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Dr. Blake Livingood – Reviews, Complaints and Dangerous Quack

dr. blake livingood
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Dr. Blake Livingood is a quack who puts other people's lives at risk through his unethical practices. Beware of this scammer.
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Dr. Blake Livingood is an unreliable doctor. He is a borderline quack who is putting numerous lives at risk. Before you consider following his advice, be sure to read the following Dr. Blake Livingood review:

A person who provides regular dietary guidance is exactly what Americans need in a nation where the majority of people suffer from obesity and other weight-related problems. A person who will “sell” hope to People by educating them about healthy lifestyles and successful weight loss techniques.

And only someone whose name begins with the prefix “Dr” can perform this. Someone who will come and treat Americans for all weight-related problems and whose methods will be unique and secure from those used by other medical specialists.

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About Dr. Blake Livingood

Dr. Blake Livingood

Dr. Blake Livingood claims he developed the Livingood Daily natural health website and fitness services. He has also authored several more publications, such as Making Food Simple and Livingood daily. Dr. Blake Livingood has certifications in chiropractic and alternative medicine. The doctor’s main objective is to persuade patients to give up prescription medication and adopt healthy lifestyles. He holds different beliefs from others regarding strengthening one’s immune system and prioritizing health care rather than sick care. A prominent physician owns the main natural health clinics in North Carolina. Yet, he no longer visits patients. Blake is a married man who resides with his wife, Cary, and has three children.

Dr. Livingood Credentials

According to Dr. Blake Livingood, he started working on his well-known effort to create natural cures 15 years ago when he was obtaining his Ph.D. Dr. Blake Livingood was forced to take action because of the deteriorating health of his ailing 51-year-old father. He was frightened by the thought that despite years of treatment, his father’s health had not improved. Dr. Blake Livingood requested that he move in with him and started looking into doable health solutions.

Healthcare fraud is when patients’ confidence has been violated by healthcare management or professionals who have used deception to their detriment. One of the many components of deception is when the truth is distorted to conceal, deceive, or control the truth.

According to Dr. Blake Livingood, he frequently gave his father advice on grocery shopping and exercise. After 90 days, his health also improved, and he was able to quit taking prescription medications. He even showed up at his son’s wedding. From this experience, Dr. Blake Livingood created a manual to help others focus on their health and make significant lifestyle changes. According to the doctor, lifestyle factors account for 98% of all illnesses.

A Brief About Quackery

Quackery, frequently used interchangeably with health fraud, is the promotion of dubious or uninformed medical procedures. A quack is a “fraudulent or uninformed pretender to medical skill” or “someone who falsely claims to have skill, knowledge, qualifications, or credentials in a professional or public setting; a charlatan or snake oil salesperson” The word “quack” is a shortened version of the obsolete Dutch term “kwakzalver,” which means “hawker of salve.” The word quack originally meant “shouting” in the Middle Ages. The quacksalvers shouted to attract attention while selling their wares at fairs.

Frequent components of general quackery include suspect diagnoses made using suspect diagnostic procedures as well as suspect therapies, particularly for deadly illnesses like cancer.

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What does quackery look like?

When a business sells a supplement, herb, or diet aid that does nothing, you can also call it quackery.

Some doctors believe that all alternative medicine is quackery, while others think that certain of these practices, like acupuncture or meditation, do benefit patients.

Dr. Living Good Reviews Complaints

Although most of Blake’s company fraud instances have not been officially recorded or made public, several clients have voiced their displeasure through negative Google and Yelp reviews.

Several of them, as can be seen, complain that the Health and Wellness Center did not provide them with satisfactory services.

Most said their requested goods were either partially or improperly delivered.

Is Dr. Blake a real doctor?

Do any of you know much about Dr. Livingood and his program? He says he had a doctorate in natural medicine but I don’t see that as a degree, the closest thing being a doctorate in naturopathic medicine. I can see that he has a degree in chiropractic care. Is he legit? I’m not sure how qualified he is to say his program will get you off you medications and cure you of incurable ailments. It all sounds like a snake oil salesmen to me.

submitted by /u/MissELace

Keep yourself updated with the current #fitness #skincare and #weightloss information at

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Chiropractors specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular diseases, with special emphasis on the manipulation and/or manual adjusting of the spine.

Some of the reviews say the same:

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One of the clients says that Dr. Blake Livingood is not a physician. Dr. Blake Livingood is a chiropractor who speaks against what the medical establishment (of which He is not a member) believes since it lacks evidence. My daughter, a chiropractor (trained to handle musculoskeletal problems), maintains that the man in question is not a primary care physician as Dr. Blake Livingood claims and casts a negative light on chiropractors.

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The other client mentions that he had chiropractors as clients, known chiropractors, and used chiropractors for back issues. Would he seek chiropractic care if he had leukemia or another serious illness? No way. The issue with chiropractors is that some of their beliefs go beyond what is supported by research and are almost religious in nature. Because of this, he notices that the extremely religious members of my family have a lot of faith in men like these.

I support some holistic forms of therapy, but men like this one are only interested in product sales. What services did he provide to athletes? Muscle or bone manipulation was it? Elite athletes probably already have nutritionists on staff.

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I’ve had multiple PCP that will tell me to buy magnesium supplements, take probiotics, etc. The guy paints with a very broad brush. Why? SO HE CAN SELL PRODUCTS. Lemmings.

Some of the glimpses of some other clients of Dr. Blake Livingood’s reviews:

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Livingood Daily Review

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According to Dr. Blake Livingood, despite the fact that America consumes 75% of the world’s drugs, seven out of ten deadly diseases are chronic and preventable. Its third-leading cause of mortality is currently the healthcare system, which was developed to solve this problem. This happens because we usually take our health for granted or think we’re in good health up until a sickness strikes. We use drugs and surgeries to treat diseases once they manifest. That is not healthcare that is sick care. This book provides instructions on how to achieve true health. Controlling disease and illness will only make them worse; promoting health will make it better for you.

History of controversies surrounding Dr. Blake Livingood 

Throughout its history, chiropractic has been the subject of internal and external discussion and criticism. The founder of chiropractic, Daniel D. Palmer, held that “vertebral subluxation” was the only cause of all diseases and that manipulation was the only cure.

A 2003 assessment of the entire profession found that “most chiropractors (whether straight or mixers) still hold views of Innate Intelligence and of the origin and cure of disease (not simply back pain) consistent with those of the Palmers.” A critical evaluation was done “Chiropractic’s mystical principles serve as its cornerstones. Internal conflict still persists in the chiropractic profession as a result of this.” Due to rendering medical services without a license, D.D. Palmer and several other chiropractors were sent to prison. To tackle this issue, D.D. Palmer proposed making chiropractic a religion.

For most of its existence, chiropractic has battled against traditional medicine, spurred by antiscientific and pseudoscientific ideas like spinal subluxation. According to chiropractic research, fraud, abuse, and quack medicine are more prevalent in this field of medicine than in other medical specialties.

Unfounded claims about the efficacy of chiropractic have continued to be made by individual chiropractors and chiropractic organizations. The central concept of orthodox chiropractic, vertebral subluxation, is not backed by trustworthy science. Systematic evaluations have shown that the most common kind of chiropractic care, spinal manipulation, is ineffective for treating any medical condition, with the possible exception of back pain. Rarely, adults and children may suffer lasting disabilities or even pass away as a result of spinal manipulation, particularly in the upper spine.

Is Dr. Livingood Legit? Beware of Dr. Blake Livingood

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According to this evaluation, Dr. Blake Livingood has a significant impact on many Americans, particularly those who are worried about their weight and lifestyle. While some individuals have given his films great evaluations and high ratings on Yelp and Google for their usefulness, many others have condemned his methods, which has raised many ethical questions. Dr. Blake Livingood has enough information in the public domain to demonstrate his good, bad, and ugly sides.

One may easily determine which side of Blake’s reputation to support based on this information. This evaluation is based on materials that are readily available, are open to criticism, and are not intended to harm Dr. Blake Livingood’s reputation in any way, but rather to understand the general public opinion about his profession.

Dr. Blake Livingood – Reviews, Complaints and Dangerous Quack
Dr. Blake Livingood – Reviews, Complaints and Dangerous Quack

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  1. How in the hell is giving healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition tips, exercise, and third party tested supplementation a bad thing or quackery ?… My Dr does nothing for me except take my BP, my blood work, pee in a cup, prescribed synthetic meds with side effects for hypertension and pre-diabetes … I have to pry my Dr to explain my bloodwork results and all he says is eat less and see you in 3-4 months … I have applied some of DLG’s lifestyle changes, listen to other dietary podcasts and my BP and blood sugar is consistently lower … I’ve drop 40 lbs and negotiating with my Dr who is reluctantly not take me off some meds cause that’s is continuing side effects … To me, prescribing drugs is all they teach in medical school and hardly anything about nutrition and diet… Healthcare starts with you, and food is medicine

  2. I’m one of the patients of these supposed quacks. I chose to take a chance on the knowledge of a chiropractor who chooses not to prescribe drugs that don’t cure. After seeing 3 different doctors telling me I had to have rotator cuff surgery I consulted a chiropractor. He used his fingers to massage the front,back of my upper arm under the shoulder blade and outside of my arm twice. That was 2012 and I have not had one minute of pain since. I decided to attend a thyroid clinic he was giving and I’m so appreciative that I did. I had suffered with hypothyroidism for years. After listening and heeding the advice given to change my eating patterns I have had 100% clear screens since 2012. I was cleared and released by my endocrinologist and haven’t taken any medication since. God created us and gave us everything we need to repair and heal our bodies. We can either trust and take charge of our healing or keep letting Drs feed us drugs that don’t cure and we’re never intended to. Keep feeding the pharmaceutical industry and all their profits! I’m 67 years of age and drug/ prescription free. I choose chiropractic Drs that care!

  3. These people claim themselves to be doctors but in reality, they are not doctors they are chiropractors, who are selling their bogus products and giving horrible advice to their patients that do not exist in the medical field.

  4. I believe that these doctors can not be trusted as the person who has a serious issue, as these doctors’ suggestions do not exist in the medical community. As higher medical authorities take strict action against it. And cancel the licenses of these doctors or chiropractors.

    • The medical community don’t want you to recover from any illness. The pharmaceutical companies and Doctors can’t exist without each other. Doctors roll the dice with hopes that the chemical they prescribe doesn’t kill you. What is in our environment that causes the elderly to end their lives with Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancers, heart failure? Doctors are against holistic treatments because they aren’t regulated but the food and drug administration. That in itself should tell you all you need to know.

  5. Dr. Blake Livingood gives fake advice to their patients who believe in him just con him. And the degree that these doctors were holding is legit or not. And advertise their fake products so that people can buy their products.

  6. After reading this article I totally agree with the author and what he tries to say in the article, how can these people do with their clients, putting the lives of people in danger is unacceptable. He is claiming that he is the physician but in reality, he is not which clearly shows that he is trying to deceive the people.

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