Dr. Lara Devgan MD – Botching Procedures and Lying to Consumers

There are few high-profile surgeons who are more popular than Dr. Lara Devgan MD. Her celebrity status attracts interested clients from all over the country. However, they rarely leave her clinic happily. 

That’s because Dr. Devgan has a reputation for botching procedures and selling overpriced beauty products. Recently, she has attracted criticism for manipulating consumers by using fake reviews as well. 

So, before you try her serums or her cosmetic services, it would be best to read the authentic reviews of her services. The following review will share a few of them to give you an idea of what it’s like to work with this surgeon: 

Who is Dr. Lara Devgan?

Dr. Lara Devgan MD is a plastic surgeon based in New York City, New York. Her clinic is located at 807 Park Ave, New York, NY 10021, US and its contact number is 212-452-2400. The clinic remains open from 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays. 

Dr. Lara Devgan MD offers various cosmetic services at her clinic, such as:

  • Eyelift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Gynecomastia
  • Breast reduction
  • Facelift
  • Necklift
  • Breast lift
  • Botox & injectables
  • Liposuction
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Labiaplasty
  • Arm lift

And several more. 

Dr. Devgan has a lot of accomplishments under her belt. She went to Yale, John Hopkins Medical School, and New York Presbyterian Hospital. On paper, she seems like an expert you can trust. 

However, the various Dr. Lara Devgan reviews tell an entirely different story. Instead of addressing the issues highlighted by her disgruntled clients, Dr. Devgan uses other unethical tactics to mislead consumers. 

One such tactic is to use unverifiable testimonials on her website. The other is to post fake reviews for her beauty products which she sells under the brand name “Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty”.  

Using Fake Reviews for Her Services and Beauty Products

Apart from offering cosmetic services as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Devgan also has a line of beauty products. Some of her popular products include Platinum Lip Plump, Hyaluronic Serum, and Platinum Long Lash. 

Dr. Devgan boasts of being one of the most credible surgeons in the industry. However, when she posted her product listings on other websites, they had miraculously attracted 300 5-star reviews within 24 hours. 

Before the product had even reached someone’s hands, it had hundreds of 5-star reviews. How is that possible? Certainly, someone posted fake reviews and ratings. 

Several people noticed this highly suspicious ordeal. One person questioned the price of Devgan’s Hyaluronic Serum while highlighting this issue:

Dr. Lara Devgan MD

Some users thought it was weird while others cursed at this shady practice. Nevertheless, plenty of people were unhappy with how Dr. Devgan was trying to mislead them. 

In another post, one Reddit user has explained the shady nature of these fake reviews. He inspected the top 50 reviews on the Hyaluronic Acid Serum. They were all dated May 19th, 2021. All of them gave the product 5 out of 5 stars. 

Dr. Lara Devgan MD

Furthermore, 46 of those reviewers had only posted positive reviews on other skincare products of Dr. Devgan. They all had reviewed those products simultaneously on the same day. 

Also, most of the 50 reviewers were inactive. They hadn’t posted anything else on the website apart from posting 5-star reviews on Devgan’s beauty products on May 19. 

Obviously, Dr. Lara Devgan MD had paid a marketing agency to post fake positive reviews on her products to seem trustworthy. Not many people would think that 200+ reviews can be fake. Hence, they would end up buying her unreliable and shady products. 

However, Dr. Devgan doesn’t stop here. She also posts fake reviews for her cosmetic services:

Suspiciously Fake Testimonials on the Website of Dr. Lara Devgan MD 

There’s a dedicated page for “Dr. Lara Devgan reviews” on her page which shares large paragraphs praising her for her skills: 

Dr. Lara Devgan MD

If these reviews were posted on a third-party site, they might have been reliable. But they are not. Dr. Devgan claims that her clinic has posted these reviews from their “verified patients”. However, there’s no way to determine if these reviews are from actual people or not. 

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Shady service providers and scammers tend to use this tactic so they can manipulate consumers. Using fake reviews has become quite common for crooked businesses.  For example, Ariel Ourian MD is a shady surgeon who has filled all of his business with fake reviews.

You may ask, “Why does Dr. Lara Devgan MD need to post fake reviews?”

Because she has received numerous complaints from her clients. In the next section of this review, I have shared some of the many negative Dr. Lara Devgan reviews:

Dr. Lara Devgan’s Lip Plumper Caused a Reaction on the Patient, Company Failed to Take Any Responsiblity

Dr. Lara Devgan MD

Bella had purchased the $50 Lip Plumper from Dr. Lara Devgan MD’s product line. The product took 10 days to arrive. Bella read the instructions carefully and used it sparingly inside her lip line. 

However, she developed a red patch the size of a quarter on her face right away. She took a photo of the skin reaction and sent it to the company. Bella highlights again that she had kept the product well inside her lip line. 

The customer service representative didn’t care. She told Bella that they will issue no refunds under any circumstance. The representative offered Bella to order something else from the store and pay the difference but there was no possibility of getting a refund. 

After that conversation, Bella has sent 4 emails to the surgeon’s company. But they have stopped responding. Their last response was, “Sorry, I can’t help, read the instructions.” 

Bella says that if the behavior and ethics of her company are a mirror of how Dr. Lara Devgan behaves then it’s alarming. She wouldn’t trust this surgeon with anything from this surgeon or her company. 

Here is the picture Bella had shared with her review:

Dr. Lara Devgan MD

Dr. Devgan is Brutal, Recommend Too Many Procedures, Made the Client Depressed

Dr. Lara Devgan reviews

The above reviewer had a horrible experience with Dr. Devgan. She went in to discuss a mini-lift and Lara came right at her with all the things wrong with the reviewer’s face. Dr. Devgan recommended the reviewer to get a full face lift, brow lift with upper and lower blepharoplasty. 

The reviewer shares that she is in her 40s and thinks that she requires an upper blepharoplasty. However, she is certain that she doesn’t need a lower blepharoplasty nor a brow lift. 

Moreover, the reviewer had consultations with several other top-tier New York plastic surgeons. They all refused to do a lift saying that she didn’t need one yet. Only one of them recommended a mini lift and an upper blepharoplasty but that’s it. 

None of the surgeons suggested she get a brow lift. However, Dr. Devgan recommended her a full lift along with several other procedures costing her over $60,000. 

The reviewer also highlights that Devgan did it in such a way that it made her feel truly hideous and in desperate need of surgery. Dr. Lara Devgan MD had told the reviewer that she can’t help her without surgery and drew an ugly diagram of her face. 

Certainly, Lara is not gentle or caring. The reviewer was depressed for days after this experience and cried right after leaving the place. She thinks that this approach of Dr. Devgan is quite brutal. The reviewer thinks you need rhino skin to get through a consultation with this doctor. She doesn’t recommend going to Dr. Devgan.

Dr. Devgan Injects Too Little Filler For $2500, Gave No Results to the Client

Dr. Lara Devgan reviews

Here, the reviewer had a terrible experience when she got eye fillers with Dr. Devgan. She had scheduled an appointment with her which went great. The reviewer points out that Dr. Devgan seemed kind and knowledgeable.

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During and after the procedure, no one had told the reviewer how much filler they had injected her with. However, they had specified that she would get the final results in three weeks. 

The reviewer shares that she didn’t see any change in-office but listened to her doctor and followed all the aftercare instructions. She waited patiently but even after a month, there weren’t any visible results. 

Later, she found out that Dr. Devgan had given her only 1/5th of a filler which is far too little to make any difference. The reviewer expected to get the required amount of filler but they just gave her a standard and sent her away. 

She highlights that Dr. Devgan charges $2500 per syringe which is 3x more than the average in her city. While she doesn’t mind the price, the reviewer says that she expects to see a difference with such an exorbitant price tag. 

When she reached out to the clinic, they encouraged her to make another appointment. However, the reviewer didn’t feel comfortable paying another $2500 to the place. 

Overall, she was disappointed with her experience. She expected to see some results but there wasn’t a single change. The reviewer has shared her Before and After pictures alongside her review. Here they are: 

Dr. Lara Devgan reviews

The above one is the picture of her eyes before getting the procedure. 

Dr. Lara Devgan reviews

This one is right after she got home after getting the treatment. 

h5u7lvwCeq23iFO36 cp hU

Finally, this picture is 4 weeks after getting the fillers. As you can see, there is no difference whatsoever. The reviewer paid $2500 and got no results in return. 

Botched Multiple Procedures Including a Breast Lift and Blamed the Patient’s Body for the Terrible Results

Dr. Lara Devgan reviews

The above reviewer starts her complaint by highlighting that she has shared a formal complaint with the NYC Health Department. She shared her gripe because of the treatment she received before, during and after a major surgery she had with this doctor. 

The reviewer had hired Dr. Lara Devgan MD to perform a breast lift, abdominoplasty, mons lift, and flank liposuction. SHe points out that the Instagram posts of Dr. Devgan misled her into thinking she was a reliable doctor who would deliver her the best possible results. 

Also, the reviewer was paying almost double of what she would have paid somewhere else for the procedures. 

Dr. Devgan botched the surgery terribly. Then, blamed the reviewer’s body for the way it healed. 

The reviewer highlights that Dr. Devgan displayed extreme negligence in discharging her. She offered her horrible aftercare. 

The reviewer was naked and minutes before the surgery when they handed her the consent form. Moreover, they expected her to walk out of the surgery room and subsequently rushed her out through the service elevator. 

The reviewer highlights that the way Lara practices is unethical and uncaring. 

Dr. Lara Devgan MD Doesn’t Know How to Work with Injections

Dr. Lara Devgan reviews

The above reviewer had found Dr. Devgan through her Instagram. She was impressed to see various celebrities visiting her clinic so she went in and paid $500 for the consultation. 

The reviewer had many questions about the different injection sites and treatments. She chose to go with tear trough injections with volbella after Dr. Devgan recommended the same. The procedure cost $2500 but the reviewer trusted her expertise and thought she wouldn’t let her down. 

However, she was mistaken. 

The injections didn’t hurt. Before the reviewer had a chance to see her face, Lara pulled out her phone and the reviewer allowed her to post a SnapChat of her saying she was satisfied with the results. 

But the reviewer says that she wishes she could take it back. When she looked in the mirror, she noticed immediately that her right trough looked filled but the left one didn’t. 

She highlighted her concern with Dr. Devgan and she said that it would take her 3 weeks to see the results. The reviewer waited for 3 weeks but didn’t see any results. 

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Obviously, Lara hadn’t injected her with sufficient filler or she had injected her at the wrong place. The reviewer was extremely upset with the results. 

Hence, she scheduled a follow up visit. She points out that she had to wait for an hour and 15 minutes before they put her in a room. The reviewer waited there for 40 minutes and then demanded to see the doctor. 

Afterwards, Dr. Devgan came in and offered her two options. She could either pay full price for another procedure or do nothing at all. Lara gave the reviewer a complete explanation for why one side was deeper than the other. 

When the reviewer started crying because of Lara’s terrible behavior, she had no sympathy for her. She simply said that her services are expensive because of her expertise and the reviewer said that she knows. Now, the reviewer doesn’t trust Dr. Devgan and wouldn’t return. 

Injected the Patient with Botox While Knowing It Wouldn’t Work, Then Blamed the Patient’s Body for the Results

Dr. Lara Devgan reviews

Patty had flown in from Texas to see Dr. Lara. She is 59 years old and has had 3 horrible experiences with Botox in the past. 

Patty shares that she had to wait for an hour and a half to see Lara. She shared her past experiences with her and how scared she was to get the same results. After spending 7 minutes examining Patty, Lara suggested she get fillers for her cheek, jaw line and Botox. 

The reviewer had told her that her budget was $5000 but the total bill was $6000. 

4 days after the procedure, the effects of Botox were clearly visible. It squished her eyes again and she looks as if someone punched her at the top of her nose. Patty sent an email to Dr. Devgan. 

In response, Lara said that she has severe tissue laxity which requires surgery. Hence, these are the best results she can get without undergoing surgery in the form of coronal brow lift, lateral canthopexy, upper and lower blepharoplasty, matar fat pad blending, and autologous fat grafting. Dr. Devgan said that the limitation of her anatomic characteristics are the reason why Botox doesn’t yield proper results. 

So, even though Lara knew that Botox wouldn’t yield the desired results, she went with it anyway. Patty suggests running away from this clinic as there is no consideration of people’s time or money here. 

Additional Dr. Lara Devgan Reviews You Must Read: 

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After going through these reviews, it’s clear that Dr. Lara Devgan MD is a horrible surgeon. She doesn’t care about her patients. All she cares about is her wallet. 

Dr. Devgan doesn’t even hesitate to ignore her client’s requirements and acts negligently for the sake of a few thousand dollars. She posts fake reviews on different websites to bolster her reputation and her product’s image. However, these deceptive marketing tactics can’t work all the time. 

Chances are, her marketing team would start posting fake reviews here too. 

Hence, be on the lookout for them. Apart from that, it would be best to ignore this NY-based surgeon and find someone else who is truly genuine and reliable. 

2.5 Total Score
Dangerous and Manipulative

Dr. Lara Devgan MD is a terrible surgeon who hides behind fake reviews and social media to avoid the complaints of her butchered clients. It would be best to find a different surgeon based on the various complaints this one has received.

2.8Expert Score
2.2User's score
  • None
  • Overpriced
  • Uses fake reviews
  • Received too many complaints
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  1. 1.1

    Yeah I noticed those fake reviews too. Dr. Devgan thinks she is so sly lol. These celebrity doctors are so disconnected from reality I swear.

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  2. 1.1

    Dr. Lara devgan is the worst human being in the entire medical industry.

    She judges you based on your appearance and acts like a high school bully. And her staff…ugh..don’t even get me started. They all are just like her, pretentious, self absorbed people who have no respect for your privacy.

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