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A corrupt business owner that you need to know beware of is Dr. Jay Calvert. Businesses in the United States spend more than $11.7 billion on public relations each year and around $4.19 billion are spent by corrupt businesses like Dr. Jay Calvert to cover up horrible customer experiences. The money is used for buying endorsements, posting fake reviews, and suppressing genuine red flags, grievances, and complaints by real customers. 

Law firms and reputation management agencies specialize in hiding the truth. However, this is where we come into the picture. We aim to provide an unbiased take on businesses to help our readers make informed decisions that leave them satisfied. Our detailed critical analysis will help provide you with facts and information that is already available in the public domain and highlight areas of public concern. It is our goal to bring exposure to these red flags and provide critical information to make you smarter and more aware. According to a post by Los Angeles Times on May 15th, 2019, a lawsuit was filed against USC-sponsored plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay Calvert, who used his patient’s insurance as his own ATM. 

Who Is Dr. Jay Calvert and What Did He Do That Landed Him In Hot Water?

Dr. Jay Calvert is a popular plastic surgeon who practices in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills. He even leads a USC-sponsored fellowship that has been accused of operating on a patient unnecessarily to make a profit as stated in the lawsuit. 

Natalie West is a former patient of the plastic surgeon who claims that he made up false diagnoses to perform twelve unnecessary surgeries on her over the course of four years. Besides this, he even billed her insurance company to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars despite her having paid out of her pocket. Moreover, Natalie West is also suing USC, whose fellows, students, or residents performed surgeries on Dr. Jay Calver’s behalf without seeking her consent. 

Dr. Jay Calvert runs Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship which USC sponsors. According to his LinkedIn page, it was found that he claims to be an associate clinical professor at USC and offers clinical teaching expertise in rhinoplasty and aesthetic surgery at the plastic surgery division of Keck School of Medicine, USC. Many people know him because of his appearances on The Tyra Banks Shows where he was cast as an expert. University officials stated that Dr. Jay Calvert only holds a voluntary title and is not a faculty member or paid employee. However, USC had included his name on their Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery clinic website in the past which they have removed. Although Dr. Jay Calver’s attorney stated that the claims made by Natalie West are baseless, there is more to the story that we believe the public needs to know. 

Natalie West had met Dr. Jay Calvert back in 2013 when she was searching for someone to repair a nose job that had been performed a decade earlier and had been injured due to a car accident. She provided all her insurance information to Dr. Jay Calvert upon his request and still ended up having to pay $24,900 out of her pocket as mentioned in her complaint. It was during July of 2013 that her surgery took place and it led to a series of fraud on part of Dr. Jay Calvert along with his clinic staff. The lawsuit further stated that Dr. Jay Calvert used the surgery as a beta test to start a pattern of massive insurance fraud against insurers and billed Natalie West’s insurer $199,602 even though the surgery had been paid in full. 

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In addition to the above, Dr. Jay Calvert insisted that Natalie West return to his various offices for subsequent procedures to take advantage of her PPO health insurance policies and use them as his money-printing machine. From the initial surgery alone, the doctor managed to collect $88,542 from her insurance company and the woman still suffered from losses. Further, the lawsuit stated that Dr. Jay Calvert engaged in a fraudulent double-billing scheme to deprive Natalie West of $12,900. 

According to the complaint, Dr. Jay Calvert persuaded Natalie West to undergo 12 additional operations after her first surgery. The complainant also mentioned that the doctor and his staff convinced her that the surgeries would be free of cost as she had already paid out of her pocket during the first treatment. But, she was told that she would be charged for the use of anesthesia and an operating room which she was supposed to pay out of pocket. The court documents state that Natalie West asked the doctor if her insurance would pay some part of those costs and he told her that it was not possible. The complaint claims that she paid $16,000 for the additional 12 surgeries, whereas, Dr. Jay Calvert collected over $330,000 from her insurer. 

Moreover, Natalie West has also alleged that she had been sexually assaulted while she was unconscious during one of the surgeries. The suit further states that Natalie West noticed that there was a bloody discharge from her vulva after she woke up from her fourth operation which only involved body parts above her neck. She went on to see a gynecologist to get checked and was told that one side of her uterus was full of clots and black and that she needed a hysterectomy. The lawsuit specifically mentions that someone, a USC student, fellow, or resident tried an unknown medical procedure that involved her uterus without obtaining her consent and indicates that some of the surgeries were performed by someone else rather than Dr. Jay Calvert. 

Leslie Hakala is the attorney of Natalie West who had mentioned that it is appalling for a physician to abuse his patient after gaining her trust. She also added that USC must have conducted some research before letting Dr. Jay Calvert associate with them as the work has serious consequences on real people. According to a statement by USC, it claimed that it was aware of the lawsuit that had been filed against Dr. Jay Calvert and that its students had not been involved in any of his fraudulent billing schemes. Spokeswoman Meg Aldrich said that the university was not involved in any billing of Dr. Jay Calvert’s programs or practice and that the fellowship program is independent apart from providing access to the online library and academic lectures of the Keck School of Medicine while also adding that the fellows of the program are not in any way associated with the university. 

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Previously Accused of Making False Claims and Perjury 

As we dive deeper into accusations against Dr. Jay Calvert, it becomes clear that he has faced other accusations in the past. A notable accusation that is worth mentioning was made in 2014 when he made false claims and perjury after patients claimed that he performed unnecessary surgeries. 

In fact, the accusation is similar to the one made by Natalie West. He is reported to have been involved in an insurance fraud scheme. However, the charges had been dropped on the day of his arraignment as he agreed to pay the patients an undisclosed amount according to the Orange County Register. But, his lawyer, Barens refuted the report by stating that the claims had been dismissed as they were false. He went on to state that the case had been dropped due to a lack of evidence and that Dr. Jay Calvert had not done anything wrong. 

Barrens also stated that Natalie West’s medical records and the doctor’s records will prove that the surgeries were only performed as they were medically necessary and had been consented to. But, Natalie West’s attorney stands by her statements and is driven to prove the facts of the complaint. 

What is SEC?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States is a federal government regulatory agency that works independently. Its main responsibility is to safeguard investors, ensure the securities markets operate in a fair and orderly manner, and facilitate capital formation.

Complaints Posted on PissedConsumer.com

To provide more information about the fraud committed by Dr. Jay Calver, we cover some of the complaints that have been posted on PissedConsumer.com by innocent patients. 

1. Charged More

One of the complaints that had been posted on PissedConsumer.com that we had to include in our report against Dr. Jay Calvert is from PissedConsumer1560067 of Los Angeles, CA which was posted on June 15th, 2019. 

The complaint states that Dr. Jay Calvert had promised the patient that their insurance would cover the majority of the cost for a tummy tuck procedure. However, after having undergone the procedure, the innocent patient received a huge bill in the mail from the doctor. In addition to this, the patient was also charged by their insurer and recommends people to rely on someone else for surgical procedures.

2. Please Help

Another user by the name of PissedConsumer608868 of Miami Beach, FL posted on March 16th, 2015. The complaint states that he needs help as he has become a victim and did not receive any lift which he had paid for. In fact, he only got an implant which looks horrible. 

3. Fraud

The next user that has left a negative review against Dr. Jay Calvert is PissedConsumer390986 of Herndon, VA. The comment was left on December 08th, 2013 which shows just how far back the doctor’s fraudulent activities go. The comment emphasized the 2014 lawsuit that was filed against him in Orange County and mentions that the judge had been ready to rule a motion for summary judgment which would prove that Dr. Jay Calvert defrauded his partner. 

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4. Bad Experience

A notable comment that has been left by PissedConsumer307899 of Dallas, TX on Dec 06th, 2012 stated a horrible experience with Dr. Jay Calvert. The user felt very unhappy with the results of the treatment and does not recommend the surgeon and further states that the doctor did not treat them well. He even went on to point to reviews on ripoffreport.com where people have mentioned a similar experience. 

Review on ComplaintsBoard.com

A verified customer has left a comment on ComplaintsBoard.com stating that he or she has scars for life because of Dr. Jay Calvert’s horrible surgery. The doctor performed a revision rhinoplasty and facelift on the patient and the work proved to be horrible and described it as the worst experience of his or her life. Even though Dr. Jay Calvert claimed to perform a traditional facelift that would include incisions starting in the temple area, he ended up starting the facelift in front of the ears and failed to do the temple or eye area as well as upper cheek area which resulted in the outer corners of the eyes being pulled downwards and the scars along the ears being distant and very noticeable. 

In fact, the user claims that the doctor did not even try to hide the scars and made one of the nostrils much larger. Besides this, the doctor did not stitch all the incisions which left the patient with an open-ended nostril and the nose bridge having multiple lumps. When Dr. Jay Calvert completed the work, he told the innocent patient that he forgot to file the nose bridge and asked to correct the mistakes which he postponed for an entire year after which he told the customer to pay for the correction. The doctor did not tell the patient that there is a one-year deadline and proved to be not only incompetent but malicious. The patient even requested Dr. Jay Calvert to suggest a nurse to stay with him for post-operation and ended up being recommended by a nurse who stole his cellphone, money, and medications

The above review makes it clear that Dr. Jay Calvert is someone who can get very low to make money. He uses elaborate techniques to scam the innocent. 


We believe that customers should have access to all information, both positive and negative before they use a service. Although every business may make mistakes, Dr. Jay Calvert has proved time and time again that he cannot be trusted and needs to experience serious repercussions for his fraudulent activities. It is important that customers learn more about him before believing in the glossy reviews about the doctor that have not been left by real patients.

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We will never stop questioning Dr. Jay Calvert and his intentions. He needs to own all his mistakes, pay damages to innocent patients, and his license to practice should be revoked. In addition to this, we encourage everyone to come together to challenge his malicious behavior since people like Dr. Jay Calvert deserve to be behind bars.

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