Did Dr. David Morrow and Linda Morrow’s actions exemplify that “Greed Knew No Bounds”?

Dr David Morrow
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Dr David Morrow and his partner in crime, Linda Morrow amerced at large by the Federal Court for playing hooky in the court proceedings.
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Dr David Morrow and his partner in crime, Linda Morrow amerced at large by the Federal Court for playing hooky in the court proceedings. Their absence from the court after committing several odious crimes was not at all a matter of indiscipline for the court. Hence, the court assures a lesson to the couple. However, let’s first understand what makes Dr David Morrow and his wife an extremely wicked couple.

Despite being a doctor Dr David Morrow demeans the concept of ‘self-love’. Through his website, he seeds the young brains with insecurity and later uses that insecurity as a money-making machine.

Long story short, the surgeon and his wife claim to exploit the beauty within individuals, enhancing their confidence, but are indeed practicing the opposite of the claim. It won’t be wrong to assert that the couple had zero intent of enhancing the persona of others but their bank balance. 

Anyways, the sizzling case of the veteran doctor and his wife is worth pondering. Are they alone using your insecurity for their gains? Or have we made ourselves vulnerable to the cons?

Dr David Morrow and wife, Linda

Dr David Morrow fled the Palm Springs area to provide medical aid to the patients of the skin cancer epidemic. With the advancement of time, Dr David Morrow earned some faith in their patients. However, the trust was brutally broken by Dr David Morrow and his lady, Linda Morrow, because of their greed for the fugacious unfair gains. 

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22/11/2023 Update
As of now, Dr. David Morrow has not responded nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

The Fugacious Unfair Gains of Dr David Morrow

Dr David Morrow misused his degree and intellect to encash capital gains by falsely claiming medical insurance. 

Dr David Morrow in his business firm, The Morrow Institution, beguiled the patients and bilked the insurance firms.

The couple used to bluff the insurance corporations by making them pay the check for cosmetic surgeries, in the facade of ‘necessary treatments’. Various elective procedures such as abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, and meloplasty were inked as ‘essential treatments’ in the greed of surplus funds. 

Many times, the couples used to exploit the medical insurance firms by chiseling the patients under knives, without even their consent. The patients had several complaints that unnecessary treatments were done after they were made unconscious by the doctor. 

According to the available data, overall, the Morrow couple billed $50 million and more to several insurance providers and eventually grabbed $20 million out of their security. However, the readers must not forget that the numbers are available in noted data, the actual figures can be even higher. 

The Morrow Institute former website

77 year old, Dr David Morrow disdained his profession and plotted countless scams to deceive the patients. All these scams fetched $44 million out of the governmental and non-governmental firms, sinking the economy countywide. 

The figures are enraging. The thought of being bluffed by someone highly qualified and skilled makes others dubious about their intellect. But, there is a surprise, Dr. David Morrow was never the mastermind. Then who planned the frame?

The creator of the trap, Dr David Morrow or Linda?

As it’s said a man is incomplete without his women, Linda Morrow was never a wife who got carried away in her husband’s love but a strong and independent partner in the committed crimes. 

Linda Morrow, the executive director of the fraudulent firm, not only aided the crimes but also framed the plots and executed them. 

In this story of evil and greed, Dr David Morrow was always a corrupt surgeon and Linda was his head.

As the US attorney put it down, in the memorandum “Linda Morrow was not simply the ‘doctor’s wife’ to a doctor who happened to commit a crime”.

The wife, Linda, aided multiple arenas of the fraudulent scheme. 

Linda Morrow

Linda Morrow plotted the dubious play, aided Dr David Morrow in displacing $4 million from native bank accounts to Israeli banks, helped in selling the US property of her husband, moreover, aided in the concealment of $9.4 million grabbed by the selling of property. 

Linda Morrow framed the trap and also helped Dr David Morrow in escaping out of it.

Although the escape was transient and resulted in a heavy penalty for Linda Marrow as well. 

Ex-Rancho Mirage ‘Dr.’s Wife’ Sentenced to Federal Prison for $44M Cosmetic Surgery Fraud – NBC Los Angeles

The escape | Dr. David Morrow fled to Israel

‘The man with blood in his hands runs the fastest, for the worse.’

The former Rancho Mirage resident and the former dweller of Coachella Valley, respectively Dr David Morrow and Linda Morrow were exposed by the law and asserted to be guilty of conspiring against the finance providers. According to evidence, the couple Dr David Morrow and Linda shamed false tax returns and committed mail fraud. 

The couple scammed several patients in their 25-year career. Eventually, the year 2016, witnessed them as guilty and 2017 viewed the Morrows as fugitives.  

To escape the legal grip, the couple enacted an audacious fled. 

Dr David Morrow and his advanced version flew to Israel with a fake Mexican passport and used a Guatemalan passport to lead a peaceful and questionable life in Israel. 

The couple used their asset of 9.45 million (selling price of US house) to kick-start their professional and personal life. 

Despite being fugitives, the Morrows wanted to lead a legitimate life as even after being under lenses, Dr David Morrow and Linda Morrow applied for citizenship of Israel. 

Flying in the US, then to Israel made no gains for the couple, instead making the honorary justice even more furious. 

Dr David Morrow with the grey-shaded ‘The Morrow Institute’

The campus of The Morrow Institute

A campus with shiny walls and dusty glasses. The institute with heavenly architecture made several lives hell, for the sake of capital gains. 

Several horrific incidents are subsumed in the walls of ‘The Morrow Institute’, including fetching extra cash, non-consensual surgeries, awaited clients, ripping off the patients’ savings by exploiting health insurance, and much more. 

Now shut by the order of law, ‘The Morrow Institute’ was formerly run by Dr David Morrow and Linda Morrow. 

Established in Rancho Mirage, California the clinic was known for its cosmetic surgeries. These surgeries were costly and suspicious. However, few complaints were seen against the surgeon as reportedly he had made an image of a learned plastic surgeon, who could provide you with an exquisite structure.

Resulting in patients who were highly timid and bothered about their looks, The surgeon suggested useless treatments and the patients agreed. Meanwhile, during the ongoing treatment, he performed countless other procedures, which were never mentioned in the appendices, masked with his cunning concern.

On account of the fake image in front of timid individuals, Morrow also briefed on several issues and myths regarding artificial looks. 

Nevertheless, the institute was doomed, soon after the explicit exposure of the couple. It was claimed that the couple used to scam people to gain monetary benefits and also practiced needless treatments on patients with or without their consent, to enhance the 0s in their check. 

However, after the escape of both the evil partners their trajectory, The Morrow Institute, never flourished again. 

The Morrow Institute

Dr David Morrow exposed…

The surgeon, Dr David Morrow was exposed by one of his former staff members. The case came to light because of a whistleblower lawsuit filed in 2012. The former employee exposed that Dr David Morrow and his team used to practice free or discounted surgeries on patients, and later billed the insurance firms of the patients millions for the same needless procedure, framing it as a life-saving procedure.

The exposer also mentioned that the Institute was guilty of using unsanitary equipment and employing unlicensed staff. The nail-biting claims were proved, and for making the revelations in the state’s favour, the former employee was awarded $2.4 million.

(6) Morrow David | LinkedIn

The awaited prosecution of Dr David Morrow 

Dr David and Linda tried hard to ditch their bad luck but were unable to hoodwink the law and order. The couple tried denying the offense with several tricks, manipulating the documents, displacing the black money, using fake passports, and absconding from the nation, which are merely a few of the tactics from the endless list of corrupt deeds.  

Yet nothing acted in favor of the couple, the court found both of the individuals guilty and sentenced them by the severity of the crime. 

Dr David Morrow was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment and Linda Morrow had to deal with 8 years in jail. 

Reportedly, Dr David Morrow is still serving the sentence of 20 years for bilking the insurance firms and Linda Morrow is incurring 8 years in imprisonment in Federal prison. Also, the court ensured the deposition of $14 million as a financial penalty for her escape and the fraud practiced by her.  Whereas, the court made David responsible for a planned scam of $44 million.

The couple got what they deserved, but what about the patients? Many of them are still facing financial losses because of the couple. However, each dusk subsumes the dawn. Similarly, Dr. David Morrow and Linda Morrow are an example of patients who trust their doctors blindly and end up with millions of medical claims. 

Also, Dr David Morrow used all his wits in deceiving the legal bodies, but he eventually was made to understand that nothing beats US law and order. 

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What makes the case atrocious enough to be dealt with with extreme precautions? Yes, you guessed it right. The prefix ‘Dr’. 

Picture a 50-year-old elderly lady lying down on the stretcher for a trivial face-upliftment surgery, solely to look younger than her husband’s secretary. But surprise!! The next morning the lady finds herself in a hospital bed with several bandages on her. On enquiring, the doctor tells her that ‘nose-upliftment’ was a part of his ‘face-upliftment’ procedure, and he did it without the ladies’ concern because he found it necessary. 

In less than a week, several procedures were practiced on the lady regarding making her insignificantly beautiful, resulting in a check with endless zeros succeeded with holy digits. The lady is still clueless about the massive amount in the check as according to her, she was being treated at a 60% discount. But soon the insurance company calls the lady to verify, what the ‘unavoidable treatments’ were done. The lady is stunned, clueless, helpless, and now, finances too, as she signs the deceiving documents. 

What would you do to pay the Institute, if you were in her place? Will you pay with the help of the financial aider? claim the Institute of Fraud? Or will you pay the check on your own? 

Most of the intellects will claim to be addressing the fraud. However, here comes Linda and Dr David Mirror with their script. They will claim that the surgeries they performed were ‘Most essential’ and the same will be reported to the financers. There are many firms that believed the institute and paid the bill.

A few of the victims of Dr David Morrow and Linda Morrow are Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Cigna Health Insurance, Staples, Inc., and a self-insurance company of the School region. 

A patient with little insecurity in his/her persona ends up paying millions, exhausting the loaners, and eventually being insecure over the cranial capacity, too.

Isn’t it an act of cruelty and immorality? Dr. David Morrow and his beloved partner in crime ended up defaming the most trusted and honored profession. The fraud not only caused financial losses for the state but also led to severe trust issues in the patients. Rancho Mirage would be several-fold conscious shortly, wearing lenses for every medical practitioner, doubting his/her pure intentions. And this will lead to an emerging fear of stretching arms for help, even if it’s most needed by the patients. 

A medical Institute that practices everything other than legit medical treatment. A terrifying experience for the victims of Linda Morrow and Dr David Morrow. 

However, the investigation heads namely, FBI, Israel Police, California Department of Insurance, and IRS criminal investigation unveiled the corrupt and made them guilty under the law. 

The case made several revelations, but the most important is ‘self-love’. The case study explains that being confident in the skin is most important and stylish at the same time. Also, getting trapped in the web of scammers can be avoided by solely investigating the service provider before availing it. A ‘free-bee-scheme’ always stings the venomous prick and hence being vigilant is advised. Till then, let’s smile in our skin and let the skin smile.  

Did Dr. David Morrow and Linda Morrow’s actions exemplify that “Greed Knew No Bounds”?
Did Dr. David Morrow and Linda Morrow’s actions exemplify that “Greed Knew No Bounds”?

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