Dr Farber – Atlanta Advanced Urology World Class Scammers

This is a story of beat the insurance scamming ring.  Unlike most other providers AU wanted to be paid in advance always saying that the insurance would allow this or that amount…. Well not with UHC one of the largest “insurers”.  On 3 occasions AU wanted fees up front and on every occasion it
was less then half of what they contracted for with UHC.  Leaving them hundreds in debt to me!! Plus, each time Farber / AU billed for procedures not conducted at all. That 45 minute initial visit fee, well that was for a 3 minute introduction, come back next time for tests. I even filed a scam alert with my insurance,  but they caught the scam claims and my phone calls to get my advance payment back have not been returned.

Farber claim

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World Class Scammers

Avoid at all costs!

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