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Dr. Jennifer Walden – Ruining Lives Through Incompetence

Austin, Texas has a lot of plastic surgeons and Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of them. Her website and PR makes her seem like a seasoned expert of skincare and surgical procedures

However, her reviews indicate that she lacks professionalism and the required skills to perform surgical procedures. Her patients complain about botched procedures, delayed appointments (that get canceled), and horrible behavior. Some patients suffer from depression and anxiety because of Jennifer’s botched surgeries. 

In the following review of Dr Jennifer Walden, you’ll learn the truth about her clinic, her practices, and whether you should trust her with your surgery or not: 

Dr. Jennifer Walden Wiki: Prices, Husband, Skincare, Etc.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon based in West Lake Hills, Texas. Her clinic’s address is 5656 Bee Cave Rd E201, Austin, TX 78746. 

She runs the clinic from 9 AM to 5 PM on business days. You can contact her clinic by calling on 512-328-4100. Her website is, where she boasts of winning multiple accolades and awards. 

Sometimes, professionals use their accolades and awards to distract consumers from the dirty truth. For example, Lyon Polk is a NY-based wealth advisor with numerous complaints against his brand, but many of his clients never hear about them because his accolades distract them. 

Dr. Walden uses a similar tactic. Her PR team works hard to ensure that people never read the negative Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews. A whistleblower revealed that Dr. Walden used to work with before but has broken ties with them and now works with since. 

AdviceMedia now handles her manipulative marketing. Jennifer banks heavily on fake polls and awards which she manipulates through her contacts in the press to maintain her brand. 

Jennifer performs a ton of procedures including skin tightening, hair restoration, breast augmentation, and plenty of other cosmetic surgeries. Her PR team wants you to know that she is recognized among the Texas Super Doctors and is a member of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. 

However, as you’ll read the numerous Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews I have shared, you’ll realize how meaningless these accolades are. The number of procedures she has botched don’t align with her claim of being among the best plastic surgeons in Texas. Her clinic’s name is Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. 

Before opening her clinic in Austin, Texas, she did her fellowship in New York for eight years. She also runs a product line called “Dr. Jennifer Walden Skincare and Supplements”. 

The website of Dr. Jennifer Walden skincare products is Here, she sells supplements and skincare products such as creams, facemasks, and more. 

She is a mother of two twin kids. Dr. Jennifer Walden husband mainly handles the house chores and takes care of domestic responsibilities. 

Who is a Plastic Surgeon? 

A plastic surgeon is a physician who performs cosmetic or reconstructive surgery on individuals with birth defects, traumas, burns, or infections to enhance or alter their appearance.

Dr. Walden Exposed As Transphobic

Dr. Jennifer Walden review

Dr. Walden claims to advocate for women’s rights and equality but her actions don’t align with these claims. According to the above reviewer, Jennifer doesn’t respect the rights of trans people. She calls them he/she unapologetically and doesn’t respect them. The reviewer highlights that no one would want a surgeon who doesn’t care about their patients. 

Discrimination is a huge problem in our country. Particularly when individuals with wealth and influence do it. Thankfully, many people have started speaking out against such horrible bigotry and hateful behavior.

According to various reviews, Dr Jennifer Walden prices for surgery are substantially higher than the industry standard and her consultation fee is $100. 

How Dr. Jennifer Walden & AdviceMedia Use Paid PR To Deceive Clients

AdviceMedia is the PR team of Dr. Walden. She relies heavily on them to promote her brand and ensure that her business attracts more customers. After all, she doesn’t want her clients to look up “Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews”. She knows that if her clients read her reviews, they wouldn’t want to come back and the people who want to hire her would never visit her clinic. 

For example, one of her clients complained that she gave her a deviated septum, giving her breathing issues and a pinched tip after a rhinoplasty. That’s just one of the complaints, there are a ton more of them. 

To distract people from such instances, she uses paid promotions and articles. This is what you get when you look up her PR:

Dr. Jennifer Walden review

As you can see, there are a lot of search results. Moreover, she might even publish more PR content after I post this review just so people wouldn’t be able to read it. 

Her PR team also manages her Wikipedia article. A brief view into the revision history of the Wikipedia entry reveals that her PR team always stays on top of it to add new praises:

Dr. Jennifer Walden review

Why does Dr. Walden spends so much on paid promotions? The Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews below will help you understand the answer to this question: 

An Actual Dr. Jennifer Walden Review: How She Ruined A Patient’s Self-Esteem & Life

Dr. Jennifer Walden review

This complaint is by an ex-patient of Dr. Walden. She had a breast lift by her and it felt absolutely mutilated. The surgery caused her left nipple to be lower than its original state and the doctor removed the stitches before the wounds healed. This hindered the healing process considerably. 

On top of that, the reviewer shares that she started crying when she first saw her in the mirror. 

She points out that she had another breast lift six months after the first procedure. However, Dr. Walden didn’t seem to understand her requirements. Although the results of the second procedure were a little better than the first one, they were still far from what she wanted. 

Her left nipple was still lower than its original position and it gave her an asymmetrical appearance. What’s worse is that Jennifer’s clinic released a ‘modified’ medical record for this reviewer. 

They deliberately removed some images from the record to avoid any implications. On top of that, the notes mentioned that Dr. Walden had spent 45 minutes talking to the reviewer personally. Contrary to Jennifer’s claims, the reviewer says that she barely spoke to her and was in a rush all the time. 

The clinic had stopped supplying her with the moist dressing so she had to go to the medical store multiple times. Moreover, the surgeries have caused rashes to develop all over her breasts. 

Now the reviewer is looking for a specialist who can correct the second surgery Jennifer performed. She alerts other consumers that they shouldn’t pay attention to the positive Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews because they don’t show the true picture. 

The reviewer also says that she regrets the decision of choosing Dr. Walden as her surgeon every day. 

She has shared her experience on other platforms as well and says that Dr. Walden tries to silence any negative reviews by burying them under fictitious positive reviews. 

Dr. Jennifer Walden review
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Dr. Jennifer Walden review

Apparently, Dr. Walden doesn’t respond to any complaint. She doesn’t even acknowledge them. Instead, she hides them through her paid content and positive reviews. 

As you’ll read more complaints on Dr. Jennifer Walden Austin TX, you’ll realize just how little she cares about her patients. 

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews: Ugly Truth Buried Under Biased Fluff

Jennifer’s Clinic Forgets About its Clients

Dr. Jennifer Walden review

This reviewer had called to set up an appointment and the clinic said they will give a call back. The reviewer never received a call back. Hence, they went to another surgeon. As you’ll notice in more of the following reviews, Jennifer doesn’t seem to care much about her patients.

Rescheduled Appointments for 18 Weeks Because Nurses were “Unavailable”

Dr. Jennifer Walden review

Jan here had set up an appointment with the nurse practitioner of Jennifer’s clinic because Jennifer was unavailable for 6 months while the nurse was only unavailable for 4. 

When the appointment drew close, the clinic contacted the reviewer to reschedule because the nurse wasn’t available that day. So, they did. However, a week before the rescheduled appointment, the clinic notified her again that she would have to change her appointed date because no nurse would be available on that day.

The reviewer shares that they wasted her 4 months and she is back to square one. 

Staff Pursues Sales Aggressively, Ignoring the Client’s Requirements

Dr. Jennifer Walden review

The reviewer had to make an appointment several months ahead due to the lack of Jennifer’s availability. However, he had to visit the clinic without his wife because she couldn’t change her work schedule.

When he arrived for the appointment, the staff told him that Jennfier had an emergency and he would meet with a nurse practitioner. 

The nurse first asked him if he was there for a brow lift, which he wasn’t. Then, she asked if he was interested in an upper or lower eyelid surgery, which he wasn’t. 

Overall, the reviewer had a pretty disappointing experience.

The reviewer has shared his experience on other platforms as well. Beware of clinics that force their clients to post their complaints on multiple sites. For example, Dr. Joshua Zuckerman is notorious for ignoring his patients like Walden.

Dr. Jennifer Walden review

Incorrect Lip Injections Left a Prominent Lump on the Patient’s Face

Dr. Jennifer Walden review

Stephanie had come to Jennifer’s clinic  2 years before writing the review. She had her first and only lip injections and Dr. Walden botched this procedure. 

She did them incorrectly and left Stephanie with a prominent lump above her upper lip. When she shared this issue with the clinic, they said it was “weird”. The clinic suggested heating the lump with a hot washcloth and massing the same. However, theri advice did nothing. 

Stephanie was also disappointed with her results like many other clients of Dr. Jennifer. 

Placed the Incorrect Dosage of Dysport in the Wrong Place, Ruined the Client’s Appearance

Dr. Jennifer Walden review

Here, the reviewer complains that the clinic botched a very simple procedure. They placed a heavy dose of dysport in their “bunny crunch” area and the forehead. However, after the dysport settled, their eyes were nearly gone. 

They complain that the clinic put dysport in the wrong locations and changed the shape of their eyes. In fact, their inner brows also forced down. 

Performed the Procedure 3 Times, Delivered No Results

Dr. Jennifer Walden review

Rashi had contacted Dr. Walden’s clinic for a skin procedure. They performed a microneedling procedure to fix her acne scars. Although she was a little skeptical of the procedure, she chose to go through with it. 

She shares that the clinic didn’t take any pictures of her on the day of the procedure. In the second sitting too, they had forgotten to take any pictures until the reviewer reminded them about it. 

After 3 sessions of microneedling and 12 weeks, there weren’t any results. 

Instead, her skin had become dry and more open pores were visible than before. When she shared her concerns about seeing no results, the clinic responded by saying that their original recommendation was a laser procedure, not microneedling. 

The problem is, why did they recommend microneedling if they knew it wouldn’t give results in the first place? According to the reviewer, Dr. Jennifer and her staff only focus on the money, not the clients. 

More Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews: 

They appear incompetent and were nasty to their patients

Dr. Jennifer Walden review

The staff was unprofessional and rude

dA1YINj9LOwkvdQ S YkK 7toR3Qg q5aan0uUCZTrOYYB c7cuId1P9mPmKQ3Svly9pB3zawjx66IpSYGgHih707anhUneF kyWU99TrMptvvZ0Ubcw98wBQ Kh 1ZwyGhdIy3F

Appears to be professional, but they were not

irkJc obpIS72AAGNh5xvLJlPZAv5YG0z0Hw0ta8Hs3cbAtqbTgr2kbyonYAzg3 5UHpa4X3xP ZnxSrgoUTw5a SQwMzWZg2d2UZG2ijQkxAJAej oTIISSEJWoVVKt4vHQnhfg

They messed up a simple eye operation

Dr. Jennifer Walden review

Despite pleasant staff, doctor-patient relationships were tough

Dr. Jennifer Walden review

It’s tough to understand what they were trying to say to their patients

hJ24GG350ddK33JpyHma829 E81bY98Zn3eeQLfBa8iyMxvZLFQXDczFBvBoSrOlzfwv7S738gv kXmDpaZddTW75cE2uAY Z6kg2CzjD1I 61FPw4 WnsUvZ8AzDShOtDdGLYyM

Despite their internet claims, they offered inadequate patient care

mR5 i8y7ZwvBVPagGF7IQQ2jYWbvR4fYh03jBPlWTY UISu15uH6Cy5jz8Z teI4G43IjL5syFCfchu TX3Vb3PDgtfzq0ydejAFIzUS4ApU4AFxgm0bTzKdFm9veqYfp0F 3lj

They were simply deceiving people by running phony promos

uFe9aE6PC3CZwGHaSEIUJz5Usfd8jzFgFxYwrWdRD 6oypoQ4OL7GB3C08ILgmxHDVB9tkUOKWtTAUSQy1mBH gStGYqvD A476h0YvRqaR iGpMMm6DPr6lCudkpOTNVoiIpKcG

They have affordable rates but poor services

Service was bad, and money was entirely squandered

mESCUTQoRKBVtaVZF8GfnBe86P9wiB iOi61dts2T1HiW FuN7iAsD DhyO6Ii4PWRmJAcYa6r2 r yKBU5xO5 rANoqeS

Not entirely pleased with the procedure

Shocking Complaints Against Dr. Jennifer Walden: Innocents Silenced By This Sadist

 Below are some of the many complaints I found against this surgeon. No matter how many “success” pictures you see on Dr Jennifer Walden Instagram, don’t forget the following complaints. Some of them are too heart-wrenching so read at your own risk:

Made the Client Wait for 8 Months for an Appointment Only to Spend 5 Minutes

ZYzNXzU9RfQib4pwLDP5KbACik gs3bOyfHOQNIHElN BLWKeMyWIskOAu4uwOowr2t6BLmETkVdb0KqePlcHs6ESjJ

This client waited for 8 months to get an appointment with Jennifer. She had paid $100 for the consultation, however she felt very disappointed with the visit. The reviewer wanted to consult Dr. Walden for a breast augmentation. 

The staff and nurses behaved properly but Dr. Walden barely spent 5 minutes with her. During the meeting, Jennifer didn’t ask the reviewer about her preferences or what she desired to achieve with the procedure.

The reviewer shares that Jennifer didn’t even get her name. She simply shared a binder with images that were already pasted on the walls of the clinic to show how the reviewer’s results might look like. When the reviewer asked about the prices, Dr. Walden told her that “someone would give you a quote” and left the meeting. 

Clearly, it was a rushed appointment. The reviewer shares that after spending 8 months and $100 waiting to get a meeting with the “famous” Austin plastic surgeon, it was very disappointing to get only 5 minutes to discuss anything. She had a much better experience with a different surgeon (who she didn’t name) who spent 2 hours talking to her to understand her requirements. 

Dr. Jennifer Walden Botched the Rhinoplasty, Gave Deviated Septum, Breathing Issues, and More Problems

2n zQCl37OYULcZ5h0MXKktmNt54Oa XbbTPFbAdtZSUvWUKABVJ2j9jVHCCaRJXrsXbILw4Mlvq

This was truly a painful read. At the start of the review, the reviewer shares that she wanted a prettier nose all her life. So, she had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Walden. 

Four days after the surgery, she had a very swollen face with bruised eyes. It was very disheartening for her because she felt as if she looked “scary” and couldn’t go out.

TmOhhxsqZ0VGsdXHHL5xPzlnWMvJlSS9XRsRkvoDmCByEZx Ta87ZITSljILnfpROHOlOZqf9wSTvoDlsp1Hj9bNSe6O2kTUfHfddOTTS9tyR7jh6Yifvt7mgqHlgQhnT3A0s8Kp

Then, she later updated her review when her cast was off. She shares that she woke up depressed because her nose looks as if a truck hit her in the face. Moreover, her nose felt quite stuffy and the bones hurt with a lot of bruising even on the cheeks. 12 days after the procedure, she added an update that her nose still looked strange and had uneven swelling.

The later updates were concerned with the healing process. 

sDoZOts7hZ0krda3dFDlkGmkHsSY3wJVlXwA2i17Oa0seJrIfax wKnutSunseZnqdCWf7

However, the final update was very disappointing. The reviewer shares that her septum is deviated on both sides and the left side of her nose is mostly closed. Also, after the swelling went down she noticed she had a pinched tip because Jennifer removed too much cartilage. 

Then, she also found a bump on the bridge and noticed that her nostrils are very asymmetrical. The reviewer had to get another rhinoplasty to fix the breathing issues and improve the aesthetics. That procedure had to remove a lot of scar tissue. 

She advises other consumers to hire a surgeon who specializes in ENT, instead of hiring Dr. Jennifer Walden. 

The reviewer has shared her experience on other platforms: 

mkp3yuCaULQpObisRbOExbp4LFYsVLD1caNJtQTHYgg2KouWojOYf60snzFwHJqnQUaQYUC7IVLNuTdQ28PvL uY2t44yOrvPCONtWSZSPJ4e D ZfTyh3dFSZdb Cq8heU6 A
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“Dr. Walden Lacks an Eye for Symmetry”

ZXds BO0ksg5 S kTqolyqTBTS ZR3Hqf5C7Q6amHS1hXQp0dUVQAmYu0FfBtXvET4f8m2VENzsr M1OW 9X7 YwrXRMzTKJikQDCkeJJgTqm44 gBEZwSCed4kT2S7wEJ w6YWa

The reviewer shares that she had a breast lift with Dr. Walden. However, she botched the procedure and gave her asymmetrical results. She had to get a revision surgery from her but the results are still disappointing. 

The reviewer suggests that everyone should do proper research before hiring any surgeon. She feels as if the positive reviews of Dr. Walden fooled her into trusting her. 

Breast Lift Gave Horizontal Scars & Uneven Breasts

KDjZQ5vSl7WWiLpK OhysG41jcneGJAA OUUR9y9RumOVQDyaxB42uhpzsLRWmJm0k

Dr. Jennifer Walden botched this lady’s breast lift. She never told the reviewer that the procedure would leave her with horizontal scars. Moreover, 4 months after the procedure, the reviewer’s left breast drooped. Obviously, Jennifer botched the procedure. 

The reviewer shares that she shared her concerns on the horizontal scars in the follow-up visits but the surgeon didn’t pay mind to them. 

She later updated her review and shared that Jennifer sent her to a dermatologist. The consultation with the dermatologist cost her $180. Apparently, the dermatologist couldn’t do anything about the scars until they became 12 months old. 

In the post-op meetings, the reviewer also pointed out the unevenness in the positions of her nipples. However, Jennifer said she can’t do anything for a year. 

The reviewer feels as if two different surgeons performed her surgery. She also suspects that Dr. Jennifer didn’t perform the surgery herself and delegated it to a subordinated. 

When she posted her complaint, Dr. Walden said she can’t perform the revision and offered a refund if the reviewer signed a waiver which prevented her from complaining about her poor results anywhere. 

After the original breast lift, she had a revision breast lift. Overall, she had to spend $20,000 including the costs of the revision procedure. 

She has shared her experience on other platforms as well: 

ccOQ2VnCE124w3KRSX YDyvSIa9Ivbv1qyN9kE164H3KEpP1RGqqOWikCwjvSZcy bpY1i VEL9 lc X4hqELjkn909AqkWS3hshayjWHhmrxwuu OYcVfzA60sc 1L5B1HTKrwR
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Lipo Gave a Lumpy, Scarred and Droopy Thigh


In this case, Jennifer botched a liposuction. The inner thigh of the reviewer became droopy and gave stretch marks both on the inside and outside. They highlight that their inner thigh never had any stretch marks before. Moreover, Jennifer’s botched procedure resulted in scarring at all for cannula sites. Also, the final silhouette is asymmetrical and they share that it is a noticeable oddity. 

What’s worse is that the reviewer had asked about such issues during consultation but Dr. Walden didn’t care. She ignored those concerns. 

Rhinoplasty Gave a Polly Beak Deformity

dIQyS9r8JP8qVOQfI nOhv3xPNyDq5ndN8LLnEp

This reviewer had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Walden when she was working in New York. Jennifer left this person with a polly beak deformity. In such cases, the dorsal nasal convexity resembles a parrot’s beak, and so, damages the appearance. Moreover, when the reviewer shared their concerns with Jennifer, she ignored them. Now, the reviewer shares that they will have to hire another surgeon to fix this issue. 

Dr. Jennifer Walden Review 2021: Conclusion

Clearly, Dr. Jennifer Walden doesn’t have the skills or professionalism a plastic surgeon must-have. She misleads consumers into thinking she’s a reliable surgeon by spending heavily on magazine articles and paid PR. However, it doesn’t change the truth. Countless people have suffered because of her incompetence and negligence. 

Keep in mind that many people avoid sharing their negative experiences online, especially when it’s related to such a personal matter. So, there could have been a ton more negative Dr Jennifer Walden reviews. 

If she can offer a refund if the patient waivers her right to post her experience online, she can do anything. All I can say is, beware of this incompetent surgeon!

2.7Expert Score
Avoid at all costs

Dr. Jennifer Walden runs a clinic in Austin, Texas and used to practice in New York. In her career, she has botched a plethora of procedures and uses paid PR to bury any mentions of them. Beware of this incompetent and transphobic surgeon.

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  • Has botched innumerable surgeries
  • Ignores patients' concerns
  • Rushes appointments
  • Delays appointments indefinitely
  • Uses unethical methods to bury reviews

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  1. I was looking into Dr. Jennifer Walden thinking she’ll be a good pick to perform a breast lift but after reading that complaint where the reviewer had a botched breast lift, I don’t think I can trust this doctor anymore. Thank you whoever added this post. May God bless you!

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