Dr. Jessica Belz, MD – Mistreats Cancer Patient & More

Imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars on surgery only to get poor results. Sounds absurd, right? For Dr. Jessica Belz, there’s nothing wrong with it. 

Her patients complain about botching procedures and behaving poorly. If you expect professionalism and accountability from Dr. Jessica, you’re mistaken. I’m not the one saying all this. It’s her own clients. 

I am deeply disappointed that I was referred to this doctor by my breast cancer physician” – One reviewer of Dr. Jessical Belz, MD. 

Another reviewer says, “I would have never gotten the surgery if I knew these would be my results”. 

These complaints speak volumes about Dr. Jessica’s skills. Read on to find out more. 


Jessica Belz, MD is a plastic surgeon located in San Antonio, Texas. Her clinic’s address is 207 W Sunset Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209, US. She specializes in cosmetic procedures for breasts, body, and face. 

While Jessica claims to be an expert with more than 10 years of experience, her reviewers tell a different story. According to one of her patients, Jessica doesn’t listen to anyone and does whatever she likes. 

Certainly, trusting her with your surgery can be tricky. Particularly, when her patients have many complaints against her services. 

You should pick a surgeon who cares about their patient and the results they deliver. It’s also important that the surgeon cares about the results they deliver. Otherwise, you’d end up with disappointing results and the surgeon wouldn’t care. 

The following reviews of Jessica Belz, MD will give you an idea of what it’s like to have a surgery from her: 

Paid $16,000+ To Get Asymmetrical Breasts and High Incision

Dr. Jessica Belz, MD review

The reviewer had consulted 5 surgeons and chose Jessica because she thought she had better bedside manner. However, her results were very disappointing. 

She complains that her areolas have different shapes, sizes, and even different locations. Her nipples are uneven and point in different directions as well. She also feels like her breasts weren’t lifted enough and Jessica placed the tummy tuck incision too high. The procedure also left her with a small dog ear on the left hip. 

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Dr. Belz had told her that she didn’t need liposuction because it would look deformed, according to Dr. Belz. However, the reviewer feels like her flanks bulge more after the surgery. 

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When the reviewer complained about these problems, Dr. Belz said that she never promised perfection and that the issues are very minor. Jessica offered to perform breast revision surgery for $5,350 but she added that she doesn’t think she can make the reviewer happy. 

The reviewer shares that the incision is so high that she can’t find any bottoms that are high enough to cover it. She paid $16,264 for the surgery but it all went to waste and affected her relationship, self-esteem. The reviewer also shares that the poor results gave her depression. 

Later, she updated the review and pointed out that she consulted with 3 doctors after the surgery. All of them said that they didn’t like Dr. Belz’s techniques. Apparently, Dr. Belz had created breast pockets in the wrong location and the reviewer would need an internal bra to get a breast lift. Moreover, none of them could understand why Jessica had placed the incision so high. 

Rude and Greedy Behavior with Cancer Patient 

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The above reviewer is a breast cancer patient. She expresses her disappointment at the fact that her physician referred her to Dr. Belz. Jessica’s clinic asked the reviewer to pay $145 for consultation alone. Then, they also asked her to pay for the entire surgery upfront before the reconstruction procedure. 

The reviewer shares that the stress of going through breast cancer is painful enough, this clinic only made matters worse. She now has to look for another clinic that actually cares about her instead of money.


If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon in San Antonio, avoid Dr. Jessica Belz. There are a ton of options in this vast city. Sticking with the surgeon who has multiple complaints against her name would be a mistake. 

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Always conduct proper research before picking a cosmetic surgeon. Certainly, she isn’t worth the risk. 

2.5Expert Score
Not Worth The Risk

If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon in San Antonio, avoid Dr. Jessica Belz. There are a ton of options in this vast city. Sticking with the surgeon who has multiple complaints against her name would be a mistake. 

Concern for Clients
  • None
  • Misbehaved with a cancer patient
  • Charged $16,000 for a botched procedure
  • Avoids responsibility

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