Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD – Harasses Disabled Woman & More Review 2023

Would you trust a surgeon who lies to disabled women to make a few extra bucks? If your answer was no, then you can’t trust Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD. 

Not only did he lie to a disabled woman but he also tried to silence her by using his legal team. There are plenty of other Dr. Joshua A. Lampert reviews that share more details on how he botches procedures and misbehaves with his patients. 

The following review of Dr. Joshua A. Lampert will help you understand what to expect when you hire him: 

About Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD: Prices, Claims, Location, Timings, Etc.

Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD runs a plastic surgery clinic in Ojus, Florida. The clinic is located at 20200 W Dixie Hwy g05, Miami, FL 33180, US. You can contact the clinic by calling on 305-878-1920. 

The clinic opens from 9:30 AM to 5 PM on weekdays and remains closed on weekends. Joshua specializes in nose, breast, face, and body surgery. He claims to have dedicated himself to achieving beautiful and natural-looking results that meet the individual aesthetic desires of his patients. 

However, his reviews don’t agree with this claim. According to various Dr. Joshua A. Lampert reviews, he doesn’t care about his patients and tries to scam them into paying him more. 

Joshua Lampert has a small disclaimer on his website which says that your individual results might vary and the content he has shared is not a guarantee. It might seem like an innocent disclaimer but in reality, it allows him to perform procedures without facing any legal percussions. 

Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD review

It also allows him to make any kind of claims he wants on his website and you can’t take any legal action against him. 

Misdiagnosing, Threatening, and Filing a False Police Report Against a Disabled Woman

Margaret Johnstone is a disabled adult woman who made the terrible mistake of sharing her experience online

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I’ll start from the beginning. Margaret had contacted Dr. Joshua due to a sickness. 

Dr. Joshua A. Lampert had told her that new tests show that biofilm infections are developing on her breast implants. So he said he would check the culture of her biofirm to give her the right antibiotic. 

He quoted her $10,000 for this procedure. Margaret didn’t have enough money to pay $10,000 for this procedure. Scared, she want back to her original surgeon who removed her implants for $3500. 

Turns out, she didn’t have any biofilm injection. Removing the implants ruined her appearance and didn’t cure any of her issues. 

She realized that Dr. Joshua A. Lampert had scammed her. So, she shared her experience online through a review: 

Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD review

Threatening to Take Down the Review: 

When she posted this review, Dr. Joshua’s clinic contacted her and told her to take down the review otherwise he will sue her for defamation. 

However, she didn’t take down the review because all she had shared was true. Then, Joshua sent a cease and desist letter through his attorney to her. 

False Police Report:

A week later, a Dade County Deputy approached her with an investigator and asked her if she had crashed a pickup truck into Joshua’s car. 

According to Margaret, the deputy asked her aggressively that their facial recognition software will tell exactly who the culprit is within three days. To which, she replied, “Good, then you’ll learn it wasn’t me, I don’t even drive a truck.”

Then, the deputy told her to stay away from Dr. Joshua A. Lampert . He also suggested getting a lawyer. She contacted an attorney and got a copy of the false police report. 

Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD review
Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD review

Joshua got one of his nurses to say that she was almost 100% sure that she saw Margaret crashing her truck into his car. 

The judge didn’t fall for Joshua’s shenanigans. She denied his request for the order of protection he wanted to get against her. 

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Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD review
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Margaret explains that she can’t take any legal action against him because he had made the diagnosis during a free consultation session. 

This is why many people share their reviews anonymously. They don’t want to face legal threats from people like Dr. Joshua Lampert. 

Charged $100 Consultation Fee To Ignore the Patient

Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD review

The above reviewer wanted Dr. Joshua A. Lampert to fix a scar present on their face. They were hopeful because Lampert had posted many pictures of him fixing far more difficult cases than this reviewer. 

However, when they consulted him, he said that the procedure would be quite difficult so he can’t perform it. The reviewer feels as if Dr. Joshua A. Lampert is misleading patients by claiming to fix highly complicated issues when he isn’t skilled enough. Lampert had charged them $100 and they think it was too much to get a small opinion. 

Botched Rhinoplasty Delivered Utterly Disappointing Results

Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD review

Scammed the Patient and Falsely Charged $1300 from Her Insurance 

Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD review

Botched the Minor Removal of a Skin Disorder, Patient Had to Get Hospitalized

Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD review

It’s unfortunate and appears unprofessional that they were unable to resolve the finger issue

Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD review
Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD review

Dr. Joshua A. Lampert included some additional Professions that appear to be unpleasant

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They did unnecessary surgery as a result of lawsuits and false police complaints

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Dr. Joshua A. Lampert appears to be unskilled

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Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD: Verdict

Dr. Joshua A. Lampert, MD is a monster. He misdiagnosed a disabled woman that she has a biofilm infection so he could make $10,000. When she shared her gripe online, Lampert threatened to sue then filed a fake report to get a protection order against her. Luckily, the judge saw through his lies and denied his request for the order of protection. 

Moreover, she is not alone. There are a ton more Dr. Joshua A. Lampert reviews that highlight his incompetence and lack of morals. Certainly, he is a doctor you should avoid if you’re looking for a plastic surgeon in Florida or Miami. 

Concern for Clients
  • None
  • Lied to a disabled woman to make more money
  • Threatens patients to take down complaints
  • Has too many negative reviews

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