Dr Clifford Vance Cast – Scammer, Convicted Felon and Fraud

Dr Clifford Vance Cast is the owner of Delta Trading Group, a notorious trading scam which has received tons of negative reviews online. 

Dr Cast has a shady criminal past and his business model is just as sketchy. 

He relies on misleading claims and false promises to get clients for his company. In the following review, I have gone through the various false claims this guy makes and exposed their truth. 

If you’re someone looking to spend your money on Delta Trading Group and its events, be sure to read the following review. It will help you understand why you shouldn’t trust Dr Clifford Vance Cast:

Does Dr Clifford Vance Cast Really Have a PhD?

One of the first things you might notice about Dr Cast is the title of “Dr” preceding this name. In fact, many of his staff members address him as “the Doctor”. This might make you wonder, “What kind of a doctor is he?” 

Does he have a degree in medical sciences? Or is he a PhD holder? 

It turns out, Dr Clifford Vance Cast claims to have a PhD in organizational management. However, there are no references available on which accredited university gave him his doctorate. 

Dr Clifford Vance claims that he is a globally recognized expert in Risk Homeostasis Theory. Furthermore, he claims that you can read his dissertation at the University of Minnesota library. 

However, when you check the University of Minnesota library and look for his dissertation, you won’t find it. There are no articles for him published there. 

To confirm my doubts, I enquired with the librarian to help me find any reference for this dissertation. The librarian contacted me a day later to tell me that they couldn’t find any references to Dr Clifford Vance Cast as well. 

Dr Clifford Vance gives a link to a supposed published dissertation of his at Hong Kong University but the link doesn’t lead anywhere. The page it opens is blank.

Certainly, this doesn’t look good for the “globally renowned” doctor. I even searched for him on Google Scholar, a prominent platform for research papers. Still, there was no clue of him. 

It only means one thing: Dr Clifford Vance is lying. 

Why Lie About a PhD?

It can be quite confusing for people as to why Clifford Vance would need to lie about having a doctorate. However, the reason for such false marketing is pretty simple. 

It allows him to make himself seem more credible. Having the title of “Doctor” before his name makes him seem like an experienced and knowledgeable expert of the field. 

To make the lie seem more believable, he has all of his employees refer to him as ‘the doctor’ as well. If you are unfamiliar to Delta Trading Group and are just checking out their services, you might think he is a reliable professional. In fact, many might believe that he is a thought leader in the industry because of this fake title. 

dr clifford vance cast

Actually, it’s very easy to get a phony PhD online. You can look up phrases like “get a PhD quickly” and find so-called universities which give you a PhD according to your life experience. 

To get the PhD, they only require you to pay a hefty fee and write an article about a topic of your interest. You would need to submit the article to them and they will deliver you the PhD in a few days. 

Such PhDs hold no value in the real world. But most people won’t look into the origins of Dr Clifford Vance Cast’s doctorate. They would see the title and accept it on its face value. 

When I talked to several of his students, I found this to be true. None of the people I talked to had looked into the background of Clifford’s doctorate. They thought that because he has a doctorate, he must be an expert in the subject. 

Shady Professional History of Dr Clifford Vance Cast:

When looking into Clifford, I discovered that he is also a reverend. You would find his listing at the First Church of Atheism. 

Again, this is not a usual reverendship. You can become a reverend too by paying a small fee to certain service providers. They will give you an official badge and diploma in exchange for the funds. 

Things don’t end here. 

Apart from running Delta Trading Group, Dr Clifford Vance Cast runs (or used to run) multiple companies, each of which offer different kinds of services. 

His Twitter bio says that he is a Best Selling Author, commercial pilot and a research analyst. At the time of writing this review, there was no mention of having 20 years of professional trading experience. 

Moreover, he is not limited to being a day trading expert. His other ventures include a company where he builds websites for $24.95 a month as well as a website that teaches people about Forex trading. 

Below is a screenshot of one of those websites:

dr clifford vance cast
A snippet of his web development business

Similarly, he runs a few dating websites. 

Dr Clifford Vance Cast and AM Radio

Surely, Clifford is an expert in many fields. Not only is he experienced in day trading but he is also an experienced service provider of web development and forex trading education. 

Moreover, he doesn’t limit his marketing efforts to websites. He promotes himself through AM radio. 

Dr Clifford Vance Cast runs a pre-recorded one hour show on AM radio to promote Delta Trading Group. There, he tries to market himself as an actual expert and claims to help people become full-time traders easily. 

The purpose of this one hour show is to make people sign up for a free trial of Delta Trading Group. 

He doesn’t share anything of substance in this show. But it does get people interested in his trading program. Otherwise, he would have closed shop and focused more on his web development or dating business. 

Dr Clifford Vance Cast is a Convicted Felon

What many of his students don’t know is that Dr Clifford Vance Cast is actually a convicted felon. He spent nearly the last 20 years in prison. 

His first arrest was for being a meth dealer in San Antonio, Texas. The police had arrested him with 400 grams of meth. 

Clifford pleaded guilty in court and went to state prison. After serving his sentence he immediately got back into drug trafficking. 

This time, the federal authorities got involved and pinched him on a RICO charge. He was charged for transporting and dealing meth over state lines. 

This case sent him to prison for 78 months. 

dr clifford vance cast

However, the Booker Vs United States case happened and it helped him reduce his sentence from 78 months to 57 months. 

If he was in prison for most of the last 20 years, it’s very difficult to believe that he spent that time learning day trading. 

His drug dealing past has helped him as well. Many of his disgruntled clients are scared of sharing their Delta Trading Group reviews because of it. 

Reportedly, many of his students have received threats for expressing their concerns online. 

When you have a drug dealer’s friends sending people threats, it becomes very challenging for them to post truthful reviews. This could be the reason why there aren’t any negative reviews on Delta Trading Group available online. 

Also, there is another reason behind the lack of negative reviews on Delta Trading Group. I have delved into it later but first, let’s discuss what Clifford’s trading sessions look like:

What are Dr Clifford Vance Cast’s Training Sessions are Truly Like:

Dr Clifford Vance Cast asks people to spend thousands of dollars to see his trading sessions. They last for an hour or two. 

However, these sessions take place everyday. Although you would hear Clifford talk a lot about his expertise and experience in these sessions, he doesn’t show his trades. 

I have watched his trading sessions for several days and he never even showed his trades once. The sessions were only a promotion of his expertise and how everyone is able to make money through Delta Trading Group. 

You would be surprised to see how much this guy can talk. He would talk about how great he is, how great his software is and how easy it is to use. 

When I asked to see his trades, the staff didn’t comply. They suggested watching the trading rooms and sessions to see the trades, where he clearly wasn’t trading. 

Later, when I asked the staff again, they recommended that I stay patient and spend more time in the trading room. 

Obviously, the man is misleading customers about his expertise and trading sessions. They aren’t helpful at all and are only promoting his more expensive products and services. 

You would hope that things would stop here but the criminal past of Dr Clifford Vance Cast comes into play again. Below is the reason why you don’t see any critical reviews on this so-called trading guru:

Using Illegal Marketing Tactics to Hide Critical Reviews

When I was looking into Clifford, I knew I wouldn’t be the first person to notice the red flag. Turns out, I was right. 

There was another detailed review on him but it has received a fake DMCA notice. In a fake DMCA notice, the culprit copies your content, posts it on their website with an edited date and  claims that they are the original owner of your content.

Fake DMCAs allow scammers to take down content from Google search results. It’s a common tactic among criminals and online scammers as it allows them to remove evidence of their wrongdoings from the internet. 

dr clifford vance cast

You can read the fake DMCA notice here.

Using a fake DMCA notice constitutes fraud, perjury and impersonation. It’s an illegal tactic and can result in a prison sentence. 

Clifford Vance isn’t the only person who uses this tactic to take down critical reviews from the internet. 

Another scammer who used this tactic is FXrevenues, a forex scammer which has received warnings from financial regulators. Similarly, another culprit using this tactic is Vasily Zhabykin. He is using fake DMCA notices to hide his association with the Russian government. 


After going through the above points, it’s clear that Dr Clifford Vance Cast is a fraudster with a long past of criminal activities. He went to prison twice for drug trafficking, once on a RICO charge. 

Furthermore, he uses phony degrees and accolades to make himself seem more credible. All of this suggests that you should stay miles away from this scammer. 

Don’t sign up on Delta Trading Group. 

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Definite Scammer

Dr Clifford Vance Cast runs Delta Trading Group where he claims to have over 20 years of trading experience. In reality, he spent most of the last 20 years in prison for drug trafficking. He uses fake DMCAs and misleading advertising to promote his products.

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    The entire post was an emotional rollercoaster. At first I thought you would say Clifford is some kind of an inexperienced trader who uses hyperbole to sell his content. I could have never imagined him to be a meth dealer. Weird.

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    I have listened to his AM radio show. Couldn’t believe people were still falling for those ridiculous claims. At least someone is exposing Clifford phew.

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