Dr. Ji Han Pain Management: Medicare Fraud Exposed (2023)

Dr. Ji Han Pain Management, a New York Spine Care Interventional Pain Management physician who claims to have received interventional pain management training at three world-class medical facilities to provide tailored comprehensive pain handling therapies to the patient, has been charged with Medicare fraud for allegedly violating the Civil Monetary Penalties Law by submitting claims for services that exceeded the number of sessions allowed.

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Aside from his high-class background, for which there is no evidence, many patients have complained about him. Dr. Ji Han claims to be a patient-centered doctor, but truthfully, he is numb to his patients. Before meeting Dr. Han, you should research what he’s trying to hide, such as his Medicare fraud and several patients’ complaints about his rude behavior.

Dr. Ji Han Pain Management Agreed To Pay $205,000 For Medicare Fraud Case Settlement

Dr. Ji Han Pain Management, a pain medicine doctor in Flushing, NY, who claims to have over 20 years of medical experience, agreed to pay $205,000 for allegedly violating the Civil Monetary Penalties Law by submitting claims for services that exceeded the number of sessions allowed.

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The settlement agreement resolves charges that Dr. Han filed Medicare claims for facet joint injections and denervations that exceeded the maximum number of sessions allowed in a calendar year.

The Office of Audit Services and the Office of Counsel to the Inspector General collaborated to obtain this settlement, represented by Senior Counsels David Traskey and Gregory Becker, with support from Programme Analyst Mariel Filtz.

What do Patients Say about Dr. Ji Han Pain Management?

All they care about is Money

A patient shared her experience, stating that she had poor treatment, that front desk workers never answered her questions nicely, and that she was always treated harshly. According to the patient, they don’t know how to treat patients. She stated that she would never refer Dr Ji Han to anyone. She also said that while handling paperwork, she was rushed by staff to finish up Dr.’s signature, but Dr. ignored her and went on a smoke break. Nobody cares about people, even the doctor and his team; they only care about Money.

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Horrible Staff

Another customer expressed her experience with Dr. Ji Han Pain Management, claiming that she scheduled an appointment a month ago and contacted back a week ahead to see if her new insurance was accepted at their office. The receptionist was rude to the patient and told her to call back when she could find out her date of birth. The patient responded to the receptionist, telling her it was not her problem if whoever arranged the appointment made a mistake in the delivery date. Instead of assisting the patient, the receptionist acted badly.

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  • The patient also complained that the receptionist was disrespectful. They kept her on hold for more than an hour, which seemed to be on purpose. Finally, the patient stated that it was a dreadful experience and that the staff was rude. She will never return to this clinic.
  • Another patient had the same experience, claiming the staff was extremely unprofessional and disrespectful. They don’t care about the patients; all they prefer to do is gossip. Furthermore, he advised avoiding seeing Dr. Ji Han Pain Management.
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How Dr. Ji Han Pain Management Scams People

Dr. Ji Han charged a patient for a one-on-one consultation, but when he went to the clinic, he couldn’t even meet the doctor; instead, he received advice from the nurse, and the same is true for phone consultations. He also stated that this is the first time he has seen a hospital like this when the staff forces him to take a lot of insurance.

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Self-centered Dr. Ji Han

A patient wrote that even giving Dr. Ji Han one star bothers him because of the awful experience with him. He went to Dr. Ji Han because he had severe pain in his back. He is, however, a self-centered narcissist who claimed, “I am the best pain specialist around! 

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This was after scheduling the patient for the operation, during which no one introduced themselves, checked to see if he was correct for the right procedure, and treated him as if he were a piece of furniture rather than a person

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They even asked him to lie on a blood-splattered sheet! He has never seen such a bad sterile process. At this point, he is deciding whether to file a complaint with DOH about the horrible treatment he experienced. The patient also stated that he would not recommend Dr even to his worst enemy and that Dr. Ji Han’s license should be withdrawn.

Dr. Ji Han Pain Management Forces Patient for Money

A patient who got three treatments from Dr. Han received no improvement in return. He stated that he has the same amount of pain as before. Dr charged without hesitation every time he went to see Dr Han for therapy.

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Dr. Han was extremely rude to the patient, and he and his staff forced him to go for more injections for which they charged the patient. He mentioned that he had a terrible experience with him and will not recommend Dr. Ji Han Pain Management to anyone.

About Dr. Ji Han Pain Management

Dr Ji Han, MD, is a pain medicine specialist in Flushing, NY, who claims to have over 20 years of medical experience. In 2002, he graduated from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He is associated with Flushing Hospital Medical Centre and Long Island Jewish Forest Hills.

Pain medicine is concerned with pain prevention and the inspection, treatment, and rehabilitation of pain patients. Pain medicine professionals treat various pain problems, from pain as a sign of disease to despair as the underlying disease, using a broad-based approach.

Dr Han claims to be a consultant to other physicians. Still, he is frequently the primary treating physician, providing care at various levels such as directly treating the patient, prescribing medication, prescribing rehabilitative services, performing pain relieving procedures, counseling patients and families, directing a multidisciplinary team, coordinating care with other healthcare providers, and providing consultative services.

Dr. Ji Han Pain Management Review Conclusion

According to patient allegations, Dr. Ji Han Pain Management appears to have behaved unethically and unprofessionally towards his patients. Patients have complained about their health not improving despite repeated treatments and harsh behavior from Dr. Han and his staff. Furthermore, there are concerns about the lack of safe practices during surgeries, which could threaten patients’ health.

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These claims are serious and show ignorance of patient care and safety. As a result, regulatory authorities may need to look into Dr. Han and his practice further. Patients are advised to seek alternative medical providers that value their well-being and ethical actions.

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  1. Dr. Ji Han isn’t reliable for his treatment having several lawsuits regarding his nefarious attempts to fraud his patients are famous, according to this article, he has scammed several of his patients and looted them after not providing the promised services and making them feel unsafe while providing them the treatment, we should keep this in mind that this is also a type of investment, where people are trying to find the satisfactory services, but the medical line is also getting filled with criminals, so we should keep this in mind that never get involved with any type of firm which has got a criminal past because none of them are trustworthy regarding the services so avoid taking any kind of medical assistance from Dr. Ji Han, a complete fraudster ready to scam his users, after gathering a lot of fame and popularity he is committed towards his people instead then providing services, he offered them the unexpected behaviour, rudely talking to his patients, and avoiding their problems. In the medical sector also scammers have started fooling their clients for the sake of money, and no one is ready to provide legitimate treatment so be careful before visiting these clinics. In the case of Dr. Ji Han we got to know he had paid $ 205,000, which is a huge amount, and this shows reflects his criminal involvement as it is very difficult to pay such an amount after running this small-scaled clinic, this amount can be accumulated only after scamming several of users or clients, so I would never add any financial help to this criminal, stop visiting him and search for some better firm.

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