Dr. Ben Talei – Greedy, Unprofessional and Unethical Review 2023

Dr. Ben Talei is a celebrity surgeon based in Beverly Hills. He makes many boastful claims about his expertise but his clients disagree. According to his reviews, he is greedy, unreliable and unprofessional. 

Many of his clients have complained about the terrible results they received after the procedure. Some others have complained about how he lies to you and increases the prices suddenly. 

Hence, before you trust him with your beauty and money, it would be best if you go through some of these Dr. Ben Talei reviews:

About Beverly Hills Center for Plastic Surgery By Dr. Ben Talei:

Dr. Ben Talei is a plastic surgeon who runs the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic Surgery. It is located at 465 N Roxbury Dr #750, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, US and its contact number is 310-288-0641. 

Ben and his clinic claim to focus on providing the most natural and minimally invasive procedures to its clients. Also, he claims to focus on providing the most natural results by using the most cutting-edge and advanced treatments. 

Beverly Hills Center for PLastic Surgery specializes in facial surgeries including: 

  • Brow lifts
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Mini-facelift
  • Acne treatment
  • Neck lift
  • Facelift
  • Lip lift
  • Otoplasty

And plenty more. 

So far, everything seems fine. But when you read the Ben Talei negative reviews, things take a turn for the worse. 

Ben’s clients have posted a ton of complaints against him because of his lack of care and professionalism. To distract other consumers from these complaints, Ben uses unethical marketing tactics. He has been in legal trouble as well. 

More on this in the following sections of this review: 

The Dr. Ben Talei Lawsuit (Filed in 2018):

In 2018, Dr. Ben Talei filed a lawsuit against Does 1 to 100 for personal injury (assault/battery/defamation). He filed the case in Los Angeles County Superior Courts and the court has dismissed the case. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the case, you can go here.

Dr. Ben Talei Pays Blogs to Praise Him(Paid PR):

There are different ways to gain customers as a plastic surgeon. A legitimate and skilled surgeon would let their work speak for themselves and may promote their services every now and then. 

However, Dr. Ben Talei receives too many complaints. The list of these Ben Talei negative reviews is extremely long. 

He clearly can’t let his work speak for himself. So, he uses other unethical marketing tactics to gain new customers. 

One of them is to pay third-party blogs and websites to write articles about him. 

Here is a screenshot of such an article: 

Dr. Ben Talei

If someone stumbles across it, they would think that the praise is genuine. Because there’s no visible paid partnership between Ben and this website. 

By using such articles, Ben can make himself seem more reliable than he actually is. This is highly unethical because it deceives customers. However, it’s a common tactic among shady medical practitioners. 

Another shady doctor who uses this method is Dr. Lara Devgan MD who has received hundreds of complaints for botching procedures. 

Now that you know a little about his background, here are some of the latest Dr. Ben Talei negative reviews: 

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Ben Charged $15,000 for a Botched Lip Lift and Took No Responsibility Afterwards

Dr. Ben Talei

Linda begs everyone not to buy into the nonsense Dr. Talei sells to them. She shares that she has had several procedures over the last 30 years and most of them were great. 

In her experience, she found Dr. Talei to be a nice guy but that’s it. She points out that he is extremely overpriced and overrated. Moreover, she believes that half of the positive reviews on his business profiles aren’t even real because he is a terrible surgeon. 

Linda highlights that he talks a big game and makes you feel like he knows everything. Also, he has quite an expensive office to impress his clients but they end up paying the rent. 

Linda had a lip lift which turned out to be a nightmare. The 3 months after the procedure were some of the ones of her life. Linda had a bacteria infection after the procedure and Ben wouldn’t admit it .

Later, she had to go to a dermatologist to get help. Also, Linda was in horrible pain for 3 months and Dr. Ben Talei couldn’t explain why. He refused to give her the necessary medication as well. 

Linda points out that his office is very disorganized. She had paid a bill already and was quoted a price they had agreed upon. 2 weeks later, the clinic increased the price to double , saying that they forgot to charge her for the sides of her lips. 

Moreover, they charged her $15,000 for a lip lift. She says that it was her mistake to not leave the place right then and there. 

Ben gave her a dozen excuses for why he had to charge her so much money. In the meantime, the sides of her lips and mouth did not go up after the procedure. Instead, they went down. 

Now, Linda has seen 2 different doctors. But they haven’t been able to fix this mess. All of this has cost her an additional $3,000 already and she would have to spend more. 

Linda says that she is very disappointed. She highlights that Ben makes you wait several hours before letting you see him to make himself look busy and in-demand. This way, he can justify the excessive “Dr. Ben Talei consultation fees”. 

Linda doesn’t recommend him for any other procedures as well because his results only last for a couple of months. She recommends seeing a different doctor because her experience with him was terrible. 

Dr. Ben Talei Took $500 for a Consultation, Promised to Call Back, Never Did

Dr. Ben Talei

Vanessa had picked Dr. Ben Talei because she thought he would deliver her awesome results. But his lack of professionalism astounded her. Vanessa paid $500 as Dr. Ben Talei consultation fees and waited for months. 

After making her wait for multiple months, they called her to move her consultation. Moreover, she points out that no one from the clinic calls you a day before the appointment to remind you of the same. She received a call at around 8:30 PM for her consultation through FaceTime and she didn’t see his face even once. 

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According to Vanessa, there’s no way to know if she truly spoke with Ben or one of his staff members. Also, it seemed like the person on the other end was driving a car because Vanessa heard a lot of noise during the call.

At the end of the conversation, he told the reviewer that he would have one of his staff members call her the next day, which was a Friday. However, they didn’t call her for a few days. 

So, Vanessa decided to check up on them on Tuesday afternoon. The staff member who answered the phone told Vanessa that it usually takes them 48 hours to give a call back. However, it had already been more than that. 

Then, the staff member assured her that she would pass the message and she would get a call back by the end of the day. They didn’t call. 

Vanessa reached out to Ben’s Instagram and she got a reply. Then, someone messaged her and asked about a vet, which makes no sense. 

Vanessa highlights that it has been 2 weeks since her consultation and nothing fruitful has come out of it. It feels like the $500 she spent on the consultation went down the drain. She says that it doesn’t matter how busy the doctor is, he should try to keep his potential clients in the loop. It was a very disappointing experience for her. 

Dr. Ben Talei Botched the Lip Lift, Performed a Procedure to Fix the Issue and Botched That One Too

Dr. Ben Talei

The above reviewer had a lip lift with Ben. She highlights that there was visible scarring after the procedure so she went for a CO2 laser treatment for them. However, the treatment ended up creating new, white and indented scars in places where there were no scars before. 

She wishes that she never visited this doctor before. Here are the pictures she shared with her original review: 

Dr. Ben Talei
Dr. Ben Talei
1GHDGp5E2yA8RlhywsvY0xi dD6AkLxHBk21sRqOfhon4c3 IBqzml1p lf1Hvru4oMMB zgH2nvKoUektGIjubJZFvwRdoCKavQuyXikYHdjkHkF3d5lE w3eBj9cLvqFbdUaXq

Later, she posted an update to her complaint. She points out that it looked better before the CO2 laser procedure. The nurse she saw for electrolysis told her that she has delicate skin and laser is unsuitable for it. 

If a nurse can see it, why couldn’t Dr. Ben Talei who claims to be an expert? 

She shared a few more pictures with her update: 

Dr. Ben Talei
6FApEqq3VL b9YtGtaDMa7lVJ8 Nn2cl1etyA80nKmUk1UXDIoZfXXSU hcvvbIe4eFz7cZjMFgckVcK9XkhYkkJ XfJiiXMqZ k47Acsksij1DrZ0Xh9h rks IcwLgTnGYARhi
Dr. Ben Talei
KucxKQdslneDEoMcCKE0GaHdd7SceOR6aD386nFgjYPAqC Y8d3Ynmz8U2uYRW1YTPBGH1soBqHopNujbsvjmgNpOA9SOhFJUcv

Here is her latest update. She shows in the picture below that you can see the demarcation where the shaved down skin begins and the normal skin ends. 

Also, she points out that the laser wasn’t the only thing unsuitable for her skin. The repair Ben did for her skin was also done poorly and he used too much pressure. That led to the scars being indented. 

Dr. Ben Talei

Butchered the Client’s Face, Left Several Scars, Took No Responsibility

Dr. Ben Talei

Lisa says that Dr. Ben Talei completely ruined her face. She doesn’t recommend going to him for any kind of surgical services as he is not skilled nor is he honest. Lisa points out that you would be taking a humongous risk if you choose to stick with him. 

Also, Ben claims to be better than other surgeons but that’s a complete lie. 

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Lisa highlights that he made too many changes to her face without her permission. She wanted natural results with very little modifications to her face. However, after the procedure, it seems obvious that she received plastic surgery. 

Moreover, he left a few scars which he claimed would go away. But they never did. 

There were several complications after the procedure and he made remarks about them as if he didn’t care. Lisa highlights that he made mistakes but failed to take any responsibility. Moreover, he refused to fix anything and after creating the whole mess, recommended her to see a different doctor. 

Lisa doesn’t recommend seeing Dr. Ben Talei for any surgeries. She says that he is extremely greedy and dishonest. Hence, you can’t trust him with your face.

Lied to the Client About the Procedure’s Pricing Until the 11th Hour

Dr. Ben Talei

Carmen says that the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic Surgery is a pure rip off. She called them before her consultation to make sure they agreed on the price. They told her that the price for her procedure was $7,500. 

While it was clearly more expensive than other places, she didn’t mind. So, she scheduled a consultation. 

Later, Carmen scheduled a consultation and after a 5 minute talk with Dr. Talei, they led her to an office to schedule the surgery. There, they told her that the price of the procedure was $10,500. 

Carmen was shocked. She points out that they were lying to her all this time. It is unprofessional and greedy. Moreover, the front desk staff was quite rude when she asked if she could use her $500 for a different procedure like fillers or botox. 

When Carmen confronted them about this sudden price change they told her that the prices of their procedures are changing all the time so it shouldn’t matter to her. Carmen says that a change of $500 might have seemed reasonable but adding $3000 to the price tag within a month is a little too much. 

The least they could have done is inform Carmen about this significant increase in their pricing before the appointment. 

More Dr. Ben Talei Reviews You Should Look At:

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After going through the above reviews, one thing is obvious. Dr. Ben Talei is a horrible plastic surgeon. 

He prioritizes his wallet over the interests and requirements of his clients, which is a huge red flag. Moreover, he doesn’t try to fix these issues. Instead, he uses unethical marketing tactics to gain new clients. 

Avoid him at all costs! 

2.5 Total Score
Best to avoid

Dr. Ben Talei has received too many complaints for botching surgeries, ignoring his clients, and having unprofessional staff. Moreover, he uses unethical marketing tactics to deceive consumers. All of this suggests that it would be best to avoid dealing with him.

2.6Expert Score
2.3User's score
  • None
  • Botched numerous procedures
  • Received a ton of complaints
  • Uses unethical marketing tactics
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  1. I was interested in his services. So glad I looked him up. You just saved a lady from a nightmare 🙂

    • You should see Dr Randal Haworth (in Beverly Hills too), he is the best. Had surgery with him (face and body) and he is a magician. He is very careful and honest.

  2. 1.6

    I thought the staff here was nice but the doctor is just so so bad. You would get better advice from Google than this guy.

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  3. 1.25

    Do not trust the 5 star reviews you see on Dr. Ben Talei.

    He does not deserve such high rating. The guy will do anything to take your money. He doesn’t care about his patients. My experience with him was terrifying. I’m never going back 😤

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  4. 0.6

    I thought Ben Talei would be a good doc. I was so wrong. Paid $500 consultation fees, had a FT and the meeting was inconclusive. After that dreaded waste of time, which I was looking forward to, I realized that Ben doesn’t care about me. I was supposed to get a call back later on but they never bothered. Never calling this place EVER!!!

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