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Dr. John Paggioli MD: Fined and Suspended for Illegal Actions (Update 2024)

dr john paggioli md
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Dr. John Paggioli MD is a dangerous doctor who received a suspension after his illegal activities. Avoid associating with him or his services.
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dr. john paggioli md

About Dr. John Paggioli

Dr. John Paggioli MD established Eastern CT Pain Treatment Center in Norwich, CT after his anesthesia residency at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital, and he then completed two fellowships in pain management, the first at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the second at Texas Tech University Medical Center, where he worked with Dr. Gabor Racz, a pioneer in the field of interventional pain management. 

After completing his residency, Dr. John was appointed assistant professor at Tufts University School of Medicine, where he taught residents and fellows and was co-director of the pain clinic at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Boston. His medical practice is in Pain treatment. He believes in reducing pain rather than just managing it. 

Spine surgeons refer him when after surgery they are unable to reduce the pain. It is very complicated after surgery to find the root cause of the pain.

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8/12/2023 Update
As of now, Dr. John Paggioli MD has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Dr. John Paggioli MD from Norwich, Connecticut: Is compromising with Medical Ethics and Code of Conduct? 

A Columbia University graduate with honors in Anesthesiology. A Scholar of New York University School of Medicine was reprimanded and fined a Civil Penalty of $ 7500.00 in 2018 for compromising with Medical ethics. The board also reprimanded, Dr. John Paggioli MD, who specializes in pain management. In addition to not providing adequate security of his prescription pad, John Paggioli MD had pre-signed a blank prescription for a patient and held controlled substances in his office for various patients, a consent order he agreed to.

dr. john paggioli md

About Reprimand

Records show that the punishment resulted from a 2016 investigation by the state Department of Consumer Protection’s Drug Control Division, which was sparked when a pharmacist reported what may have been a fake prescription written in Dr. John Paggioli MD ‘s name. Records reveal that he has now passed three unexpected state inspections.

What exactly does medical system fraud entail?

Healthcare fraud refers to a situation in which patients’ confidence has been violated by healthcare management or professionals who have used deception to their detriment. One of the many components of deception is when the truth is distorted to conceal, deceive, or control the truth.

Dr. John Paggioli MD received a $4,000 fine from the medical board in 2016 for neglecting to lock up his prescription pads, which allowed multiple fake prescriptions to be filled at nearby pharmacies.

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According to state records, the board also fined a Stamford doctor $7,500 for showing up to work in 2017 while intoxicated from alcohol or opiates taken to treat post-surgical pain.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is Dr. John Paggioli MD?

Dr. John Paggioli MD is an anesthesiologist in Norwich, Connecticut, and is affiliated with William W. Backus Hospital. He received his medical degree from NYU Grossman School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

Where is Dr. John Paggioli MD situated?

John Paggioli MD’s office is located at 190 W Town St Ste 1, Norwich, CT 06360.

What did Dr. John Paggioli MD do?

John Paggioli MD is a pain medicine anesthesiology specialist in Norwich, CT. Dr. John Paggioli MD completed a residency at Columbia U Phys & Surg/Columbia Presbyterian Med Ctr. He currently practices at Eastern Connecticut Pain Treatment and is affiliated with Backus Hospital.

What is the Dr. John Paggioli MD competition?

Dr. John Paggioli MD’s top competitors include Glaser Pain Relief Center, Acpc, Summit Healthcare, and New York Pain Relief.

What is Dr. John Paggioli MD‘s official website?

Dr. John Paggioli MD’s official website is


Dr. John Paggioli MD is an anesthesiology graduate from Columbia University. For violating medical ethics, he was censured and fined $7500.00 in 2018. The board also censured pain management expert Dr. Paggioli. He violated a consent order by failing to secure his prescription pad adequately, pre-signing a blank prescription for a patient, and keeping restricted narcotics in his office for several patients.

Avoid dealing with him and his clinic. He is not as reliable as he claims himself to be.

There are plenty of better doctors in the region.

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Dr. Paggioli is a dangerous doctor you shouldn’t trust easily. Beware of him and his affiliations.

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Dr. John Paggioli MD: Fined and Suspended for Illegal Actions (Update 2024)
Dr. John Paggioli MD: Fined and Suspended for Illegal Actions (Update 2024)

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    Dr Paggioli listened to me. He gave me what I needed to ease my constant pain. He didn’t make me visit each month either like the office does now. He I can afford.
    If people don’t like him, don’t go to him, but leave him for the rest of us who doesn’t want to live with pain.

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  2. Rating

    Dr Paggioli listened to me. He gave me what I needed to ease my constant pain. He didn’t make me visit each month either like the office does now. He I can afford.

    If people don’t like him, don’t go to him, but leave him for the rest of us who doesn’t want to live with pain.

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  3. Avoid them at all costs they aren’t legitimate for taking treatment from them, I will suggest you take treatment from some other clinic for your safety.

  4. Make sure your money isn’t wasted with these fraudsters they are doctors for name only they are not able to provide the required treatment so make sure you are safe with your money and health, this is very crucial to suffer even after taking the treatment.

  5. I will suggest you search for a better clinic rather than wasting your time with them.

  6. Avoid taking any form of guidance from the clinic none of them are experienced and are lacking the proper information regarding their field, so make sure you are not stuck with them, and all of them are not worthy.

  7. My mother has also taken treatment from Dr. John Paggioli so make sure you aren’t subjected to bad treatment by this clinic this is not the perfect clinic for your health.

  8. He has been fined $7500 which shows his involvement in criminal activities, avoid him at any cost.

  9. The staff isn’t experienced several patients suffering pain even after taking the treatment, so if you want to save your money then avoid this clinic.

  10. It is very important to make sure the medical center you are choosing for your treatment should be trustable, and make you feel safe while being treated.

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