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Dr. Michael K. Obeng

Dr. Michael K. Obeng cheated multiple times on his wife with multiple women. Read how this heartless man ruins lives for fun on Gripeo.
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I am shocked at how Michael K. Obeng blatantly sleeps with his patients! He is my friend’s husband and I am really devastated to know what she has went through. She has actually written a lot of things on Instagram and also made her grievances public on a reality show. Dr. Obeng has ruined her life.

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My friend has already testified on several public channels that she has found out about the doctor’s mistress and all his dalliances, affairs with prostitutes and patients, and also spending countless money on women. Dr. Obeng has spent literally thousands on this particular mistress over a year or so. My friend has filed for divorce finally and she has also been threatened by the new practice manager at the doctor’s office. He’s reportedly offered to shift her back to Oklahoma with $4000 every month for all the children. He’s also called her a Gold-digger although he’s had 7 known affairs and done a lot more to hurt her. In fact other people have commented on Dr. Michael K. Obeng as well. Don’t go to him folks! He’s disgusting and a pervert!

While some people state that his license should be revoked for sleeping with his patients, some talk of how he will hit on anything with a pulse! There’s another comment where the complainant states how Dr. Obeng tried to push sell his Beverly Hills office for doing the surgery at a cheaper rate. This shows just how big a crook he is! Check this link out to see how ethical our good doctor reportedly is. Hope you got the irony! In fact, there are complaints about his RECOVER charitable foundation and his overall activities as well.

You will come to know how people have been talking about this seemingly nice doctor getting people to do things for him absolutely free of cost, swindling friends into giving hefty money to his own charity which he uses to buy expensive things. He’s a cheat and you should avoid, I repeat AVOID him completely. Look what happened to my poor friend Veronica.

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Her story can be seen here as well- Dr. Obeng cheated on Veronica multiple times and the poor girl finally vented out on the Second Wives Club show which eventually the doctor sued. I only wish such deceitful and adulterous people were not allowed to be doctors who are seeing so many people and getting intimate with them on the pretext of friendliness.

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Following Jeffrey Shaw is waste your precious time and resources that can pull in other activities to benefit you economically. The advertisement he makes all over the social platforms and on Television is a lie.

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  1. A WARNING, this guy performed surgery on a friend of mine and left her completely disfigured with no way to correct the disfigurement, which she will now have forever, says several medical experts – who were also wondering how a simple procedure could have been done so poorly. I’m surprised he’s still allowed to practice medicine in the U.S. given his handy-work and all the other lives he’s ruined. He will prey on your self-image concerns and psychological vulnerabilities and promise idyllic, beautiful results. Do not, Do not believe him. His motivation is unadulterated greed, charging exorbitant amounts (tens and tens of thousands of dollars more than others)… only to leave you Worse Off. He does not care about how you will look or your well-being. BE WARNED, BE WARNED. SEEK ANOTHER DOCTOR.

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    He gets stripped of his medical license for sleeping with patients and can’t pay your friend child support. Smart move.

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  3. Jessica sounds like an ugly obese chick that got turned down by Dr.Oveng? Lol

  4. What a nasty man!! Gross…

  5. I’m not the one to usually write reviews online, but this case being a doctor and people’s life being at stake I decided to write about the worst experience of my life with Dr. Michael K Obeng.

    My first experience was already horrible. I decided I wanted to get fillers of my lip and botox while I got all of my exams done to go for an actual surgery and get a breast augmentation and tummy tuck. Let’s start off by saying the lack serious professionalism from the staff. I got the procedure done and one day after got a serious infection on my lips. MY LIPS WERE DEFORMED for 3 weeks. All bruised and swollen. I went back in for a follow up and to show the doctor what was happening and he prescribed me some medicine. My insurance charged me an absurd amount of money, which is ridiculous seeing as they are the ones that messed up. I reached out to them after getting a bill and they apologized saying I would get some credit off of my upcoming surgery.

    I decided to go on with it because I had already done all of the exams and figures it was just my organism that didn’t take the filler well. I had my procedure rescheduled 2 times because of Dr. Michael’s schedule. Which to me is also ridiculous because isn’t that the point of scheduling in the first place? What kind of commitment is that?

    Anyways, I got the procedures done. After healing I was NOT SATISFIED with my results. My scars were huge! My belly button looked terrible. I feel worse about my body than I did before coming in. After this nightmare and going back in the office to show them what they did to me, the Dr. Simply stated that every body is different and there was nothing he could do? After getting an infection and a deformed body, there is nothing he can do?

    Dr. Michael K Obeng is A CROOK! Do not get ANY work done with them or you will regret it for the rest of your life!!!

  6. I didn’t end up getting surgery with Dr. Michael and I thank god for that. I did not like the way I was greeted in his office. The staff was extremely rude and judgmental. My “consultation” lasted 15 minutes TOP. He did not give me any attention and didn’t seem to care about any of my concerns. He literally rushed me out of there. I realized after that the secretary didn’t think I could afford their services, and now after reading these reviews.. I’m very glad they ended up driving me out of there.

  7. This doctor sucks he did destroyed my figured I couldnt believe he helped someone when he messed me up forever left me with terrible wounds all over my surgery and never offered help had to pay thousands to get it fix left me without being able to conceive a baby and cant feel mywhole stomach its been almost 2 years

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