Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery – Is She Known for Botching Surgeries and Wasting Time? Exposing the Truth! (Update 2023)

Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery is a cosmetic procedure clinic in Beverly Hills, California. Run by Dr. Cat Begovic, this place has attracted a lot of criticism because of its lack of professionalism. The clinic is located at 421 N Rodeo Drive, Penthouse 4, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, US, and the contact number is 310-879-5889.

Dr. Cat Begovic is a graduate of Harvard and UCLA. Also, she has created the MD Glam product line and markets it heavily through her social media accounts. 

This Beverly Hills plastic surgeon uses various shady tactics to dupe consumers. So, before you consider trusting her with a tummy tuck or mommy makeover, it would be best to go through the following review. 

Here, you’ll learn about the various complaints people have with this clinic and how Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery tries to hide them from the public eye.

About Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery: Dr. Cat Begovic Instagram and More

dr cat plastic surgery

Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery has a prominent social media presence. Her Instagram account has 1.2 million followers but that could be attributed to her modelesque posts: 

dr cat begovic instagram

It becomes more apparent when you look at her other social media accounts. Even though she enjoys having over a million followers on Instagram, her Facebook page only has a few thousand likes. 

This shows that very few people follow her because of her insights or expertise. Most of the followers simply want to see more of her modeling pictures. 

dr cat plastic surgery

Why does a plastic surgeon like Dr. Cat post modeling pictures? While the obvious reason could be that she has a hobby, the more practical reason is marketing. 

Dr. Cat Begovic Instagram has 1 million+ follower. This allows her to seem credible and makes it seem as if a lot of people value her opinion and expertise. Even so, that would be a big lie. 

Moreover, when you look at the plethora of Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery reviews available online, you realize that she is not a skilled surgeon. There are a ton of complaints against her clinic. 

In fact, “Dr. Cat Begovic complaints” is among the most looked-up phrases related to this clinic. Having a ton of followers can help her in distracting potential clients from those complaints. 

This is a common strategy among shady plastic surgeons as Dr. Cat Begovic isn’t the only one employing it. Another prominent surgeon operating in the same area who uses this tactic to scam patients is Dr. Nazarian of Nazarian Plastic Surgery

This brings me to my next point:

Dr. Cat Begovic Uses Paid Writeups to Dupe Consumers: 

As a plastic surgeon who receives a barrage of complaints from clients, Dr. Cat Begovic has to resort to dubious methods of marketing to promote herself. 

So, she pays websites to write positive articles on Plastic Surgery and Cat Plastic Surgery. Using this tactic helps her in multiple ways. First, most people would think such articles are not connected to her at all as they are posted on a third-party website. This can cause people to think that she is more reliable when she isn’t. 

Furthermore, these paid articles make it seem as if other publications are talking about her. It seems as if she is in “the buzz”. However, there is no buzz whatsoever. 

dr cat begovic

Dr. Cat Begovic uses this method to make her seem more reliable than she is. Paying websites to post a promotional article is very easy. It’s Marketing 101. 

However, that doesn’t mean it’s ethical. 

Here, Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery is using a paid article to distract consumers from the truth, which is, a ton of complaints her patients have posted online. These complaints criticize her skill and her business practices

Now that you’re familiar with the shady marketing tactics this clinic uses, we can look at the various complaints this place has received: 

Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery Complaints You Must Read:

Dr. Cat Begovic is Extremely Arrogant and Doesn’t Listen to Patients

dr cat begovic reviews

The above reviewer alerts other consumers that they should stay away from Cat Plastic Surgery. She highlights that Dr. Cat only tells you what she wants to hear and doesn’t listen to your concerns. All she does is claim to be the best plastic surgeon in the US and that’s it. 

The arrogance and the tacky office of Dr. Begovic disgusted the reviewer. She says that she felt duped after paying $250 for the consultation. 

The reviewer highlights that the staff at Cat Plastic Surgery wasn’t friendly and it was quite difficult to schedule an appointment there. Additional issues here were:

  • The doctor didn’t listen to or answer questions
  • They made the client wait for too long
  • The patient didn’t trust the surgeon’s decisions
  • Dr. Cat didn’t explain the conditions well
  • She rushed the appointment

Rushing appointments is a huge problem among arrogant surgeons. However, you should be extremely cautious of surgeons who have this problem because they tend to botch procedures too. Dr. Stile is the perfect example of such a doctor and he has botched countless surgeries.

Don’t Expect to Receive Quality Service at Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery

dr cat begovic reviews

Erinn shares that she had done a lot of research on Dr. Cat and Cat Plastic Surgery. She thought Cat Plastic Surgery would be a good option because she valued herself as a woman surgeon. 

Erinn paid $500 as a deposit for her consultation. Her appointment was on 8-18-20. However, she arrived a little early to her appointment because they had told her that she would need to find parking. Also, the clinic had notified her that if she didn’t show up on time, they would charge her. 

Now, she had to call the clinic to send someone because of COVID-19 protocols. When she called, the receptionist answered and told her to wait as they weren’t ready at the moment. Because she had arrived a bit early, Erinn didn’t mind. 

However, her appointment time arrived but she hadn’t heard a thing from the clinic. She waited for a few more minutes and she received a call to notify her that Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery wasn’t ready. 

Furthermore, the clinic didn’t know how long it would take for Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery but assured her that it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. 

Afterward, Erinn kept waiting there and didn’t hear anything from the clinic for 30 minutes. She had enough and told the receptionist that she wasn’t comfortable with Dr. Cat anymore because of how she treated her as a client. Erinn questions how she can trust her with her body when she can’t rely on her for punctuality. 

Also, instead of being apologetic for the 30-minute wait, the receptionist made it seem as if Erinn was bothering her. She ends her review by pointing out that Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery doesn’t know how to provide good service to clients. It seems as if Cat Plastic Surgery doesn’t value the time of her patients at all. 

You shouldn’t expect to receive quality service from this place. 

Botched Liposuction Left 4 Holes in the Patient Which Never Healed

dr cat begovic reviews

Mel here had a lipo with Dr. Begovic a few years ago. She highlights that the people at the clinic were taking too long and after such a long waiting period, the staff told her that she needed to reschedule the procedure. 

Mel didn’t like that. She refused to reschedule the surgery. 

In response, Dr. Begovic performed the procedure very rudely. She had to apply local anesthesia multiple times because Mel felt pain multiple times. Furthermore, Cat was giving her the worst look possible. 

Mel points out that it was a horrible experience and she regrets it. 5 years have passed and the 4 holes Cat Plastic Surgery had left on her body are still there. They never healed. 

At the end of her review, Mel wonders how Cat Plastic Surgery gets so many stars when she doesn’t deserve them.

Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery Charges Too Much and Offers Too Little 

dr cat begovic reviews

Arianna was looking for a surgeon to perform multiple procedures on her including rhinoplasty, BBL, and a few more. After researching extensively on the topic, she finalized 5 names. 

Then, she met with them and had a few small procedures done through them (Botox, fillers, etc.). This helped her narrow down the list to 2 names, one of which was Dr. Cat Begovic. 

Arianna says that she had been following Dr. Begovic on social media for a while so she was very eager to test her out. However, before she could trust Arianna with her body, she wanted her to perform a small procedure like the previous surgeons. This way, she can gauge whether Dr. Begovic was trustworthy or not. 

At that time, Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery charged $350 consultation fees, which she was happy to pay. That’s because they misled her into thinking that the consultation fee would go towards the $1,000+ cost of fillers and Botox. 

Arianna had flown to Beverly Hills to meet with Dr. Cat. On the day of the procedure, the assistant told her that Dr. Cat was unavailable. So, Arianna had to leave empty-handed. 

A while later, she contacted the clinic to reschedule her appointment and get her fillers. Also, she wanted to use her $350 toward the fillers. But the clinic told her that they had changed their policy and that the money can only go towards surgeries. Furthermore, they had upped the fee to $500. 

An Update Later:

Dr. Begovic responded to this review by calling it fake. Instead of trying to resolve the issue, she called the reviewer a liar, which goes to show how professional she truly is. 

The reviewer highlights that all the plastic surgeons she met with let the consultation fee go towards Botox or fillers. That’s because it allows the patient to test the skill of the surgeon while allowing the surgeon to make a few more bucks. 

Unlike other surgeons, Dr. Cat doesn’t let you “test” her skills. Either you pay her $500 for a mere consultation or book a surgery blindly with no idea whether she is reliable or not. 

Dr. Cat Begovic Botched the Procedure, Blamed the Patient and Harassed Her Later

dr. cat plastic surgery reviews

The above reviewer wanted to reduce the size of her arms. So, she went to see two surgeons. The first one was in the same building as Dr. Cat who recommended she gets an arm lift. Also, the first doctor spent 30-45 minutes discussing all the options available to her. 

However, the reviewer didn’t want to have scars on her arms. So, she decided to see Dr. Cat. Unlike the previous doctor, Dr. Begovic didn’t spend a lot of time discussing the issue. 

She barely spent 10 minutes in the consultation. Cat told the reviewer that she had a small amount of loose skin but would get positive results. Furthermore, she recommended an arm lipo and claimed that she would deliver a 50-70% reduction. 

So, the reviewer booked an appointment and was looking forward to the procedure. 

She points out that she is not from the LA region and it was a big decision for her to get this surgery. The reviewer was willing to spend money as long as she knew she would get the best possible results. 

However, that didn’t happen. After the surgery, her arms were swollen so she waited for a few weeks. On her follow-up appointments, Dr. Begovic told her that she would need to wait for at least 4 to 9 months to see the results. 

So, she waited. 

As time went by, the reviewer shared her concerns with Dr. Cat. She kept telling her that she didn’t see any visible difference in her arms. In her last appointment with her, Cat told her that she had received her final results. 

The reviewer shares that she left the clinic feeling very disappointed. She emailed Dr. Cat saying that she doesn’t see a 50% reduction anywhere.

In response, Cat claimed that the reviewer misunderstood what 50% meant. She pointed out that the reviewer initiated before the surgery. The reviewer highlights that if Cat knew that the lipo wouldn’t generate the desired results, she could have suggested an arm lift. 

It was an extremely disappointing experience. 

An Update Later:

dr. cat plastic surgery reviews

Later, the reviewer had to add an update to this review because Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery claimed that she was lying. The reviewer shares that none of her appointments lasted more than 15 minutes. 

Also, she waited for over an hour for most of her appointments because Cat was always behind. She points out that readers can find other reviews on the website and see that it’s a common issue among Cat’s patients. 

Certainly, it’s not professional to call a disgruntled patient a “liar”. Usually, it shows that the clinic doesn’t care about the clients at all and it wouldn’t resolve any issues. 

Also, it shows a lack of responsibility. Overlake Reproductive Health is another clinic that bashes any customer who complains about its lack of skill and expertise.

Failed Labiaplasty by Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery

dr. cat plastic surgery reviews

The above reviewer points out that Dr. Cat left her botched and deformed. Furthermore, she didn’t even care about her recovery and treated her like an idiot throughout the process. 

The reviewer got a yeast infection from the antibiotics Dr. Cat gave her after the surgery. She highlights that she was in tremendous pain too. 

Hence, she called the doctor but instead of being accommodating, Dr. Cat was incredibly annoyed. Also, she gave her terrible advice which never worked. 

Several of the reviewer’s sutures popped open a week too soon and instead of stitching them back, she told her that it would be fine. But she wasn’t. They left the reviewer with bumps and an uneven thickness all around her labia. 

The reviewer also blames the surgery for it. 

Cat had told the reviewer that she would perform a clitoral hood reduction with the labiaplasty but there was no difference in her clitoral hood size. The yeast infection made it difficult for the reviewer to get back on track with her PH. 

Moreover, when she went to see Dr. Cat for her first post-op follow-up meeting, she made her feel bad about herself because of the infection. Cat scoffed in her face and tried to blame the terrible results on the patient. 

All in all, it was a horrible experience for this reviewer.

Dr. Cat Begovic fell short of expectations, and the appointment was delayed

KxyF56K5CW8kqET 0CIF

The five-hour appointment waits and inattentive staff wasted time and money

dr. cat plastic surgery reviews

Dr. Cat Begovic appears to be rude and unethical

dr. cat plastic surgery reviews

Despite their professional appearance on social media, they were unprofessional during the surgery

dr. cat plastic surgery reviews

Inability to provide better customer service to patients

They deceive the patient by giving poor services

dr. cat plastic surgery reviews

Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery is NOT a good choice

After going through these reviews and the unethical marketing tactics of Dr. Cat, it’s obvious that she is an unreliable doctor. She has botched multiple procedures and she lacks the professionalism to accept her fault. Furthermore, her clinic doesn’t value your time or money. 

So, if you’re someone who values your time, going to Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery would not be a good decision. The Beverly Hills region has a plethora of skilled surgeons so you don’t have to go with the one who doesn’t even care about your results. 

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Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery is a terrible clinic which has received a plethora of complaints because of its pathetic service and time management. It would be best to find a different plastic surgeon than to trust Dr. Cat.

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  1. If you admire her after looking at her Instagram followers then you should also look into her gallery, most of the followers are there because of her beautiful pictures and not because of her experience in the surgery. One question which aroused in mind was from whom did she get her surgery done?

  2. It is a very great step from the author for exposing this scammer, a real cheater.

  3. Many other services of this clinic aren’t the same as shown in the advertisement, I am feeling cheated and not at all interested in visiting the place again.

  4. Lack of experienced staff, can’t trust them.

  5. The scamming ability has developed in medical centers, not providing the promised services to their people is their basic plan, it is very much important to search for some experienced clinic for assistance, but none of their staff members are well trained, they are very rude in talking.

  6. I will recommend you avoid this clinic and search for some other plastic surgeon for your treatment.

  7. I was never interested in taking these treatments but I have seen various people talking about their successful treatment having changes to their body, which makes them confident and boasts their morale, it is very much important for doctors to take the responsibility for providing their patients the best treatment.

  8. Plastic surgeons should be very well trained and have all the related information, this requires all the practice and information related to the field but these unprofessional people are not at all interested in making any of their patients feel secure.

  9. The process of scamming has evolved in the medical sector too, it is very difficult to verify whether this clinic will be able to solve my problems or just waste my money and time.

  10. 0.25

    I can’t believe people trust these instagram doctors so much. Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery is obviously NOT that big of a clinic. It’s a good looking doc who got viral on social media and is charging a premium for it. Why would you trust a social media influencer with your face? ????????‍♀️

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