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Dr. Matthew Schulman MD is an NYC-based plastic surgeon who specializes in Brazilian Butt Lifts. The man has ruined many women’s lives through his negligence and lack of care. You should know about the following Dr Matthew Schulman NYC reviews before considering to work with him. 

All the information I have shared in the following Matthew Schulman MD review is publicly available. I have curated it here so you can find it easily because Matthew tries his best to bury such complaints. 

About Dr. Matthew Schulman: Wife, Net Worth, Deaths, YouTube, & More

Dr. Matthew Shulman, MD is a plastic surgeon based in New York. His address is 62 E 88th St c, New York, NY 10128, US. Many people look up “Matthew Shulman deaths” or “Dr Schulman deaths” because he appeared on a news report where a woman died because of a botched butt enhancement surgery. 

Dr. Matthew Schulman prices are considerably higher than the industry because of his “celebrity” status. However, you’ll realize how overrated his rates are when you’ll read the numerous reviews people have left on his services. 

Dr. Matthew Schulman MD

Dr. Matthew Schulman net worth could easily be in millions. However, it’s only an estimation because there isn’t any information available on his income. Similarly, there’s no information on Dr. Matthew Schulman wife or his family as he lives a very private life. 

On his website, Matthew Schulman claims to be the best New York city plastic surgeon. He also claims that his clinic doesn’t “sell” a procedure to his clients. If the procedure isn’t right for you, Matthew claims that he would decline to do it. 

But the various Dr Matthew Schulman NYC reviews say otherwise. 

Avoiding & Hiding Critical Opinions From Patients

Dr. Matthew Schulman MD review

This reviewer complains that they had sent their information and pictures to Schulman’s office because they wanted to get some work done. However, the clinic rejected her as a candidate without giving any reason. She wanted an explanation but they didn’t give any response. 

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Later, Schulman blocked this person on Instagram because they commented on his post saying that “dismissing potential clients without explanation” is a thing that makes a doctor a bad surgeon. 

They point out that Schulman had done the same thing with their friend who complained about the poor results she received because of Matthew’s procedure. 

Rude Staff, Ruder Doctor

Dr. Matthew Schulman MD review 2

Botched $4,500 PermaLip Procedure

Dr. Matthew Schulman MD 3

This person had a permalip procedure with Dr. Schulman. He promised them that they will receive the desired results. But the results were nowhere near the reviewer’s expectations. They had paid $4,500 for the procedure. The reviewer explains that Matthew Schulman would say things just to appease the patient until they pay him. He doesn’t understand the issues of his patients and only does what he likes. 

The person also points out that the customer service at this clinic is terrible. Dr. Schulman didn’t talk to them once after botching their procedure. That’s why you should be wary of celebrity surgeons. Most of them are the opposite of what they seem like on television. Dr. Jason Diamond MD is a similar surgeon who mistreats his patients and botches procedures. 

Dr. Matthew Schulman Is Arrogant & Rude: Body Shaming Patient

Dr. Matthew Schulman MD 4

In this case, Matthew Schulman body-shamed this reviewer. They have a skinny body and he said that they were “soooo skinny”. He also insisted that the reviewer can’t get the desired results without even asking what kind of results they expected. Certainly, the guy doesn’t have the professionalism you’d expect from a senior plastic surgeon. The reviewer says that no one deserves to get treated like it. 

Botched Two BBLs & A 360 Liposuction Resulting In Awful Aesthetic

Dr. Matthew Schulman MD complaint

This lady had two BBLs (Brazilian Butt Lifts) and a 360 lipo with Dr. Schulman in December 2016. They had their second procedure in 2018. The reviewer highlights that they were very disappointed with the first BBL. Around 2 months after the BBL, they developed a hard and extremely painful bump on the side of their leg. 

They went to see Dr. Schulman for that issue but he made it worse. It later developed into a hole. 

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Even after the lipo, their stomach was quite big and it damaged their appearance. When they told Dr. Schulman that they wanted better results, he told them to wait a year, which they did. They say they didn’t go to someone else because they trusted Matthew Schulman, which was a huge mistake. 

He did the procedure again and botched it. The reviewer spent twice the usual amount and underwent so much pain and difficulty only to get disappointing results. 

Below are a few more Dr. Matthew Schulman NYC reviews to help you understand how “skilled” this man is: 

Exorbitant And Non-Refundable Fees: Stealing Money From Patient

Dr. Matthew Schulman MD 5

Patient Gets $25,000 Of Procedures Done Calls Schulman “The Worst Surgeon In NYC”

Dr. Matthew Schulman MD 6

Another Botched BBL From Dr. Schulman

Butt Enhancement Results In Big Dent & Severe Depression

Manipualted Patient Into Paying & Then Defrauded Patient With Disappointing Results

Extremely Overpriced Botox With Shockingly Bad Results

Rude Nurse, Mismanagement, Scar Tissue, & Hidden Fees

Dr. Matthew Schulman MD 7

$25,500 Of Procedures: Blisters, Ugly Results, Loose Skin, & More.

Dr. Matthew Schulman MD 10

Yet Another Botched Liposuction By Dr. Schulman

Dr. Matthew Schulman review

Tries To Con A Customer But Get Outsmarted

Neck Liposuction Results In Horrendus Scar

$12,000 Nightmare Breast Reduction Surgery From Dr. Schulman

Dr. Matthew Schulman review 2

Most Painful $13,500 Tummy Tuck

False Botox Recommendation For Greed

“Would Not Recommend To My Worst Enemy”

Procedure Results In Large Dent On Inner Thigh & Permanent Bruising

“Dr. Schulman Is Petty”

Threatened Patient With A Lawsuit For Sharing Truth

Dr. Matthew Schulman review 3

Patient Regrets Choosing Dr. Schulman

Overpriced Fees & Unprofessional Behavior

Dr. Matthew Schulman Review: Conclusion

With so many complaints against his name, Dr. Matthew Schulman certainly doesn’t seem like a reliable surgeon. He doesn’t respect his patients (most of whom are women), stops responding to patients who are disappointed with their results, and takes no responsibility for his lack of skill. 

All of this suggests that Dr. Schulman is a risky surgeon and it would be best to avoid that guy. 

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Dr. Matthew Schulman is an untrustworthy surgeon who charges exorbitant fees for procedures that have no guarantee of success. Numerous patients have suffered because of his botched procedures. Avoid the guy!

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