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Garth Fisher: Dubious Doctor with Fake Claims & No Skills?

Dr. Garth Fisher is a plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills. He gained fame through his appearance on TV and in magazines but recently, he’s been gaining notoriety thanks to his patients. 

According to various Dr. Garth Fisher reviews, he is a butcher who doesn’t listen to what his clients say. No matter what he claims himself to be, his patient reviews expose the reality behind his false promises. 

The following review of this cosmetic surgeon will give you a detailed overview of what it’s like to get his services: 

About Garth Fisher, MD FACS: Education, Rhinoplasty Price, Etc.

Garth Fisher, MD FACS is a celebrity plastic surgeon who shot into fame through his appearance on the Extreme Makeover TV series. He got more popular when people found out that he performed surgeries on the Kardashians. His clinic is in Beverly Hills, California. 

The address of his clinic is 120 S Spalding Dr #222, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, United States while the contact number is 310-273-5995. His clinic opens from 9 AM to 5 PM. 

Dr. Garth Fisher offers various services to people including primary rhinoplasty, breast lift, revision rhinoplasty, mommy makeover, tummy tuck, and labiaplasty among others.

Rhinoplasty is the surgery of nose for pulmonary issues or beauty enhancement. It is used by individual to set one-self according to the beauty standards. Rhinoplasty is one of most frequently volunteered surgical interventions around the globe.

Dr. Garth Fisher claims to be a master in this field with decades of experience. However, according to numerous Dr. Garth Fisher reviews, the guy has several issues including unprofessional service and botched procedures. 

Dr. Garth Fisher received his medical degree from the University of California, Irvine. The first Dr. Garth Fisher’s wife was Brooke Burke whom he divorced in 2005. Later, he married Jessica Canseco and divorced in 2011.

Dr. Garth Fisher is also a co-founder of CellCeuticals Skin Care Inc. a skin care product development company. His Instagram handle is @garthfishermd where he has 78k followers. 

The Beverly Hills-based surgeon claims to deliver personalized service and compelling results but as I mentioned before, his reviews don’t agree with his claims. 

There are a ton of Dr. Garth Fisher reviews complaining about his lack of expertise and care toward his clients. 

Didn’t Inform the Client About the Dangers of the Procedure, 2 Years of Life Wasted

Garth Fisher, MD FACS review

Alexa shares that doctors like Garth Fisher put silicone inside their clients’ bodies without informing them of the associated risks. She got breast augmentation surgery and she points out that it was the worst mistake of her life. Dr. Fisher failed to inform her that the implant might leak into her system even if it is not ruptured. 

Moreover, he inserted a bigger implant than she requested. Alexa points out that she didn’t have health issues before and the procedure wasted two precious years of her life. She ended up going to another surgeon to take out her implants. 

Beware of doctors who don’t inform you of the risks associated with a procedure. One woman in the Bronx, NY suffered from terrible bleeding issues and insomnia after her $16,000 rhinoplasty because her surgeon, Dr. Sam Rizk didn’t communicate effectively. 

Dr. Garth Fisher Makes Clients Wait for Hours and Delivers Disappointing Results

Garth Fisher, MD FACS review

Dr. Garth Fisher had performed breast surgery on Nicole several years ago and she had to get another surgeon to perform a correction 3 years later. She questions how Dr. Fisher is mentioned as among the best surgeons in GOOP’s Guide to Cosmetic Surgeons. Because in her experience, he was nowhere near that quality of standard. 

Nicole shares that Dr. Garth Fisher made her wait in the lobby for hours without apologizing. This was when she arrived at the scheduled time. 

Moreover, he didn’t listen to what she wanted from the procedure and left her with a botched procedure that cost her thousands of dollars. She suggests avoiding him because hiring Garth Fisher is a huge risk. 

Garth Fisher Doesn’t Pay His Staff During Training and Exploits Them

Garth Fisher, MD FACS review

Garth’s clinic had contacted Lisa to offer a job as an RN even though she had never applied. However, the offer was very embarrassing because they offered way less pay than the industry standard. On top of that, they told her that she’ll have to work for free while in training. 

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Lisa points out that it’s illegal to not pay your staff whether they are in training or not. She wonders how it’s even possible for Fisher to find nurses that work for free willingly. It’s ridiculous that he calls himself the best plastic surgeon but can’t pay his staff properly. 

Made the Client Wait for 90 Minutes, Humiliated Her, and Didn’t Apologize

Garth Fisher, MD FACS review

Stephanie arrived for her 11:30 appointment at 11:20. Initially, things were okay as the staff greeted her and took her to the examination room. 

She waited there for 90 minutes. Then, she came out and asked a nurse to find the doctor. Finally, the doctor arrived and she pointed out that she had been waiting there for 90 minutes. He replied by saying, “Well you don’t have to be here”. 

Dr. Fisher didn’t apologize nor did he give a simple explanation for the delay. Stephanie points out that she realized that Dr. Fisher didn’t care enough about his patients. 

After this ordeal, he exited the room and left the door wide open. Stephanie shares that she was fully exposed to the outside and had disrobed before he entered the room. Hence, she was in a paper gown. She points out that it was very shocking and humiliating. 

Stephanie alerts other consumers that she doesn’t think Dr. Fisher has any compassion to treat his clients as humans.

Spent Around $30,000 and Got Terrible Results, Dr. Fisher Didn’t Listen to the Client and Botched the Procedure

Garth Fisher, MD FACS review

Regina says that she’s writing this review as a cautionary note to women who choose to undergo cosmetic surgical procedures with Dr. Fisher. She points out that Garth Fisher thinks that he decides what’s acceptable and doesn’t care what you want. 

Regina had decided several years ago that she wanted to change her saline implants to silicone. She wanted Dr. Fisher to perform her first surgery but is glad that she didn’t go to him. Her initial surgery left her scarred due to keloid but her doctor reconstructed them by injecting kenalog before suturing. 

She points out that she only wanted Dr. Fisher to help her replace her saline implants with silicone and perform an areola reduction which her last doctor had used. Regina didn’t want to face keloids which is why she wanted Dr. Fisher to use the same procedure her last doctor had employed. 

During the $500 consultation, she explained her medical history and what she had experienced during her last surgery. She points out that she noticed the first red flag right then. Dr. Garth Fisher started humiliating her last physician because he committed suicide. 

She told him what she wanted and he said that he wouldn’t perform the surgery without doing a lift along with it. When she shared her concerns about scarring and requested him to apply the steroid before suturing, he said he would consider doing this. But he also added that he had never done this. 

She had three surgeries with him in total. On the operating table for the first procedure, she had requested him to follow the method she had discussed with him before, but he refused. When she woke up in her hotel room she noticed that the piercing she had on her vaginal region was missing. She hadn’t removed it. Later, she found out that Dr. Fisher had cut them off. 

He had no permission to remove those piercings particularly when she was unconscious. 

Regina points out that she felt mutilated and butchered. She couldn’t work for months during recovery because of constant pain. Also, she had to visit the clinic every month to get steroid injections that didn’t do anything. 

She had a second surgery and this time too, Garth left her in excruciating pain. He didn’t inject kenalog before suturing and refused to listen to Regina. However, he offered laser treatments to remove the scars and tattoos to complete the procedure and said that the office will cover their expenses.

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Even after a year of laser treatments, her areolas had significant amounts of keloid. So, she had a third surgery. 

This time, he listened to her and followed the method she was requesting him to. As a result, there were no keloids. But after this surgery, Dr. Garth Fisher decided to discontinue her laser treatment. This left her with visible scarring and months lost even though she had paid nearly $30,000 for the procedure. 

Regina points out that she is embarrassed to go topless even after spending so much money. She suggests avoiding Dr. Fisher like most other patients. 

Regina has shared a few pictures of her results and you can see how Dr. Fisher botched the procedure: 

Garth Fisher, MD FACS review
Garth Fisher, MD FACS review
Garth Fisher, MD FACS review
Garth Fisher, MD FACS review
Garth Fisher, MD FACS review

Dr. Garth Fisher’s Cost for Consultation is Excessively High

Garth Fisher, MD FACS review

Stephan points out that it makes no sense for Dr. Fisher to charge a $500 consultation fee no matter how good of a surgeon he is. He points out it’s similar to going to a job interview and charging the employer for your time. Stephan recommends looking for other surgeons.

Dr. Fisher is Distracted and Rude During Consultations

Garth Fisher, MD FACS review

Eme shares that she had paid a heavy consultation fee to discuss breast augmentation and liposuction. But Dr. Fisher seemed distracted and rude during the meeting. She shares that it was a very disappointing experience and would never give her business to this man. 

Working with a doctor who doesn’t listen to you or seems distracted during pre-op consultations is a huge mistake. Such doctors have a higher chance of delivering poor results because they care more about their time and money than their well-being. 

For example, Dr. Jacob D. Steiger MD is a plastic surgeon notorious for ignoring his patients and performing botched rhinoplasty procedures. Dr. Garth Fisher is just like him and doesn’t hesitate to ignore his patients. 

Spa Staff Took Full Payment but Refused to Deliver Services

Garth Fisher, MD FACS review

Lisa had a disappointing experience with the med spa staff of Dr. Fisher’s clinic. She had paid $600 for spa treatment under the condition that she can split the treatment between two sessions within 6 months. 

When she got there for her second procedure, the staff told her that the nurse no longer works there and they won’t honor the prior agreement. The staff didn’t care about the fact that Lisa had paid for the full treatment but had only received half. 

Then, the staff started bargaining with Lisa and asked her how much she was willing to pay for another service. Their biggest offer was a 20% discount on the full-price treatment. It was insulting because Lisa had already paid for the full treatment and hadn’t received the complete service. 

The staff refused to honor her agreement and didn’t issue a refund either. 

Lisa says that it was a very dishonest practice and found out that this clinic had done this with multiple clients. She says that it was her worst experience with customer service staff and doesn’t recommend going there. 

Terrible Post-op Care, Dr. Fisher Doesn’t Accept His Faults and Lies to the Client

Garth Fisher, MD FACS review

The reviewer shares that Dr. Fisher seemed like a caring professional initially. But after the procedure, he became aggressive and started avoiding her because she was facing a complication.

Instead of showing compassion or concern, he and his staff became hostile. They slammed doors, lied, and didn’t care about the patient. Dr. Fisher was even yawning in one of the appointments and never admitted his fault. Instead, he made her feel guilty for his mistake and for wanting to correct it. 

He never reassured her that she would be fine. The reviewer points out that he verbally assaulted her and was done with her because she became a “mistake”. 

He lacks empathy for his patients. She points out that if she could have, she wouldn’t have bothered him with the complication. But she needed corrective surgery and was mortified that Garth made her feel like a spoiled and irrational woman when she was in such a vulnerable state.

Made the Client Wait for an Hour, Insulted the Client During the Consultation

Garth Fisher, MD FACS review

Dori points out that Garth was the last of 5 plastic surgeons she went to see because she wanted to save the best for last. But her experience was nowhere close to her expectations

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Dori shares that Dr. Garth Fisher is too full of himself. She never had plastic surgery before so getting breast augmentation was a big thing for her. But he made her feel like she was wasting his time when she had spent an hour in the waiting room with her husband. 

Dr. Fisher didn’t spend more than 20 minutes with her. He didn’t make her try on any sizes and simply told her to bring three pictures on the day of surgery and they’ll be good to go. 

Fisher was pleased to hear that she never had any plastic surgery before but made her feel like a loser whenever she asked questions. Dori also highlights that the $500 consultation was worthless because she couldn’t even ask him where he makes the incision. 

She says that you should save your dignity and time and avoid Dr. Fisher. 

Dr. Garth Fisher Botched Breast Surgery and Gave Multiple Complications

Garth Fisher, MD FACS review

The reviewer had seen Dr. Fisher get an explant surgery (removal of breast implants). She had capsular constructed 14-year-old saline implants and didn’t like their look or feel. Moreover, the implants affected her upper body strength and she wanted to remove them. 

After the examination, Dr. Fisher told her that an explant would leave her deformed. He told her that it would give her saggy skin and make her concave. Dr. Fisher said that the only reason why they feel uncomfortable in her body is that they are contracted and saline. He told her that if he performed a capsulectomy and exchanged the implants with silicon, she’ll be happy with the results. 

However, he didn’t inform her of the risk of recurrent capsular contracture which is significantly high with existing cap con patients. Also, he failed to explain that she would have to replace the implants every 10 years as the shell will deteriorate over time. 

She was unaware of these risks so she went ahead with the procedure. But Dr. Garth Fisher dissected her muscle significantly more than her last surgeon at the bottom of her breasts to lower the implants. He did the same in the cleavage region to bring the implants closer together. 

Such excessive dissection resulted in even more discomfort for the reviewer and worse, because of capsular contracture the implant pushed its way through her tissue and created a “knuckle” along her cleavage line. All this happened within 9 months of the procedure and it damaged her appearance substantially. 

Moreover, Dr. Fisher didn’t perform any muscle repair required to give symmetrical breasts. She wasn’t happy with the aesthetics of her new breasts and was lucky enough to find a different provider who performed the explant successfully. 

The reviewer points out that she doesn’t have saggy skin nor is she deformed after the explant contrary to what Dr. Fisher said. 

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Dr. Garth Fisher Review Verdict 2021

One reviewer complained that Dr. Fisher treats his clients like cattle while another says that he treats them like numbers

Multiple reviews complain about poor and disappointing results that are nowhere near what the client had discussed with him. All of this suggests, Dr. Fisher is an unreliable and unprofessional surgeon. 

You shouldn’t believe his marketing gimmicks. He has ruined too many procedures and it would be a very expensive gamble to try out his services. 

I recommend finding a different plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, someone with compassion and professionalism. 

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Popular for Glamour, Not Skills

Dr. Garth Fisher is an unskilled and unreliable surgeon who has botched innumerable surgical procedures. He gets away with it through misleading marketing efforts. Be wary of this guy!

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