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Dr. Joseph Ajaka: Negligent, Incompetent and Selfish

Dr. Joseph Ajaka is a negligent and careless doctor who has botched numerous procedures. Before you trust the Cosmos Clinic owner with your precious body, be sure to read the reviews below.

Social media drives business in the cosmetic surgery industry with a glossy appeal to vanity. Nevertheless, the business of beautifying people has a dark side.

About Dr. Joseph Ajaka (What His Marketers Claim Him to Be)

Dr. Joseph Ajaka claims to be a well-respected, highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced cosmetic practitioner. He mainly performs treatments like Liposuction and anti-aging treatment. He claims to have expertise in anesthesia and is renowned for his strong eye for detail and creative approach, which enables him to provide his clients with results that seem natural using procedures that need.

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Why You Should Avoid Dr. Joseph Ajaka’s Clinics 

Here are some Negative factors about Dr. Joseph Ajaka’s clinics that you need to know-

  • Dr. Joseph Ajaka’s clinic is very famous in Australia for performing the biggest cosmetic procedures. But recently it has been accused of performing botched surgeries, poor aftercare, and also breaches social media guidelines.
  • Whistleblowers claim that unsafe work practices, including possible criminal procedures, are carried out in settings that “look similar to an abattoir” and that the conditions are “far worse than the Wild West.”
  • Influencers on social media are generally offered free or discounted treatments in exchange for promoting their clinic without disclosing their hidden contracts
  • Several influential people who undergone unsuccessful procedures received legal threats or were compelled to sign non-disclosure clauses to prevent them from speaking out;
  • Social media before-and-after photos encouraged patients to schedule surgery, and hundreds of patients claimed that the surgery caused them discomfort and pain, disfigurement.
  • One woman said that she was screaming and immobilized, and officials would not allow her to phone an ambulance;
  • The 60 Minutes exposé and related news pieces were supposed, but Dr. Joseph Ajaka of Cosmos Clinics’ legal action delayed their publication.

Dr. Joseph Ajaka Reviews By Clients You Must Read:

When Dr. Joseph Ajaka and Cosmos Botched Keisha’s Procedures

Keisha Amoah is one of the victims who had a quite different experience from what Cosmos Clinic portrays online. In April 2021, she underwent a BBL and liposuction at the Cosmos Clinic in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

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She claimed that before and after photos on Instagram influenced her a lot. But after she checked in, everything went wrong. She underwent surgery, and the surgeon was Dr. Reza Ahmadi.

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Here, is a picture of Reza Ahmadi who operated on Keisha Ahmoa with Cosmos founder Dr. Joseph Ajaka.

After the operation, she realized something wasn’t right and started shouting for help. She claims that her doctor tried to help her relax by administering ketamine and the painkiller fentanyl.

She was left in the recovery room, face down and immobile, to dial an ambulance.

“Please help me, I can’t die, I’ve got three kids,” she screamed and after 5 hours, she was handed her phone and then she called an ambulance. “I’ve just had a procedure. There could be something seriously wrong. I really need to get to a hospital,” she told the emergency ambulance operator.

According to hospital records, she suffered many liver lacerations and bled internally for several hours.

Amoah might have passed away if she hadn’t phoned an ambulance, according to University of Melbourne professor of surgery and plastic surgeon Mark Ashton.

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“Dr. Joseph Ajaka Left Me with a Painful Lump After a Failed BBL”

Another Cosmos patient, Taylor S, is in discomfort following a fat transfer and BBL with Reza. She was left with an egg-shaped rock in her right buttock after the procedure, which makes it difficult for her to sit down.

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Taylor S thought Cosmos was the best of the best based on their social media posts.

Taylor said she thought Cosmos was the best of the best because of the before-and-after pictures of BBLs and the fact that they encouraged performing more than 4000 of them.

She claims that when she called Cosmos’ Sydney headquarters late last year, she was given the silent treatment. “How can you disregard a patient who is suffering? I simply stated, “I’m in pain and I just want it to be resolved,” without demanding any money back. That’s it.

She gave up and went to a plastic surgeon, who advised her that although he could remove the lump, he couldn’t ensure that removing it would make the pain go away and it would leave a hole in her buttock.

She explains, “I knew there were dangers, but I had no clue there could be lifelong pain.

Rebecca Shares Her Painful Tale about How Dr. Joseph Ajaka Botched Her Procedure:

Rebecca, who opted for anonymous, underwent BBL and liposuction at a Cosmos Clinic in NSW in July 2020. The 28-year-old care provider anticipated the surgery to enhance her beauty and self-confidence, but it entirely changed her life.

She describes how her stomach bulges from one side to the other like a serpent made out of rolled-out Play-Doh. “It appears like someone put a piece of fake plastic on my abdomen,” she claims.

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At a Cosmos clinic, Rebecca underwent cosmetic surgery.

Her pain has been constant and unbearable ever since the surgery.

She says, “I’m in pain all the time. “My stomach always feels like pins are pricking me over the entire area. My life has been destroyed by what has happened to me, not just mentally but in every way possible.

She sometimes experiences anxiety and despair as a result of it.

She underwent a revision surgery at Cosmos, but it was unsuccessful. She requested payment so she could pay a plastic surgeon to heal her abdomen. She received a $4400 offer with no acknowledgment of fault.

As a result of receiving a letter from their lawyer warning them to sue her for defamation, she stopped posting on her Instagram page. “I created a page where I took videos of what it was like first day home, what you wear – you had to wrap things around you because you were going to leak – so I recorded all of that,” she said.

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She decided to launch a medical negligence case after consulting legal advice.

Both the inquiry and Rebecca’s frustration are ongoing. “That wrecked my life. Without my family, I would be without a place to live. Physically, I am unable to work full-time. It is very stressful, she complains.

What happened to her, literally destroyed her life, not just emotionally but in every single aspect of my life

How Dr. Joseph Ajaka to These Complaints

Dr. Joseph Ajaka stated that Cosmos has executed more than 25,000 liposuction treatments and more than 4000 BBL procedures with no fatalities. It is because everything we do is guided by patient safety.

“We are distinct from our rivals, who engage in low-cost/high-volume operations. We are pleased with our patient-to-staff ratio. Even if we had twice as many professionals who work for us as of 2021, we still performed 30% fewer operations than our greatest competitor.

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Though Dr. Joseph Ajaka is a very famous, experienced doctor he was not able to provide the desired results to some of his clients.

The result after the procedure was horrifying and painful and because of this, he was under a lot of allegations, and legal action was taken against him.

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Dr Joseph Ajaka is a negligent doctor you should avoid going to. He has botched numerous procedures and has received many complaints.

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  1. There are several other doctors in the market but Dr. Joseph is the most experienced compared to others.

  2. I will suggest you make the perfect choice before getting unwanted results, so get the details of his processes and compare them to other medical clinics.

  3. I don’t know anything about the legitimacy of the clinic at present but yes when I took the treatment he was the best of his time, this man was very fast and has the cleanest form of hands on his face, so you can trust him.

  4. It is very important to make out the difference between the scammer and a perfect advisor, so get the perfect environment for your treatment.

  5. Some of the articles are very biased and not every aspect of the doctor is covered so I will suggest you make the perfect choice without getting misled.

  6. This man is famous because of his clean hands on your face and the perfect knowledge he has, so you can try for once.

  7. I have seen several doctors who have got unsatisfactory treatment and were taken lightly while being assisted, so I will recommend you go through some online reviews and avoid taking an appointment, before some investigation.

  8. If you will look into his medical assistance then he is the most experienced and knowledgeable person in his field, most people trust him because of his expertise, so you can trust him with his hands on your body.

  9. Many patients suffered badly after taking treatment from the clinic.

  10. Dr, Joseph I was in love with this man after taking the treatment, due to his sweet behavior and kind nature. Also, he is well-experienced in his field.

  11. When we are talking about this clinic and Joseph you will find he is overcharging their patients, whereas you can get the same treatment at lower prices, so avoid these scammers.

  12. I would never take any of the treatments from Joseph, he is misusing his popularity after not providing the required treatment.

  13. Make them realize their fake schemes and make also their business of promoting their business after providing heavy discounts the social media stars.

  14. The clinic is providing discounts to social media influencers and asking them to advertise their clinic on the Internet and asking to send new customers to their clinic which is their real business.

  15. One of the members has got registered some complaints which made her suffer badly due to poor care and not providing the proper medicines to make her cure faster.

  16. Never get attracted to these private clinics which aren’t providing the required medications.

  17. Cosmetic products have captured the biggest market in the world where everyone is trying to get younger after enhancing their skin quality which provided these clinics the chance to provide their cosmetic materials.

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