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

2.1 Total Score

Dr. Newman tries to take advantage of his clients by lying to their insurance providers. Moreover, he has received many complaints for his rude behavior and horrible bedside manner. Certainly, he is not a great service provider.

2.9Expert Score
1.3User's score
  • None
  • Terrible bedside manner
  • Rude
  • Shady business practices
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  1. 0.5

    Dr Armand Dermatology scammed me. His treatment didn’t do anything. Only made my condition worse.

    Not recommended at all👎

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Scammer Negligent Careless
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    Dr Armand doesn’t know how to talk to people. He doesn’t behave like a medical professional.

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    Dr. Armand Newman Dermatology is the worst doctor ever!!!

    He should learn how to talk to his patients.

    We are paying you after all.

    Dr. Newman is rude and a narcissist. Only go to him if you like getting insulted and scammed.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Horrible behaviour
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