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Finding the right dentist can be very challenging. They can literally make or break your teeth. That’s why it’s important to conduct proper research on a dentist when you’re looking for one. In the following article, we’ll look at Dr. Diana Gerov DDS and learn if she’s worth your time and money. 

About Diana Gerov DDS:

Dr. Diana Gerov DDS is a cosmetic and implant dentist. Her clinic’s address is 1300 Union Tpke #106, New Hyde Park, NY 11040, US. The name of her clinic is Happy Smiles Dental. 

Apart from this information, Dr. Diana doesn’t share any other data about her knowledge and experience on her website. She claims to be an expert in implant and cosmetic dentistry. And that’s it. 

Other services her clinic offers are fitting bridges, veneers, and crowns. Her clinic treats patients of all ages. Happy Smiles Dental seems like a genuine clinic at a glance. 

However, there are several issues at hand that I must address. 

First, Dr. Diana Gerove resorts to using a shady marketing tactic to promote her clinic. Also, there are multiple negative reviews on her practice that suggest she is not as skilled as claims herself to be. 

In the next sections of my Dr. Diana Gerov review, I’ll go through these issues in detail: 

Dr. Diana Gerov DDS Reviews & Complaints 2021:

Following are some of the most important Dr. Diana Gerov reviews I found online. You should go through each of them to understand why it might be dangerous to get her service.

Dr. Diana Gerov Overcharged her Client

Dr. Diana Gerov DDS

Dr. Gerov had overcharged this person on every visit. She increased her fees at every visit and the patient says that she didn’t even notice it at first. However, they had charged her $3600 for the work and her insurance limit exceeded. She contacted the insurance company to confirm the charges. After that, she realized that Dr. Gerov had overcharged her. 

This caused this person immense disappointment. And she had to change her dentist in the middle of her root canal process. This person wanted Dr. Diana Gerov to make a lot of improvements. The primary issue she had was with the way they overcharge their clients. She claims that it was the strangest and the most inappropriate issue she has ever had with any medical issue. 

I agree with this review. Overcharging is similar to thievery. This dental clinic stole from her and forced her to switch dentists. They even exhausted her dental insurance. 

Dr. Diana Gerov DDS Review

Poor Service and Overcharged

This is another review on Dr. Diana Gerov DDS that caught my attention. The reviewer gave the clinic a one-star rating because she did a poor job at cleaning their teeth. Moreover, Dr. Diana overcharged this patient like the previous one. The reviewer says that it doesn’t make any sense to get services there. Diana’s clinic charged this person for services they never received. Imagine being in their position. It would be a nightmare. 

What to do if your dentist overcharges you like Dr. Diana Gerov 

You should report your dentist to the Dental Board if they overcharge you. Most states have a dental board that helps patients with such issues. The Department of Consumer Affairs handles these conflicts. You can contact them and get the refund. 

It’s a common issue among dentists to overcharge their patients. Overcharging can exhaust your dental insurance and force you to foot the bill. Mostly, it comes as a surprise because shady dentists use hidden charges and fees to employ this tactic. 

This is a prominent reason why I chose to write this Dr. Diana Gerov review. Almost all of her patient complaints are about her overcharging them. You’ll never know what to expect from this dentist. And that can be a huge problem. 

The best way to protect yourself from such greedy dentists is to read their reviews online. Not everyone shares their negative experience online. However, when you find a review that says this dentist overcharged me, you can start looking up other specialists in that field. 

Dr. Gary Motykie is a great example of such doctors. He is a celebrity surgeon so many people might think he is some sort of a genius. However, there are tons of complaints on that guy for ruining procedures and destroying lives. 

That’s why it’s important to do proper research before you hire any medical professional. Multiple reviews accuse Dr. Diana Gerove of overcharging. So it’s obvious that she 

Is a selfish professional you can’t trust. 

Questionable Dr. Diana Gerov DDS Reviews & Ratings: Speculation

Another thing that prompted suspicion in me is the number of websites Dr. Diana’s profile is on. When I googled her, I found multiple websites with 1-5 reviews giving her a stellar 5-star rating. 

This is great. But it made it ridiculously difficult to find the reviews I have shared above. 

Many of these 5-star reviews don’t even explain the reason why they gave her a 5-star rating. Moreover, most of these review websites are review aggregators. Those websites collect reviews from different websites and show them on their website, that’s it.

Dr. Diana can easily bury negative reviews and complaints through these websites. This is a prominent reason why I’m pointing this out. 

If she has overcharged a few patients, she might have done it with a lot more. However, most of them wouldn’t have even found out about this. 

I wonder how many of those 5-star reviewers were overcharged and never discovered the fact. 

You should be wary of vague reviews because in most cases they are fake. Fake reviews are a huge problem on the internet because they foster deceptive marketing practices. You should always look for detailed and comprehensive reviews and ignore those that don’t specify anything. 


Dr. Diana Gerov overcharges her patients and offers poor service. Most of the 5-star reviews posted on her clinic are very vague and could be fake. 

She doesn’t specify how much experience she has in the industry anywhere. That could be another big issue. 

Due to these reasons, it would be best to go with another New York dentist. There are plenty of options available in the city. You don’t have to resort to one that’s notorious for overcharging its clients. 

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Dr. Diana Gerov Review

There are numerous complaints on this dentist about her overcharging her clients and offering poor services. Also, many of her 5-star reviews are very vague suggesting that they might be fake. Beware of her services.

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    I can understand how those people must have felt. My dentist had overcharged me multiple times and I was unaware of it until my insurance ran out. I had to pay $2,000 out of my own pocket. These dentists are terrible just terrible.

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