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Dr. Gary Motykie reviews (MD) 2021

Dr. Gary Motykie is a surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California. On paper, he seems like a highly experienced and talented professional. When you’d google his name, you’d find numerous reviews praising him and promoting him as a reliable surgeon.

However, when I did some research on him, I found a lot of complaints on his services. Apparently, there are a ton of disgruntled people who are suffering because of his incompetent and negligent procedures. 

If you’re wondering weather Dr Gary Motykie is a reliable surgeon or not, please read the following Dr. Motykie reviews to make up your mind: 

Dr. Gary Motykie Reviews He Doesn’t Want You to See:

If you’d google Dr. Gary Motykie’s reviews, chances are, you wouldn’t find the following reviews. Why? Because Gary has made sure that people don’t find any negative reviews on his services.

After all, people discovered these reviews, they wouldn’t go to his clinic and he wouldn’t make money. But it’s vital to share them. If Gary doesn’t want people to find these out, then there must be some truth to them.

It was very painful to go through these Dr. Motykie reviews. After reading through them, you’d also realise that he is not the caring surgeon he claims himself to be. In fact, he is a monster who only cares about the money he makes from his patients. 

Botched Rhinoplasty:

This person had gone to see Dr. Motykie after a friend recommended them to. However, they pointed out that their friend had only had a consultation with him and didn’t get a surgery. 

According to the review, they had a lot of trouble with getting an appointment with the doctor. It suggests Dr. Motykie doesn’t give his patients much priority. Still, when you look at the various complaints posted on him online, you start to realise that he really doesn’t care about his clients.

The reviewer goes further into detail and points out that the surgery turned out to be a disaster. Dr. Gary never asked them during the procedure if they were feeling any discomfort or had any trouble.

After the procedure was complete, they checked the results and didn’t find them satisfactorily. But that’s not all. This person complained about the procedure to Dr. Motykie but he claimed that there was nothing wrong with the rhinoplasty. The reviewer points that most of the pictures on Dr. Motykie’s website are fake and don’t show the actual results. 

The rhinoplasty caused a lot of problems to this person. They had trouble breathing and had to contact other surgeons to fix the issues. 

Another Horrible Rhinoplasty:

According to the review I have shared above, Dr. Motykie did a horrible rhinoplasty on this person. The reviewer says that Gary Motykie is a selfish and incompetent surgeon. It also  claims that one of Gary’s employees told them that he used to take cocaine and has a sex addiction.

The review points out the numerous negative experiences people have shared in its thread. I have shared those Dr. Motykie reviews below so you can see for yourself, just how many lives this man has ruined. 

Also, keep in mind that not every victim shares their experience online. Many people hesitate in sharing their negative experience with a professional or company because they are afraid of legal action or harassment. After all, not everyone has the resources like Dr. Gary Motykie does. 

“Have Trouble Breathing”:

Here, the person complains that Dr. Gary Motykie did a poor rhinoplasty which caused them to have trouble breathing. They call him a butcher with a scalpel because of his carelessness and negligent behaviour. 

The reviewer even points to the frequent allegations of drug abuse and sex addiction Dr. Motykie receives. Apart from that, the reviewer alleges that such addictions adversely affect Dr. Motykie’s proficiency as a surgeon. 

“I’m not Happy”:

dr motykie reviews

This person went to Dr. Gary Motykie to fix their jawline. However, Gary botched this procedure like the rest of them. According to the reviewer, Dr. Gary promised to make them look 10 to 15  years younger but didn’t deliver the results he had promised. 

He charged them $12,000 for the procedure and didn’t fix his mistake. Instead, he told them to go to Motykie’s Med Spa and requested them to spend an additional $1200 to have his assistant work on them. 

Try to put yourself in this person’s position. They went to a cosmetic surgeon who promised them to make them look younger with one procedure. However, the procedure turned out to be a failure. But the surgeon refused to take responsibility for a failed procedure. 

Review from an Ex-Employee:

The above review is from one of Dr. Motykie’s ex-employees. They say they can confirm that he’s a horrible surgeon who posts photoshopped pictures on his Dr. Motykie Instagram account. 

This person worked for several months under Dr. Gary as a nurse and found that the actual patient pictures didn’t match the pictures he was posting on his Instagram account. According to them, Dr. Motykie doctors his patients’ images to hide scars and defects. In my opinion, this is a case of false advertising and Gary is lying to people by posting fake images on his Dr. Motykie Instagram account. 

The reason why this person posted this review on Dr. Gary Motykie is because he botched the procedures on two of their friends. In the first case, Gary ruined the rhinoplasty, gave a perforated septum to their friend, and caused the nose to have a slumped bridge and a bad infection. 

On the other hand, Gary botched a facelift procedure on this person’s second friend and inflicted permanent nerve damage on their lower lip. There are even big depressions on the right side of their face. 

These instances compelled this person to leave their job at Gary Motykie MD. They couldn’t bear the burden of working under such a greedy and negligent surgeon. 

Led Someone into Depression:

gary motykie

Dr. Motykie had done a terrible procedure on this person’s friend. This reviewer suspects that Dr. Motykie is under the influence of some substances which affects his abilities to function properly as a surgeon.

The reviewer’s friend went into depression and lost a lot of money because of Gary’s incompetence. They want Dr. Gary to start taking responsibility for his botched procedures and I can’t help but agree with this thought. 

If Dr. Gary Motykie started taking responsibility for the numerous botched procedures he has done, it would help a lot of people. While it’s ethical to take responsibility for one’s mistakes, I don’t think Dr. Gary has the conscience to take such an action.

This review goes on further about their suspicions about Gary’s drug abuse. They want the board to review Gary and check if he is capable of functioning professionally. 

Ruined Revision Rhinoplasty:

dr gary motykie scam

This was a very painful review to read. According to the reviewer, Motykie had done a revision rhinoplasty on them and botched the procedure. The results are so horrible that they would need four additional surgerys costing over $100,000 to fix the results. 

But the physical and financial damage wouldn’t match the emotional damage Motykie’s botched procedure has inflicted on this person. The review states that they are now suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and depression. Gary’s terrible revision rhinoplasty has caused this person to face constant breathing issues.

When this person tried to complain to Dr. Motykie, he ignored their complaints and told them to wait. The review ends with the person claiming to go after Dr. Motykie. However, it’s never worth it to take such matters into the court. 

Affluent people like Gary Motykie always keep an army of lawyers on the ready for such cases. You can look up “Dr. Motykie lawsuit” and see the various legal battles this guy has faced. Notice how he rarely loses cases. 

That’s because even if you have the truth on your side, people like Gary Motykie have power and money on their side, and in this world, truth rarely wins. 


Dr. Gary Motykie had performed facelifts, nose jobs, and fat transfers in a day for this couple. However, Motykie behaved very unprofessionally with them. He made them wait for hours for their pre-surgery appointments and was late by 4 hours on the day of the surgery. 

The reviewer complains that Motykie did their surgery very hastily and carelessly. Gary started the procedure after 11:00 AM and the reviewer came out of anesthesia after 7:00 PM. According to them, it couldn’t be possible for a surgeon to complete such complex procedures in such a short amount of time. 

After that, the results of Gary’s procedures were horrible which proved to them that Dr. Gary Motykie hadn’t done a good job. The review states that it was the “biggest and very expensive mistake” of their lives. 

You can understand how painful it must have been for those people to buy Gary’s services. Like most of the reviews I have shared here, these people had also contacted Dr. Motykie to improve their looks and get a quality procedure. These people had no idea that Dr. Moykie would turn out to be so unprofessional and careless. 

If your doctor or surgeon comes late to meetings and acts very carelessly, you should avoid getting their services. Chances are, the surgeon would have that careless attitude during the procedure too. 


dr gary motykie reviews

This reviewer had a rhinoplasty from Dr. Motykie. According to her, he was very aggressive and ignored her remarks by giving her a nose that didn’t suit her face. The reviewer says her nose looked chopped and her nostrils are uneven. When she requested Dr. Gary Motykie to fix this issue, he took too much cartilage out which made a lump on one side of this person’s nose tip. 

This review says that Dr. Motykie Instagram only has doctored images because he only knows how to perform cookie-cutter procedures. The reviewer goes further and explains that the experience traumatized her as Dr. Motykie was very reckless and aggressive with her during the procedure.

According to the reviewer, Dr. Gary Motykie is only good at marketing, not at surgery itself. 

Who is Dr. Gary Motykie MD?

Dr. Gary Motykie MD is a Board Certified plastic surgeon. He has received many awards and acclaims and is a renowned celebrity surgeon. Dr. Motykie completed his Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship in Beverly Hills, California in 2004. 

His office address is 9201 W. Sunset Blvd. GF-1A West Hollywood, CA. 90069. Gary has been working professionally since 2004. 

With such a resume, anyone would think that Dr. Gary Motykie is a reliable professional. But sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover. When you start looking at his customer reviews, you realise that he is an incompetent and selfish surgeon who doesn’t care about his clients. 

Dr. Gary Motykie Review 2021: Conclusion

Dr. Gary Motykie seems like a trustworthy surgeon on paper but his reviews suggest that he doesn’t care much about his customers. I advise avoiding him and his services. It would be best for you to find a surgeon with a clean track record and history. When so many people have flagged a surgeon as incompetent, it would be best to avoid him completely. 

Also, keep in mind that his services cost a fortune. You shouldn’t risk spending that much money on someone so unreliable.  

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Dr. Gary Motykie has numerous negative reviews and complaints. Many people claim that he is negligent, careless, and selfish. You should avoid buying the services of such a crooked surgeon.

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