Dr. Jason B. Diamond MD

Dr. Jason Diamond MD is a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon. He has appeared on TV multiple times and seems like a reliable guy. But that’s not the truth. 

In fact, he has ruined many lives in his surgical career. The following review will help you understand why it’s dangerous to work with this guy. 

Dr. Jason Diamond has botched numerous cases and charges extremely high prices. He even uses fake images in the “Before and After” section of his website

I have shared various complaints on Jason Diamond and his clinic Diamond Face Institute in this article. All the reviews I have shared in this article are highly detailed and from his past patients. 

Seeing how much Jason cares about his online presence, it wouldn’t surprise me if his PR team started posting multiple 5-star reviews on this page. Keep an eye out for them. 

Dr. Diamond uses his TV appearance and Beverly Hills status to fool innocent people. The various horror stories I have shared in this article will show you why this guy is not a surgeon but a monster. 

About Dr. Jason Diamond MD Beverly Hills:

Dr. Jason Diamond is a celebrity plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California. His clinic’s address is 9400 Brighton Way Penthouse, Beverly Hills, CA 902190, US. He has MD and  FACS certifications. 

Dr. Jason Diamond runs the Diamond Face Institute and offers facial plastic surgery services. He claims to give a natural-looking and youthful appearance to his clients through surgical procedures. 

Jason has appeared in the E! Network show Dr. 90210 which covers the professional and personal lives of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. The show has a 4.4 out of 10-star rating on IMDb. 

His appearance on the show has helped Jason charge exorbitant prices for his services. 

However, his reviews tell a different story. 

There are a ton of people suffering the consequences of Dr. Jason’s mistakes. He lacks the professional courtesy and ethics to operate as a plastic surgeon. You would be saying the same thing after reading the various reviews of his disgruntled patients. 

Most people don’t find out the reviews I have shared below because Dr. Jason Diamond doesn’t want them to. I had to do a lot of digging to find the following complaints. 

Dr. Jason claims to be an expert in facial, reconstructive, and plastic surgery. However, he doesn’t have any knowledge of his domain. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have botched so many procedures. 

He even sells a digital program called The Diamond Life. It’s a highly expensive service for those who want online consultations from this guy. 

Who is a Plastic Surgeon? 

A plastic surgeon is a physician who performs cosmetic or reconstructive surgery on individuals with birth defects, traumas, burns, or infections to enhance or alter their appearance.

Before you sign up for The Diamond Life or contact the Diamond Face Institute for a procedure, read the following reviews:

Botched Rhinoplasty Due To Medical Negligence By Dr. Diamond MD:

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This person hesitated to write a review on Dr. Jason Diamond for a while but shared theri experience. Dr. Diamond did three procedures on this person. The reviewer points out that the pricing was terrible. 

However, it didn’t bother the reviewer. Because they thought the results would be worth the cost. Dr. Jason had a second ENT doctor for a procedure which further increased the costs for this patient. 

Jason botched the rhinoplasty on this person. It is causing them trouble breathing and has given them a crooked nose. But that’s not all. 

The incompetent doctor also gave this peron a large gouge on their head. Below is the patient’s picture: 

Qd3RlsMz6uBb4XPVRt10POyLeKAv2A3htytIjuQuES19ooVFt BNgSoowbkOKaISBts DR21sTcUY65r2jyy34LWeQObRvrldP7eOBG8qE4gqjBiLgqBPTBQ8nGNN0gQyR166q80

It’s as if the surgeon took out a portion of their forehead. What bothered the patient more is that none of their procedures required any inclusion of the forehead. 

The gouge has turned into a scar over the years. And it further degrades this person’s appearance. Dr. Jason tried to hide the scar by using permanent makeup but that failed. 

This person says that they will have to get another procedure done by another surgeon. Certainly, they wouldn’t want to get a procedure from Dr. Jason Diamond after witnessing such negligence. The reviewer didn’t want to write this review because they believed that the people working under Dr. Diamond are very nice. They also believed that Dr. Jason is a nice person himself. 

One of the reviewer’s colleagues asked them if their husband was beating them because they saw the scar. I can’t even imagine the emotional toll this person was under because of Dr. Jason. Such botched procedures affect a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health adversely. 

Useless Face Lifts & Implants For $27,000

image 30

The above reviewer had hired Dr. Jason Diamond for a facelift and implants. Jason calls them feather lifts. This person paid Jason $27,000 for the procedures but it was all useless. 

Dr. Jason Diamond was going to write this person off but he found their review online. He is very cautious of his online presence and doesn’t like when someone shares their negative experience. 

So, he contacted the reviewer and told them that he would offer a refund if they took down the review. They took down the review and he gave the refund. However, he then told them that he’s always on Google looking for his negative reviews. Because of that, the person decided to keep their review up and alert people about his incompetence. 

A mere refund can’t repair the damages a botched surgery does. Moreover, this person felt as if Dr. Jason cares more about his reputation than his clients. That’s not a good sign. 

Jason is a medical professional. His patient’s health and well-being should come before his online reviews. But that’s not the case. It simply shows how selfish this surgeon is. 

Dr. Jason Diamond MD Ruined A Chin Lift & Has Careless Staff

Dr. Jason Diamond MD review 14

This person had hired Dr. Jason for a chin lift. However, it turned out to be horrible. The chin started to sag two weeks after the procedure, causing them constant pain. 

They were very unhappy with the results because the procedure was very costly. They told Dr. Jason Diamond about the issues but he didn’t want to hear any of it. Jason simply talked to his staff and pretended to care. According to the reviewer, it was a complete waste of money. 

Maybe Jason would have cared more about this person’s condition if they threatened to post their negative review on multiple platforms. 

Messed Up Fat Transfer & Damaged Patient’s Face Permanently (Gave No Refunds)

Dr. Jason Diamond MD review 12

This reviewer had a terrible experience with Dr. Jason. He damaged their face during a fat transfer procedure. The damage got worse over time. Jason refused to take responsibility for his negligence and didn’t give this person any refunds. 

This is one of the biggest dangers of plastic surgery. Surgeons can get away with their poor and negligent procedures as long as the patient doesn’t share their experience anywhere else. 

Looked Worse After The “Magic” & Had To Pay $10,000+ (With No Refunds)

Dr. Jason Diamond MD review 11

This person wants other clients that Dr. Jason Diamond MD is a scam artist. They tell others to stay away from him. He recommended this person a chin implant with several other procedures and charged them $10,000+ for his magic fillers. The patient says that the magic fillers are of no use and a complete waste.

Those fillers only worsened their appearance. Dr. Jason didn’t want anything to do with this person after he botched their procedure. They said, “It’s all smoke and mirrors”. And added that you won’t look like Kim Kardashian after getting Jason’s services. The reviewer has also called Jason a conman and claims that Jason doesn’t do any work for celebrities

I also wonder if Jason truly works with Hollywood celebrities. With so many reviews and complaints, I highly doubt if a celebrity considers Jason as a reliable surgeon. 

Looting The Average Person With Exorbitant Consultation Fees

Dr. Jason Diamond MD review 10

This reviewer had hired Diamond because their daughter broke her nose in 6th grade. Jason charged this person $10000 for a simple consultation. The person said that Dr. Jason Diamond only serves the top 1%. He is too expensive for anyone below that criterion because they can’t afford a $1000 consultation fee. 

Another reviewer pointed out this issue. They said that Jason’s team had lied to them on the phone. THe actual price of Jason’s magic fillers was 10 times what they were told on the phone call. 

On top of the filler’s cost, they pointed out that one must also pay $500 for the 5 minute-procedure. The reviewer said that Jason’s costs are significantly higher than most Beverly Hills doctors. 

Dr. Jason Diamond MD review 5

You’d notice this complaint in many reviews of Dr. Jason Diamond MD. His pricing is excessively expensive. That’s only because he appears on a TV show. It’s not because of his expertise or experience but because of his TV appearance. If he was really an expert, he wouldn’t have so many complaints. 

Ghosting Patient After Wrecking Their Scars & Stitches 

Dr. Jason Diamond MD review 4

This person had two appointments with Dr. Jason. They were about treating scars from another surgery. While the procedures were good, Dr. Diamond didn’t remove the three stitches he had to remove. The person had to find another doctor to remove those stitches. They also wanted advice on a specific scar that was causing them pain. Dr. Jason referred the reviewer to Dr. Champagne for that case.

Note that he hadn’t suggested any doctors for removing the stitches. The patient had to find the doctor by themselves. 

They requested an appointment but the doctor ghosted them. The patient was in a lot of pain but the surgeon didn’t care enough to give a proper response. He started avoiding them. 

The patient had to find another dermatologist to fix the issues. But now they will have to wait for two months to receive the treatment because of the pandemic. 

Behavior Takes a 180 After Dr. Diamond Gets The Money

Dr. Jason Diamond MD user review

According to this reviewer, you should be wary of Dr. Jason Diamond MD. The reviewer says taht Dr. Jason will tell you things that you’d like to hear and once he gets your money he changes completely. This person says that they have had regrets since 2007 because they hired Dr. Jason Diamond. 

Clueless & Unprofessional Staff Pretending To Be Knowledgeable

Dr. Jason Diamond MD review 2

This person posted a review after they had contacted Dr. Diamond’s clinic. The staff at Jason’s clinic had no knowledge of his procedures. They didn’t even give the reviewer a proper estimate according to their budget. When the person pointed out that they sounded ignorant, the staff got mad at the person. 

Clearly, they have learned such behaviour from their boss. So, I can’t blame the staff here. They would behave like they are instructed to. If they see that Jason Diamond doesn’t care about the patients, they wouldn’t care either. 

The person ended their review by saying that the staff at Jason’s clinic is very unprofessional and scary. 

The Diamond Facial Is A $3,000 Scam

Dr. Jason Diamond MD fraud

This person pointed out the horrible pricing of Dr. Diamond’s procedures too. The staff behaved very rudely with this person. But that’s not all. 

When they consulted Dr. Jason Diamond MD about the procedures they can get, he didn’t treat them with any respect. None at all.

He kept pointing out the various flaws present in their face. They received a diamond facial which cost them $3,,000 and did nothing for their skin. Jason had the audacity to tell the patient that they shouldn’t call his clinic for at least a month after the procedure. Why?

Because he didn’t want to deal with any complaints. He must receive a lot of calls from his disgruntled patients. That’s why he instructs his patients to avoid calling him beforehand. 

Extremely Overpriced Charges: $35,000 For A Chin Implant?!

Dr. Jason Diamond MD reviews

This reviewer says that Jason Diamond’s clinic is a total ripoff. Jason’s clinic charged them $1,000 for a 5-minute consultation. And he quoted $35,000 for a chin implant. Before this person could get a chin implant, they needed a CT scan, which cost $1,000. Surely, the experience of this person was terrible. They say that it was very disappointing and they won’t consider having surgery there.

Charging exorbitant prices and offering disappointing results. It’s a common complaint among negligent doctors. For example, Dr. Morris Ritz is a notorious doctor who had botched a breast implant surgery a few years ago that nearly killed his patient. The patient lost a breast and filed a lawsuit against Dr. Ritz later. 

Similarly, Dr. Robert Kaplinsky of UroPartners has similar issues. He is highly incompetent and has put his patients’ lives at risk multiple times.

Such doctors ruin the name of the medical industry. And they don’t even care. All they care about is the amount of wealth they can generate, that’s it.  

Allegedly Ripping Off Patients With Fake Fillers

GFWb1PAgFiHa1Iu6kcNveTxIOHtVUWEr0tSJCEC1HMaWpEgooo9W2fHy ZAESDec1tZN4pi2tptOpo6EpLAeZgn9yWRiwfpKtWWOiE6hyHQwJTFJv7CvRlpKPZCvVXh6H Bm8 ML

Dr. Jason Diamond’s magic fillers are notorious. This person’s complaint is about them as well.

The reviewer wanted a consultation and the clinic asked for a $500 deposit. Although they had an appointment, the person had to wait for two hours there. The clinic’s staff didn’t care at all.

Jason only poked their top lip once on each side as his filler procedure. That’s it. He didn’t do anything else. 

Dissatisfied, the patient wanted a revision. However, the staff told them that they would have to pay extra. The procedure cost them $1300 and the clinic kept the $500 deposit as well. 

A day later, their lips had returned to their previous condition. There wasn’t any change. The reviewer suspects that Jason didn’t even use the filler during the procedure.

Overpriced Neck Lift & Insulting Patient To Get Them To Spend More Cash

Dr. Jason Diamond MD review

This person wanted a neck lift. Dr. Jason Diamond MD told them that they weren’t genetically preferred for it. Instead, he recommended a face lift, a significantly more expensive procedure. The price he quoted was $24,500. 

Obviously, that’s too much. So, this person went to another surgeon who did a perfect neck lift at a third of Diamond’s price. As I have pointed out earlier, Jason only charges extra because he appears on a TV show. Many celebrities have inflated egos. Vito Glazers is a similar reality TV celebrity who charges tens of thousands of dollars for teaching simple marketing skills. Why is his price so high? Because he appeared on a reality TV show a few years ago. 

Charged $19,000 For A Rhinoplasty Only To Make Zero Changes

Dr. Diamond treated this person horribly He charged them $19,000 for a rhinoplasty that only worsened their condition. The patient wonders how a rhinoplasty could cost this much. 

Jason’s procedures only worsened this person’s condition. Another one of their friends wanted a procedure from Jason but he botched that case as well. Jason looked at this person for 5 minutes and said he can’t do anything when the patient was facing a permanent issue. Certainly, this person had a lot of conflicts with the crooked surgeon. 

Dr. Jason Diamond MD Lies On Website & Brochures:

Jason Diamond makes ridiculous claims about his expertise. His website has tons of images of well-toned bodies under the ‘Before and After’ section. 

However, those are fake. 

He has mentioned this in a disclaimer hidden in the footer of the website: 

Dr. Jason Diamond MD scam

In other words, he is using fake pictures to promote his services. This is misadvertisement and he could be thrown in jail. 

No wonder he has so many complaints against his name. If he was really an expert, he wouldn’t need to post pictures of models and claim they are his clients. 

This is one of the worst examples of misleading advertising. Promoting plastic surgery is a highly dangerous practice in itself. Many surgeons promote these surgeries by damaging the self-esteem of women and young girls. 

A study found that most women who undergo plastic surgery face a complication within three years. The complication could be an infection or more severe. 

Dr. Jason Diamond MD is among those people who promote the toxic culture of cosmetic surgery and procedures. 

Now you know the truth behind all of those advertisements. They use fake images. 

Dr. Jason Diamond MD Review Verdict

If I wanted to explain Dr. Jason Diamond MD in one word, I’d call him a monster. The man doesn’t care about his patients, botches multiple procedures, and uses fake pictures to promote his services. 

I don’t know what’s worse. He charges extremely high prices because he appears on Dr. 90210. 

All of this suggests that it would be best to avoid this guy and his services. You can find plenty of highly qualified and more reputed surgeons in Beverly Hills. There’s no need to go for such a notorious option.

1.8 Total Score
Dr. Diamond is Dangerous

Seeing the numerous complaints and negative reviews from his patients, I wouldn’t advise working with Dr. Jason. He charges exorbitant prices and uses models’ pictures as his clients’ pictures to mislead clients.

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Business Ethics
Medical Ethics
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Medical Ethics
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  • Excessive prices
  • Too many patient complaints
  • Misleading advertising
  • Has botched multiple procedures
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  1. I am continuing my post on
    Jason B. Diamond , he will sell you initially how everything is a “piece of cake” and the night before surgery, change his tune, 2007!! To date, his operation was aesthetically short-term and the pain was from day one!! I went to a family doctor who had to prescribe low grade pain pills to tolerate constant debilitating pain!! I went back to Diamond ???? for a year and then after arbitration would be null and void , sent me to a colleague who said I had TMJ, not the case per my dentist!! We are now in 2023 and what was suppose to be five or six stitches turned out to be 100 ???? stitches through a cat and mouse game and I went to a few doctors after the fact for a second opinion and possibly redo, and I was told he was too invasive and I have to admit still gun shy about an other surgery, but will eventually,
    possibly !! You can read my in-depth experience on Yelps under
    E. Hummel and many who have agreed with me and experienced similar situations with him, a real car salesman!!

  2. I am continuing my post on
    Jason B. Diamond , he will sell you initially how everything is a “piece of cake” and the night before surgery, change his tune, 2007!! To date, his operation was aesthetically short-term and the pain was from day one!! I went to a family doctor who had to prescribe low grade pain pills to tolerate constant debilitating pain!! I went back to Diamond ???? for a year and then after arbitration would be null and void , sent me to a colleague who said I had TMJ, not the case per my dentist!! We are now in 2023 and what was suppose to be five or six stitches turned out to be 100 ???? stitches through a cat and mouse game and I went to a few doctors after the fact for a second opinion and possibly redo, and I was told he was too invasive and I have to admit still gun shy about an other surgery, but will eventually,
    possibly !! You can read my in-depth experience on Yelps under
    E. Hummel and many who have agreed with me and experienced similar situations with him, a real car salesman!!

  3. 0.4
    Business Ethics
    Medical Ethics

    I had a bad experience as well and you can see it on yelps under
    E Hummel for Diamond ???? boy!! 28,000 used a low interest credit card and everything was a piece of cake until the evening before surgery!!! He had all my money but said he would take his time and do a great job and I asked if I could have my money back and he said yes but the office manager said half so based on his reassurance I went through with it and still suffer to date 6/23 where in order to tolerate whatever he did I have to take meds or the pain is intolerable and aesthetically looked good but in pain real pain where I went back for a year to see what he could do, I go in depth on yelps re Jason B Diamond ???? and it’s under E Hummel!!!! things were done that were not authorized and the reason for my pain and short term nice aesthetic appearance!! I would like to find someone who could correct things but we will see!!

    + PROS: Good with stitches not being apparent
    - CONS: BAD
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  4. The clinic is engaging in superfluous procedures to overcharge its patients. And by deceiving their patients, they rendered it impossible for them to treat them.
    They claim that surgery will give their clients a younger-looking face, but it is ineffective.

  5. The medical staff lies to their patients about the pricing, and there is a significant discrepancy between the prices that they are informed of during the appointment booking and after arriving at the clinic. Just because you feature in TV shows, it doesn’t mean that you have the right to charge extra consultation fees from the average person. The average person attempting to receive the finest therapy for their issue will not be able to afford the increased consultation fees set by these surgeons.

  6. The main focus of these surgeons is to deceive their patients, and they have been accused of destroying the lives of several people. People were easily duped by bogus reviews and fell victim to these unskilled surgeons.

  7. After reading the article, I agree with the writer on how unethically they perform the treatments and don’t care about their patients. The higher medical authorities must take harsh action against them because they were performing several botched treatments and patients were unable to receive refunds.

  8. The author clearly explains in the article why the patient must pay extra for the CT scan, but the point is that he wants to criticize the medical professionals who were engaging in unethical methods to generate funds.

  9. It is best to avoid these high-risk surgeries because there are many unprofessional surgeons whose only goal is to make money and who do not care about the patients. After spending a lot of money on the operation, the patient is unable to acquire satisfying outcomes, which is highly discouraging for the individuals.

  10. You need to proof read before you post. Grammatical errors can weaken your argument, its un professional, and can draw speculation by the reader – especially the negative personal comments against person you’re writong about. If you can’t proof read your work, have someone else do it.

  11. 0.75
    Business Ethics
    Medical Ethics

    Never liked his appearance on that show. The guy seems so pretentious and fake I laugh at him for it.

    I feel sorry for all those people tho they don’t deserve to get such horrendous treatment. Dr. Diamond should speak up on this issue or smth.

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